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Ch. Coolaney Classic Lass
(Liz Walmsley)

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WA Anluan Amici Forever (Neridah Sharrett)
WA Anluan Beyond Emerald City (Australian Champion) (Neridah Sharrett and Stan Honnery)
WA Anluan Forever Amber (Ch) (Neridah Sharrett)
WA Anluan Gunna Add Spice (Ch) (Neridah Sharrett)
WA Anluan Hearts On Fire (Ch) (Neridah Sharrett)
WA Anluan Helter Skelter (Aust Ch) (N Sharrett & S Honnery)
WA Anluan Holy Moses (AI) (N Sharrett & S Honnery)
WA Anluan Hooly Dooly (Neridah Sharrett)
WA Anluan Light Fantastic (Neridah Sharrett)
WA Anluan Light Fingers (Neridah Sharrett)
WA Anluan Linus The Crim (Neridah Sharrett)
WA Anluan Off To See The Wizard (AI) (N Sharrett & S Honnery)
WA Anluan Pistol Pakn Paddy (Ch) (Neridah Sharrett)
WA Anluan Prime Suspect (Neridah Sharrett)
WA Anluan Queen of the Faeries (N Sharrett & S Honnery)
WA Anluan Raising Cain (Aust Ch) (Neridah Sharrett)
WA Anluan Rebelicious (Ch) (N Sharrett and S Honnery)
WA Anluan Redy For Action (Ch) (Neridah Sharrett)
WA Anluan Strike Alight (Aust Ch) (Neridah Sharrett)
WA Anluan Top Gunn (Ch) (Liz Walmsley)
NZ Anluan Travellin Man (Aust & NZ Ch) (Mrs Diane Riley)
WA Anluan Travellin Man (Aust Ch) (N Sharrett & S Honnery)
SA Bilstonwake Cathacrea (Aust Ch) (D Smith)
NSW Coolaney Call Me Canny (Ch) (Liz Walmsley)
WA Coolaney Caste Astar (Ch) (Liz Walmsley)
WA Coolaney Caught In Slips (Ch) (Liz Walmsley)
WA Coolaney Caught Red Handed (Liz Walmsley)
NSW Coolaney Causin Chaos (Ch.) (Liz Walmsley)
NSW Coolaney Checkmate (Ch.) (Liz Walmsley)
NSW Coolaney Classic Lass (Ch.) (Liz Walmsley)
WA Coolaney Code Breaker (Liz Walmsley)
WA Coolaney Conspiracy Theory (Ch.) (Liz Walmsley)
NSW Coolaney Craka Dawn (Ch.) (Liz Walmsley)
WA Coolaney Crime Fighter (Supreme Ch.) (E.E. Walmsley)
WA Coolaney Eighteen Carat Gold (E.E. Walmsley)
WA Coolaney High Calibre (Ch.) (Liz Walmsley)
WA Coolaney Ice Cold Collection (AI) (Neridah Sharrett and Stan Honnery)
WA Coolaney Top Class (Ch.) (Liz Walmsley)
WA Coolaney Under Cover (Inter/Aust / Fin Ch) (Ansku and Eeva)
QLD Culford High Flyer ( imp NZ) (BIS.CH) (Erica Davis)
NZ Culford Something Special At Frensham (NZ Ch) (N/a)
NZ Culford Swedish Style (Ch) (N/a)
QLD Culford Wind inda Willow (Aust. Champ) (Erica Davis)
NSW Doonrock Secret Weapon (Imp Ireland) (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Pamela Gerrey)
NZ Frensham Hijinkery So It Is (Ms R Drummond)
NZ Frensham Rumoured Tis I (Ch) (Ms R Drummond)
NZ Frensham Shenanigous Lad (N/a)
NZ Frensham Wishfully Styled (Ch) (N/a)
VIC Glenboyd Larrikin (Aust Supreme Ch) (Ruth Elkner)
WA Glenboyd Laoch Linus (Ch) (Neridah Sharrett)
NZ Last Knight of Culford (Ms R Drummond)
WA Maddyroe Make Mine Malt (Australian Champion) (Neridah Sharrett and Stan Honnery)
NSW Merrymac IRA (Imp Sweden) (Aust Ch/Dan Ch/Fin ch/Nord Ch/Swed Ch) (Pam Gerrey)
NSW Merrymac Tradewind (Imp Sweden) (Aust Champion) (Pam Gerrey)
NZ Mounterin Irish Grace at Frensham (Ms R Drummond)
NSW Mullaghboy Falcarragh Ozzie (Imp USA) (Aust Champion) (Pam Gerrey / Eve Brennan)
WA Ned's Pride v Koudenhoven (Imp Netherlands) (Aust Ch) (Neridah Sharrett)
NSW Nezhnoye Plamya Skir (imported Russia) (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Pam Gerrey)
NSW Nezhoye Plamya Tatnot Zeeva (imported Russia) (Pam Gerrey)
NZ Orangitea Miss of Frensham (R Drummond)
NSW Ramakell Gaelic Ruffian (B.I.S Aust.Champion) (Pam Gerrey)
QLD Roismar Gunn Fighter (Aust Champion) (Erica Davis)
NSW Roismar Just A Rebel (Grand Champion) (Sandra Potts)
QLD Roismar Lady Chelsea (Aust.& NZ Champion) (Erica Davis)
QLD Roismar Pepsi Rose (Aust. Champ.) (Erica Davis)
QLD Roismar Rio Ginger (Aust Champ) (Erica Davis)
QLD Roismar River Rose (Aust. Champ) (Erica Davis)
NSW Roismar Scrumpy Jack (Aust. Champ.) (Pamela Gerrey)
QLD Roismar Tzarina (Aust Champ) (Erica.Davis)
SA Rozebridge First Offence (Aust Ch) (Mrs D & Dr L Smith)
VIC Shannawonna Bold N Beautiful (Ruth Elkner)
VIC Shannawonna Diamond Dazzler (Ruth Elkner)
VIC Shannawonna Julian Fellowes (Australian Champion) (Ruth Elkner)
NSW Shannawonna Man Of My Dreams (Ruth Elkner)
VIC Shannawonna Red Devil (Aust Ch) (Ruth Elkner)
VIC Shannawonna Sheeza Lady (Aust Ch) (Ruth Elkner)
VIC Shannawonna Unlucky For Some (Australian Champion) (Ruth Elkner)
QLD Solasdas Desert Fire (Aust Ch) (Mrs J Moy)
NZ Tasdale Shush here she comes (Diane Riley)
NSW Tawnyoak Against All Odds (Australian Champion) (Pam Gerrey)
NSW Tawnyoak Phoebe Valentina (Pam Gerrey)
NSW Tawnyoak Sheer Indulgence (Pam Gerrey)
NSW Tawnyoak Tagh Mor (Aust Champion) (Pam Gerrey)

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