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Aust Ch Piperdene Starlite Express
(Robyn Bates)

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NT Ausbed Puttin On The Ritz (Champion) (Bob & Erica Whitehead)
VIC Barjarz Iris Sibiricus (Vicki Scott)
VIC Barjarz Skip To The Chase (Vicki Scott)
VIC Beautibull Blythe Folly (Imp NZ) (Ch) (Vicki Scott)
NSW Breckland Bullet Proof (Ch) (GB & E Wells)
NSW Breckland Dancing Queen (Aust Ch) (G & E Wells & A L Crew)
NSW Breckland Golden Eye (Aust Ch) (G B & Wells & A Crew)
NSW Breckland Golden Girl (Ch) (GB & E Wells)
NSW Breckland Keep Your Eyes On Me (G B & E Wells)
NSW Breckland Lite Fingers (Ch) (K & J & KD Robinson)
NSW Breckland Pepper Pot (Ch) (GB & E Wells)
NSW Breckland Powder Finger (Aust Ch) (G B & E Wells & A Crew)
NSW Breckland Stick To Your Guns (Ms E J Neslon)
NSW Breckland Sticky Fingers (Aust Ch) (G B & E Wells)
NSW Breckland Stuck On You (Aust Ch) (GB & E Wells)
NSW Breckland The Bodyguard (Aust Ch) (GB & E Wells)
NSW Breckland To The Moon And Back (G B & E Wells)
NSW Breckland We Will Rock You (Ch) (G B & E Wells)
NT Caeruleus Octavia Lucila (Ch & Neut Ch) (Wurroit Bedlingtons)
NSW Cherabah Sticky Wicket (Ch) (Elizabeth & Graham Wells)
QLD Chismene Dance Inya Pants (Champion) (Mrs C Van Beek)
QLD Chismene Not Blu For U (Champion) (Mrs C & Miss J Van Beek)
QLD Chismene Supa Cell (Aust Ch) (Chris Van Beek)
NSW Fioralainn Chopins Choice (Eileen Clarke)
NSW Fioralainn Lagertha (Aus CH) (Eileen Clarke)
NSW Fioralainn Laoch Mor (Aus) (Eileen Clarke)
VIC Fioralainn Mor Seo (Ch) (Ms V Scott)
TAS Fioralainn Polish Rhapsody (Amanda Fox)
NSW Fioralainn Queen of the Fairies (Eileen Clarke)
TAS Fioralainn Russian Rhapsody (ch) (Amanda Fox)
NSW Fioralainn Taste of Diamonds (Eileen Clarke)
VIC Foggystar Bow Bells (Ch.) (Kerrie & John McMahon)
NT Isotop's Viking (Imp Sweden) (RUBIS Supreme Ch) (Bob & Erica Whitehead)
NT Janmark Just Joking (Imp UK) (Ch) (Bob & Erica Whitehead)
NSW Kayrs Bringing Sexy Back (K, MJ & KD Robinson)
NSW Kayrs Crackerjack (RUBIS CH) (K,MJ,KD Robinson)
NSW Kayrs Livin The Dream (Ch) (K, J & KD Robinson)
NSW L'End Show Ma Vie (Imp RUS) (JWW-18, JLITH, JRUS, JHUN,JBELY,JLAT, JEST) (Eileen Clarke)
NSW L'end Show Maybach Ace For Your Game (Imp Russia) (SUP CH, JWW-16, JRUS CH, JHUNG CH, JBELY CH, SUP CH) (Eileen Clarke)
NSW Palaway Silver Solaris (Catherine Macken)
NSW Palaway Sing Sing Sing (Aust Ch) (Catherine Macken)
NT Piako Rhapsody in Blue (Imp NZ) (Ch) (Bob & Erica Whitehead)
QLD Piperdene Blu Bye U (Ch) (C & J Van Beek)
NSW Piperdene Blu Sky Blu (Australian CH) (Eileen Clarke)
TAS Piperdene Bohemian Rhapsody (Piperdene Kennels)
NSW Piperdene Candle Inthe Wind (Anu K Lummevaara)
QLD Piperdene Chantily Lace (SUP. CH.) (Mr. R.J. & Mrs. P.A. Osmachenko)
TAS Piperdene Creme Caramel (Ch) (Amanda Fox)
VIC Piperdene Daisy Chain (Australian Champion) (Mr M Hill and Ms K McFarlane)
VIC Piperdene Dream Maker (Grand Ch) (Sarah Hill)
TAS Piperdene Foo Fighter (Aust. Ch.) (Piperdene Kennels)
NSW Piperdene Hell for Leather (Australian Champion) (Eileen Clarke)
NSW Piperdene Lucky Strike (Aust Ch) (Robyn Bates)
TAS Piperdene Makebelieve Me (Amanda Fox)
TAS Piperdene Maybe Baby (Piperdene Kennels)
VIC Piperdene Midnight Cowboy (Ch.) (Sarah Hill & Robyn Bates)
VIC Piperdene Much Ado (Grand Ch) (Sarah Hill)
VIC Piperdene Pole Position (Supreme Ch.) (Piperdene Kennels)
VIC Piperdene Poleposition (Supreme Champion) (Sarah Hill & Robyn Bates)
VIC Piperdene Power of One (Sarah Hill)
TAS Piperdene Purple Rain (Champion) (Piperdene Kennels)
QLD Piperdene Puttin Onthe Ritz (Ch) (C & J Van Beek)
TAS Piperdene Shadow Dancer (Ch.) (Piperdene Kennels)
NSW Piperdene Starlite Express (Aust Ch) (Robyn Bates)
TAS Piperdene Steel Magnolia (Ch.) (Piperdene Kennels)
NSW Piperdene Sugar Baby (Aust Ch) (Robyn Bates)
VIC Piperdene The Blues Brother (Sarah Hill & Robyn Bates)
NSW Piperdene Weave a Dream (Australian CH) (Eileen Clarke)
NSW Piperdene Whos Your Daddy (Aust Ch) (Catherine Macken)
NSW Piperdene Wild Card (Aust Ch) (Catherine Macken)
NT Stenmor Blue Belgarian (Bob & Erica Whitehead)
TAS Vuedelac Lyrical Lass (AI) (Amanda Fox)
NT Wurroit Blue Diamond (Ch) (Bob & Erica Whitehead)
NT Wurroit Crimson Queen (Bob & Erica Whitehead)
NT Wurroit Diamond Ice (Aust Ch) (Bob & Erica Whitehead)
NT Wurroit Divine Desert Diva (B & E Whitehead)
NT Wurroit Ebony Empress (Bob & Erica Whitehead)
NT Wurroit Mary Alice (Isotop's Kennels, Sweden)
NT Wurroit Ninja Warrior (Bob & Erica Whitehead)
NT Wurroit Wayward Warrior (Aust Ch) (Bob & Erica Whitehead)

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