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Melbourne VIC
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Gemma | 3.5yo | f | Alaskan Malamute
Gorgeous Gemma is a seriously smiley and all round relaxed Mally girl looking for a new home near you!
Gemma loves to spend time with the family and enjoys being by your side whilst you are pottering around the house.
Having previously been relegated and chained in the yard you can imagine she's not too keen on being locked outside whilst you're around, she'll crack a serious case of the sads :(
But in saying that she is more than happy to stay in a secure yard whilst you pop out for the shopping or outing.
A home where she was not going to be regularly left alone for periods in excess of 6 hours would be ideal.
She's a mostly calm kinda gal, at times she will bounce a happy bounce and can jump up when excited but for the most part she's pretty chill.
Gemma has lived with primary school aged children and is quite comfortable around well behaved children with appropriate doggie manners.
Gemma would be suited to first time Malamute owners due to her fairly willing to please nature (for a Malamute).
She has only basic training at present but her Foster Hero's are helping her learn and she's doing a great job at twice weekly obedience. Her new owners will need to continue regular obedience sessions with her to cement this learning.
In her previous home Gemma was escaping so secure 6ft digproof fencing is a must. The temptation of furry critters was too much, so please no cats, pocket pets, chickens or livestock for Gemma.
Gemma did live with another dog but hasn't been widely socialised so would be happy to be your one and only, lapping up all the attention for herself. She can be overexcited and unsure when meeting new dogs, and with continued controlled exposure it's likely that Gemma could accept a well matched doggie companion in the future.
As a young one still she will need daily exercise and would be happy to be a jogging buddy.
Gemma comes, vaccinated, desexed, microchipped and flea & worm treated.
Adoption fee $400
MC # 956000008547050
Apply to adopt at

Date Added : 2-Mar-17
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Brisbane QLD
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5 year old male
Adoption Fee: $450 (Includes GST, desexing, current C5 vaccination, negative heartworm test and microchipping transferred to new owners)

Single Male, GSOH, seeks long term relationship.

Hi, well I will be honest. I know exactly what I am looking for. Call me choosy, but if you know what you want, it’s better to be honest, right? If you think you fit the bill, then swipe right!

I'm not going to lie. I'll be moving into your home and will want to make it my own, so I'll be looking for a home where I'm the one and only. A man’s home is his castle and sharing it with other dogs just isn’t my style. I'm not a fan of those other small type of pets either – so if you have them, it just won’t work, I’m sorry. Therefore, dog parks are in the dealbreaker list too.

I'm a ladies man, but have been learning to be a family guy in my foster home and it ain’t so bad. I’d like some people that will spend their time with me, take me on adventures in the car and get out and see the great outdoors lots. The beach is my favourite. I'm an active guy and like at least a few strolls a week. Us blokes gotta stay in shape right?

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Well firstly, I'm not old, I'm in the prime of my life. And secondly, I already know some basic obedience. Use treats to teach me and well, I might just learn some more. I've been working with a PT on refining my walking technique and general manners level. That's a work in progress and something you would need to continue with.

To lay it all on the line for you, I'm here to meet someone to settle down with, single or family situations considered. I have been living in 6ft wooden fences with no issues. Whilst I like the great outdoors for adventures, at home I will need to be where the people are. I enjoy some good TV viewing with you at night and like to make sure I know just where you are. Be careful not to trip over me, because chances are I will be right at your feet. Loyalty is a good personality trait, right?

So that’s me in a nutshell, like I said, I know exactly what I want, so if you fit the bill, swipe right! Or even better go to!adoption/cfz3 and fill out a form. I’ll check it out and we might be able to meet up.

Date Added : 1-Mar-17

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