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BISS Aust Ch Stylwise Mojito HIC
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VIC Abmaci Autumn Attraction PT (Aust Ch) (K L Winter)
VIC Abmaci Melodys Star (Aust Ch) (K Winter)
VIC Abmaci Star Attraction (Aust Ch) (K Winter)
VIC Abmaci Star Gazer (Supreme Ch) (C Hoare)
NSW Alistair's Dashing Design PT ( IMP SWD) (Aust Ch) (Tim & Karin Finlayson)
SA Birdrise Magic at Mirdath (Ch) (Elaine Bladon)
NSW Blairriver Diamond (Ch) (Wendy Banks)
SA Bonibraes Aint She A Rebel HT (Elaine Bladon)
NSW Bonibraes Anything Goes HT (Sup Ch) (PJ & KF Finalyson & A Smith)
NSW Bonibraes Born To Tri (PJ & KJ Finlayson)
NSW Bonibraes Broadway Rhapsody PT (Aust Ch) (Mrs P & Miss K Finlayson & Mrs W Banks)
NSW Bonibraes Captain Sunshine (Aust Champion) (PJ & KJ Finlayson)
VIC Bonibraes Dancing Lady (Grand Ch) (C Hoare)
NSW Bonibraes Frequent Flyer HIAs (Aust Ch) (PJ & KJ Finlayson)
NSW Bonibraes New Sensation PT (Ch) (Wendy Banks)
NSW Bonibraes Nordic Prince (Ch) (W Banks & PJ & KJ Finlayson)
NSW Bonibraes Nordic Romance (Aust Champion) (PJ & KJ Finlayson)
VIC Bonibraes Tri N Catch Me (Aust Ch) (Cathryn Hoare)
NSW Bonibraes Wolfmans Encore PT (Aust Ch) (PJ & KJ Finlayson & M Lincoln)
NSW Bonibraes Wolfmans Image HSAs (BIS BISS Aust. Grand Ch) (Tim & Karin Finlayson)
ACT Briarmist Glenfiddich (BIS & Multi BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Jessica Buckley & Jim & Lyndall Black)
VIC Briarmist Good Heavens (Aust Ch) (Jessica Buckley & Jim & Lyndall Black)
VIC Brigadoon Harry's Son (Grand Ch.) (Brigadoon Kennels)
VIC Brigadoon Harrys Gift (Supreme Ch.) (Brigadoon Kennels)
VIC Brigadoon Miros Autumnsurprise (AI) (Brigadoon Kennels)
VIC Brigadoon Miros Arrival (AI) (Aust Ch) (Brigadoon Kennels)
VIC Brigadoon Miros Autumn Raine (AI) (Aust Sup.Ch.) (Brigadoon Kennels)
VIC Brigadoon Miros Traveller (AI) (Aust. Ch.) (Brigadoon Kennels)
VIC Brigadoon Murdochs Gift (AI) (Brigadoon Kennels)
VIC Brigadoon Murdochs Girl (AI) (Brigadoon Kennels)
VIC Brigadoon Our Pressman (Aust. Gr. Ch.) (Brigadoon Kennels)
VIC Brodiach Moon Maiden (Shilston Kennels)
TAS Burnhardt Blue Ribbon (Multi BIS Aust Grand Ch) (Michele Lincoln)
TAS Burnhardt Classy Marage (Multi BIS Aust Grand Ch) (Michele Lincoln)
ACT Burnhardt Logans Mark ET HIC (BIS Aust Ch) (Jessica Buckley)
NSW Classical Clap For The Wolfman ( IMP Can) (BIS BISS Can, Am & Aust Ch) (Tim & Karin Finlayson)
VIC Colard Alyssa Healy (Renee Robinson)
VIC Colard Ebony Eyes (Aust Ch) (Shilston Kennels)
TAS Colard Moonraker (NZ Ch/ Supreme Aust Ch) (Simon and Denise Finlay)
NSW Edinglen All You Need Is Love (Aust Champion) (PJ & KJ Finlayson)
NSW Edinglen Diamonds And Dior (Michele Lincoln)
NSW Edinglen Enchanting (AI) (BIS BISS SUP CH) (Michele Lincoln)
NSW Edinglen Fascination (BIS BISS GRAND CH) (Michele Lincoln)
NSW Edinglen Ill Always Love You (PJ & KJ Finlayson)
NSW Edinglen Little Miss Sunshine (AI) (BISS AU CH) (Michele Lincoln)
NSW Edinglen Pearls And Prada (Deborah Raquet (FRA))
NSW Edinglen Pretty Woman (AI) (BIS BISS SUP CH) (Michele Lincoln)
NSW Edinglen Somebody Stop Me (BIS RBIS RBISS AU CH) (Michele Lincoln)
QLD Edinglen Starry Starry Night (AI) (BIS BISS SUP CH) (Michele Lincoln & Julie Lyons)
NSW Edinglen The Wonder Of You (RuBIS MBIG Ch) (Michele Lincoln)
QLD Edinglen Till There Was You (BIS RUBISS SUP CH) (Michele Lincoln & Julie Lyons)
VIC Edinglen Top Hat And Tails (Aust Ch) (Joy Dubberley & Michele Lincoln)
QLD Edinglen U Had Me At Hello (MBIS BISS SUP CH) (Michele Lincoln & Julie Lyons)
NSW Edinglen Unforgettable (BISS SUP CH) (Michele Lincoln)
NSW Famewynn U Give Luv A Bad Name (Mrs A Smith)
NSW Farmarens Quite Like Brian (Imp Sweden) (Aust Champion) (PJ & KJ Finlayson)
SA Firstprizebears Lucky Strike (Imp Bel) (Aust Ch) (Silverstarz)
VIC Glyntwood Koffee N Kreme (C & C Evans)
VIC Glyntwood Magic Moments (Aust Ch) (C & C Evans)
VIC Glyntwood Star Magic (C & C Evans)
VIC Glyntwood Touch O Magic (Supreme Ch) (Chris & Cathryn Evans)
SA Hashima Basil (Aust Ch) (Silverstarz)
NSW Hermosoperro Hamish CD (Aust Ch) (Sharon Roche)
NSW High Jack Ultimate Experience (Imp SWE) (BIS MBIG AU CH) (Michele Lincoln)
VIC Honeytaste Mr Tag Heuer (Ex SWE, Imp ZAF) (Renee Robinson)
NSW Jazabil I Am Here To Sparkle At Edinglen (IMP NZ) (Michele Lincoln)
NSW Keiramyst Lorna Doone (Aust Grand Ch) (Mrs Lynda Brandt)
NSW Keiramyst Mi Macaulay CD RN HT (Aust Ch) (Lynda Brandt)
NSW Keiramyst Mi Steel Magnolia CD RN HT (Aust Ch) (Lynda Brandt)
NSW Keiramyst Mi Sweet Magnolia (Aust Grand Ch) (Lynda Brandt)
NSW Keiramyst Mi Wizard Of Oz PT (Aust Supreme Ch) (L Brandt)
SA Lainesloch Southern Aura (Elaine Bladon)
SA Lainesloch Southern Brew (Elaine Bladon)
NZ Llanddona Cinamon Twist (Imp NZ) (NZ Ch / Aust Grand Ch) (Murray & Penny Brooks)
NZ Llanddona Hosanna (NZ GR. CH.) (Bronwyn Falconer)
VIC Llanddona In Frank's Image (Ch) (Sam Templeton & Kelly Winter)
NZ Llanddona Million Dollar Man At Ukulunga (NZ Ch) (Bronwyn Falconer)
NSW Llanddona Not With Haste (Imp NZL) (Aust Ch) (Ms A J Dillon)
NSW Llanddona Quite Frank For Bonibraes Imp NZ (PJ & KJ Finlayson)
ACT Llanddona Rebekah (Imp NZ) (Multi BIS & Multi BISS Aust Grand Ch & NZ Ch) (Jessica Buckley & Pam Douglas)
NZ Llandtree Ftstpsofa Angl at Lyntree (Imp Aust) (Multi BISS Aust Supreme Ch / NZ Ch) (Murray & Penny Brooks)
NZ Llandtree Newell Glenn at Lyntree (Imp Aust) (Multi BIS & Multi BISS Aust Supreme Ch / NZ Ch) (Murray & Penny Brooks)
SA Lokynnda Call Me Doctor Donna (Aust Ch) (Lynda Webb)
SA Lokynnda Captain Jack Harkness (Aust Grand Ch) (Lynda Webb)
SA Lokynnda Playing With Fire (Aust Ch) (Lynda Webb)
SA Lokynnda Stormy Rendevous (Lynda Webb)
NZ Lyntree Circle The World (AI) (NZ Ch) (Penny & Murray Brooks)
NZ Lyntree Cirque Du Reve (AI) (NZ Ch) (Penny & Murray Brooks)
NZ Lyntree Cosmic Hallelujah (Penny & Murray Brooks)
NZ Lyntree Let Me Entertain U (NZ Ch) (Penny, Murray & Kristen Brooks)
NSW Memorylane Rubberband Man PT ( IMP FIN) (Aust Ch) (Mrs PJ & Ms KJ F Finlayson)
SA Mirdath Golden Dream (Mis E Bladon & Miss R Robinson)
SA Mirdath Heres To The Chase (Ch) (Elaine Bladon)
SA Mirdath Magicians Gift (Ch.) (Elaine Bladon)
SA Mirdath Magnitude HT (Elaine Bladon)
SA Peppagrove Star Gazer (Aust Gr Ch) (Lynda Webb)
NSW Ramsgrove Revolution PT ( IMP UK) (Aust Ch) (Tim & Karin Finlayson)
NSW Ruatha Bohemian Rhapsody CDX ET (Aust Ch) (Sharon Roche)
VIC Shaggydogz Dark Treasure (Sam Templeton)
QLD Shaggydogz Lukkas Treasure (Aust Ch) (R & T Leach/ S Templeton)
VIC Shilston Captive Star (Aust Ch) (Shilston Kennels)
VIC Shilston Final Ovation (Shilston Kennels)
VIC Shilston Future Passport HT (Aust Ch) (Shilston Kennels)
VIC Shilston Golden Nomad (Shilston Kennels)
VIC Shilston Meant to Be (CH) (Shilston Kennels)
VIC Shilston Secret Liaison (Champion) (Shilston Kennels)
VIC Shilston Silver Holly (Aust Ch) (Shilston Kennels)
VIC Shilston Ticket to Future HT (Aust CH) (Shilston Kennels)
VIC Shilstone Domination (Imp uk)HT (Aust Ch) (Shilston Kennels)
SA Silverstarz Becrux Bear (Aust Ch) (Silverstarz)
WA Silverstarz Belgium Affair (Aust Ch) (Helena Innes)
SA Silverstarz Bellatrix (Kirsten Anne Perry)
SA Silverstarz Dragon Princess (Aust Ch) (Silverstarz)
SA Silverstarz Drogon The Great (Aust Ch) (Silverstarz)
SA Silverstarz Joan Of Arc (Silverstarz)
ACT Spiritwood's Radagast The Brown IMP USA (MBIS & BISS Aust Sup Ch & Am Ch) (Jessica Buckley & Mark Bettis)
VIC Stylwise Airs N Graces (Aust Ch) (Jessica Buckley)
ACT Stylwise Dizzee Rascal HT (MBIS MBISS Aust Sup Ch) (Jessica Buckley)
SA Stylwise Drunk N Divine (Neuter Champion) (Heather McMaster)
SA Stylwise Drunk N Fabulous (Aust Ch & Neuter Ch) (Sally Pearce)
ACT Stylwise Drunk N Famous (Jess Buckley)
ACT Stylwise Elastic Heart (Aust Ch) (Jessica Buckley)
SA Stylwise Jimmy Eat World HT (Aust Ch) (Sally Pearce & Jessica Buckley)
ACT Stylwise Look Out Here I Come (Yuko Okada)
ACT Stylwise Magnum AD JDX SD SPDX (Lucy Jesiolowski)
VIC Stylwise Mai Tai (Andrew & Diane)
ACT Stylwise Mess Is Mine (BISS Aust Ch) (Jessica Buckley)
ACT Stylwise Mojito HIC (BISS Aust Ch) (Jessica Buckley)
ACT Stylwise No Apologies (Ch) (Jessica Buckley)
ACT Stylwise Paparazzi (BIS MRUBISS Aust Grand Ch) (Jessica Buckley)
ACT Stylwise Simple Plan (BIS MRUBISS Aust Sup Ch) (Jessica Buckley)
SA Stylwise Style File (Aust Ch) (Sally Pearce & Jessica Buckley)
VIC Stylyn Quality Furst (Aust Ch) (Chris & Cathryn Evans)
NZ Stylyn Weaver of Dreams at Lyntree (Imp Aust) RN (Aust / NZ Ch) (Murray & Penny Brooks)
VIC Toriavic Byshilston AI (Shilston Kennels)
SA Toriavic How Contrary (imp uk) (Ch) (Ms Vicki Clark)
SA Toriavic Idealist (Ch) (Ms Vicki Clark)
SA Toriavic Imagery (Vicki Clark)
SA Toriavic Inspiration (Elaine Bladon)
SA Toriavic Jasn Therainbow HT (Aust.Ch) (Elaine Bladon)
SA Toriavic Jus Like That (Vicki Clark)
SA Toriavic Kerridwen (AI) (V Clark)
SA Toriavic Looking Good (V Clark)
NSW Ulara The Luck Dragon CDX RN HT (Aust Grand Ch) (Sharon Roche)

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