Brilliante Aristka Baleta

Amadeus is a much loved member of my family and lives happily with "Ambrose" and Jasper Lealjo the Siamese cat

Amadeus finished 2019 shows
16th Breed Challenge National Leaderboard Standard Poodles
6th Rising Star National Leaderboard for Standard Poodles
3rd Breed Challenge State Leaderboard for Standard Poodles
2nd Rising Star State Leaderboard for Standard Poodles

Amadeus is on Facebook "Amadeus Brilliante"

DNA tested clear CM, Eb-S, VWD1, DM, NE, PRCD (Orivet)
Does not carry Brown or Chocolate or Dilute
E locus - Ee (Yellow/White/Apricot/Ruby/Red),
K locus - KK(Dominant Black)

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Pedigree for Brilliante Aristka Baleta
Sire : Brilliante Baryshnikov S: Ch Loan Tyrion (AI) S: UK Ch Vicmars Rave On (JW) (UK)
D: Ch Loana Leia Guinevere
D: Ch Brilliante Boticelli S: Gr Ch Picardy Beleve it or Not
D: Ch Jurado Je Reviens
Dam : Brilliante Chemin De Fer S: Ch Jurado The Gambler S: Ch Montawent Harold of Dhubhne (Imp USA)
D: Picardy By Request
D: Brilliante Bal A Versailles S: Am Ch Sup Ch Lake Cover Certain to Stop Traffic (Imp USA)
D: Ch Jurado Je Reviens

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