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Aust ralian Champion Llancarfan Norden Ekko
(Llancarfan Kennels)

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NSW Ahanu Front Page News (Ch) (Mr G &Mrs B Katon)
NSW Arcticmate Butterfly Tattoo (As above)
NSW Arcticmate Painted In Memories (Ch) (G Katon)
NSW Atetak Double Trouble (Aust CH) (Mrs L J McCahon)
NSW Atetak Hi Handsome (Aust Ch) (Brian Crump)
NSW Banjospitz Cinnamon (Aust. Ch.) (Brian Crump & Steven Berveling)
NSW Banjospitz Southern Bea (Aust Ch) (Brian Crump)
QLD Banjospitz Southern Cesar (Aust. Ch.) (Shirley and Vince Cross)
NSW Banjospitz Southern Lite (Aust Ch) (Brian Crump & Steven Berveling)
NSW Banjospitz Southern Spirit (Aust. Ch.) (B F Crump & S M Berveling)
NSW Banjospitz Southern Star (Australian Champion) (Brian Crump and Steven Berveling)
NSW Banjospitz Southernbandido (Aust. Ch.) (B F Crump & S M Berveling)
NSW Beleesha Big Bang (Ch) (Gemma Folli)
VIC Beleesha Big Bang (AI) (Debbie.McNamara)
NSW Beleesha Enchantress (Mr P & Mrs D McNamara)
VIC Beleesha Midnight Rose (Ch    ) (Debbie.McNamara)
VIC Beleesha Shimmer Thy Morning (Ch    ) (M Pannan)
VIC Beleesha Time Traveller (AI) (Debbie.McNamara)
NSW Borndownunda Dfendaothuniverse (exported to Sweden) (CH) (Mre E Svenssen)
NSW Borndownunda Im A Party Boy (Multi BISS GR CH, multi RUBIG) (G Folli)
NSW Borndownunda Killer Queen (B Scott)
NSW Borndownunda Nina Simone (CHAMPION, Neut. CH) (G Folli)
NSW Borndownunda Rose Tattoo (CH) (G Folli)
NSW Borndownunda S Chocolatier (Ms G Folli & Miss K Innes)
NSW Borndownunda Talking Heads Of Clarmer. (exported Tothe Uk) (Irish Ch) (C & K Harmer)
QLD Calamura Jeddas Dream (BIS MBIG MRUIG SUPREME CH) (Jason & Melissa Field)
NSW Dreamforce NY Gypsy All Stars (R Scott)
NSW Dreamforce Third Time Lucky (R Scott)
NSW Fyreburst Absolutely Fabulous ( Australian Champion) (Samantha Hughes)
QLD Fyreburst Bold As Brass (Supreme Champion) (D Armstrong, N Jovic & A Grendon)
VIC Fyreburst Destinys Child RN SWN (Ms C Geary)
QLD Fyreburst Dynasty ( Australian Champion) (Di Armstrong)
QLD Fyreburst Fancy Free ( Australian Champion) (Di Armstrong)
SA Fyreburst Goldilocks (Australian Champion) (-)
QLD Fyreburst Guardian Angel (Australian Champion) (Di Armstrong)
QLD Fyreburst High Society (Australian Champion) (Di Armstrong)
NSW Fyreburst Illicit Affair (Aust CH) (L & R McCahon)
QLD Fyreburst Inheritance (Australian Champion) (Di Armstrong)
QLD Fyreburst Its In His Kiss (Aust Ch) (Diane Armstrong)
QLD Fyreburst Kiss My Fluffy (John & Sue-Ellen Jones)
QLD Fyreburst Koko Kisses (Exported to USA) (UKC BIS Grand Champion) (Diane Price)
QLD Fyreburst Lady Luck (Australian Champion) (Di Armstrong)
QLD Fyreburst Legacy (Australian Champion and Neuter Champion) (Di Armstrong)
NSW Fyreburst More Than Arumour (Aust Supreme Ch) (Tracey Hobson)
NSW Fyreburst Newsflash (Aust Ch) (D Armstrong)
NSW Fyreburst Obsession (G Folli)
NSW Fyreburst PS I Love You (Australian Champion) (Kathleen McGuinness)
QLD Fyreburst Quantum Leap (Aust Ch) (Di Armstrong/J Shannon)
QLD Fyreburst Quite The Lady (RUBIS Australian Champion and Neuter Champion) (John Jones)
QLD Fyreburst Sic Em Rex (Australian Champion) (Di Armstrong)
QLD Fyreburst Xquisite (Australian Champion) (Di Armstrong)
QLD Fyreburst You Belong To Me (Aust CH) (Tammy Farrell)
QLD Fyreburst Zeus God Of Thunda (Ch) (Di Armstrong/D. Shannon)
VIC Fyreburst Zoom Zoom (Australian Champion) (Di Armstrong)
QLD Galvizach's Dubble Rubble (IMP UK) (Australian Champion) (D Armstrong/V Palmer)
NSW Kafe Indulgence (AUST CHAMPION) (R Scott)
QLD Knightfyre Cantrip (J Shannon & D Shannon)
QLD Knightfyre Dark Side O Da Moon (Dale Shannon)
NSW Knightfyre Gossip Girl (Ch) (Ms J Shannon & Mr D Shannon)
QLD Knightfyre Teddington Star (Aust Ch   ) (D Armstrong)
QLD Komin Karess Me (Aust CH) (Fyreburst Spitz)
QLD Lamorna Super Nova (Ch) (J. Shannon/D. Shannon)
WA Llancarfan All About Me (Llancarfan Kennels)
NSW Llancarfan All That Jazz (Ch) (G Folli)
WA Llancarfan Applause (Aust Ch) (Llancarfan Kennels)
WA Llancarfan Arctik Gold (Australian Champion) (Llancarfan Kennels)
WA Llancarfan Black Magic (Exported to USA) (International Champion) (Sharon Buethner - USA)
NSW Llancarfan Bubbles N Bling (Llancarfan Kennels)
NSW Llancarfan chai latte (GR CH) (G folli)
SA Llancarfan Chai Latte (RUBIG, Australian GRAND Champion) (G. Folli)
NSW Llancarfan chocolate kiss (Aust ch) (L Lloyd_jones)
WA Llancarfan Condors Apprentice (AI) GERMANY (Llancarfan Kennels)
NSW Llancarfan Dresden Lace (CHAMPION) (G Folli)
SA Llancarfan Edel Veiss (Aust Ch) (Gemma Folli)
WA Llancarfan Faberge Heiress (Llancarfan Kennels)
SA Llancarfan First Edition (Ch) (G. Folli)
NZ Llancarfan Ginger Meggs (Exported to NZ) (New Zealand and Australian Champion) (Louise Evans)
NZ Llancarfan Gladiator (New Zealand and Australian Champion) (Jill Peach - NZ)
VIC Llancarfan Has Condors Magic (AI) GERMANY (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Llancarfan Kennels)
WA Llancarfan Hot Toddy (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Llancarfan Kennels)
NSW Llancarfan In Command (Aust Champion) (Anne Collina)
WA Llancarfan Lady In Black (Aust Champion) (Llancarfan Kennels)
VIC Llancarfan Magic N Mystery (Grand Champion) (Janelle Sleebs)
NSW Llancarfan Makes the Moves (Australian Grand Champion) (Kathleen McGuinness)
SA Llancarfan Milo (Australian Champion) (Gemma Folli)
WA Llancarfan Mozart at Midnight (Llancarfan Kennels)
NSW Llancarfan Night Raider (Ch) (G Folli)
WA Llancarfan Norden Ekko (Aust ralian Champion) (Llancarfan Kennels)
WA Llancarfan Pacesetter (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Fran Hussey-allen)
VIC Llancarfan Polar Impact CCD (Grand Champion) (Janelle Sleebs)
NSW Llancarfan Polar Romance (Leanne Knox)
WA Llancarfan s Mighty Finn (Llancarfan Kennels)
WA Llancarfan T at Tiffanys (Llancarfan Kennels)
WA Llancarfan Try It My Way (Llancarfan Kennels)
NSW Llancarfan Walks The Wild Side (AUST CHAMPION) (Ms A Collins And Llancarfan Kennels)
WA Llancarfan Where Eagles Dare (Ausralian Champion) (Llancarfan Kennels)
NSW Llancarfan Wind Song (Kathleen McGuinness)
WA Madalkarang CarbonCopy (Australian Champion) (Mrs D Bee)
QLD Madalkarang Donatello (CH) (Joyce McKenna)
WA Madalkarang Ebony Eyes (Mrs D Bee)
WA Madalkarang Hot Gossip (Mrs D Kural)
WA Madalkarang Hot Off The Press (Mrs D Bee)
WA Madalkarang Jacquetta (Mrs D Bee)
NSW Madalkarang Je Fille Zoe (Mrs L Knox)
QLD Malpitzky Mad Hatter (Aust Ch) (John Jones)
QLD Mediaevalage Astra Star (Jason & Melissa Field)
NSW Mediaevalage Champagne On Ice (RUBISS Australian Champion) (AKaton)
QLD Mediaevalage Cinnamon Candy (CH) (Joyce McKenna)
QLD Mediaevalage Dark N Stormy (Jason & Melissa Field)
QLD Mediaevalage Gemma's Delight (Aust Ch) (Heath S)
QLD Mediaevalage Ima Legend (Nicquelle Rhodes)
QLD Mediaevalage Jaydes Deja Vu (Aust CH) (Jason Field)
QLD Mediaevalage Lil Black Spitz (Ch    ) (Jason & Melissa Field)
QLD Mediaevalage Lil Dubhshlaine (MBIG RUIG Aust Ch) (MacDiarmid /Field)
WA Mediaevalage Nova Prime (CH) (Miss N Rhodes)
NSW Mediaevalage Ozzie Dream (Australian Champion & neuter champion) (R Causer)
VIC Mediaevalage Pixie Charm (Ch    ) (Peter & Debbie.McNamara)
NSW Mediaevalage Rare Black Pearl (Jason & Melissa Field)
QLD Mediaevalage Shelby Mustang (Jason & Melissa Field)
QLD Mediaevalage Sir Lancelot (Aust.Ch) (Jason & Melissa Field)
QLD Mediaevalage Slim Shady (MBIS MRIS MBIG MRIG GRAND CH) (Jasmyn Grendon/ Ashleigh Grendon)
QLD Mediaevalage Star In Heaven (Brendon Weavers / Jason & Melissa Field)
QLD Mediaevalage Ted E Bear (Ch    ) (Karen King)
WA Nueboree Back Toetak (Australian Champion) (Llancarfan Kennels)
WA Nueboree Aleshia Rose (Aust Ch) (Llancarfan Kennels)
WA Nueboree Back in Black (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Llancarfan Kennels)
NSW Nueboree Black Eagle (Aust Ch) (R McCahon)
NSW Nueboree Dark Jester (AUST CH) (Lorraine & Robyn McCahon)
NSW Nueboree Fluff N Stuff (AUST CH) (L McCahon)
WA Nueboree Kash NKarri (Aust. Ch.) (Llancarfan Kennels)
NSW Nueboree Kung Fu Panda (Champion) (Kathie McGuinness/L McCahon)
NSW Nueboree Southern Myst (Aust Ch) (Brian Crump)
VIC Nueboree Teddington Rose SWN (Australian Champion Neuter Champion) (Di Armstrong & C Geary)
QLD Nueboree Vienetta (Australian Champion) (Diane Armstrong)
VIC Ophnbark Montanas Amethyst At Mediaevalage (Ch. Neut Ch.) (Ophnbark Kennels)
VIC Orionstars The Dragon Slayer (MBIG RUBIG CH) (K & T Doyle, M & J Field)
NSW Ryfrost Midnight Mist (Gr Ch) (R Ryan)
NSW Ryfrost Pollyanna (Gr Ch) (R Ryan)
NSW Ryfrost Stick It Toya (Aust Ch) (Mrs R Ryan)
NSW Ryfrost Top Ace (Gr Ch) (R Ryan)
NSW Ryfrost Whos Ya Daddy (R Ryan)
NSW Sabarka Been Sneaky in Luv (BISS (Champ) & BISS (Open Show) Aust Champion) (Leanne Knox)
NSW Sabarka Cute as a Button (Aust. Ch.) (Leanne Knox)
NSW Sabarka Dainty by Design (Aust. Ch.) (Leanne Knox - Sabarka)
NSW Sabarka Dusted in Gold (Aust. CH) (Leanne Knox)
NSW Sabarka Echoes in the Mist (exp Norway) (Aust. Ch.) (Leanne Knox)
NSW Sabarka Full Of Mischief N Mayhem (exp Norway) (Aust. Ch. & Norwegian Ch.) (Leanne Knox)
NSW Sabarka Goody Two Shoes (Aust.Ch.) (Leanne Knox)
NSW Sabarka Gotcha Gossiping (Aust.Ch.) (Leanne Knox)
NSW Sabarka Hot Damn Here I Am (RUBISS Aust Ch) (Leanne Knox)

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