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Contact :
Elle McKay
Location :
Bulga NSW
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Dogs NSW Member - 2100072722
Please contact Dogs NSW on email: [email protected] to verify my membership.

Pet Registry Breeder ID : NSW: B000682891 VIC: EE102354

6 months old and fully vaccinated for a year. This Puppy was born with a lack of hair, he has a bald spot on his forehead and has very little hair on his chest, tummy, and underarms. He has no undercoat. His outer coat has grown long and wiry so he will be more comfortable in the heat and cold than I initially thought. He will require Sunscreen and Insect repellant In summer. He needs to be inside with heating and cooling. His eyes need to be cleaned every day and he does require corrective surgery on his entropic eyelids when he is full grown. He needs bathing weekly but this is a relatively simple task and he drys quickly. His lack of coat means you get that fabulous Lappie personality and temperament without the molting and heavy brushing.

This Puppy is extremely affectionate, he is happy and active. He will only be placed in the best of homes. He must not end up in any rescue service ever, he MUST be returned to me if you are unable to keep him.

This dog will be sold as a PET for a cost of $350. This DOG has physical and aesthetic problems that will require extra effort in this animal’s care and will require Veterinary treatments and surgery on his lower eyelids which are ectopic. The normal price of a lapphund puppy is $3000 and it is expected that this saving will be used toward ongoing veterinary treatment. Any further expenses associated with the care of the dog, including living expenses and veterinary checks and procedures will be at the BUYERS expense.

Microchip Numbers : 94000022977381

  Last Updated : 7-Nov-2019

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