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Aust Sup CH - Multi BIS/BISS Hunterhound Excalibur (AI)
(Michelle Ashpole)

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NSW Amphipolis Miss Eve TDX (Imp NZ) (T.Ch) (Michelle Ashpole)
QLD Centitout Black And Gold (Lindy Ryan)
NSW Flushtimes CW Lady of the Lake TDX (Imp Swe) (Aust CH - Multi BISS) (Michelle Ashpole)
NSW Hunterhound Cry Me a Slither TD (AI) (Michelle Ashpole)
NSW Hunterhound Excalibur (AI) (Aust Sup CH - Multi BIS/BISS) (Michelle Ashpole)
NSW Hunterhound Snakesss Alive (AI) (Mrs M Ashpole & Ms C Hastings)
NSW Hunterhound The Deal is Done (AI) (Kellie Mooney & Michelle Ashpole)
NSW Loamy Lane's Jewell (Imp Bel) (Aust CH) (Michelle Ashpole)
NSW M&M's Off To See The Wizard at Hunterhound (IMP USA) (Michelle Ashpole)
VIC Roxbud Odin Pursuenraze (Ellenah Anders)
VIC Roxbud Xena Pursuenraze (Ellenah Anders)
QLD Torulla Kan You Keep A Secret (Lindy Ryan)
QLD Torulla Kaptain Kourageous (Lindy Ryan)
QLD Torulla Sceetas Girl (AI) (Miss L.J.Ryan)
QLD Torulla Screen Legend (AI) (Miss L.J.Ryan)
VIC Trackmdown Seek M Out (Ch) (Mrs E Anders)
QLD Trackscent Knocks on QLD Wood (AI) (Aust CH) (Lucy Olszowy & Katrina Cutting)

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