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Aust Ch Byrebaer The Nutcraker
(Georgie Smith)

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NSW Acaciahill Im Just Fetching (AUST CH) (Mrs JM and Miss SM Barnett)
NZ Acaciahill Jewel Down Under At Templeshinto (imp-aust) (Angela Dalton)
QLD Acaciahill Kitty Kasia (Mr N & Mrs K Gaudron)
VIC Alcina Miss Megastar (Ms Naomi Liss)
NZ Ampoter B Exquisite (Christina Martin)
NZ Ampoter Babydoll (Christina Martin)
NZ Ampoter Boucheron (Christina Martin)
NZ Ampoter Exotic Blossom (Kylie Crawford)
NZ Ampoter Georgio (NZ Champion) (Christina Martin)
NZ Ampoter Gucci Made To Measure (Christina Martin)
NZ Ampoter Imperial Ruby Prince (Nz Ch) (Kylie Crawford)
NZ Ampoter Jasmin Noir (NZ Champion) (Christina Martin)
NZ Ampoter Kouros (Christina Martin & Mike Hamblyn)
NZ Ampoter Luna (BIS RUBIS NZ Champion) (Christina Martin)
NZ Ampoter Mythique D'Orient (Christina Martin)
NZ Ampoter Nirvanah Nam Kha (NZ Champion) (Christina Martin)
NZ Ampoter Precious Jade (Christina Martin)
QLD Ampoter Style N Grace (Majella Lines)
NZ Ampoter Sweet Like Candy (Kylie Crawford)
NZ Ampoter Sweet Oriental Dream (NZ CH) (Kylie Crawford)
NZ Ampoter Whif ' Cherry Blossom (Christina Martin)
NSW Aristic Piano Man (Ch) (Stephen Oliver)
NZ Aztlon Hsi Hsing (BIG/RuBIG NZ Champion) (Janet McAleer)
NZ Aztlon Inari (Angela Dalton)
NZ Aztlon Kami-kami (Angela Dalton)
TAS Aztlon Khyssi (Imp NZ) (BIS Aust SUPREME Ch) (Georgie Smith)
NZ Aztlon Maidingold (Kylie Crawford)
NZ Aztlon Mandara (Angela Dalton)
VIC Aztlon Memorise (Imp NZ) (Aus & NZ Ch) (K & S Bennett)
NZ Aztlon Miss Elite (NZ Ch) (Angela & Andrew O'Callaghan)
TAS Aztlon Myaka Khyi (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (Georgie Smith)
VIC Aztlon Shezgorgeous (IMP NZL) (BISS Grd Ch) (Mrs S & Mr K Bennett)
TAS Aztlon Shiraz (imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (Georgie Smith)
VIC Aztlon The Maestro (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (Ms Naomi Liss)
VIC Aztlon Yser Hsing (RUBISS CH) (Mr K & Mrs Bennett)
NZ Aztlon Yser Rgyal-Bu (NZ Champion) (Janet McAleer)
TAS Barad Rosemaryinus Offinalis (Aust Champion) (Barad Kennels)
SA Barrajy Beni Shan (Australian Champion) (Christine Scott)
QLD Barrajy Dare to be Different (CH) (Ashley Harwood & Craig Martin)
NSW Barrajy I Have The Look (Aust Ch) (J Gard & S Oliver)
QLD Barrajy Indiana Rose (Aust Ch.) (N.& V. Schneider)
SA Barrajy Kona Dodpa (Champion) (Tuscamada Kennels)
NSW Barrajy Lady in Red (Aust Ch / Neuter Ch) (Stephen Oliver)
QLD Barrajy Maid to Order (Harwood/ Martin)
WA Barrajy Rant And Rave (Kay Marshall)
SA Barrajy Tien Shan (Aust Champion) (Tunamara Kennels)
QLD Boldstar Al Dat Zazz (Ch) (RA & MA Herdman)
QLD Boldstar Ampo Namba (Aust Sup Ch) (Robyn Herdman)
QLD Boldstar Heavenly Blyss (Ch) (Mrs RA & Miss MA Herdman)
QLD Boldstar Iyce on Fyre (Ch.Neut.Ch.) (Mrs RA & Miss MA Herdman)
QLD Boldstar Mi Gyrl Ella (Mrs RA & Miss MA Herdman)
QLD Boldstar Mi Marly (Ch) (Mrs RA & Miss MA Herdman)
QLD Boldstar Weve Aweb (Ch) (RA & MA Herdman)
NSW Buquet Hothouse Flower (Aust. CH) (Jane Edney)
VIC Buquet Midnight Sun (Australian Grand Champion) (Pam Dunlop)
TAS Byrebaer Alreddi Astar (Aust Ch) (Georgie Smith)
TAS Byrebaer Angel O Mine (Aust Ch) (Georgie Smith)
TAS Byrebaer Champayne Cocktail (Aust Ch) (Georgie Smith)
TAS Byrebaer Champayne Selebration (Aust Ch) (Georgie Smith)
TAS Byrebaer Charmd (Aust Ch) (Georgie Smith)
TAS Byrebaer Cruisn The Planets (Ms G M Smith)
TAS Byrebaer Dark Diamond (Aust Ch) (Georgie Smith)
NSW Byrebaer Dash of Chardonay (Aust Ch) (Georgie Smith)
TAS Byrebaer Dash of Debonair (MBISS/MRUBISS/MBIS/MRUBIS Aust SUPREME Ch) (Georgie Smith)
TAS Byrebaer Dash of Pinot Noir (RUBIS Aust Ch) (Georgie Smith)
TAS Byrebaer Double Trouble (BIS/BISS AUST SUPREME CH) (Georgie Smith)
TAS Byrebaer Endeavour (Aust Ch) (Georgie Smith, Deb & Doug Hedge)
TAS Byrebaer For Tu Nato (Georgie Smith)
TAS Byrebaer Front Paige News (Aust Ch) (Georgie Smith)
TAS Byrebaer Heart oth Brave (Aust Ch) (Ms G M Smith)
NSW Byrebaer Itz All About Mi (Jane Edney)
TAS Byrebaer Khara Qu (RUBISS Aust Ch) (Georgie Smith)
NSW Byrebaer Khata Qu (BIS Aust. CH) (Jane Edney)
TAS Byrebaer Khyss My Debonair (RUBISS Aust Ch) (Georgie Smith)
TAS Byrebaer Khyss Z on Moonbeams (Ms G M Smith)
VIC Byrebaer Legendvth Guardians (Mr K & Mrs S Bennett)
NSW Byrebaer Love N Kisses (Australian Champion) (Jane Edney)
TAS Byrebaer Love Story (Aust Ch) (Georgie Smith)
TAS Byrebaer Lover Boy (Aust Ch) (Georgie Smith)
TAS Byrebaer Mayk Myna Dble (Multi BISS/Multi BIG Aust SUPREME Ch) (Georgie Smith)
TAS Byrebaer Mess Up My Hair (MRUBISS/RUBIS GRAND CH) (Georgie Smith)
TAS Byrebaer Mya Tribute (Aust Ch) (Georgie Smith)
TAS Byrebaer Pie in the Sky (Aust Ch) (Georgie Smith)
TAS Byrebaer Pooh Bah Tu (Multi BISS/BIS & Multi RUBISS/RUBIS AUST GRAND CH) (Georgie Smith)
TAS Byrebaer Prime Suspect (Aust Ch) (Georgie Smith)
NSW Byrebaer Reddi Wen UR (Jane Edney)
TAS Byrebaer Shades of Shiraz (Multi BIG Aust Ch) (Georgie Smith)
NSW Byrebaer Sophisticated Lady (Champion) (DN & DL Hedge)
TAS Byrebaer Special Edition (Aust Ch) (Georgie Smith)
TAS Byrebaer Sugar Reign (Aust Ch) (Georgie Smith)
TAS Byrebaer Sweet Repeat (Aust Ch) (Georgie Smith)
TAS Byrebaer Tan Sing Tu (Aust Ch) (Georgie Smith)
TAS Byrebaer The Nutcraker (Aust Ch) (Georgie Smith)
TAS Byrebaer Tonli Taykz Wun (RuBIG Aust Ch) (Georgie Smith)
TAS Byrebaer Tri Ling (Aust Ch) (Georgie Smith)
NZ Dorje Ba-Sha Girl at Westwood (Jo Croft)
NZ Dorje Barbie Girl (Kylie Crawford)
NZ Dorje Madison at Ferntrees (Bronze Merit NZ Ch) (Angela Dryden (O’Callaghan))
NZ Dorje Picasso (Angela Dalton)
NZ Edenridge Rockn Confidence At Templeshinto (imp-aust) (Angela Dalton)
NSW Eljamamn Diamond Spirit (Aust Ch) (S B Oliver)
NSW Eljamamn Lynns Lytl Princess (Ch) (Stephen Oliver)
NSW Eljamamn Pheonix A Rising (Aust Ch) (SB Oliver)
NZ Ferntrees Danpo Pasang (NZ Ch) (Angela & Andrew O'Callaghan)
NZ Ferntrees Danpo Seba (NZ Ch) (Angela & Andrew O'Callaghan)
NZ Ferntrees Harlequin (Bronze Merit NZ Ch) (Angela & Andrew O'Callaghan)
NZ Ferntrees Heres Lucy (A & A O’Callaghan)
SA Ferntrees Lets Partie In Oz (IMP. NZ) (CH) (Tuscamada Kennels)
NZ Ferntrees Master Jedi (Angela Dryden (O’Callaghan))
NZ Ferntrees Parti Elite (Gold Merit NZ Ch) (A&A O'Callaghan & D Taylor)
NZ Ferntrees Rah's Zac (NZ Ch) (Angela & Andrew O'Callaghan)
NZ Ferntrees Rosies Zena (Silver Merit NZ Ch) (Angela & Andrew O'Callaghan)
NZ Ferntrees Skywalker (Angela Dryden (O’Callaghan))
NZ Ferntrees Sum Nag Po Dawa (NZ Ch) (Angela Dryden (O’Callaghan))
NZ Ferntrees Zena's Hercules (Angela & Andrew O'Callaghan)
NSW Fernybrook First Flower (Australian Champion) (Jane Edney)
VIC Fernybrook Melissa Rose (Australian Champion) (Pam Dunlop)
WA Gemstone Angelic Alika (Kay Marshall)
QLD Inneslake Air Kiss (Ch) (DN & DL Hedge & Miss D Yates)
QLD Inneslake Back In The Game (DN & DL Hedge)
NZ Jenang Oh So Dashing (NZ Champion) (Janet and Hayley McAleer)
WA Kabita Akaru (Ch) (Kay Marshall)
NZ Khyisenge Angel O Har-lem (NZ Champion) (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge Rising Ah-Narchy (Multi RuBIS / RuBISS NZ Champion) (Jane Burke)
NSW Khyisenge Saa'b Allegiance (Imp NZ) (Australian Champion) (Jane Edney)
NSW Khyisenge The Calling (Ch) (Gill Cramer)
NZ Khyisenge Throwing Copper (Jane Burke)
NZ Khyisenge Wish U Were Here (Angela Dalton)
NZ Khyisenge Za-cara at Ferntrees (Angela Dryden (O’Callaghan))
NZ Ktrio Char-zsa (Nz Ch) (Kylie Crawford)
NSW Kulhakangri Oso Good (Australian Champion) (Jane Edney)
QLD Kydron Captain Charisma (Kylie and Nigel Gaudron)
QLD Kydron Dashing Prince (Ch) (Kylie and Nigel Gaudron)
QLD Kydron Dream Of Midnite Beauty (Kylie and Nigel Gaudron)
QLD Kydron Fantasy Party (Mr N & Mrs K Gaudron)
QLD Kydron Keep Busting Moves (Mr. Nigel Gaudron and Mrs. Kylie Gaudron)
NSW Maitreya Ace Majestik (Aust Ch) (Gillie Cramer)
NSW Maitreya Black Velvet (Aust Ch) (Gillie Cramer)
NSW Maitreya Celestial Star (Aust Ch) (Gillie Cramer)
NSW Maitreya Enchanted Dream (Aust Ch) (Gillie Cramer)
NSW Maitreya Gold Dust woman (G. Cramer)
NSW Maitreya Gypsy Belle (Aust Ch) (Gillie Cramer)
NSW Maitreya Gypsy Warrior (Aust Ch) (Gillie Cramer)
NSW Maitreya High Jinx (Aust Ch) (G. Cramer)
NSW Maitreya Jay Blackshaw (Aust Ch) (Gillie Cramer)
NSW Maitreya Kiss Me Elizabeth (Ch) (G. Cramer)
NSW Maitreya La Femme Nikita (Aust Ch) (Gillie Cramer)
NSW Maitreya Melodypond (Aust Ch) (Gillie Cramer)
NSW Maitreya Royal Destiny (Aust Ch) (G.Cramer)

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