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NSW Ahsatan Mesmerise (D & T Maxwell)
VIC Ahsroff Isadorable (Ahsroff Kennels)
NSW Argowan Esteban (BIS Ch) (Anita Bugges)
NSW Argowan Golodkin (BISS Ch) (Anita Bugges)
NSW Argowan Moonstruk (Aust Ch) (Argowan Stud)
QLD Argowan On The Road Again (Aust Ch) (S Bennett B Green)
VIC Astrawitch End Game (Karen Nott)
QLD Borscana Beowulf (imp Sweden) (Australian Champion) (PW & K Lever)
VIC Borscana Ultima Thule (Imp Sweden) (MBIS, MBISS AUSTRALIAN SUPREME CHAMPION) (Clovelly Kennels)
QLD Bortique Calm Like A Bomb (PW & K Lever)
NSW Bortique Into The Void (Donna Freeman and Marina Younger)
NSW Borzaja Chianti Cossac (Aust Ch) (Anita Bugges)
VIC Clovelly Burlington Bertie (Clovelly Kennels)
VIC Clovelly Early Dawn (BIS AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION) (Clovelly Kennels)
VIC Clovelly High Regard (MBISS AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Clovelly Kennels)
VIC Clovelly Pirate Prince (MRUBIS, RUBISS AUSTRALIAN SUPREME CHAMPION) (Clovelly Kennels)
VIC Clovelly Quest For Gold (BIS,BISS (O) AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Clovelly Kennels)
QLD Clovelly Rebel Rouser (BIS, MRUBIS Grand Ch) (Kim Marsters & Robyn Davidson)
VIC Clovelly Vim N Vigour (BIS AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION) (Clovelly Kennels)
VIC Clovelly Viscount Victorious (MBISS, BIS SUPREME CHAMPION) (Clovelly Kennels)
VIC Clovelly Xtreme Rage (BISS (O) AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Clovelly Kennels)
VIC Clovelly Zack In The Box (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Clovelly Kennels)
NSW Cordova Emperor (Linda Bagnall)
QLD Cordova Lazarevo (Louise Siegert/J. Brown)
QLD Cordova Ringmaster (Louise Seigert)
NZ Count Rimski Of Mayvale (Ch.) (Wendy Finlayson)
WA Dolinoff Thelonious Monk (Ch) (Amanda Holmes)
NSW EchoLake Driver Picksth Music (K Pitt-Lancaster)
VIC Full Moon Fever Tantezampe For Clovelly (Imp Italy) (MBIS,RUBISS SUPREME CH, SLOVENIAN JNR. CH.) (Clovelly Kennels)
NSW Garsova Septimo (Grand Ch) (Mistraka Kennels)
VIC Georwitch Autografs Later (Australian Champion) (Sue Chittenden)
VIC Georwitch Back In Black (Australian Champion) (Dr D & Mrs P Barclay & Ms M Boyle)
VIC Georwitch Bullet Proof (Australian Champion) (P Barclay, M Boyle & S Heley)
NSW Georwitch Calling The Shots (Australian Champion) (Dr D & Mrs P Barclay & Ms M Boyle)
VIC Georwitch Cut To The Chase (Australian Champion) (Dr D & Mrs P Barclay & Ms M Boyle)
NSW Kenibea Brokeradeal (Supreme ch) (G&R Barden)
NSW Kenibea Murphys Law ( A I ) (Australian Supreme Champion) (Shannon, Ros & Greg Barden)
NSW Kenibea Phantom Oth Opra (AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION) (Greg and Ros Barden)
NSW Leicros Zilver Fox Of Mistraka (impSWD) (Ch.) (Mistraka Kennels)
SA Lynx Skyfall (Imp Swe) (Mr P Cottrell and Mr R Moag)
VIC Marakhoff Belisarius Quinntaah (CH) (Marakhoff Kennels)
VIC Marakhoff Lazaarkinski (MBIS, BISS AUSTRALIAN GRAND CH) (Marakhoff Kennels)
VIC Marakhoff Misckaah Krug (R/U BIS AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Marakhoff Kennels)
TAS Marakhoff Okaah Jou (SUP. CH.) (Marakhoff Kennels/S & N Watson)
QLD Marakhoff Plaashenko (Aust Ch) (Mrs U Greenwood and Mrs K Sneath)
VIC Marakhoff Praashkurin (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Marakhoff Kennels & Mrs Denise Tuck)
VIC Marakhoff Rybaalkin (CH) (Marakhoff Kennels)
VIC Marakhoff Shostaakovich (Marakhoff Kennels)
VIC Marakhoff Stanislaavski (Mrs P & Dr D Barclay & Mrs K Sneath)
NZ Mayvale's American Graffiti (Ch) (Wendy Finlayson)
QLD Meldham Don't Stop Me Now (Gr. Ch) (Mr S Bennett & Mr B Green)
QLD Meldham Lost In The Moment (Aust Ch) (Peter & Karen Lever)
QLD Meldham Romance Dance (Australian Champion) (Peter & Karen Lever)
QLD Meldham Russian Revival (Aust Champion, Neuter Champion) (PW & K Lever)
NSW Mistraka Lord Of The Rings (Ch) (Mistraka Kennels)
NSW Mistraka Mountbatten (Ch.) (Mistraka Kennels)
VIC Mistraka Quinn The Eskimo (A.I.) (MBIS/MBISS AUSTRALIAN SUPREME CH) (Marakhoff Kennels)
SA Mistraka Zachary Smith (CH) (Mr P Cottrell & Mr R Moag)
NSW Mistraka Zende (CH) (Mrs J Quinn)
NSW Mistraka Ziggy Marley (Ch.) (Mistraka)
VIC Navaglen Honcho (MBIS, MBISS AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION) (Clovelly Kennels)
NSW Podarn The Mikado (Grand Ch.) (Mistraka Kennels)
ACT Psovaya Bewitched (CH.) (K A Olsson)
QLD Russkimir Phantom Stranger (CH) (Olivia Mangin)
QLD Russkimir Amberczar (Aust Champion) (Margaret Davis)
WA Russkimir Amberdash (Aust Ch) (Kim Todd)
QLD Russkimir Aristocrat (Aust Ch) (Margaret Davis)
QLD Russkimir Ermolenko (Aust Ch) (Harry Russell)
WA Russkimir Evening Shadows (Aust Ch) (K Todd)
QLD Russkimir Grand Illusion (Aust Ch) (M L Davis)
QLD Russkimir Light N Shadows (Aust Ch) (H McIvor)
WA Russkimir Moonshadow (Aust Champion) (Kathy Tuppurainen)
SA Russkimir Moscow Promises (Aust Ch) (H Rick & M Davis)
QLD Russkimir Opromiot (BISS Aust Ch) (Margaret Davis)
NZ Russkimir Phantom Darkness (NZ Champion) (P & M Low)
QLD Russkimir Phantom Shadows JC (BISS (O) BIG Aust Grand Champion) (M Davis)
QLD Russkimir Phantom Spirit JC (Aust Champion) (M Davis)
QLD Russkimir Red Dragon (Aust Ch) (Margaret Davis)
QLD Russkimir River Rapids (Aust Champion) (Margaret Davis)
QLD Russkimir River Regent (Aust Champion) (Margaret Davis)
WA Russkimir River Royal (Aust Champion) (Kim Todd)
QLD Russkimir Shadofax (Aust Ch) (Margaret Davis)
QLD Russkimir Solaris (Aust Champion) (Margaret Davis)
NZ Russkimir Swedish Adagio (NZ Champion) (P & M Low)
QLD Russkimir Vodka Spritzer (Aust Champion) (Margaret Davis)
QLD Russkimir Yeltzin (BISS Aust Ch) (Margaret Davis)
QLD Sashayaway Lightning Royale (Bruce Green & Steven Bennett)
WA Shikata Mr Nikita (Aust Ch) (W Brickett & J Stevenson)
NZ Strikeness Calico Jack (Champion) (John & Janet Vuleta)
QLD Svetlanov Bitter Sweet (MBISS Aust Ch) (H Russell)
QLD Svetlanov Kirilenko (Aust Ch) (H. Russell)
QLD Svetlanov Syracuse (Aust Ch) (K Perry)
QLD Svetlanov Wells Fargo (Aust Ch) (H Russell)
NSW Tardoan Travel Thru Time (Ms TM Hales)
QLD Vaskes Barguzin (Imp Russia) (Australian Champion) (Margaret Davis)
NSW Zarroff Kiritin (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Greg & Ros Barden)
QLD Zefna Aramis (GRAND CH) (B.Mangin & M. Curk)
VIC Zivv Dizgyzo Loto (Ch.) (Dr. D and Mrs P Barclay)

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