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GRAND CH Majomarc Archie
(Mrs Kerry Rolfe)

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NSW Airescot Peer Gynt (IMP SWE) (Multi BIS Aust Grand AM Grand) (Gish Lesh)
TAS Baerentatze Maximus Black (Australian and NZ Champion) (Karin Maxwell)
NT Beau Barnabee Of Aphpyn (Imp NZL) (Aust. CH) (Mrs M Doyle)
SA Breshaad Affen Hell (Aust Ch) (Jayme Kidd)
QLD Cassius Clay V Tani Kazari (ImpNed) (Supreme Ch) (Mr Ven Grasso)
QLD Circle Legend Monkey Jelly Belly At Khandhu (Aust. Ch.) (P & P Hewitt and K Crane)
NSW Despacito Allure Sensuelle (Imp Pol) (Robert Clark)
NSW Elcavel Amazing Grace (Aust Ch) (Mrs Kerry Rolfe)
NSW Elcavel Invincible Heart (Australian Champion) (Ms Corina Rockey)
VIC Enchante’s Chip Off The Old Block (Imp USA) (Am Ch & Aust Ch) (Kerry McKinnon)
NSW Fairy Fauna V. Tani Kazari (Imp Nld) (BIS BISS Supreme Ch) (Robert Clark)
TAS Favreau Bellatrix La Strange (Karin and Rebecca Maxwell)
TAS Favreau Lady in Black (Ms K & Ms R Maxwell)
TAS Favreau Little Black Pearl (Ms K & Ms R Maxwell)
NSW Favreau Maxwell Smart (Ms D Masling)
TAS Favreau My Little China Girl (Australian Champion) (Karin and Rebecca Maxwell)
NSW Knightbridge Away With The Pixies (Robert Clark)
NSW Knightbridge Hello Possums (Robert Clark)
NSW Knightbridge Sunshine Superman (Ch.) (Robert Clark & Claire Parker-O’Sullivan)
NSW Knightbridge The Bearded Lady at Balliol (Michelle Parker Brien)
QLD Knightbridge What A Coincidence At Khandhu (Aust Ch) (P & P Hewitt and K Crane)
NSW Knightbridge YrTerrible Muriel (Ch.) (Robert Clark)
VIC Koikey Karma Bounty Hunter (K McKinnon)
NSW Koikey Sweet Black Tea (D. Koina & C. Rockey)
TAS Lecasa Leal Lenna (Aust. Ch.) (L M Cashman)
NSW Majomarc Archie (GRAND CH) (Mrs Kerry Rolfe)
QLD Majomarc Bogart Kazari (Aust Ch) (Ven Grasso)
TAS Majomarc Dartagnan V Kazari (Supreme Champion) (Trudi Counsell & Ven Grasso)
QLD Majomarc Diablo Cito V Kazari (Australian Champion) (Ven Grasso)
NSW Majomarc Diablo Cito V Kazari (Aust Ch) (Mrs Kerry A Rolfe)
QLD Majomarc Gandalf Kazari (Ch) (Ven Grasso and Trudi Counsell)
TAS Majomarc Graphite Kazari (Ch) (Trudi Counsell & Ven Grasso)
QLD Majomarc Kazari Fennella (Ven Grasso)
NSW Majormarc Gi Joe Kazari (Duval & Grasso)
QLD Marty McFly V Tani Kazari (Imp USA) (Aust Ch) (Ven Grasso)
NSW Minsmere Maltese Falcon (IMP USA) (BIS Aust Ch) (Gish Lesh & Kerry McKinnon)
VIC Monkey See C Dgs (imp USA) (Am Ch & Aust Ch) (Kerry McKinnon)
TAS Notorious Adelsric Fairy (imp NZ) (Australian Champion) (Karin Maxwell)
TAS Notorious Iz Onto It (imp NZ) (Australian Champion) (Karin Maxwell)
TAS Riogaioch Fizz Gig Favreau (Imp UK) (Aust Ch) (Ms Karin Maxwell)
TAS Simias Satchel Paige (BIS /BISS Supreme Ch.) (L.M.Cashman)
NSW Simias Cool Papa Bell (Mrs K A Rolfe)
NSW Strongfort Boom Boom (Aust Ch) (Gish Lesh & Kerry McKinnon)
NSW Strongfort Der Die Das (Multi RUBIS Aust Sup Ch) (Gish Lesh & Kerry McKinnon)
VIC Strongfort Django (Aust Ch) (Gish Lesh & Kerry McKinnon)
NSW Strongfort Love At First Night (Exp Denmark) (Aust Ch, SWE Ch, DEN Ch, DKV14) (M Laub / K McKinnon)
NSW Strongfort Nicodemus (Aust Ch) (Mrs Kerry A Rolfe)
VIC Strongfort Nothingonna Stop Me (Exp Denmark) (Aust Ch, Am Ch, Swedish Ch, Danish Ch, WJW14 RV14) (M Laub / K McKinnon)
NSW Strongfort Opium Puffn Muffn (AM Ch Aust Ch) (Gish Lesh)
VIC Strongfort Que Será Será (Multi BIS / Multi BISS Aust Supreme Ch & South African Ch) (Kerry McKinnon)
VIC Strongfort Red Hot Black (Aust Ch) (Kerry McKinnon)
NSW Strongfort Time To Reign (Aust Ch) (Gish Lesh & Kerry McKinnon)
WA Swayd A Bit of Magic at Seagypsy (Mandy McClure)
NSW Swayd Black With Two (Aust Ch) (Amanda Stapleton)
VIC Swayd Building Blocks (Aust Ch) (Kerry McKinnon)
SA Swayd Dangerous Liaisons At Classnsass (Heather Harrison)
NZ Swayd Dont Feed After Midnight (NZ Ch) (Kerry McKinnon & Gloria Landon)
NSW Swayd How Do You Like Me Now (Neut Ch) (Amanda Stapleton)
NSW Swayd I Call Fowl Play (Aust Ch) (K McKinnon & S Squires)
VIC Swayd Let It Reign On Me (Aust Ch) (Kerry McKinnon)
VIC Swayd Lights Camera Action (Aust Ch) (Kerry McKinnon)
NSW Swayd Like I Give A Damn (Aust Ch) (Sharon Squires)
VIC Swayd Lil Miss Hoity Toity (Aust Ch) (Kerry McKinnon)
VIC Swayd No Strings Attached At Nightime (Michelle Doe)
NSW Swayd Ohh The Drama (RUBIS RUBISS Aust Ch) (Kerry McKinnon)
VIC Swayd Reign On Your Parade (BISS Aust Ch) (Kerry McKinnon)
NSW Swayd Reign Over Me (Aust Ch) (Karen Barnsley)
VIC Swayd Return To Sender At Bohunt (Gaela Whyte)
VIC Swayd Running With Scissors (C.I.B Aust Ch) (Kerry McKinnon & Emma-Lee Slavin)
VIC Swayd Silence Is Golden (Aust Ch) (Kerry McKinnon)
WA Swayd Storming The Castle Gate (Aust Ch) (Kerry McKinnon & Judy Russell)
SA Swayd Strike A Pose At Classnsass (Heather Harrison)
WA Swayd Such Is Life (Aust Ch) (Kerry McKinnon)
VIC Swayd Thanks For The Memories (Aust Neuter Ch) (Susan Akesson)
VIC Swayd Truth Hurts (Aust Ch) (Kerry McKinnon)
VIC Swayd You Can’t Sit With Us (Aust Ch) (Kerry McKinnon)
NSW Tamarin Tarnish (Imp USA) (Aust & Am Ch) (Toni McNeill)
VIC Thyme Will Tell At Swayd (IMP NZ) (Aust Ch) (Kerry McKinnon)
NSW Turloch's Energy Of Life (IMP USA) (Gish lesh)
NSW Vonkery Toasted Teacake (Ms Corina Rockey & Mr Derek Koina)
NZ We Will Rock U With Affitude (Ch) (Dr Kirsten Wylie)

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