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Aust Ch Cliftop Dreamed a Star
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QLD Aronaw Apple of Your Eye (Aust Ch) (A & L Lobegeiger)
NSW Aronaw Beecause of You (Lauren Lobegeiger)
QLD Aronaw Bees Knees (Aust Ch) (Debbie Schaeller)
QLD Aronaw Blue Print (Aust Ch) (A & L Lobegeiger)
QLD Aronaw Blue Suede Shoes (Aust Ch) (A & L Lobegeiger)
QLD Aronaw Drops of Jupiter (Aust Ch) (Lauren Lobegeiger)
QLD Aronaw Forbidden Fruit (Aust Ch) (Lauren Lobegeiger)
QLD Aronaw Forget Me Knot (L Lobegeiger)
QLD Aronaw Fuel To The Flame (Aust Ch) (ARONAW KENNELS -L & A Lobegeiger)
QLD Aronaw I Put a Spell On You (L Lobegeiger)
QLD Aronaw Illegal Tender (Aust Ch) (Lauren Lobegeiger)
QLD Aronaw Let the Whistle Blow (Aust Ch) (Lauren Lobegeiger)
QLD Aronaw Let Us Make Peace (Aust Ch) (L Lobegeiger)
QLD Aronaw Meant to Bee (Aust Ch) (Lauren Lobegeiger)
QLD Aronaw Never Say Never (Ch) (Lauren Lobegeiger)
QLD Aronaw Passion Pop (Aust Ch) (Lauren Lobegeiger)
QLD Aronaw Step in Time (Lauren Lobegeiger)
QLD Aronaw Truth or Dare (Aust Ch) (Lauren Lobegeiger)
QLD Aronaw Walnut Disappoint (Aust Ch) (A & L Lobegeiger)
NSW Atrigema Rock N Roll Madonna (Aust Ch) (Miss M A Cook & K Anderson)
TAS Ausgrove Archies Forever Home (Aust. Ch.) (Erica Norgrove)
TAS Ausgrove Follow My Heart (Ch) (Erica Norgrove)
TAS Ausgrove Gold Digger (Aust. Ch.) (Erica Norgrove)
TAS Ausgrove Golden Honey (Ch) (Erica Norgrove)
TAS Ausgrove Heart of Gold (Aust. Ch.) (Erica Norgrove)
TAS Ausgrove Sweet Madeline (Ch.) (Erica Norgrove)
TAS Ausgrove Tassie Temptation (Ch.) (Erica Norgrove)
NSW Besmagic Flying for magic (Tracy Coop)
TAS Brazendor Touch Of Class (Ch) (Jean Lemon.)
NSW Clearbrook Passion Pop (Aust Supreme Champion) (R.M.Withers)
QLD Cliftop Bets Are In (Aust Ch) (A & L Lobegeiger)
QLD Cliftop Blue Denim (Aust CH) (Wanora Kennels)
NSW Cliftop Blue Wren (Ch) (Sharon Gilkison)
NSW Cliftop Chips Are In (Aust Ch) (Mrs S Gilkison)
NSW Cliftop Dashin for the Finish (Ch) (Sharon Gilkison)
QLD Cliftop Dreamed a Star (Aust Ch) (Wanora Kennels)
NSW Cliftop Eternally Pickled (Ch) (Sharon Gilkison)
NSW Cliftop Flyin For Gold (CH. NEUT. CH) (T Coop)
NSW Cliftop Ginnys Dream at Paxterr (Aust. Ch.) (Peter Oswald)
ACT Cliftop Gunna Be A Star (Ch) (Mr S. P Mills & Mrs S Gilkison)
NSW Cliftop I'm Ina Pickle (Ch) (Sharon Gilkison)
NSW Cliftop Iconic Destiny (Aust Ch) (Sharon Gilkison)
NSW Cliftop Illusive Dreams (Aust Ch) (Mrs S Gilkison)
NSW Cliftop Isle of Oban (Ch) (Sharon Gilkison)
NSW Cliftop Magical Blues (CH.) (Tracy Coop)
NSW Cliftop Magical Moments (Aust Ch) (Sharon Gilkison)
NSW Cliftop Moments O Madness (Sharon Gilkison)
QLD Cliftop Mystery Chipnmagic (Mrs Tarni Kimber)
NSW Cliftop Penny Dazzler (Aust Ch) (Sharon Gilkison)
NSW Cliftop Raising The Stakes (Aust Ch) (Mrs S Gilkison)
NSW Cliftop Red Dazzler (Aust and Fin Ch) (Kirsi Ola)
SA Cliftop Shady Sky (Aust Ch) (Henry Jewiss)
NSW Cliftop Someone Special (Mrs S Gilkison)
QLD Cliftop Star Surprise (Aust Ch) (Mrs T Kimber)
NSW Cliftop Table Talk (Aust Ch) (Mrs S Gilkison)
NSW Cliftop The Wild Warrior (Jill Mcdougall)
NSW Cliftop Unzip Your Lip (Aust Ch) (Mrs S Gilkison)
NSW Cliftop Zipping In (Ch) (Sharon Gilkison)
VIC Coppahed Candycane (Aust Ch.) (M. Snelders)
VIC Coppahed Casanova (Aust Ch.) (Mick Snelders.)
VIC Coppahed Catch Me If U Can (Aust Ch.) (Mrs. Margaret Snelders)
VIC Coppahed Cleopatra (Grand Champion.) (Margaret & John Snelders)
VIC Coppahed Coco Chanel (A.I) (Australian Champion) (Margaret Snelders)
VIC Coppahed Shades Ou Blue (Mrs Margaret Snelders)
VIC Coppahed Welcome Stranger (Australian Champion) (J. & M. Snelders)
QLD Cumalong Bindi Bindi I (Ch) (Peter and Sharon Briggs)
QLD Cumalong Crickets Lullaby (Peter and Sharon Briggs)
QLD Cumalong driving Miss Daisy (Peter and Sharon Briggs)
SA Cumalong Lady Be Good (A CH) (Moira Hicks)
NSW Cumalong Lady Plump (Peter and Sharon Briggs)
QLD Cumalong Mad Madam Mim (Peter and Sharon Briggs)
QLD Cumalong Madam Mischief (Peter and Sharon Briggs)
QLD Cumalong Milos chioce (Peter Briggs and Sharon)
QLD Cumalong Mr Bojangles (Peter and Sharon briggs)
QLD Cumalong Rubys Shadow (Peter and Sharon Briggs)
SA Cumalong Sir Roly Poly (A CH. NEUT CH) (Miss Moira Hicks)
QLD Cumalong Spinner Toss (Peter Briggs and Sharon Briggs)
QLD Cumalong Waggs The Dog (Peter Briggs and Sharon Briggs)
QLD Cumalong Wonderful Kazu (Peter and Sharon Briggs)
VIC Cynamin Spice Reign Of Fire (IMP NZL) (Mrs Nicole Korczynski)
NZ Cynamin Tresor (Kathy Bethune)
QLD Dandiba Byron Bess (Peter and Sharon Briggs)
NSW Enomis Blue Angel Dust (Ch) (SM Massey & SM Nicholson)
NSW Enomis Bobby Boy (Aust Ch RUBISS) (Burey/Nicholson)
QLD Enomis Cazalys Bringn Th Bacon (ai) (Ch ) (Ms C L Sweeney)
QLD Enomis Ima Right Royal Gem (Aust Ch) (Ms C L Sweeney)
NSW Enomis King Of The Ring (AI) (Supreme Champion) (SM Massey)
QLD Enomis Loven A Mighty Finnish (ai) (Aust Ch) (Ms C L Sweeney)
QLD Enomis Skys The Limit (Aust Ch) (C Sweeney)
VIC Enomis Tika Finnish Dream (AI) (Megan Scott)
QLD Fallingwater La Vie Est Belle (AI) (Aust Ch) (Charlotte Sweeney)
QLD Fallingwater Magiclmysterytour (AI) (AUST CH) (Charlotte Sweeney)
QLD Fallingwater Tres Magnifique (AI) (Aust Ch) (Charlotte Sweeney)
QLD Fallingwater Under My Spell(AI) (Aust CH) (Charlotte Sweeney)
QLD Fordaisi Sweet Revenge (Wanora Kennels)
QLD Franter Red Cherry (Aust Ch) (Wanora Kennels)
NSW Heatherglen Stormyweatha (Ch) (Mrs SM Massey)
SA Irrawang Uptown Girl (Aust Ch.) (Regisvista Kennels)
NT Jaskarin Rise Like A Phoenix (imp Swe) (DK CH/ FIN CH/ SE CH/SEV /JEUW /JWW/JMV /EUJV /BENELUXJV /SEW /CH /NO CH /INT CH) (JS & CM Beckett)
TAS Kahedi Blue Skyes. (Aust Ch) (Jean Lemon)
VIC Kahedi Kiss n Run J.C. C.A (Aust Ch) (Kerrie Lee)
NSW Kalvalepark By My Number One (Aust Ch) (Mrs S Gilkison)
NSW Kylott Bossy Boots (Ch) (Boulter/Withers/Freshwater)
VIC Kylott Had Me At Hello (CH) (Mrs K and Mr S Boulter)
VIC Kylott Jitterbug (CH) (Mrs K and Mr S Boulter)
VIC Kylott Onlythelonely (Mrs K and Mr S Boulter)
VIC Kylott Pin Up Girl (Mrs K and Mr S Boulter)
VIC Kylott Pleased to meet You (CH) (Mr S and Mrs K Boulter)
VIC Kylott Quench the Craving (CH) (Mrs K and Mr S Boulter)
VIC Kylott Tasted Like A Raindrop (CH) (Mrs K and Mr S Boulter)
SA Laspamas Amber Princess (Aust Ch) (Peter Oswald)
SA Laspamas Native Warrior (Ch. Neut.Ch) (Peter Oswald)
QLD Laspamas Quick and Lively (Peter and Sharon Briggs)
QLD Laspamas Reilleys Rocky (Peter and Sharon Briggs)
NSW Laspamas Zebediah (Neut Ch) (SM Massey)
TAS Lemonlee Butch Cassidy. (Ch.) (Jean Lemon)
NSW Lemonlee Hello Dolly. (Mrs J Lemon.)
TAS Lemonlee Lady Lexus. (Ch   ) (Jean Lemon)
VIC Lemonlee Lazy Misty Morning (Mrs K and Mr S Boulter)
VIC Lemonlee Lil Showgirl (CH) (Mrs K and Mr S Boulter)
TAS Lemonlee Little Touch of Class (Ch) (Erica Norgrove)
TAS Lemonlee Lone Ryder (Ch) (Jean Lemon)
TAS Lemonlee Lottie (Ch) (Jean Lemon)
TAS Lemonlee October Surprize (Erica Norgrove)
TAS Lemonlee Our Little Love. (Aust Ch) (Mrs J Lemon.)
TAS Lemonlee Perfect Choice (Aust Ch) (Mrs J Lemon.)
VIC Lemonlee Proper Miss (John Davidson)
SA Lemonlee Romantic Raffee (Cathy Charles)
TAS Lemonlee Romantic Rosain. (Mrs J Lemon.)
TAS Lemonlee Take Notice (Mrs. J. Lemon)
SA Lemonlee Walk With Attitude (Aust Ch.) (Regisvista Kennels)
TAS Lemonlee Waltzing Matilda (Ch) (Erica Norgrove)
TAS Littlemac Singin D Blues (Ch) (Jean Lemon)
SA Lymeregis Firefly (Cerrie Gower)
VIC Madoggee Baileys Cream (Mrs Nicole Korczynski)
VIC Madoggee Miss Brandisnap (Mrs Nicole Korczynski)
VIC MittleSista Decision Maid (Aust Ch) (Megan Scott)
SA MittleSista Drama Queen (Ch.) (Peter Oswald)
VIC Mittlesista Exceed Indeed at Galtamac JC (Australian Champion) (Dianne Kors)
NSW MittleSista Smarty Pants (Ch.) (Peter Oswald)
NZ Montana Alter Ego (Champion) (Nicole Adams & Aimee Pycroft)
NZ Montana Hi Jinx (Ch) (Nicole Adams /Aimee Pycroft)
NZ Montana Make up Ya Mind (Diane Riley)
VIC Oziruff Airs N Graces (Ch.) (Mrs. Leanne Bywater)
VIC Oziruff Chase N Dreams (Grand Ch.) (Mrs Leanne Bywater)
VIC Oziruff Dance N On Air (Ch.) (Mrs. Leanne Bywater)
VIC Oziruff Dream N Of Me (Ch.) (Mrs. Leanne Bywater)
VIC Oziruff Hedge N Your Bet (Ch.) (Mrs. Leanne Bywater)
VIC Oziruff Ruffl N Feathers (Ch.) (Mrs Leanne Bywater)
VIC Ozzieas Clancysgoneadrovin (Aust Ch) (Greg Bradshaw)

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