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Millcreek You’ve Got Mail
(Murray and Delwyn Barnett)

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QLD Amdak Bootylishious (Australian Champion) (Aimee Wood)
QLD Amdak Can U Believe This Booty (Australian Champion) (Aimee Wood)
VIC Amyanks Blk n Tantrum (Champion) (Pauline Grutzner)
VIC Amyanks Costa Fortune (Australian Champion) (Helen Pereyra & Pauline Grutzner)
QLD Arbendskye Dom Perrignon (Ch.) (Terry & Kelli Wesener)
NSW Arbendskye Licence TKill (Aust Ch) (Murray & Delwyn Barnett)
QLD Arbendskye Out Of The Inkwell (Ch.) (T & K Wesener)
QLD Arbendskye The Gambler (T & K Wesener)
NSW Avalonsfirst I Am The One (IMP USA) (Multi BISS / RU BISS / RUBIS / BIS Aust Supreme CH American Grand Champion) (Victoria Masterfield)
VIC Avanti's Ameretto at Marand's(Imp USA) (Australian Champion) (Pauline Grutzner)
SA Azel Always Bet On The Black AOM (Nordic Ch/NW Ch/PT Ch/Sw Ch/DK Ch/Am Ch/Australian Supreme Champion) (Erin Carter)
QLD Azel Always Gotcha Thinking (Sup Ch) (Azel kennel)
SA Azel Black Eyed Peas (Aust Ch) (John, Valerie, Erin Carter)
SA Azel Come In Spinner at Edelgeist (Coral Gray)
SA Azel Deal Or No Deal (Sup Aust Ch) (Azel Kennels)
SA Azel Don't Believeme Just Watch (Aust Sup Ch) (John / Valerie and Erin Carter)
SA Azel Dont Call My Bluff (Aust Ch) (Azel kennels)
SA Azel Dont Stop Me Now (Aust Ch) (Alicia Adamopoulos)
SA Azel Kiss Me Goodbye (Aust Ch) (John, Valerie , Erin Carter)
SA Azel La Chienne Noire (Aust Ch) (John, Valerie, Erin Carter)
SA Azel Let the Games Begin (Aust Ch) (Azel kennels)
VIC Azel Let Your Hair Down (Sebtus Kennels)
SA Azel Little Black Book (RUBISS Aust Ch) (Azel Kennel)
SA Azel moments like this (Supreme Ch) (John / Valerie and Erin Carter)
SA Azel Odds or Evens (Aust Sup Ch) (Azel kennel)
NSW Azel Onyx Isthe New Black (Aust Sup Ch) (K Holtkamp)
SA Azel People Talk to Much (Azel Kennel)
NSW Azel Playing the Odds (Aust Ch) (Rebecca Pandelis)
NSW Azel Playing With Fire (Aust Ch) (K Holtkamp)
SA Azel Sexy In Red (MULTI BIS/ BISS Aust Ch) (John, Valerie, Erin Carter)
SA Azel Show Some Class (Aust Ch) (Azel Kennel)
NSW Azel Tell It Like It Is (Multi BIS & BISS AUST GRAND CH) (Murray & Delwyn Barnett)
VIC Azel The Hustler Calls (Aust Ch) (Mallorene Kennels)
ACT B-Mac's Postcard From Texas ( Imp USA) PERM CLEAR (Australian Champion) (Suzana Styles)
VIC Beachstone's All American Girl (Imp USA) (MBIS Am Gr/Can/Aust Ch) (Pauline Grutzner/Marjory Adkins)
ACT Ber-Lin's Big Bang Theory At Landmark (Imp USA) (Suzana Styles)
NSW Boxcrest Absolute Bliss (Aust CH) (Mrs E V Gordon-Pandelis & Miss R Pandelis)
NSW Boxcrest Absolute Diva (Aust Ch) (E V Gordon-Pandelis)
NSW Boxcrest Absolute Vision (Aust CH) (R Pandelis and E V Gordon-Pandelis)
NSW Boxcrest American Diva (Mrs E.V Gordon-Pandelis and Miss R Pandelis)
NSW Boxcrest American Sass (Aust Ch) (Mrs E.V Gordon-Pandelis and Miss R Pandelis)
NSW Boxcrest Courage Under Fire (Aust Neuter Ch) (Yvonne Green)
NSW Boxcrest Making Waves With Occuli (DC Mahoney & R Pandelis)
NSW Braewood Sophisticated Victory ( IMP CAN) (AUST CH,CAN CH) (V Masterfield & R Thomas)
QLD Breilla Come Out And Play (Alicia Adamopoulos)
QLD Breilla Playing To Win (Alicia Adamopoulos)
SA Breilla Serve And Volley (Alicia Adamopoulos)
NSW Calla's Callin All U Cowboys {IMP CAN} (Aust CH) (Victoria Masterfield (Jettz Cocker's))
QLD Charnnah Candle In The Wind (AUST CH) (Karen Gay)
QLD Charnnah Inherit The Wind (Aust Ch) (Linda McGregor)
QLD Charnnah Wind Beneath My Wings (AUST CH) (Karen Gay)
NSW Cherrygle Blackchock (Ms G Cooke)
NSW Cherrygle Original Hero (Ms G Cooke)
NSW Cherrygle Original Hero (Ms G Cooke)
NSW Cherryglen Lonesome Dove (CH) (MsGlenyce Cooke)
NSW Cherryglen Marcella (Glenyce Cooke)
NSW Cherryglen Original Sinner (Glenyce Cooke)
QLD Chicomy's Quite Amazing (Imp NLD) (Ch) (Terry & Kelli Wesener)
VIC Cocoa's Dancin In My Dreams (Imp USA) (Australian/American Grand Ch/Canadian Ch) (Pauline Grutzner)
ACT Descartes Chuck a Parti (Ch) (Ms Melanie Crossley)
NZ Ebonn Tis An Addiction (NZ Ch) (Debbie Hull)
NZ Ebonn Tis Back In The Black (NZ Grand Ch) (Debbie Hull & Delwyn Barnett)
NZ Ebonn Tis Gotalike Itliketht (NZ Ch) (Debbie Hull)
NZ Ebonn Tis Keep N It Black (NZ Ch) (Debbie Hull)
NSW Ebonn Tis Keepn The Future At Ltrend (Imp NZ) (BISS/BIS Ch) (M&D Barnett & D Hull)
NZ Ebonn Tis Vanilla Ice (NZ Ch) (Debbie Hull)
NZ Ebonn Tis Walk'n On Ice (AI) (NZ Ch) (Debbie Hull)
NZ Ebonn Tis'Black Magic (NZ Ch) (Debbie Hull)
SA Ectot's Hunter (IMP USA) (B.I.G. Aust Ch) (John, Valerie , Erin Carter)
WA Ellz New Sensation (BIS Aust Ch) (Paul & Debbie Wilkes)
NSW Ellz Original Sin (CH) (Ms G Cooke)
QLD Farnsmere Strike It Rich (Ch) (Ms B McAlpine)
NSW Fielgar Royal Envoy (Imp UK) (BIS/MBIG Aust Ch) (Casey & Rhonda Wagland)
VIC Fielgar Time Traveller (Imp UK) (BIS/RUBIS/MBISS/MBIG/Aust Grand Ch) (Pauline Grutzner)
NSW Fielgar What A Girl Wants (imp UK) (Aust Ch) (Casey & Rhonda Wagland)
SA Galaksi I Have A Dream IMP Denmark (US SE WW18 PL NL USA NORDIC CH INT CH) (Valerie and Erin Carter)
NSW Hartlines Last Legend (Imp USA) (RBIS American & Australian Ch) (Casey & Rhonda Wagland)
NSW Hartlines Like A Rock (Imp USA) (MULTI BIS & RBISS AM/CAN/AUST GRAND CH) (Rhonda & Casey Wagland)
VIC Hero Bohemia Black Diamond (Imp.CZ.REP.) (Australian Champion) (H. Pereyra, T. Smith, P. Grutzner)
QLD Heyyou Got What It Takes (AUST CH) (Karen Gay & Tracy Mol)
QLD Heyyou It Started In Vegas (Ch.) (T & K Wesener)
VIC HeyYou The Rogue Trader (RUBISS CH) (M&T Mol)
VIC Highgatte Busy Being Fabulous (Australian Champion) (Helen Pereyra)
VIC Highgatte Don't Rock The Boat (Aust Ch) (Elizabeth)
VIC Highgatte If The Shoefits (MBIS Supreme Champion) (Pauline Grutzner/Marjory Adkins)
NSW Highgatte Im A Believer (Ch) (M&D Barnett/J Stapleton)
VIC Highgatte Rebel Yell (Elizabeth Smith)
NSW Highgatte Rebellion (BISS Australian Champion) (Rhonda & Casey Wagland)
TAS Highgatte Reindeer Games (Aust Gr Ch) (Lacey Wiltshire)
VIC Highgatte She’s A Rebel (Shelly Diegan)
VIC Highgatte Social Butterfly (Glenn Gillan)
NSW Javalin's Get On Up (IMP USA) (AM. CH.CH) (Glenyce Cooke)
NSW Jettz American Flyer (Supreme Ch) (Victoria Masterfield & Nicole Tipping)
VIC Jettz Flying First Class (Aust Ch) (E Smith)
NSW Jettz Samamari Run The World (CH) (V Masterfield)
NSW Jettz Who's That Girl (Sup Ch) (R Pandelis and V Masterfield)
NSW Jettz Whos That Girl (Sup CH) (Victoria Masterfield & Rebecca Pandelis)
QLD Julees La Cats Wiskers (Australian Champion) (Aimee Wood)
NSW Kaibab's Sunday Funnies (Imp USA) (Am & Aust Ch) (Murray & Delwyn Barnett)
VIC Kalarna Meant To Be (Glenn Gillan)
QLD Keep Your Cool (Imp UK) (Aust Ch) (DL & LA McGregor)
QLD Kutas Crickey Steve (Aust Ch) (A Thompson/C Baker)
NSW Kutas Dance Oncemore (BIS RuBIS MBIG AUST GRAND CH) (Casey & Rhonda Wagland)
NSW Kutas Toinfinity Nbeyond (Ch) (R J Hitchcock)
ACT Landmark Billy Ocean (Australian Champion) (Suzana Styles)
NSW Landmark Black Bird Singing (Mrs SA Styles)
ACT Landmark Bradley Cooper (AI) (Suzana Styles)
QLD Landmark Captain America (Natalia Mozhyn)
NSW Landmark Catching Fire (Aust Ch) (Casey & Rhonda Wagland)
NSW Landmark Covergirl (Matthew Mitchell)
NZ Landmark Dance Of The Dragons (imp Aus) (NZ Ch) (Anne & Richard Morgan (NZ))
ACT Landmark Fly Me To The Moon (Suzana Styles)
NSW Landmark Happy Feet (Aust Ch) (Murray & Delwyn Barnett & Joan Stapleton)
NSW Landmark Hollywood Blonde (Emma Barrow)
NSW Landmark Kokomo (Australian Champion) (Margaret Bentley)
QLD Landmark Le Masquerade (CH) (M & D Barnett & J Stapleton)
ACT Landmark Miss Mikimoto (Australian Champion) (Suzana Styles)
NSW Landmark Miss Rosey Red Cheeks (Br & Ml Hanley)
ACT Landmark Oceans Eleven (AI) (BIS Australian Champion) (Suzana Styles)
ACT Landmark Polar Exxpress (AI) (SA Styles)
ACT Landmark Red Red Robin (Australian Champion) (Suzana Styles)
NZ Landmark Red Red Rose (Imp AUS) (NZ Ch) (Anne & Richard Morgan)
ACT Landmark Royal Copenhagen (Suzana Styles)
ACT Landmark Senorita Esperanza (Australian Champion) (Suzana Styles)
NSW Landmark Senorita Francesca (CH) (DC Mahoney)
VIC Landmark Superman (Maureen Joel)
ACT Landmark Tango De La Flamenco (Australian Champion) (Suzana Styles)
ACT Landmark Tango De La Roxanne (Australian Champion) (Suzana Styles)
ACT Landmark Tango In The Night (AI) (Amy Kominek)
ACT Landmark Thors Hammer (Suzana Styles)
ACT Landmark Voulez Vous Rouge AD JD (Australian Champion) (Clive Styles)
ACT Landmark Waltzmeacrosstx (Australian Champion) (Suzana Styles)
ACT Landmark Whatever Lola Wants (AI) (Aust Neuter Champion) (Suzana Styles)
NSW Landmark Why Why Why Delilah RAE.TK.N ADX.ADO.JDX.JDO.SPD.GDX.SDX.FS.S HTM.S (Aust Neuter Champion) (Anne Lewis)
ACT Landmark XXmas Love Story (AI) (SA Styles)
ACT Landmark XXs Sweeter Than Wine (AI) (BIS Australian Champion) (Suzana Styles)
NSW Laramis Aloha Kailani ADM ADO JDM JDO GDX SDX SPDM (Champion) (Bronwynne Goyen)
NSW Laramis Aloha Kapuni (Champion) (Bronwynne Goyen)
NSW Laramis Aloha Olu Olu kula (Australian Ch) (Ms A J Smith & Mrs B Goyen)
NSW Laramis Creme Caramele JDX AD GD SD (Bronwynne Goyen)
NSW Laramis Double Trouble (Grand Champion) (Bronwynne Goyen)
NSW Laramis Im Sandy Dee (Aust Ch) (Rhonda & Casey Wagland)
NSW Laramis It's Raining Men (Aust Ch) (Ms A Smith)
ACT Laramis Peach Delight (Jenny Walker)
NSW Laramis Wine And Roses (Champion) (Michael Turner & Bronwynne Goyen)
NSW Laramis Your Th One That Iwant JDX SD (Australian Champion) (B.Goyen)
QLD Laurent Only Just Begun At Millcreek imp USA (Ch.) (Linda McGregor)
NSW Letrails Show N Tell (Aust Ch) (Casey & Rhonda Wagland)
WA Light Dream's Bring It On (Imp Swd) (Supreme Ch) (Paul & Debbie Wilkes & Paige Hopkins)
WA Light Dream's Copacabana (imp Swd) (Aust Supreme Ch) (Paul & Debbie Wilkes)

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