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Melbourne VIC
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Chakra | Alaskan Malamute | Female | 6 years

Chakra is a sweet 6yo malamute girl who is looking for a kind & loving foster hero.
She is a gentle soul that yearns affection and a place to call home.

At the moment, Chakra can find the outside world super exciting as everything is a new experience! She is keen to go everywhere and sniff everything, preferably all at once, so she can be a bit distracted and can pull on the lead. That being said, she is a very smart girl that is keen to learn. Chakra would flourish with a confident and gentle handler that will put the time into her, and is willing to attend obedience training. Baby steps and loads of affection is the way to go!

It appears that Chakra has not had exposure to other dogs in the past, so she can get excited when she sees other dogs, and at times they can also be overwhelming to her. Chakra is not ready to share her home with other canine friends, but we are hopeful this could change once she is exposed and socialised with other dogs at the local obedience school.

Chakra can be skittish and she is easily startled by sudden movements or sounds, for this reason she will need an adult household that is calm, patient and willing to nurture her confidence.

Are you the special person that will give Chakra the home she deserves?

Medical Notes:

Chakra was likely used as a breeding bitch for most of her life. During her desexing, the vets have encountered a bladder issue and an infection. Chakra is receiving medical care and antibiotics and she is expected to make a full recovery in due course.

MC# 956000008397941
Adoption Fee $450

Extra Information:
Not cat friendly
Not pocket pet friendly
Only dog household
Suitable to an adult household
Commitment to attend obedience training

Date Added : 17-Apr-2019
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Tasmania TAS
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HUNTER | Alaskan Malamute | Male | 6 years

Are you searching....
For Hunter?
Across the raging Tasman Sea, in the depths of the Apple Aisle, there lives a regal Malamute, this dog of pride and spirit.
A family boy who needs a pack to love, to follow and to challenge. His name is whispered in a hush, across obedience clubs throughout the land - a Malamute with advanced skills, such a creature is rarely seen.....
And while he does his best to show the world, what a brave lad his mother raised, sometimes his nerves get the best of him and he lets the spookies in.
Not a fan of other dogs (as many good Mally's say Amen!), his training see's him ignore that fluff, cause there is a cookie at the end!
A home he needs, who knows his blood, who loves his Arctic moods. A home to rest his paws inside and a partner to explore the Tasmin wilds.
Bad poetry translation -
Hunter is a stunning 6 year old male Malamute, based in Tasmania looking for a breed experienced home. He has had extensive obedience training and is wonderful on lead. He can be a little nervous sometimes in new environments and situations, and can be reactive to other dogs occasionally, but when given direction behaves beautifully. He is a lovely family dog that thrives in a home environment. He needs daily exercise, to be in an only dog home with secure fencing and allowed inside access to the home. Preference given to Tasmanian applications, but exceptional Melbourne homes considered.
MC# 982000356695081
Adoption Fee $450

Date Added : 20-Mar-2019
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Melbourne VIC
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Gender: Female
Age: 6 years old
Breed: Alaskan Malamute
Pair: No
Special Needs: No
Only Dog: Yes

For those that know what we mean when we say “typical female Mallie” and are still reading, we would like to introduce Freya!

This beautiful girl is looking for a new home as her owners have realised they don’t have the skills or time that a girl of her disposition needs.

So what does Freya need? A breed experienced owner is a must. She can be reactive to other dogs, but with the lead in confident, competent hands, she can behave like the lady she is.

Freya also absolutely must have a family that loves to snuggle and receive kisses and hugs. This is non negotiable. She’s a very smart girl and will make her own adventure if she doesn’t get daily walks and mental stimulation. Secure, dig proof fencing is a must, as she has found herself at the pound a couple of times after tunnelling her way to freedom.

Freya has previously attended training, but is a little rusty. Weekly obedience classes will help her brush up on her mad skills, but also ensure she remembers to mind her manners around other canines. You’ll be amazed at how quickly this little lady picks things up! She will happily work for treats or praise and is just waiting for someone to teach her some new moves!

Freya needs a home with no other dogs, cats, pocket pets or young children. That way she gets to focus all her affection on you!
More information on Freya:

More information on Freya:

* Loving, friendly and very people oriented. Cheeky, enjoys pushing boundaries
* Beautiful manners inside the home, and absolutely deaf if outdoors :)
* Needs to be the only dog in the home.
* No cats, small animals, rabbits, chooks or livestock
* Adults or children in their teens
* Malamute breed experience essential
* Secure 6ft fencing that is dig proof and not suitable to apartment living
* Commitment to daily exercise and ongoing obedience
* Trained and Toilet Trained

MC # 978102100079618

We are looking for a foster hero, foster with view to adopt, or adoption for Freya. Please apply today if you can help this beautiful girl.

Adoption Fee: $450

Photos thanks to Paul Tadday Photography

Date Added : 3-Mar-2019
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Penrith NSW
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Alaskan Malamute
8 Years Old
Female (D)

Location : Penrith, NSW

Ever wondered what life would be like with a malamute who is not only suitable for novice breed owners, but one who won't make things boring for those more experienced?

Wonder no more for I am here to make your dreams and unknown fantasies come true. You're welcome.

A placid, gentle girl I view the world through the eyes of the innocent with just enough sass to keep things interesting. At this point you may wish to compare me to Betty Boop - for I am a flirt with more than a hint of tartlet - especially when it comes to you menfolk.

Smooches? Pucker up, sunshine! Cuddles? With a side of belleh rubs muchos gracias! That couch that's designated "humans only"? PFFT! Oh quit your whining I will share.

My obedience repertoire is quite extensive, with more than a hint of The Smarts. Issue the command for not only can I "sit", but I can "drop". Gasp, I even stay! The pieces de resistance? Not only do I have recall, but I can be trusted off leash. You're bowled over right about now, I can tell.

But wait - there is yet more! I. Love. Cats. Yes, those of the domesticated feline variety. Time to pass you the smelling salts?

Perhaps that's a bit premature for you honestly didn't think I'd stop there, did you? Silly human!

An exception to my breed trait "rules" I get on well with other friendly dogs who follow my steel magnolia ways - male, female, arctic or non. You'll laugh yourself silly watching my rather (currently) rotund self play bowing and actively encouraging the shenanigans. Having been raised as an only child within the home to date, I don't necessarily need to live with another but social play dates would be most welcome.

Haven't quite fallen just yet? Allow me to tip you over the proverbial edge. The one absolute is my sense of what's right and what's wrong. Be you human, canine or feline if I sense danger or foul play I will defend your honour. Yes, you may swoon now.

Whether you wish to call me by my pedigree name of Kaasha Snow Queen Express, my given name of Dakota or my nick-name of Koda - just call. Err... apply... using the linky thing below.

Includes desexing, vaccination, health check, parasite treatment and lifetime registration within NSW


Date Added : 6-Feb-2019

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