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Glamourford Nite Edition
(B Bieleny & R Levy)

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VIC Adlihtam Hunt For Red October (AI) (Aust Grand Ch) (Tania Kirkland)
VIC Adlihtam Mask Of Zorro (AI) (Georgia Hogg)
NSW Berglowe Bergalicious (Emma Vandermeel)
NSW Furrychild Fire Ant (Aust Grand Ch) (S. McDowell)
NSW Furrychild the Spitfire (AI) (Aust Ch) (S McDowell)
WA Glamourford Bronco Bro (A Thompson, M Steer, B Bieleny)
VIC Glamourford Bruiser Bukowski (AI) (B Bieleny)
VIC Glamourford Built Tough (Miss B Bieleny)
VIC Glamourford Conquer This (Aust Ch) (Miss B Bieleny)
VIC Glamourford Falcon Hotstuff (Aust Ch.) (B Bieleny)
VIC Glamourford Falcon Unreal (Aust Ch) (B Bieleny & N Kaulgud)
SA Glamourford High Octane (Miss B Bieleny/S Shackleton)
VIC Glamourford Mercury Man (Supreme Ch) (B Bieleny/S Robertson)
VIC Glamourford Nite Edition (B Bieleny & R Levy)
VIC Glamourford Supercharged (AI) (B Bieleny/C&S Brock)
VIC Glamourford That Spark (AI) (B Bieleny/B Halliwell)
VIC Glamourford Tonka Tough (AI) (B Bieleny)
VIC Glamourford Tonka Tough (AI) (Mrs D Lightowler and Ms B Bieleny)
VIC Glamourford Truck Yeah (B Bieleny)
VIC Glamourford Wild Violet (B Bieleny/S&L Odell)
VIC Glamourford Winter Wonder RN. TD. (Aust Ch.) (B Bieleny/B Halliwell)
VIC Hochspitz Sirocco (Aust Ch) (Georgia Hogg)
VIC Julius v.d. Boxmühle (Imp Gmy) (Georgia Hogg & Karen Hindson)
NSW Konigslair Jubilee (Aust Grand Ch) (E Vandermeel)
NSW Konigslair Paska (Champion) (Mrs Joanna Fenney)
NSW Lempileijonan Voitto Tuli Kotiin (IMP FIN ) (Lea Brown)
VIC Leokings Picture Perfect (Imp IRL) (Aust Ch) (Graham & Lyndsay Clarke)
NSW Leonburns Courvoisier Lvana (Lea Brown)
VIC Leonburns Deus Tzahova (Imp NZ) (Lyn Hartley)
NSW Lowenchien Bellatrix Estrella (Lea Brown)
NSW Lowenchien The Best Dam Thing (AI) (Lea Brown)
VIC Lyonzred Schnaps-Barracuda [IMP NZL] (Aust Ch) (B Bieleny)
TAS Quen Star Sagitta ISLA BONITA HOT HAVANA (IMP Poland) (PL. JR. CH. CH.) (Sharon Donohue)
VIC Ramalupa Miss Marlee (Lyn Hartley)
VIC Ramalupa Wikitoria (AI) (Lyn Hartley)
VIC Simtara Typhoon (imp NZ) (Ch) (Miss B Bieleny)
VIC Skyewood Stunning Scout For Adlihtam (Imp NZL) (Aust Ch) (Graham & Lyndsay Clarke)
VIC Ursiform Biryani (Georgia Hogg)
VIC Ursiform Khara Masala (Georgia Hogg)
VIC Ursiform Sonic The Hedgehog (Georgia Hogg)
VIC Ursiform Tetris (Georgia Hogg)
NZ Vanitza A New Beginning with Keeta (IMP-BUL) (Ronan Bass)
NSW Wylah the Fire Opal (AI) (Aust Ch) (S McDowell)
NSW Wylah the Firebreaker (S McDowell)

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