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ACT Abercarn Magic Happens (Mrs C. Thompson)
ACT Abercarn Magic Lantern (Ch) (Mrs C. Thompson)
ACT Abercarn Magik Pearl (Aust Ch.) (Carol Thompson)
SA Almanzor Frankly My Dear (S & D Flew)
VIC Almanzor Franks Very Much (Aust Ch) (Mrs D Reid-Orr, Miss K & Mr G Orr)
VIC Almanzor How You Like Me Now (AI) (Kestrel Orr)
VIC Almanzor Lets Be Frank (Mrs D Reid-Orr, Miss K & Mr G Orr)
VIC Almanzor Never Break The Chain (AI) (Anne Lenne)
VIC Almanzor Wind Me Up Watchme Go (AI) (Kestrel Orr)
NSW Alotorius Old Glory Catch Me If You Can (Imp Poland) (JR Polish Ch Aust Ch) (Johgra Beagles)
NSW Amancio Loud N Proud (Mrs L M Gleeson)
NSW Amancio Standn Tall N Proud (Mrs L M Gleeson)
NSW Amancio The Music In Me (Mrs L M Gleeson)
NSW Amancio To The Moon N Back (Mrs L M Gleeson)
NSW Amlex Cool Mountain (Mr S & Mrs G Barnes)
VIC Ariahgrove Ghostly Image (CH.) (Rhonda Dearnaley)
VIC Ariahgrove Limited Edition (Rhonda Dearnaley)
VIC Ariahgrove Oops Im in Trouble (Rhonda Dearnaley)
VIC Ariahgrove Secret Addition (Rhonda Dearnaley)
QLD Asalei Finders Keepers (Aust Ch) (Erin Ison)
QLD Asalei Golden Keepsake (Aust Ch) (Erin Ison)
QLD Asalei Monkey Shenanigans (AI) (Aust Ch) (Erin Ison)
QLD Baldev Blonde Bombshell (Australian Grand Ch) (Erin Ison)
QLD Baldev Dirty Harry (Aust Ch) (Ruth & Jeremy Cook)
QLD Baldev Enigma (BIS SUPREME Ch) (Sara Skinner)
QLD Baldev Eye Candy (Aust Ch) (Sara Skinner)
QLD Baldev Hells Angel (Sara Skinner)
NSW Baldev I Dream of Lucy (S.Linek)
NSW Baldev Legally Blonde (Sup Ch) (S Bownds, L Mai & B Stopford)
QLD Baldev Sweet Surprise (Miss S Skinner)
QLD Baldev Tequila Sunrise (Sara Skinner)
QLD Baldev White Russian (Sara Skinner)
QLD Baldev White Witch (Aust Ch) (Sara Skinner)
VIC Balihai Camelot Court (Grand CH) (Jill Kirk - Balihai Kennels)
QLD Bayatthemoon Glenlivet (Aus Ch) (Jeremy Cook & Sharen Bell)
QLD BayAtTheMoon Glenlivet (Aust Sup Ch) (Jeremy Cook & Sharen Bell)
WA Bayhound Walk This Line (Aust CH) (Sligrachan Kennels)
VIC Bayzurk Chipov Dauld Bloc (RA & DF Kruz)
NSW Beagelee Acqua Di Gio (BIS SBIS Supreme Ch) (Leanne & Christophe Duval)
NSW Beagelee Archangel (AI) (Ch) (Leanne and Christophe Duval)
NSW Beagelee Finest Blend (Ch) (Leanne and Christophe Duval)
NSW Beagelee Finnish Spirit (BIS & SBIS Supreme Ch) (Leanne & Christophe Duval)
QLD Beagelee Keep The Spirit (Aust Ch & Neut Ch) (Erin Ison)
NSW Beagelee Made In America (IID USA) (BISS Ch) (Leanne & Christophe Duval)
NSW Beagelee Pocketful of Sunshine (L & C Duval)
SA Beagelee Proof Positive (AI) (S & D Flew)
NT Beagelee Smash Hit (Ch) (Mrs E Carter)
VIC Beaglyn Foreign Adventure (AI) (Aust Ch) (S Hutcheson)
VIC Beaglyn Foreign Adventure (AI) (Sup Ch) (Miss S A Hutcheson)
VIC Beaglyn Foreign Affair (AI) (M James)
VIC Beaglyn Foreign Invasion (AI) (Aust CH) (M James)
VIC Beaglyn Shot In The Dark (AI) (M James)
VIC Beaglyn Star Attraction (National RUBISS Aust Ch) (Meagan James)
VIC Beaglyn When Stars Collide (Aust Ch) (Hearn Family)
NZ Beaurein Kiwi Connection by Pakowhai JW (imp UK) (UK CH) (Hermione Peach)
NSW Besmagic Starlight (Tracy Coop)
ACT Bimberi Baratheon (Robyn OKeefe)
ACT Bimberi Beach Blonde (Aust Ch) (Robyn O'Keefe)
ACT Bimberi Beau James (Aust Ch) (Robyn O'Keefe)
ACT Bimberi Beaujelais (Robyn O'Keefe)
ACT Bimberi Beginners Luck (Robyn OKeefe)
ACT Bimberi Bellatrix (Robyn OKeefe)
ACT Bimberi Billy Elliot (Aust Champion) (Robyn O'Keefe)
QLD Bimberi Black Hawk (Champion) (Dee Roff)
ACT Bimberi Black Jack Son (Robyn OKeefe)
ACT Bimberi Blonde Ransom (Robyn P'Keefe)
NSW Bimberi Bohemian Girl (Michelle & Michael)
ACT Bimberi Bon Bon (Aust Ch) (Robyn O'Keefe)
ACT Bimberi Bonnies Maid (Robyn OKeefe)
ACT Bimberi Boomerangs Boy (Aust Ch) (Robyn O'Keefe)
ACT Bimberi Brooklyn Babe (Ch) (Robyn Okeefe)
ACT Bimberi Buxton Beach (Ch) (Robyn OKeefe)
NSW Boletini Agim Sala (Mr S & Mrs G Barnes)
QLD Brevari Burnished (BIS Aust Grand Ch) (Robyn Hyman)
QLD Brevari Cassata (Ch) (R Hyman)
QLD Brevari Dangerous Liason (BIS & BISS Aust Ch) (Robyn Hyman)
QLD Brevari Fairytale (Robyn Hyman)
QLD Brevari Florentine (Robyn Hyman)
VIC Brialey Clarence Burke ET (RUBIS Australian Champion) (Julieanne Lalor & Paul Hissey)
NSW Brialey Cloud Dancer (Andrea Coss)
NSW Brialey Come Dance With Me (Australian Champion) (Brialey Kennels)
SA Brialey Diamonds are Forever (Ch) (Donna & Stuart Flew)
NSW Brialey Famous by Name (GR CH) (Andrea Coss)
NSW Brialey Frozen in Time (AI) (Aust Ch) (Andrea Coss)
ACT Brialey Highlander (Aust Ch) (Carol Thompson)
NSW Brialey Itn A Bit (BIS BISS Australian Supreme Champion) (Mrs L and Mr B Childs)
NSW Brialey Jive Bunny (Australian Champion) (Brialey Kennels)
NSW Brialey Lil Bit Ice Dancer AI (B E & L A Childs)
SA Brialey Lil Bit Ice Diva (Donna & Stuart Flew)
NSW Brialey Lil Bit Ice Maiden (AI) (Aust Ch) (Andrea Coss)
NSW Brialey Lil Bit Of Fame (Australian Grand Champion) (Mr B &Mrs L Childs)
NSW Brialey Lil Bit Of Magik (Canadian & American Grand Champion) (Tradewinds Beagles USA)
NSW Brialey Nemesis (Mrs J Larsen)
ACT Brialey Shadow Dancer (Mrs C Thompson)
NSW Brialey Swagik Mr Chester (Aust Ch) (Andrea Coss)
QLD Burnsdale Most Happy Fella (Imp. NZ) (NZ CH. CH.) (R. Telfer)
NSW Buzbon Angelina Ballerina (Ms G Barnes)
NSW Buzbon Brave Merida (Ms G Barnes)
NSW Buzbon Clare (Ms G Barnes)
NSW Buzbon Fifth Generation Lady (Ms G Barnes)
NSW Buzbon Fourth Generation Rosie (Ms G Barnes)
NSW Buzbon Foxy Roxy (Ms G Barnes)
NSW Buzbon Gloria (Ms G Barnes)
NSW Buzbon Jacqueline (Ms G Barnes)
NSW Buzbon Janine (Ms G Barnes)
NSW Buzbon Love My Way (Mr S & Mrs G Barnes)
NSW Buzbon Offspring Nina (Ms G Barnes)
NSW Buzbon Quinella (Ms G Barnes)
NSW Buzbon Sweetie (Ms G Barnes)
NSW Caermyrddin Echo In Time (Australian Champion) (Troy & Megan Keyte)
ACT Caermyrddin La Peregrina (Carol Thompson)
NZ Caermyrddin Rotten Ralph (Imp Aust) (Aust & NZ Ch) (Chelsea Macklin)
ACT Casalbeau Ceremony (Aus Ch) (Robyn OKeefe)
NSW Casalbeau Chandon Blanc d Noir (J & A.Dahl)
NSW Casalbeau Coupe Anton (Ms G Barnes)
QLD Casalbeau Crested Pride (Champion) (Dee Roff)
NSW Casalbeau Cu Roi (Aust Ch.) (J & A.Dahl)
NZ Cemac Crazy For You (Chelsea Macklin)
NZ Cemac Dolly Did It (Chelsea Macklin)
NZ Cemac Forever Young (Ch) (Chelsea Macklin)
NZ Cemac Itz A Bugs-Life (Ch.) (Chelsea Macklin)
NZ Cemac Locked N Loaded (Chelsea Macklin)
NZ Cemac Where You Lead (Ch) (Chelsea Macklin)
NSW Ceugant Arianas Twilight (Ch.) (Tracy Coop)
NSW Ceugant Aspra (Bert Hurcum)
NSW Ceugant Augustus (Bert Hurcum)
NSW Ceugant Cadman (Ch) (N.L. Hurcum)
NSW Ceugant Dillan AOM (BIS & Multi BISS Grand Ch) (Bert Hurcum)
NSW Ceugant Kings Hand (CH. NEUT. CH.) (Tracy Coop)
NSW Ceugant Kings Hand (NL Hurcum)
NSW Ceugant Kings Hugo (Tracy Coop)
NSW Ceugant Lira (Bert Hurcum)
QLD Ceugant Sceolan (BIS, BISS Grand CH) (Hurcum & Lynam)
NSW Ceugant Sirius (AI) (Ch.) (NL Hurcum)
NSW Cliftop Cookies n Creme (Ms S Schrumpf)
NSW Cliftop Falcon Inthe Groove (Neuter Ch) (Mrs S Gilkison)
NSW Cliftop Moovin N Cruisin (Sharon Gilkison)
NSW Cliftop Sweet Spirit Chaser (Aust Ch) (Tracy Coop)
NSW Cliftop Take A Chanceon Me (Sharon Gilkison)
NSW Cliftop Touch N Go (Ch) (Sharon Gilkison)
QLD Culorgair ForLukara (Ch) (Tara McNicol)
NSW Cumia Absolut Elyx (AI) (J & A.Dahl)
NSW Cumia Calico Jack (Aust. Ch.) (J & A.Dahl)
NSW Cumia Encore (Aust Ch.) (J & A.Dahl)
NSW Cumia Finale (Aust. Ch.) (J & A.Dahl)
NSW Cumia Rose Myrtle (J & A.Dahl)
NSW Cumia Sirius (AI) (J & A.Dahl)
NSW Cumia Stormbourne (AI) (J & A.Dahl)
NSW Cumia Yu Zu (Aust Ch.) (J & A.Dahl)
VIC Daisyglen Beachcomber (Ch) (J.Oliver & D.Whitcher)

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