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Aust Supreme Ch Paceaway Bon Chance
(Fran Darling)

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VIC Amrish Dressed T Impress (Ch Neut. Aust Ch) (Quishu Kennels)
VIC Ardgowan Crackerjack (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (R & J Harrison)
VIC Bigglesmere Just 'n' Fashion (ImpUK) (Aust Ch) (Pia Kirke)
NZ Black Tie Affair of Cheraton (NZ Sup CH) (Mrs Virginia Barlow)
NZ Cast A Spell At Cheraton (Mrs Virginia Barlow)
NZ Cheraton Bootylicious (Virginia Barlow)
NZ Cheraton Enchanted (NZ CH) (Mrs Virginia Barlow)
NZ Cheraton Flawless (NZ CH) (Mrs Virginia Barlow)
NZ Cheraton Pavlova (CH) (Mrs Virginia Barlow)
NZ Cheraton Spellbound (Mrs Virginia Barlow)
NZ Cheraton Vincero (Virginia Barlow)
QLD Chismene Carbon Copy (Aust Grand Ch) (Chris Van Beek)
QLD Chismene Ripperoo (Aust Ch) (Jacinta Van Beek)
NSW Darkrai Heart for a Tinman (Ch) (Mr J Powell)
NSW Darkrai Illegal Harmonies (Mr J Powell)
NSW Darkrai Twisted Sunshine (Aust. Ch.) (Mr J Powell & Miss SM Fishburn)
NZ Exquisite Affair of Cheraton (CH) (Mrs Virginia Barlow)
NSW Golbourne Jimmy Choo (IMP UK) (Ch) (Mr D Smith & Mr A Ikin & Ms K & Mrs C Harding)
QLD Jonjas Bidenmitime (Aust Ch) (Ms FEL Darling)
VIC Jonquilow Olympic Gold (Aust Ch) (Pia Kirke)
NSW Kimissa Baileys N Ice (Aust Ch) (R & M Clancy)
NSW Kimissa Causin Kaos (R & M Clancy)
NSW Kimissa Pimp My Ride (Aust Champion) (R & M Clancy)
NSW Kimissa Rap Dancer (R & M Clancy)
SA Kristarz Bless Your Cotton Sox (Kari & CHERYL Harding)
NSW Kristarz Bottoms Up (Aust Ch) (C & K Harding)
SA Kristarz Fox in Sox (BISS CH) (K Harding & M Bennett)
SA Kristarz No Fox Given at Chinaroad (Aust Ch) (K Harding & C Harding & J Sayers)
SA Kristarz Puff The Magic Dragon (Supreme Ch) (K Harding & C Harding)
QLD Lowenhart Airborn Alot (Int/Aust/NZ/Fin/Dk/Est/Lith/Nor/Swed/Nord Ch VWW10) (Jari Partanen [Finland] & Lowenhart)
QLD Lowenhart Axplosive Atom (Aust Ch) (C Horne)
QLD Lowenhart GotMy ButtnGear (Aust Ch) (L & C Horne)
QLD Lowenhart Juju Jumpjet (Aust Ch) (L & C Horne)
QLD Lowenhart Kickup TheHeini (Aust Supreme Ch & Neuter Grand Ch) (L & C Horne)
QLD Lowenhart Runs Rings Round (Aust Ch) (L & C Horne)
VIC Lowenhart Runs TheWorld (Ch) (L Howlett)
QLD Lowenhart Tempest In A Teacup (Aust Ch) (L & C Horne)
QLD Lowenhart Wolf At The Door (Aust Ch) (L & C Horne)
SA Lowensque All About That Base (Australia Champion) (Miss Courtney Tulk)
SA Lowensque Cant Be Tamed (Australia Champion) (Miss Courtney Tulk)
SA Lowensque Dance With No Pants (Miss Courtney Tulk)
SA Lowensque Give Em Hell Kid (Courtney Tulk & Kari Harding)
SA Lowensque Helena (Miss C Tulk & Miss K Harding)
WA Lyoncourt Lancelot (Aust Ch) (R & J Harrison)
NSW Mystique C My Bare Derriere (IMP NZL) (RUBISS Aust Ch ) (R & M Clancy)
VIC Paceaway All That Bling (Aust Ch) (F Darling)
QLD Paceaway Angel Mist (Aust Ch) (Ms FEL Darling)
VIC Paceaway Barb Wyre (P M Prescott & S Holland)
QLD Paceaway Bazzle Brush (Aust Ch) (Ms F Darling)
QLD Paceaway Bedazzled (MULTI BIS MULTI BISS Aust SUPREME Ch & NZ Ch) (Fran Darling)
QLD Paceaway Bewitched (Aust Ch) (Fran Darling)
QLD Paceaway Bobbi Dazzler (Aust Champion) (Bruce and Wendy Graham)
QLD Paceaway Bon Chance (Aust Sup Ch) (Fran Darling)
QLD Paceaway Bon Chance (Aust Supreme Ch) (Fran Darling)
QLD Paceaway Bon Choix (Aust Supreme Champion) (Fran Darling)
QLD Paceaway Carerra (BIS Aust Grand Ch) (Bruce & Wendy Graham & Fran Matthews)
QLD Paceaway Cobweb (MULTI BIS RUBIS Aust Supreme Ch) (Paul Gough & Tamarin Chandler)
QLD Paceaway Cobweb (Aust Ch) (Tami Chandler)
QLD Paceaway Dance with the Stars (Aust Ch) (Bruce and Wendy Graham)
QLD Paceaway Devaki (Aust Ch) (Fran Darling)
QLD Paceaway Foxx (Aust Ch) (Fran Darling)
QLD Paceaway Hi Society (Aust Ch) (Fran Darling)
QLD Paceaway Illicit Affair (Aust Ch NZ Ch) (Fran Darling)
NZ Paceaway Illicit Affair (Imp-Aust) (NZ & Aust Ch   ) (Mrs Virginia Barlow)
QLD Paceaway Keep Your Sox On (Fran Darling)
VIC Paceaway Masko Zorro RA HTM.I FS.A JDX AD SD SPD TD (Aust Ch) (N Millward)
QLD Paceaway Mazarti (Aust Ch) (Fran Darling)
QLD Paceaway Mega Star (Multi BIS Aust Supreme Ch) (Bruce and Wendy Graham)
QLD Paceaway Movie Star (Aust Ch) (Fran Darling)
QLD Paceaway Pacino (Aust Ch) (Fran Darling)
QLD Paceaway Parti Hard (Aust Ch) (Fran Darling)
QLD Paceaway Parti Time (Aust Ch) (Megan Bennett)
QLD Paceaway PartiDance (Aust Gr Ch) (Fran Darling)
ACT Paceaway Play It Again (AmGr Ch International Ch Aust Supreme Ch) (Patricia and Lenora Dyer)
VIC Paceaway Satine (Aust Ch) (R & J Harrison)
QLD Paceaway Sparks will Fly (Aust Ch) (Fran Darling)
QLD Paceaway Spellbound (Aust Ch) (Fran Darling)
NSW Paceaway Take Two (Aust Ch) (Bruce and Wendy Graham)
QLD Paceaway TopHat n Tails (MBIS Aust Supreme Ch) (Trina Ellem and Darren Freese)
QLD Paceaway Toto (Aust Ch BIS) (Fran Matthews)
NSW Paceaway Tuxedo (Sup Ch & Gr Neut Ch) (Belinda McAlpine)
QLD Paceaway Xanadu (Fran Darling)
QLD Paceaway Xarlene (Aust Ch) (Fran Darling)
VIC Paceaway Xasterclass (Aust Ch) (P M Prescott & S Holland)
QLD Paceaway Xelman (RUBISS Aust Ch) (Fran Darling)
QLD Paceaway Xloria (BIS BISS Aust Ch) (Tami Chandler)
QLD Primecca Jonathan Creek (Aust Ch) (Liisa Kersevani)
VIC Quishu Renaissance Ice Queen (AI) (Aust Ch) (Quishu kennels)
VIC Quishu Sgt Pepper via Hollingsclose (Exp UK) (A CH) (Quishu Kennels)
VIC Quishu The Game Is Up (Aust. Ch) (Quishu Kennels)
SA Riloss Cheerleader (Aust Gr Ch) (Ross & Tracy Wittenberg)
SA Ronaglen Moulinrougee (Australian Grand Champion) (Miss Courtney Tulk)
VIC Rondaglen Heaven Sent (Aust Ch) (RW & A Harrison)
VIC Rondaglen Lion Tamer (Aust Ch) (R W & J A Harrison)
VIC Rondaglen Mary Poppins (Aust Ch) (R W & J A Harrison)
VIC Rondaglen Paris Fashion (Ch) (R W & J A Harrison)
VIC Rondaglen Parti All Night (RW & JA Harrison)
SA Rondaglen Singing In The Rain (Miss Courtney Tulk)
SA Rondaglen Summer Breeze (Aust CH) (Courtney Tulk)
SA Rondaglen Thats Entertainment (Australian Champion) (Miss Courtney Tulk)
SA Rondaglen Won For The Road (Aust CH) (C Tulk)
NSW Rothkeal Porsche (IMP NZ) (NZ. Ch. Ch.) (Mr J Powell & Miss SM Fishburn)
SA Sabu Shaded Copper (Aust Gr Ch) (Ross & Tracy Wittenberg)
NSW Saginor Harlow Gold (Mrs K Cartright)
NSW Saginor Slightly Sinful (Ch. Neuter Ch.) (Mr J Powell)
QLD Sesukan Lil Bugaboo (R/up BISS AUST GRAND CH) (Breanne Lancey)
QLD Sesukan Lil Runamuck (AUST CH) (Breanne Lancey)
QLD Sesukan Lil Scrumdidliumptious (Aust Ch) (L & C Horne)
NSW Showbiz Itza Cheek ee Kiwi (IMP NZL) (Aust Champion) (Reg & Mandy Clancy)
NZ Showbiz She's The Bees Knees (A Fearn-Fowlie and A Limmer)
NZ Showbiz We'll Never Be Royals (Ch) (A Limmer)
NSW Shysu Black Magic (B Mcalpine, Mr A Ikin & Mr D Smith)
VIC Sivaro Strike A Pose (Ch Neut Ch) (L Howlett)
VIC Sparchens Aero Mystique (Ch) (N. Millward)
VIC Sparchens Harlo Quin (N.Millward)
VIC Sparchens The Masked Ranger (N Millward)
VIC Tilcha Chanel T Impress TD. RN (A Ch) (Nic Millwood)
VIC Tilcha Clown in the Ring (Aust Ch Champion) (Pia Kirke)
VIC Tilcha Dancing Queen (Aust Ch) (Sue Smith)
VIC Tilcha Faint Perfume (A CH & Nut Champion) (Christa Faig)
VIC Tilcha Fragrant Shalimar (Aust Ch) (Quishu Kennels)
VIC Tilcha Gucci Panache (Aust Ch) (Pia Kirke)
VIC Tilcha Here come the sun (Ch) (Pia Kirke)
VIC Tilcha I am what I am (Aust Ch) (Pia Kirke)
VIC Tilcha Just Keep ya Distance (AI) (Pia Kirke)
NSW Tilcha look at me (Aust Ch) (Pia Kirke)
VIC Tilcha Loves a Parti (A CH) (Pia Kirke)
VIC Tilcha Paws To Dance (Nut Ch & A Ch) (Pia Kirke)
VIC Tilcha Pretty woman (Aust Ch) (Pia Kirke)
VIC Tilcha Pretty woman (Aust Ch) (Pia Kirke)
NZ Tilcha show n tell (Aust Ch NZ Champion) (Gloria)
NZ Tilcha Show N Tell (Imp-Aust) (Aust Ch) (Mrs Virginia Barlow)
VIC Tilcha Si Armani (aust. ch) (Pia Kirke)
VIC Tilcha stylish Armani (Aust & UK Ch) (Pia Kirke)
NSW Triscadec Diamond in the Roar (Aust Champ) (R & M Clancy)
NZ Triscadec Legend Of The Roar (Imp-Aust) (Aust Ch) (Mrs Virginia Barlow)
QLD Wanted Distant Shores (imp Norway/Finland) (Aust Ch) (Cath Horne)
SA Willowcreeks Smooth Criminal at Kristarz (IMP USA) (BISS RUBISS Aust Ch) (Kari Harding)
VIC Wyntervale Adora Belle (Ch) (L Howlett)
VIC Wyntervale Cady Heron (L Howlett)
VIC Wyntervale Circle of Life (L Howlett)
NSW Wyntervale Hakuna Matata (Aust Ch) (L Howlett)
QLD Wyntervale Hiphopopotamus (Aust Ch) (L & C Horne)
NSW Wyntervale Mr Von Lipwig (L Howlett-Trahar)
VIC Wyntervale Rhymenocerous ET (Gr Ch) (L Howlett)
WA Wyntervale Violet Beauregarde (L Howlett)
VIC Wyntervale Whats Up Pitches (Ch) (L Howlett)
NZ Xquisite Romance of Cheraton (CH) (Virginia Barlow)

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