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Ch Dragondancer Lickwid Luv
(Sheree Richards)

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QLD Angelsun Amber (Angelsun Kennel)
NSW Bareitall Masquerade (Aust CH) (Melinda Sterrett)
QLD Belachi Bare Nlovinit (CH) (Sheree Richards)
SA BlackDragon Darkside Of The Moon Imp USA (Sally & Sylvia Johnson)
NSW Blackheath Annies Got A Gun (Aust Ch) (Lynette Mawson)
NSW Blackheath Armageddon (Lynette Mawson)
NSW Blackheath Butterscotch (Ch) (Cosentino & Mawson)
NSW Blackheath Dances With Wolves (Ch) (Cosentino & Mawson)
NSW Blackheath Drama Queen (AUST CH) (Lyn Mawson)
NSW Blackheath Hooz Gotta Secret (AUST CH) (P W & L C Mawson)
VIC Blackheath on a Promise (Aust Ch) (Miss V Bridle)
NSW Blackheath Pictur Purfec (Aust Ch) (P W & L C Mawson)
NSW Blackheath Quashawn (SUPREME CH) (Lynette Mawson)
NSW Blackheath The Iceman (Aust Ch) (Lynette Mawson)
NSW Blackheath Up To The Top (Multi BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Mrs Lynette Mawson)
NSW Blackheath VooDoo Magic (BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Mrs Lynette Mawson)
NSW Blackheath Whos Ya Daddy (Aust Ch) (Skye Mawson)
NSW Blackheath Xrated (Lynette Mawson)
VIC Broughton Princess Olivia (Ch) (Meken Kennels)
VIC Brunkerville Black Pearl (Laura Mascaro)
VIC Brunkerville Pup Up Kachalla (Laura Mascaro)
VIC Caddarra Twice As Nice (Aust Ch) (Fairsky Kennels)
SA Cadiz Millionhairless (Cadiz Kennels)
QLD Casmai Cort With No Knickers (CH) (Cassie Hatfield)
QLD Casmai Fifty Shades Of Pink (CH) (Cassie Hatfield)
QLD Casmai Fortune Favours Th Bald (Cassie Hatfield)
QLD Casmai Frilly Knickers (CH) (Cassie Hatfield)
QLD Casmai Hit Th Road Jack (CH) (Cassie Hatfield)
QLD Casmai Misbehavin Madam (CH) (Cassie Hatfield)
VIC Casmai Repeat Offender (Ch.) (Desley Reid-Orr & Greg Orr)
QLD Casmai Strip Tease (CH) (Cassie Hatfield)
VIC Casmai Tallulah Truffles (Ch & Neuter Ch) (Desley Reid-Orr & Greg Orr)
QLD Casmai Tickle Me Only (Chrissy Petersen)
QLD Casmai Tickled Pink (BISS CH) (Cassie Hatfield)
NSW Cavhill Chinese Whispers (Roz Wilson & Gail Smith)
NSW Cavhill Cookies and Cream (Roz Wilson & Gail Smith)
NSW Ch Moheath Dark Design (Aust Champion) (Chinois Kennels)
VIC Chinacrest Afterdark (BISS AUST CH) (Miss V Bridle)
VIC Chinacrest Blaze of Glory (Brenda Jones)
VIC Chinacrest Curvalicious (B & C Slavin)
VIC Chinacrest Eye Candy (Brenda Jones)
VIC Chinacrest Fame Monster (B & C Slavin)
VIC Chinacrest Fire N Ice (Aust Ch) (Mr B & Mrs C Slavin)
VIC Chinacrest Fools Gold (AUST CH) (B & C Slavin)
QLD Chinacrest GlitzNGlamour (BISS, RUBIS Australian Ch) (Jo Costelloe)
VIC Chinacrest ItsallaboutME (AUST CH) (Sue)
VIC Chinacrest IWannaTalkAboutMe (BISS Aust Ch) (B & C Slavin)
VIC Chinacrest Rumor has it (Aust Ch) (B & C Slavin)
VIC Chinacrest Sideshow Bob (Aust Ch) (B & C Slavin)
WA Chinaroad San Juan (Aust Ch & Neut Ch.) (Fiona Riley)
NSW Chineswispas Town Crier (Aust Ch.) (Ally Cosentino)
NSW Chinkie Yen Hetaera (Aust Champion) (Chinois Kennels)
NSW Chinois Beowolf (Australian Champion) (Chinois Kennels)
NSW Chinois Chinese Whispers (Aust Champion) (Chinois Kennels)
NSW Chinois Curio (Aust Champion) (Chinois Kennels)
NSW Chinois Electrik Dreams (exported USA) (Aust Champion) (N'co Kennels USA)
NSW Chinois Foreign Affair (LBardsley/M Kemp)
NSW Chinois Harlequin (L Bardsley/M Ward)
NSW Chinois Hear Me Roar (Chinois Kennels)
NSW Chinois I Know I can Roar (Chinois Kennels)
SA Chinois Lucrezia (S & S Johnson)
NSW Chinois Mercedes (Aust Ch) (Chinois Kennels)
NSW Chinois OOLahLah (Aust Ch.) (M Dwyer & C Clowes)
NSW Chinois Pandoras Promise (Aust Champion) (Chinois Kennels)
NSW Chinois Skyclad (Aust Champion) (Chinois Kennels)
NSW Chinois Tiger Lily (Aust. Ch) (Lynette Mawson)
NSW Chinois Where's The Party (Aust Ch) (L & H Gibson)
NSW Chinois Wild N Stormy (Chinois Kennels)
NSW Chinois Xiang Yao (Aust Ch) (Zalex Kennels Norway)
NSW Coviter Hunkaspunk (Aust Ch) (L & H Gibson)
VIC Crestars Legendary Bruizer (Imp Canada) (BISS RUBISS RUBIS Am /Can /Aust Ch) (Miss V Bridle. Mohawk.)
VIC Crestars Pokerface For Mohawk (Imp Can) (AUST CH CAN CH) (Miss V Bridle)
NSW Dosangeles Soul Deep (Aust Ch) (Mrs Lynette Mawson)
NSW Dosangeles Strange Brew (Aust Ch) (Deborah Neumann)
VIC Doucais Naughty Nite (IMP UK) (B & C Slavin)
QLD Dragondancer Lickwid Luv (Ch) (Sheree Richards)
QLD Edit Can-Can Dolce Dea Apriori (imp Ukr) (Aust Ch.) (Angelsun Kennels)
SA Eltarin Puff 'N' Stuff (Australian Ch) (Rose Paget NZ)
SA Entourage Thundering Echo (Cadiz Kennels)
QLD Ertae Ain't No Rudie Nudie (Ch) (M.Sterrett/H.Harrell/L.Kersevani)
NSW Ertae Black Tie Affair (Australian Champion) (Melinda Sterrett)
QLD Ertae Domino Effect (Sheree Richards)
NSW Ertae Leather N Lace (Supreme Champion) (Melinda Sterrett)
NSW Ertae Sass N Glamour (Lynette/Michelle Bardsley/Ward)
NSW Ertae Shear Casanova (Melinda Sterrett)
NSW Ertae Undress To Impress (Australian Champion) (Melinda Sterrett)
QLD Fayrelyn Dragonns Ablaze (John Paterson)
QLD Fayrelyn Ima Flamin Lil Dragon (John Paterson)
QLD Folkvar Formfit (Ch) (Folkvar)
QLD Folkvar Hair Thair Everywhair (Folkvar)
NSW Folkvar Ultimo At Ertae (Champion) (Melinda Sterrett & Cara Letson)
NZ Franzell All Eyez On Me (NZ CH BIS) (Rose Paget)
NZ Franzell Butterfly Kiss'es (NZ CH) (Rose Paget)
NZ Franzell Eyez A Pocket Rocket (NZ CH) (Nelson Anthony Villaroman)
NZ Franzell off the Rails (Rose Paget)
NZ Franzell Ringside Whisper's With Mohawk (NZ CH) (Rose Paget)
SA Funtosy I Am The Law (S & S Johnson)
QLD Fyredragon Whisperln DeGabritho (IMP AUT) (SBIS BIS Aust Ch) (L & H Gibson & R & J Cook)
SA Glanore All Puffed Up (Christine Faint)
SA Glanore in Hirsute (Barbara Cahill)
SA Glanore Lightening Strike (Aust Ch) (Cadiz Kennels)
SA Glanore Perfect Storm (Aust Ch) (Cadiz Kennels)
SA Glanore Storm Breaker (Aust Grand Ch) (Cadiz Kennels)
VIC Glanore Storm Warning (Aust Ch) (B & C Slavin)
SA Glanore Sweetest Devotion (Aus Ch) (Cadiz Kennels & J Cootes)
VIC Glanore Vegas Strip (Ch) (Cadiz Kennels)
QLD Goolarabang Rockstar (Joanne Costelloe)
QLD Goolarabang Toil N Trouble (Jo Costelloe)
VIC Goolarabang Witches Britches (B & C Slavin)
NSW Happylea Blak Beauty (Aust Ch) (Deborah Neumann)
NSW Happylea Blak To Basic (Deborah Neumann)
NSW Happylea Choc E Chip (Aust Ch) (Deborah Neumann)
NSW Happylea Ffire Storm Brew n (Aust Ch) (Deborah Neumann)
NSW Happylea Home Brew (Aust Ch) (Deborah Neumann)
NSW Happylea Let Him Go (Ch) (Deborah Neumann)
NSW Happylea Little Bonzer (Deborah Neumann)
NSW Highmead Pony Express (Aust CH) (Melinda Sterrett)
QLD Jaja Leunng Suilin (Aust Ch) (Janelle Mannell)
NZ Juleko Ananmi Pilgrim Poerty (Chris Holloway & Anne Porter)
NZ Juleko Ananmi Pixie (Anne Porter/Chris Holloway)
NZ Juleko Maryanne (Ch) (Laura kennedy and Paul A O'grady)
NZ Juleko My OhMy Misty (NZ CH) (Trish)
NZ Juleko Pretty Bubbles (Trish Tribble)
NZ Juleko Renascence Queen (NZ CH) (T Tribble)
SA Karakush Bald N The Beautiful (Supreme Ch) (K & R Hutchings / L & H Gibson)
WA Karakush Barefoot Bubbly (Aust Ch.) (Mr L & Mrs H Gibson and Mrs F Riley)
NSW Karakush Baring It All For Art (L & H Gibson)
SA Karakush Because Your Worth It (Aust Ch) (Leigh and Helen Gibson)
TAS Karakush Esky Moe Joe (Ch) (Kristy Pearcey/ Le & Helen Gibson)
SA Karakush Going Commando (Aust Ch) (K & R Hutchings / L & H Gibson)
QLD Karakush Hairlelujah (Aust Champion) (Cook J&S and Gibson L&H)
QLD Karakush Hairy Krishna (Aust Supreme Champion) (MrJ & Mrs S Cook)
SA Karakush Nothing Up My Sleeve (Aust Supreme Ch) (K & R Hutchings/ L & H Gibson)
QLD Karakush Orange IsTheNewBlack (Ch) (Cook J&R & Gibson L&H)
TAS Karakush Puff Up The Volume (Ch) (Miss K Pearcey & Mr L and Mrs H Gibson)
QLD Karakush Shake Watya Mama Gavu (J&S Cook and L&H Gibson)
NSW Karakush The Hurricane (M Dwyer, C Clowes, L & H Gibson)
VIC Karakush Top Hat No Tails (DA Reid-Orr & GJ Orr)
NSW Karakush Wax On Wax Off (Aust Supreme Ch) (L & H Gibson and S & L Toomey)
VIC Kilfenora Manowar (BISS AUST CH) (Miss V Bridle)
NSW Kimissa Blakhawk (Aust Champion) (P & J Williams)
VIC Kimissa Colour By Design (Mr M Hayes)
NSW Kimissa Cougar (Australian Champion) (Reg & Mandy Clancy)
NSW Kimissa Crim Zen Tide (Aust Champion) (Chantal Lunardon)
NSW Kimissa Halloween (Australian Champion) (Racheal)
NSW Kimissa Hot Litl Numba (Kerrie Andrew)
NSW Kimissa Hot Sox (Aust Champion) (R & M Clancy (Kimissa))
NSW Kimissa Itza Anna Lusion (R & M Clancy)
NSW Kimissa Itza Chilly Willy (R & M Clancy)
NSW Kimissa Stormy (Australian Champion) (Rebecca Clancy)

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