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Killilan Yrhonour I Rest My Case
(Teena Sloan)

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VIC Affinage Aylen (Aust Ch) (Mr Y & Mrs M Morag)
VIC Affinage Pandamonium (Aust Ch) (Mr Y & Mrs M Morag)
NSW Alchez Sign'd Seal'd Deliver'd (Imp UK) (Australian Champion) (Belinda Heersema)
WA Amari Dancing Across The Sea To Bluelord ( Imp NZ ) (Aust Ch) (Mrs J A Williams)
VIC As Time Goes Bye At Amari (Imp Nz ) (Ch) (Hayley Mihan)
NZ Ashalars Dressed For Success at Celerity (NZ Ch) (Sue Blair)
VIC Bai Kuin Hamlet (Imp Russia) (Aust Ch, Rus Ch, Rus Jr Ch) (J & C Pedini)
NSW Beltzu Angels Brought Me Here (Aust Neuter Ch    ) (Belinda Heersema)
NSW Beltzu Catch A Falling Star (BISS Australian Champion) (Belinda Heersema)
NSW Beltzu Catch That Dream (Australian Champion) (Belinda Heersema)
NSW Beltzu Delta Blue (AUST Champion) (R Scott)
NSW Beltzu Follow That Dream (RUBISS Australian Champion) (Belinda Heersema)
NSW Beltzu Headline News (Aust ch) (B Heersema/ M Obrien)
VIC Beltzu Hopelessly Devoted To U (Australian Champion) (Beltzu Shih Tzus)
NSW Beltzu It Started With A Dream (Australian Champion) (Belinda Heersema)
NSW Beltzu Its All About Me (Australian Champion) (B Heersema)
NSW Beltzu Itstarted As Temptation (Australian Champion) (Belinda Heersema)
NSW Beltzu Just The Way You Are (Aust Ch) (B Heersema/m o'brien/j collins)
QLD Beltzu Kicking Up A Storm (Robyn Hawke/Belinda Heersema)
NSW Beltzu Knee Deep In The Hoppla (Australian Champion) (Beltzu shih tzus)
NSW Beltzu Lethal Weapon (Australian Champion) (Belinda Heersema)
NSW Beltzu Love On Display (Belinda Heersema)
NSW Beltzu Made To Order (Australian Supreme Champion) (Belinda Heersema)
NSW Beltzu My Only Intentions (Belinda Heersema)
NSW Beltzu Once Upon A Tyme (Australian Champion) (Beltzu shih tzus)
NSW Beltzu Plantagnent Lass (Australian Champion) (Beltzu shih tzus)
NSW Beltzu Rewrite The Stars (Aust Ch) (Belinda Heersema)
NSW Beltzu Something Special (Australian Champion) (Belinda Heersema)
NSW Beltzu Stepping Out In Style (Australian Champion) (Belinda Heersema)
NSW Beltzu Sweet Dreams (Australian Champion) (Belinda Heersema)
NSW Beltzu Touched By Love (Belinda Heersema)
NSW Beltzu True Genuis (Australian champion) (Beltzu shih tzus)
NZ Caraglen Lets Get It On (NZ Champion) (Mrs C Pemberton)
NZ Caraglen Licorice Allsorts (New Zealand Champion) (mrs C Pemberton)
NZ Caraglen Stormy Night (NZ Champion) (Carolyn Pemberton)
NZ Caraglen's Can't Touch This (NZ Champion) (Mrs C Pemberton)
NZ Caraglen's Dress Woo Up (Carolyn Pemberton)
NZ Caraglen's I Got Rhythm (Mrs C Pemberton)
NZ Caraglen's Licensed To Woo (Carolyn Pemberton)
NZ Caraglen's Painted Gold (Carolyn Pemberton)
NZ Caraglen's Sealed With A Kiss (mrs C Pemberton)
NZ Caraglen's Time After Time (New Zealand Champion) (mrs C Pemberton)
NZ Caraglens All My Love (Carolyn Pemberton)
NZ Caraglens when JoJo Runs (New Zealand champion) (Carolyn Pemberton)
NZ Caraglens' All I want is U (New Zealand Champion) (Mrs Carolyn Pemberton)
VIC Cardia Prinsessa Pazia (Aust Ch) (Lisa Woolley)
NZ Celerity American Idol (NZ Ch) (Sue Blair)
NZ Celerity Destiny's Child (Sue Blair)
NZ Celerity Dreaming of Magic (NZ Ch) (Joanne Townsend & Sue Blair)
NZ Celerity Dreaming of Woo (Sue Blair)
NZ Celerity New Kid In Town (Sue Blair)
NZ Celerity One Step Ahead (Multi RBIS PIS NZ Ch) (Sue Blair)
NSW Celerity Out For Justice (NZ Ch & Aust Ch) (Michele Thomas)
NSW Celerity Shades O' Grey at Dawmic (Imp NZ) (Aust. Ch) (M & D Cole)
NZ Celerity Take That (NZ Ch) (Sue Blair)
NZ Celerity The Magic Never Ends (NZ Ch) (Sue Blair)
NZ Celerity The Wonder of Woo (NZ Ch) (Sue Blair & Joanne Townsend)
NSW Chanikos Blaze Of Glory (imp. U.k) (Aust.Ch) (John sheppard)
NZ Chantrey Vivacious At Chnred ( imp aust) (Jin SONG)
NSW Chanwan all fired up (Aus ch) (Cherie jones)
NSW Chesvet Line Nolen Magic Face (IMP RUS) (Aust Ch) (Gerda & John Stryder)
NZ Chnred Blinded By Me (Nz Ch) (Jin Song)
NZ Chnred Double Trouble (AI) (NZ CH) (Jin Song & Diane Boyd)
NZ ChnRed Midnight Special (AI) (Jin SONG / Denise barron)
NZ Chnred Unforgettable moment (AI) (Jin SONG)
NZ Chnred Wicked As I Can Be (Jin SONG/)
NSW Chochun Princess Of Rose (Aust Ch) (Sharon Travers)
NSW Chrys-Haefen Sweet PB Cup's (Imp Can) (AUST.CH.CAN.CH) (Sue Plackett)
VIC Dawmic Dancing On A Star (Ms Lisa-Jewel Woolley)
NSW Dawmic Masquerade (Aust Ch) (Dawn & Michael Cole)
VIC Dawmic Special Edition (Australian Champion) (Lisa Woolley)
NSW Dream Catcher Alpiu Slenis (Imp LTU) (Ltu Jr Ch, EE Jr Ch) (Belinda Heersema)
NSW Dreamforce Born To Stand Out (RUIG Aust Champion) (R Scott)
WA Dreamforce Gossip Follows Me (Aust CH) (T Delaney)
NSW Dreamforce Im So A Princess (R Scott)
NSW Dreamforce Kiss N Call Me Coco (AUST Champion) (R Scott)
NSW Dreamforce Red Hot Isabella (AUST Champion) (R Scott)
NSW Dreamforce Too Hot To Handle (Aust CH) (D Cole)
QLD Duxford I Am What I Am (Multi BISS and BIS SUPREME CHAMPION) (J.Meharry/L.Dorr/D.Sidebottom/S.Thomas)
VIC Eljaes Butterfly Princess (Lisa Woolley)
VIC Eljaes Prince Of Fire (Australian Champion) (Lisa Woolley)
VIC Eljaes Queen Of Fire (Australian Champion) (Lisa J Woolley)
VIC Eljaes White Knight (BISS CH) (Lisa Woolley)
WA Elshamara Cloak N Dagger (Supreme Champion) (Mrs S Griffiths & Mr J Griffiths)
NZ Erintoi Born To Dance (imp Aus) (BIS/ RBIS/ BISS NZ CH) (Jin SONG)
TAS Fortunes Chance Of A Lifetime (Imp THAI) (Multi BIS Aust Grand Ch) (Gloria Davies)
NSW Hashanah Watch Over Me (Australian Champion) (Belinda Heersema/P.L. Poulton)
VIC Haytzu Giggle At The Gossip (Hayley Mihan & Robyn Hawke)
VIC Haytzu Mihan Me Mate (Ch) (Hayley Mihan and Robyn Hawke)
VIC Karmeeka Emerald Dream (Australian Champion) (Mrs M. Thorne)
VIC Karmeeka Rainbow Maker (Australian Champion) (M. Thorne)
VIC Karmeeka Summa Breeze (Australian Champion) (Marilyn Thorne)
NZ Khyleini Dolly Did It (Imp Aust) (NZ Ch) (Cathy Wallace Paddington)
NZ Khyleini Ziggy Stardust (Imp Aust) (Cathy Wallace)
QLD Killilan Court Rules InYrFavor (AUST CH.) (Mr D Dallinger & Ms M Moore)
TAS Killilan Defence Rests Yrhonour (Multi BIS/Multi RUBIS SUPREME CH) (Teena Sloan)
TAS Killilan I Am So In To Me (BIS/MULTI RUIS AUST CH) (Teena Sloan)
TAS Killilan I Rest My Case Yr Honor (Multi BIS/Supreme Ch) (Miss Teena Sloan)
TAS Killilan I Walk On Water (Aust Ch) (Teena Sloan)
NSW Killilan It’s In Her Kiss (Cherie l jones)
SA Killilan It’s Judgement Day (Aust Champion) (Barrie Gardiner)
TAS Killilan Kiss Me I Soo Pretty (Aust Ch) (Teena Sloan)
TAS Killilan Laters Baby (Aust Ch) (Teena Sloan)
WA Killilan The Court Will Rise (Aust Ch) (J & S Griffiths)
NT Killilan The Courts In Session (M Capell)
TAS Killilan Yrhonour I Rest My Case (Teena Sloan)
SA Kimardi Lady Lucy (AUST CH) (Kimardi Kennels)
QLD Kimardi Lord Winston (Julie Hyland)
SA Kimardi Roland (AUST CH) (Kimardi)
NZ Kino The Ring Master (BIS NZ Ch & BIS Aust Ch) (Sue Blair)
NSW Leimimg Bacca Incuriosita (CH.) (Leonie Monaghan)
NSW Leiming Canadian Dare (Aust Ch) (Sharon travers)
NSW Leiming Sweet Rose (AUST CH) (Sharon travers)
NSW Leiming Watin Ona Friend (AUST CH) (Sharon Travers)
NSW Leiming Its In Black N White (AUST. CH.) (Leonie Monaghan)
NSW Leiming La La La La Lola (Aust. Ch.) (Leonie Monaghan)
NSW Leiming Luscious Loretta (AUST. CH.) (Leonie)
NSW Leiming Masked Fancy (AUST. CH) (Leonie)
NSW Leiming One Night In Bangkok (Aust. Ch.) (Leonie Monaghan)
NSW Leiming Raspberry Beret (AUST. CH.) (Leonie Monaghan)
NSW Leiming Sei Bellissima (CH.) (Leonie Monaghan)
NSW Leiming Soot For Luck (Aust. Ch) (Leonie Monaghan)
NSW Leiming Sweet Oriental (AUST. CH.) (Leonie)
NSW Leiming Sys The Limit (Leonie Monaghan)
NSW Leiming The Italian Job (CH.) (Leonie Monaghan 1)
QLD Loujen Naughty But Nice (Supreme CH) (J.Meharry /L.Dorr)
VIC Lovzu Striking Lightning (Aust Ch) (Gerda Stryder)
QLD Macardo Pah Tei To The Music (Julie Hyland)
VIC Mannagum Cheka Board (Aust Ch) (J & G Stryder)
VIC Mannagum Fire N Roses (Mr J & Mrs G Stryder)
VIC Mannagum Glamour Puss (Aust Ch.) (John & Gerda Stryder)
VIC Mannagum Once Upon A Dream (J&G T Stryder)
VIC Mannagum Power Of One (BIS Aust Ch) (John & Gerda Stryder)
VIC Mannagum Set On Hi (CH) (J Oconnor)
VIC Mannagum Wun K (Aust Ch.) (J & G Stryder)
WA Meinlieb I Told U So (Aust. Ch.) (Lesley Rattray)
WA Meinlieb King O Hearts CCD RN (Aust. Ch.) (Rhonda Fox)
WA Meinlieb Magic Rndabout RN (Aust. Ch.) (Rhonda Fox)
WA Meinlieb Takin A Chance JD (Aust. Ch.) (Rhonda Fox)
NSW Mishkabelle Cool N Classy (Aust Ch) (Ms Sharon Travers)
WA Mossyrocks Grand Felony (Lesley Rattray)
WA Mossyrocks Holly Hobby (Australian Champion) (R.M. & L.M. Rattray)
NSW Nyging Tennesse Spirit (Aust Ch) (Ms.Cherie Jones)
NZ Nzinga Southern Belle (NZ Ch) (Cathy Wallace, Paddington)
VIC O'Malley's Sebastian (Imp Swed) (BISS Supreme Ch) (Kinderscout Knls)
QLD Oeshih Going Gangbusters (CH) (Dallinger/Moore)
QLD Oeshih I Got You On The Run (Aust Ch) (M. Moore/D. Dallinger)
QLD Oeshih I Told You So (D.Dallinger & M.Moore)
QLD Oeshih It Takes Two (Aust Sup Ch) (Dallinger & Moore)
QLD Oeshih Jolei Jack Junior (Dean Dallinger & Monica Moore)

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