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VIC Alar's Steel Shadow (Imp USA) (Aus Ch) (M Di Natale & J Sharrock)
VIC Astrobrits Zoe (Astrobrits)
VIC Ballyahill Meaghans Maeve (F W Tate)
VIC BallyaHill Gwillum (Aust Ch) (F W Tate)
WA Ballyahill Gwillums Encomium (Aust CH) (Mrs Michelle Bryant)
VIC BallyaHill Sophies Meaghan (F W Tate)
VIC Bekahtsa Double oh Seven (CH) (Jenny Sharrock)
VIC BISS Skyhuntr Stealing The Show (D Rundell and K Every)
TAS Bomschell Baloo Bear SWA TDX (T.CH) (Mrs L Farrall)
WA Bomschell Enchantress (Aust CH) (Mrs Michelle Bryant)
WA Bomschell Harley Quinn (Mrs M Bryant)
TAS Bomschell Ironman SWA TSD TDX (Mrs L Farrall)
VIC Bomschell Snow White (Riverreed Brittanys)
QLD Breezewater Com Fly With Me( Imp USA) (Ru BISS Ch) (D&A Rogers& L. Holcomb)
TAS Bribritt Di Tom Gallo (Tania Russell)
VIC Bribritt Di Tom Ruby (Steven Komninos)
VIC Brittina Astuto Lepre (Astrobrits)
VIC Chico Of Aztlan (Imp USA) (Australian Champion) (Mrs Fiona Brown-Elkner)
VIC Dogwood Hollow American Beauty (IMP U.S.A) (Australian Champion) (Fiona Brown-Elkner)
VIC Dogwood Hollow C I Can Dance (IMP USA) (Multi BISS/BIS/Australian Supreme/American Champion) (Mrs Fiona Brown Elkner)
VIC Dogwood Hollow Out Of The Park (IMP USA) (Multi/BISS/Multi RUBIS/American & Australian Supreme Champion) (Mrs Fiona Brown-Elkner)
QLD Dream Hi Skyes The Limit At Wameika (Imp USA) (Aust Ch) (Ward)
NT Dream Hi Sr Don't Believe Me Just Watch (IMP USA) (AM. CH. AM. GR CH. GD/ AUST CH) (Rebecca Williams)
VIC Garcalo Leeza (Mrs Fiona Brown-Elkner)
VIC Grandesprit Calanques Du Sud (Aus Ch) (C Moya)
VIC Grandesprit Kind Treasure (C Moya)
VIC Grandesprit Memphis Belle (Aus ch) (C Moya)
VIC Grandesprit Orion Le chasseur (Ch) (D. Rundell & K. Every)
TAS Grandesprit Royal Sacha (Tania Russell)
VIC Grandesprit Spirit of St Louis (C Moya)
NSW Granmars Diamond Down Under (IMP USA) (Multi BIS BISS BIG American Champion / Australian Supreme Champion) (Samantha Ibbott-Cordi & Tim Foley)
VIC Guinness De Wyngold (IMP USA) (Marilyn DI Natale. Riverreed Brittanys)
QLD Gunnin’for You At Sierra (Imp USA) ((Multi BIS/BIG) AM CH. / Aust Supreme Ch.) (Ward)
VIC Japiha Take A Chance On Me ( Imp NZ) (CH) (Jenny Sharrock)
VIC Jarrawood Gipsy Rose (Australian Champion) (Mrs Fiona Brown-Elkner)
NSW Kirinbell Absolutely In Love (AI) SWN (Aust Ch) (Mrs S Ibbott-Cordi & Mrs G Loft)
NSW Kirinbell Brown Sugar RN ET (Australian Grand Champion) (Samantha Ibbott-Cordi)
NSW Kirinbell Certified Diamond (Mr N Matthews & Mrs S Ibbott-Cordi)
NSW Kirinbell Chase N Fame (Australian Champion) (Anthony Higgans & Samantha Ibbott-Cordi)
NSW Kirinbell Chase N The Dragon CCD CD RA TK.I SWN JDX ET SD (Australian Champion) (Mary Webster)
VIC Kirinbell Chase N The Moves (Aust Ch) (Mrs Fiona Brown-Elkner)
VIC Kirinbell Chase N The Truth (Mrs Fiona Brown-Elkner)
ACT Kirinbell Diamante (Samantha Ibbott-Cordi)
NSW Kirinbell Diamond Dealer (Samantha Ibbott-Cordi & Mary Webster)
NSW Kirinbell Game Changer (Australian Champion) (Ms M Boon)
NSW Kirinbell Get Off My Cloud CCD RN ET SWN (Australian Grand Champion Neut Champion) (Samantha Ibbott-Cordi)
NSW Kirinbell Hot Ms Fancy Pants (AI) SWN (Australian Champion) (Samantha Ibbott-Cordi)
ACT Kirinbell Hot Ticket To Ride (AI) (Aust Ch) (Samantha Ibbott-Cordi)
NSW Kirinbell I Absolutely Love U (AI) (Australian Champion) (M Loney)
NSW Kirinbell Lil Miss Hot Mess (AI) (Aust Ch) (Samantha Ibbott-Cordi)
NSW Kirinbell Me N Mo SWN (Australian Champion) (Fiona Gill)
NSW Kirinbell Party Doll CCD CD RA SWN ET (Australian Champion) (Teresa Curman)
NSW Kirinbell See Wot U Made Me Do (Aust Ch) (Samantha Ibbott-Cordi)
NSW Kirinbell Start Me Up (D Kosyfas & N Kiossoglou)
VIC Kirinbell Style N Grace ET (Australian Champion) (Mr P & Mrs C Reyment)
QLD Kirinbell Tell Me A Secret (Multi BIG Multi RUBIG Aust Ch) (Paul & Tiena Palin)
NSW Kirinbell The Girls Got Game (Australian Champion) (N Ellison)
NSW Kirinbell Tinkerbells Diamond (Samantha Ibbott-Cordi)
ACT Kirinbell U Should Be So Lucky SWA (Australian Champion) (Samantha Ibbott-Cordi)
SA Magicbrit Lotties Dream (Aust Gr Ch & Am Ch) (Peter Marsh)
QLD Magicbrit One Moment In Time At Tendayi (USA) (Marsh & Rogers & Holcomb)
NSW Magicbrit Tonan The Wizard of Auz (Am Ch Aust Ch) (Peter Marsh)
SA Makuwan Black Tie Affair (Australian Champion) (Elizabeth Crisp)
VIC Makuwan Do N Norti Nicely (Aust Ch) (Fiona Brown Elkner)
VIC Makuwan I'm A True Blu Yankee Gal (Mrs Fiona Brown- Elkner)
VIC Mystere Des Bretons Carlesiens (Imp FR) (World Junior Ch Australian Ch Tan) (Coralie Moya)
SA Ozmystique No Strings Attached (Aust Ch) (Elizabeth Crisp)
VIC Pepite de Tremouard (Imp Fr) (Coralie Moya)
VIC PJ'S All Kiddin Aside (Imp USA) (Australian Champion) (Mrs Fiona Brown-Elkner)
VIC Prada du Clos du Grand Lieu (Imp Fr) (Coralie Moya)
QLD Propoint Sweet Lil Lies (Paul & Tiena Palin)
VIC Riverreed Black Ice (Marilyn DI Natale)
VIC Riverreed Black Magic (Swiss Ch Aus Ch Tan) (Coralie Moya)
VIC Riverreed Frozn Impact (AI) (Aus Dual Champion (T)) (Cynthia Toohey)
VIC Riverreed Frozn In Time (AI) (Aust Ch) (Riverreed Brittany Kennels)
NSW Riverreed Frozn Rock Solid (AI) CCD,AD,JD,GD (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Cazro Brittanys NSW)
VIC Riverreed Galahads Skye (Ch) (D Rundell & K Every)
WA Riverreed Heart Of Gold (Mrs M Bryant)
WA Riverreed Hez A Pocket OF Dreams . CD.RA. (Ms J Robinson)
ACT Riverreed Kybeyan RA TK.N JD SD GD (Aust Ch) (Judith Barlow)
VIC Riverreed Marni Clair (Marilyn DI Natale)
VIC Riverreed Moet Gift Box SPD (Marilyn DI Natale)
VIC Riverreed Mr John Wayne (Ian and Judy Waldron)
ACT Riverreed Shez Tailermaid CDX QND ORA ADM ADO JDM JDO SPDM GDX SDM JC TK.I (Dual Ch (RO)) (Judith Barlow)
VIC Riverreed Shz A Sensation HTTMS (Australian Dual Champion (obedience)) (Cynthia Toohey)
SA Riverreed The Jokers Wild (AUS CH) (Ms Marls McBain)
VIC Rockfire Iced Ginger (Aus CH) (Jenny Sharrock)
VIC Rockfire Maxx Factor (Aus CH) (Jenny Sharrock)
VIC Rockfire Winter is Coming (BISS CH) (Jenny Sharrock)
VIC Rocklan Jordean Night Hawk Imp U.S.A (Australian Champion) (Mrs Fiona Brown-Elkner)
VIC Skyhuntr Guns N Roses (Dean Rundell and Kaitlin Every)
VIC Skyhuntr Smokin Barrels (Charles)
VIC Tempoora Black Russian (Theo Argyropoulos)
QLD Tendayi Be Dazzled by Magic (Rogers & Marsh)
SA Tendayi Bobs Ya Uncle (Aust Ch) (P Marsh and A Rogers)
QLD Tendayi Chase'n the Magic (Rogers & Marsh)
SA Tendayi Encore With Magicbrit (AI) (P marsh and A Rogers)
SA Tendayi Magic Now n Forever (Aust Grand Champion) (P Marsh & A Rogers)
QLD Tendayi Mark My Words (A.I.) (Multiple BIS/BISS /RUBISS Aust Grand Ch) (DA & AP Rogers & C Rogers & L Holcomb)
SA Tendayi The Girl Has Magic (AI) (Aust Ch) (P Marsh and A Rogers)
QLD Tendayi Too Die For (A.I.) (RUBIG AUST CH) (D&A Rogers and L Holcomb)
VIC Tobenlee A Vision Of U (AI) (CH) (Tony Alfieri)
VIC Tobenlee Aint Givin No Kisses ( AI ) (Mr Tony Alfieri)
VIC Tobenlee Al Razi (Australian Champion) (Mrs Fiona Brown-Elkner)
VIC Tobenlee Blue Genes ( AI ) (Tony Alfieri)
VIC Tobenlee Boo Suprise Suprise (Fiona Brown Elkner)
VIC Tobenlee C I Can Dance At Doon (Aust Ch) (Mrs Fiona Brown Elkner)
NSW Tobenlee C I Can I Know I Can CD (Linda Atkinson)
NSW Tobenlee C I'm Your Honey (Dual Champion (Rally O and Show) UD,RM,SWN, TK.S,SWA) (Kerry Rogers)
QLD Tobenlee C U Make Me Stutter (Paul & Tiena Palin)
NSW Tobenlee Chase N Shadows RN. JC. (Australian Champion) (Dr Fiona Gill)
VIC Tobenlee China Doll (BISS CH) (Jenny Sharrock)
VIC Tobenlee Do N It In Style (Mrs Fiona Brown-Elkner)
VIC Tobenlee Flirt With Me (Australian Champion) (Mrs Fiona Brown-Elkner)
VIC Tobenlee Hithere Reba (Australian Champion) (Mr Tony Alfieri)
SA Tobenlee Hot N Th City (Australian Grand Champion) (Elizabeth Crisp and Fiona Brown Elkner)
VIC Tobenlee I C you Clearly Now (Mrs. Fiona Brown-Elkner)
VIC Tobenlee I Can See Clearly Now (Aust Ch) (Mrs Fiona Brown Elkner)
NT Tobenlee I Like It Hot CDX ADM JDM2 JDM3 ADO2 GDX SDX (Ms.Sarah Baker)
NT Tobenlee If It Wasnt For You (Ch) (Rebecca Williams)
VIC Tobenlee Im Into U (AI) (Fiona Brown-Elkner)
VIC Tobenlee Im Just Flirt N (Australian Champion) (Mrs Fiona Brown-Elkner)
VIC Tobenlee Im Sexy And I Know It (Australian Champion) (Mr Tony Alfieri)
VIC Tobenlee It Had To Be Me (Australian Champion) (Mrs Fiona Brown-Elkner)
VIC Tobenlee K-Cee Bandit (Australian Champion) (Mrs Fiona Brown-Elkner)
VIC Tobenlee Last Tango Tnite (Australian Champion) (Mrs A Cilia)
VIC Tobenlee Looks Good On Me (Fiona Brown Elkner)
VIC Tobenlee Lovegameatstarblush (Mr Adam Daly)
VIC Tobenlee Misty O Dee.N.R.D (Aust Dual Ch(FLD & SH)) (Fiona Brown-Elkner)
NSW Tobenlee Moves Like Jagger CCD CDX. RA. JD. ET. JC. TKS (Multi BIG & RUBIG Australian Grand Champion Neuter Champion) (Samantha Ibbott-Cordi)
NSW Tobenlee One Nite stand CDX, ADM,JDM, SPDX, SD, GD (Mrs Debra Whitton)
VIC Tobenlee See How Good I Look (Mrs Fiona Brown-Elkner)
VIC Tobenlee Shes Full Of Style (Aust Ch. Neuter Ch.) (M. & J. Taylor)
NSW Tobenlee Show N Tell (Australian Champion) (Samantha Ibbott-Cordi)
VIC Tobenlee Sum Kinda Magic (Aust Ch) (Mr F W Tate)
VIC Tobenlee Super Tramp (Aust Dual Ch(FLD & SH)) (Fiona Brown-Elkner)
NSW Tobenlee The Entertainer CDX, ADM, JDM, SPDX (Mrs Debra Whitton)
VIC Tobenlee U Take My Breath Away (AI) CCD RN ET (Australian Champion) (Mr P & Mrs C Reyment)
SA Tonan's Encore Time Out (Imp USA) (Aust Grand & Am Ch) (Peter Marsh)
QLD Wameika Autun (Aust Grand Ch.) (Ward)
QLD Wameika Echo Montana (Aust Grand Ch.) (Ward)
QLD Wameika Hi Octane (Multi BIS/BIG/RUBIG Aust Grand Ch.) (Ward)
QLD Wameika Hi Spirit (RUBISS/Aust Grand Ch.) (Ward)
QLD Wameika Just A Little Short (Aust Ch.) (Ward)
QLD Wameika Kazs Short Spirit ((Multi BIS /RUBIS & BIG/RUBIG /RUBISS) Aust Supreme & Neut Ch.) (Ward)
QLD Wameika Nvee Apache Spirit (AI) (Aust Ch.) (Ward)
QLD Wameika Nvee Dark Shadows (AI) (Aust Grand Ch.) (Ward)
QLD Wameika Ozzi Chocolat Fudge (Aust Grand Ch.) (Ward)
QLD Wameika Rogue Nation (CH NEUT. & Aust Ch.) (Miss A. Knopke)
QLD Wameika Rumour Has It (Aust Ch) (Paul & Tiena Palin)

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