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Australian Champion Eurabbie Lemon Merangue
(Rosalie Mayo-Ramsay)

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VIC Babalong Victorias Secret (CH) (Kathy & Jamie Austin)
NSW Bellarell Face Of The Future (John, Celeste & Brigette Bryson)
NSW Bellarell Face Of The Hunt (John, Celeste & Brigette Bryson)
QLD Bellarell Faceillame Thats Me (CH) (Mrs N A O'Neill)
QLD Bellarell Faces Funky Fella (CH) (Mrs N A O'Neill)
QLD Bellarell Newline Lacey Face (Aust Gr Ch.) (Mrs N A O'Neill)
QLD Bunting's (Tocumwal) Postman (Mrs N A O'Neill, Bron & Lindsay Smith)
VIC Casualeigh Watergate (Grand Ch) (Kathy Stockwell)
NSW Eurabbie Lemon Merangue (Australian Champion) (Rosalie Mayo-Ramsay)
NSW Eurabbie Louis Vuitton (Australian Champion) (Tamara Mayo-Ramsay)
VIC Foxgully A Touch Of Scandal (Ch) (KK & KE Austin)
NSW Foxgully A Touch Of Steele (Aust Ch) (John, Celeste & Brigette Bryson)
VIC Foxgully Brumbys Run (CH) (Kathy & Jamie Austin)
VIC Foxgully Jewel In The Crown (Aust Ch) (Kathy & Jamie Austin)
QLD Foxgully Jindabyne (AI) (Aust GRAND Ch) (M Schelbach)
VIC Foxgully Patchwork Pansy (Australian CH) (KJ & KE Austin)
VIC Foxgully Perfectly Timed (SUPREME CHAMPION) (Kathy & Jamie Austin)
VIC Foxhunt Anaconda (Aust Ch) (K Austin & C/B/J Bryson)
NT Foxhunt Diamond Python (Ch) (Heather Wallace)
NSW Foxhunt Dirty Diana (Ch) (John, Celeste & Brigette Bryson)
QLD Foxhunt Epitome (Aust. Ch.) (Msr N O'Neill Mrs C, Mr J, Miss B Bryson)
NZ Foxhunt Indigo (Imp-Aust) (Amorine Ward)
NSW Foxhunt Snow White (John, Celeste & Brigette Bryson)
NSW Foxhunt Thriller (John, Celeste & Brigette Bryson)
VIC Foxhunt Touched By Steele (Austin & Bryson)
VIC Foxhunt Win Out (CH) (KJ & KE Austin/C&B Bryson)
QLD Foxhunt X Rated (CH) (Mrs C & Miss B Bryson & M Schelbach)
TAS Fudeta The Ringer (Ali Tabrett)
NSW Fudeta Trophy Hunter (Ch) (John, Celeste & Brigette Bryson)
NSW Hamptonlea Laddiereign (Brigid E.C.Salmon)
NSW Hamptonlea Lil Ninja (Australian Champion) (Brigid Effi Salmon)
QLD Melbourne Nettle (Dec.) (Aust. Ch.) (Mrs N O'Neill)
QLD Mingus Hound Halter (Dec) (Ch) (Mrs J E Edwards, Narelle O'Neill)
QLD Mingus Hound Harmony (Dec.) (Aust Ch.) (Jan Edwards & Narelle O'Neill)
QLD Mingus Hound Hennessy (Dec.) (Aust. Ch.) (Narelle O'Neill)
QLD Mingus Hound Hopscotch (Dec.) (BIS, Multi BIG, Aust. CH.) (Mrs N O'Neill)
NZ Sarangrave Big Bad Wolf (NZ Ch) (Amorine Ward)
NZ Wolfox A Hunting We Will Go At Sarangrave (Mutli BIS & RBIS Ch.) (A Sherwin & Amorine Ward)

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