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Champion Congistador Shes Kai Li (Imp NZ)
(Susan Grant)

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WA Ahmanvondane Legend Of Th Ark (AI) (Australian Champion) (Justine Boreham)
WA Alariqus Anastacia Royale (AI) (Ch) (R. McLean & I.Barclay)
WA Alariqus Angel Of Harlem ( Ai) (Ms G E Hoeksema)
QLD Alariqus Atomic Lelu Poika (AI) (RUBISS AU CH) (A & S Bruce)
WA Alariqus Bringing Sexy Back (Ch) (R.McLean & I. Barclay)
WA Alariqus Carlottas Supernova (G.e.hoeksema)
QLD Aldridge A Sky Full Of Stars (Aust CH) (Philip and Michelle Hickey)
NSW Aldridge Crazy Love (ai) (Aust Ch   ) (Mark Bradburn & Debbie Selden)
NSW Aldridge Ginger Bread (ai) (Aust CH) (M Bradburn & D Selden)
NSW Aldridge Jackie Wilson (ai) (AUST CH) (Mark Bradburn & Debbie Selden)
NSW Aldridge Oliver Twist (AI) (Aust CH) (Christina Mascord)
QLD Amasa Celtic Cristina (Amasa Kennels)
QLD Amasa Cover Girl (RUBISS Australian Champion) (K White)
NSW Amasa Divine Rite (Aust Ch) (Glenda Clifford)
QLD Amasa Posion Ivy (Australian Champion) (K White)
QLD Amasa The Duchess (AI) (K White)
QLD Amasa The Jaguar (AI) (Ch) (K White)
ACT Amasa The Master Hunter(AI) (J & M McFarlane)
NSW Amasa The Temptress (AI) (Multi RUBISS CH) (Mr F & Mrs D Bennett)
NSW Amasa Youd Better Believe It (AI) (Glenda Clifford)
VIC Annador Alittlebitovthis (MULTI RUBIS / RUBISS AUST GRAND CH) (K Flynn & A & D Alexander)
VIC Annador Dash Of This (CH.) (Mrs D & Miss A Alexander)
VIC Annador Alittle Bit Ov That (Multi BIS / BISS AUST. SUPREME CH.) (Annador Kennels)
VIC Annador How Sweet It Is (AI) ET (Dual CH(T)) (K Flynn & D & A Alexander)
VIC Annador Littles Omen (Aust Ch) (Annador Kennels)
QLD Aquadane Bluer Than You (C & M Roebuck)
QLD Aquadane I Come In Peace (C & M Roebuck)
QLD Aquadane King Ragnar (AI) (Colin & Monica Roebuck)
QLD Aquadane MI Five (AI) (Colin & Monica Roebuck)
NSW Arndane Attaya (Aust Ch) (Leanne Arnold)
NSW Arndane Avanti (Aust Ch) (Leanne Arnold)
NSW Arndane Awesum Afterglow (AUST CH) (Leanne Arnold)
NSW Arndane Awesum Downunder (AUST CH) (Leanne Arnold)
NSW Arndane Awesum Duco (Nicola hooper)
NSW Arndane Double Exposure (BISS Aust Ch) (Leanne Arnold)
NSW Arndane Letz Party Inthedark (BISS AUST CH) (Gez & Leanne Wheeler)
NSW Arndane Shimmer Inthedark (R/U BISS AUST CH) (Gez &Leanne Wheeler)
NSW Arndane Sparkle Inthedark (RU/BISS AUST CH) (Leanne Arnold)
NSW Arndane stars inthedark (AUST ch) (Nicola Hooper)
NZ Ascension I am Legend (BISS NZ CH) (Paula Pollard & Kirstina Jamieson)
NSW Ashadanois Ameila Pond (Ch) (S Holland & Mr R Powell)
SA Audacieux Black Magic Woman (Ch) (Rex Powell)
NSW Barghest Bram (Ch) (Mr G Donnelly)
NSW Barghest Mums Little Angel (CH.) (Ms R & Mr B Donnelly)
QLD BISS Jazzebella The Chosen One (Narelle Reynolds)
WA Borhunter Tennessee Gold ET.CD.AD.JD.SPD (Aus Ch) (J.Boreham)
SA Bremilie Lets Make Some Magic (Aust Ch) (Shontelle Davies)
VIC Buckersdane Blk Tie Affair (Margaret Buckland)
VIC Buckersdane Californian Dream (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Buckersdane)
VIC Buckersdane Jitterbug (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Buckersdane)
VIC Buckersdane Peridot (CHAMPION) (R & M Buckland)
VIC Buckersdane Something Royal (CHAMPION) (R & M Buckland)
VIC Buckersdane Whoa Black Betty (Buckersdane)
NSW Celeborn Czar Olbrzyma (imp Poland) (AUST CH) (Gez & Leanne Wheeler)
NSW Chelshar Bewitched (Aust CH) (Chris Mascord)
NSW Chelshar Bronson (Multi BIS BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Sharyn Wright)
NSW Chelshar Charmed (Aust Ch) (Sharyn Wright)
NSW Chelshar Dakota (Aust Ch) (Sharyn Wright)
NZ Chelshar Dancin In The Moonlite at Lapsewood (Imp Aust) (NZ Ch) (Gary Withers)
NSW Chelshar Everybodys Talking (AI ) (Sharyn Wright)
NSW Chelshar Faith (Aust Ch) (Sharyn Wright)
NSW Chelshar Georgia (Aust Ch) (Sharyn Wright)
NSW Chelshar Mr. Bojangles (AI) (Ch) (Christina Mascord)
VIC Chelshar Once Upon A Dream (AI) (Mrs N & Mr J Siebrand)
NSW Chelshar The Magician (Aust Ch) (Sharyn Wright)
NSW Chelshar Ursula (Aust Ch) (Sharyn Wright)
NSW Chelshar You Light up my Life (AI) BISS (Sharyn Wright)
VIC Cheran DaydreamBeliever (AI) (MBIS MBISS RUBIS AUST SUPREME CH) (Tracey Coyle)
VIC Cheran Electric Dreams (AI) (Tracey Coyle)
NSW Congistador Hot Piggy (BIS BISS Aust Ch) (Rory & Pat Lowe)
NZ Congistador Jellybean (BIS BISS Aust/Nz Ch) (Rory & Pat Lowe)
NZ Congistador Just be Coz (Aust Ch) (Sharyn Wright)
NSW Congistador Just be Coz (Aust Ch) (Sharyn Wright)
NZ Congistador Kuddly Duddly (BISS NZ Ch) (Rory & Pat Lowe)
NZ Congistador Lillybean (BIS BISS NZ Ch) (Rory & Pat Lowe)
NZ Congistador Minnie Moose (BISS NZ Ch) (Rory & Pat Lowe)
NZ Congistador Next Tune at Musicbox (US Ch) (Karen Burkhart)
NSW Congistador No Nonsence imp NZ (Aust Ch) (Sharyn Wright)
NZ Congistador Orion (BIS BISS CH) (Rory & Pat Lowe)
NZ Congistador Rufus Bear (NZ GRD CH) (Rory & Pat Lowe)
VIC Congistador Seize The Day (Imp NZ) (BIS RUBIS Aust Sup Ch) (Christine & Peter Fry)
NZ Congistador Shelby Cobra (BIS RUBIS RUBISS NZ Ch) (Rory & Pat Lowe)
TAS Congistador Shes Kai Li (Imp NZ) (Champion) (Susan Grant)
NZ Congistador Superlicious (BIS RUBIS NZ Ch) (Rory & Pat Lowe)
VIC Congistador Turning Heads (Imp NZ) (BISS RUBISS Aust Sup Ch) (Christine & Peter Fry)
NZ Congistador Uncorked (BIS RUBIS NZ Supreme Ch) (R & P Lowe)
NZ Conquest Dashing Knight at Lapsewood (NZ Ch) (Gary Withers)
WA Crystalquin Guiding Light (Mary-Jane Wasley)
WA Crystalquin Phoenix Rising (Mary-Jane Wasley)
WA Crystalquin Sheridan (Aust Neuter Ch) (A and M Furst)
WA Crystalquin Silent Assassin (Mrs M Wasley)
WA Crystalquin Wot Dreams Rmade Of (M&A Wasley)
WA Cymroz Dog Of Thunder (Aust Ch) (M Wasley)
WA Cymroz Spirit In The Sky (Mrs M Wasley)
QLD Dahomey Fields of Gold (Mickey McLennan)
QLD Dahomey Hot Off The Press (Mickey McLennan)
QLD Dahomey Northwestern (AI) (Mickey McLennan)
QLD Dahomey Stripes N Ladders RUBISS (Aust. Ch.) (Mickey McLennan)
QLD Dahomey Time Bandit (AI) (Mickey McLennan)
WA Dainoak Aussie Alliance (IMP UK) (M Wasley)
NSW Daluja Last Man Standing (Paul and Jessica Taylor)
QLD Daneforce Grand Tsunami (RUBISS Australian Champion) (Narelle Reynolds)
VIC Danefred Samsara (Frieda Clifton)
VIC Danefred A Well Tailored Man (Champion) (Frieda Clifton)
VIC Danefred Anna Who (GRAND CHAMP. BISS RUBISS) (Frieda Clifton)
VIC Danefred Could Be An Angel (Gr Ch) (Frieda Clifton)
VIC Danefred Fashionista (Aust Ch) (Frieda Clifton)
QLD Danefred Kaotic Memories (Olivia Vansleve)
VIC Danefred Memories Rmade O This (ai) (Aust Ch) (Frieda Clifton)
VIC Danefred On The Catwalk (CH) (Frieda Clifton)
VIC Danefred Seventh Heaven (Ch) (Frieda Clifton)
VIC Danefred So This Is Heaven (Gr Ch) (Frieda Clifton)
VIC Danefred Wouldnt That Rock U (Frieda Clifton)
VIC Danefred Young Einstein (Ch) (Frieda Clifton)
SA Danelyne On The Prowl (Aust Ch) (Tracy Wallage)
SA Danelyne Once Upon A Dream (Aust Gr Ch) (Shontelle Davies)
VIC Danelyne Rave Review (BIS AUST CHAMPION) (Mrs Sue Burrows)
VIC Danelyne Sweet as Sugar (CHAMPION) (Mr R & Mrs M Buckland)
NSW Danestorm Herdit Onthgrapevin A.I (CH Neuter Ch) (W & L Hamaty)
NSW Danestorm Magicians Neva Tell (Aust Ch) (W & L Hamaty)
NSW Danestorm Magikal Silohette (Aust Ch) (W & L Hamaty)
NSW Danestorm Mystic Magic (Aust.Ch.) (Mrs Nuria Armengou)
NSW Danestorm Rumours N Gossip A.I (Aust Ch) (W & L Hamaty)
NSW Danestorm Written In The Stars (Aust Ch) (W & L Hamaty)
SA Danesworld Built HSV Tough (AI) (Tracy Wallage)
SA Danesworld Coco Chanel (Aust Ch) (Tracy Wallage)
SA Danesworld Rebel By Choice (AI) (Aust Ch) (Tracy Wallage)
SA Danesworld Rebel By Design (AI) (Aust Ch) (Jane-MarieWells)
SA Dannelsa Somethin T Talk About (BISS, RUBIS, CH) (Tracy Wallage)
VIC Dannelsa Tierhofgestromt Blitz (Australian Champion) (Mrs N & Mr J Siebrand)
WA Dante de Bouleum (imp SRB) (A and M Furst)
VIC Darkat Agent Provocateur (MBIS MBISS AUST SUPREME CH) (Tracey Coyle)
WA DARLA (Sanchez) (imp MEX via USA) (A and M Furst)
NSW Dharug Velvet (Aust Ch) (Sharyn Wright)
QLD Divadanes Dartists Choice (AI) (T. Cox)
QLD Divadanes Dundee Superstar (Tony Cox)
QLD Divadanes Hit The Mark V Sharcon (Tony Cox)
QLD Divadanes Locked N Loaded (Tony Cox)
QLD Divadanes Made You Look (BISS, RUBISS, Aust. Grand Champion) (V Lansbury)
QLD Divadanes Million Dollar Baby (Tony cox)
QLD Divadanes Set In Stone (Tony Cox)
QLD Divadanes Shes Got Th Look (Cox)
NSW Divadanes Tomahawk Rising (BIS Supreme Champion) (T. Cox)
QLD Eleganser Anser Anser (A Ward & A Bjornerem)
QLD Eleganser Aurora Australis (Aust Ch) (A Bjornerem)
QLD Eleganser Behaving Badly (Ch) (A Crouch)
QLD Eleganser Beloved Beech (BIS RUBISS Grand Champion) (K Loseby & A Bjornerem)
QLD Eleganser Dilly Dally (Aust Ch) (A Bjornerem)
QLD Eleganser Does Dallas (RUBISS Aust Ch) (Alexandra Proudfoot)
NT Eleganser Eternal Eccentric (Aust Ch) (Meg Gardner)

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