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Brafferton First Mate (NTD)
(Jalyn Neysmith and Andrew Hodge)

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WA Arranbrae Dressed To Impress (Aust Ch) (Sue & Tony Mallia)
NSW Baledda Shades of Autum (Aust Ch) (A & L Cochrane / W Shipman)
NSW Baledda The Timelord (Aust Ch) (A & L Cochrane)
NSW Balinfern Amalfi Blue (Australian Champion) (Balinfern Collies)
NSW Balinfern Balintore Abby (Balinfern Collies/Holly Groth)
NSW Balinfern Swedish Tryst (AI) (Australian Champion) (Balinfern Collies)
VIC Baqilodge Jewels and Gems (CH) (Mim Bester / Sue Kennedy)
WA Barcoo Its Lost Inthe Mail (Wendy Fancote)
WA Barcoo Sunnywithachance Ofrain (AI) (Ch) (Mrs W S Fancote)
WA Barcoo Tell Em All I Said Hi (Aust CH) (Miss Kirsty Post)
WA Barcoo Unfinished Business (Ch    ) (Wendy Fancote)
NZ Basara Secret Masterpiece (CH.) (Mrs Tracey Mcintosh)
SA Brafferton Black Ice CDX RAE TK.S (ATD) (Eva Gregoczki)
VIC Brafferton I Have A Dream TDX (HIC) (Brafferton Kennels [Vicki & Noel Brown])
VIC Brafferton Night Navigator HSAs (T CH TS GRAND CH) (Esther Smedley)
VIC Brafferton Orions Dragon (Brafferton Kennels [Vicki & Noel Brown])
VIC Brafferton Sea Sprite (Brafferton Kennels [Vicki & Noel Brown])
VIC Brafferton Storm Chaser (HIC) (T CH TS CH) (Esther Smedley)
NSW Breagha A Knight To Remember (Ch) (Michelle Woodbury)
NSW Breagha Fashionistar (Michelle Woodbury)
NSW Breagha Likely Romance (Michelle Woodbury)
NSW Breagha Love Story (Ch) (Michelle Woodbury)
NSW Burdekin Bad Boy For Love (BIS/RUBIS/RUBSS Aust Supreme Ch) (Glenda Grant)
NSW Burdekin Been A Bad Bad Boy (BIS Aust Ch) (Glenda Grant)
SA Burdekin Boys Do Fall In Love (BIS Aust Grand Ch) (Glenda Grant)
NSW Burdekin Bringing Sexy Back (RUBIS Aust Ch) (Glenda Grant)
NSW Burdekin The Blacklist (Ch) (Mrs TS Ryles)
VIC Carluke Au Contraire (BIS GRAND Champion) (Mrs C & Miss K Baker)
VIC Carluke Dance Thruthe Snow (Mrs C & MIss K Baker)
VIC Carluke Diamentes At Dusk (Australian Champion) (Mrs C & Miss K Baker)
VIC Carluke Forever In Bluegenes (Mr K & Mrs P Mcgill)
VIC Carluke Myhart Willgo On (Australian Champion) (Mrs C & Miss K Baker)
VIC Carluke Noroom Nmdanzcard (Aust Ch) (Carluke Kennels)
VIC Carluke Say Alittle Prayer (Mrs C & Miss K Baker)
VIC Carluke Song Sung Blue (RUBIS Australian Champion) (Mrs C & Miss K Baker)
VIC Carluke Sunrise Over Paris (Australian Champion) (Mrs C & Miss K Baker)
VIC Carluke This Is Me (Mrs C & Miss K Baker)
NSW Cathgarry MagicalMomentInTime (Aust Ch) (Kathy Drew)
NSW Cathgarry Puttin Onth Spritz (Aust CH) (Kathy Drew)
SA Cathgarry Splash of Silk (Aust. CH.) (M & J Ryan and D Ryan)
NSW Cathgarry Thunderstruck (Aust CH) (Kathy Drew)
NSW Cathkin All That I am (BIS Supreme Champion) (Wayne Shipman)
QLD Cathkin Fatal Attraction (GRAND CH) (Melissa Bradshaw)
NSW Cathkin Howzat (Mulit BISS Supreme Ch) (Gaye Jones & Sharon Power)
NSW Cathkin Just My Style (Aus Ch.) (Gaye Jones)
NZ Cathkin Lordy Miss Maudie (NZ Ch) (Kathryn Debenham)
NSW Cathkin Mr Sandman (Aus. Ch.) (Gaye Jones)
QLD Cathkin My Eyes Adore You (Aust. CH) (Karrin Lapworth)
NSW Cathkin My Saving Grace (Gaye Jones)
NSW Cathkin Oh U R Wicked (Aust Ch) (Gaye Jones)
NZ Cathkin Pretty Spectacular (Imp Aus) (NZ Ch) (Kathryn Debenham)
NSW Cathkin R U Ready For This (Supreme Aust. Champion.) (Gaye jones)
NSW Cathkin Shady Lady (Aus. Ch.) (Gaye Jones)
VIC Cathkin Whats It All About (Aus. Ch.) (John Shields)
NSW Cayano Bold N Beautiful (AI) (Mrs K Drew)
ACT Cayano Princess in Blue (AI) (Graham Fitzallen & Patricia Vivian)
NSW Cayano Storm Rider (AI) (Australian Champion) (T & A Jenkins)
NSW Cherrylea Summer Luvin (Tracy Ryles)
NSW Cliffglynn Th Minister Of Love (Mrs K Drew & Mrs D Stephenson)
SA Collieston Cast In Bronze (Sharyn Ely and Val Wilson)
NZ Collievale Kaimai Gypsy Gold (Kathryn Debenham)
NZ Collievale Magic Boots O Gold (NZ Ch) (Mrs K Debenham)
NZ Collievale Regal Lorde (Mrs Kathryn Debenham)
VIC Coltie Dream Come True (A & J Wallce)
VIC Coltie Ellegant Dream (A & J Wallace)
VIC Coltie Livin The Dream (Aust Ch) (Alan & Jo-Ann Wallace)
SA Derloch Pleasure Seeker (AUST CH) (M & J Ryan and D Ryan)
VIC Elfreya All In A Spin (Aust Ch) (Ms C Cashion)
ACT Elizmar Freyas Fancy (NEUT.CH.) (Elizabeth Regan)
VIC Ellerran Aura High Distinction (Gen clear CEA) (Shannon Vickery)
VIC Ellerran Azure High Lights (Australian Champion) (Shannon Vickery)
VIC Ellerran Enigma Blue Beguile TDX (Australian Champion) (Bryan and Sandra Crowley)
NT Ellerran Girls Wanna Have Fun (Gen clear CEA) (Shannon Vickery)
VIC Ellerran Parti At My Place (Australian Champion) (Chris and Dave Aisbett)
VIC Ellerran Parti Sensation (Australian Champion) (Shannon Vickery)
VIC Ellerran Rioja Blue Distinctn FM (DUAL Ch (T) Neut Ch TS Grand Ch) (Sandra and Bryan Crowley)
QLD Fairenvy DeanAmbrose N Silva (AustCh) (Angela Sime)
QLD Fairenvy Fudge Im Black (AustCH) (Angela Sime)
NZ Fairenvy Fudge Im Precious(Aust) (Aust/NZCH) (Kaye Bowler)
NSW Foxbell Felix Unger (AI) (Australian Champion) (Balinfern Collies)
NSW Highclere Blue Becomes You (Aust Champion) (Rhiannon Anderson)
QLD Highclere Gone With The Wind (Aust Ch) (Cecilie Kemp)
QLD Highclere Show Me The Money (RUIS and Multi BIS Australian Grand Champion) (Cecilie Kemp)
QLD Highclere The Black Prince (Aust Ch) (Cecilie Kemp)
NSW Jambarlas Coat dZure (Australian Champion) (Balinfern Collies)
NSW Joshwyn Dare Devil (Ms Susan T Ryan)
SA Joshwyn Dare To Be Different (Ch) (Sharyn Ely & Val Wilson)
SA Joshwyn Devil In A Blue Dress (Ch) (Sharyn Ely and Val Wilson)
WA Joshwyn Special Envoy (T & SJ Mallia)
SA Joshwyn The Devil To Pay (Ch) (Sharyn Ely & Val Wilson)
SA Joshwyn Tri Being Wicked (Ch) (Sharyn Ely & Val Wilson)
SA Joshwyn Wicked Intentions (Mrs S J Ely & Ms V Wilson)
VIC Kahnhond Nothin Left To Chance (D.I & D.J Wall)
NZ Kaylyn Fudge Im Superb (Kaye Bowler)
QLD Keamaree Blow Me One Last Kiss (Austalian Grand Champion) (Robert & Chloe Armatys)
QLD Keamaree Every Step You Take (Aust Ch) (J Armatys)
QLD Keamaree Kiana (Mrs Jane Armatys)
QLD Keamaree Kindred Spirit (Mrs Jane Armatys)
QLD Keamaree Painted Cowboy (Supreme Champion) (Ms M L Clarke)
QLD Keamaree Sky With Diamonds (Australian Champion) (RE & CJ Armatys)
QLD Keamaree This Is My Story (Australian Champion) (Robert & Chloe Armatys)
NZ Lavenham Let Your Love Flow (CH) (Judith Madeley)
NZ Lavenham Love Is All Around (CH) (Judith Madeley.)
NZ Lavenham The Power Of Love (Judith Madeley)
QLD Lexwood Blackfyre Rebellion JC (R & C Armatys)
QLD Lexwood The Last Arrow (Aust Ch) (Robert & Chloe Armatys)
QLD Lexwood Winter Is Coming JC (S Kerr & C Lewty)
NZ Lochburn Diamonds N Silva (NZCH) (Kay Sime)
NZ Lochburn Diamonds N The Sky (NZ/AustCH) (Kay Sime)
QLD Lochburn Fudge I'm Gorjus (NZ) (NZ/AustCH) (Cecilie Kemp)
NZ Lochburn Spilt Da Beans (NZ/AustCH) (Kay Sime)
NZ Lochburn Summer N Silva (NZ Ch) (Kay Sime)
NZ Lochburn Trumps R High (NZCH) (Kaye Bowler)
NZ Lord Bracken of Laveham (NZ Ch) (Judith Madeley, Richard & Dawn Baker)
NSW Matlint Always On My Mind (AUST.CH.) (Louise Thomas-van Der Weide)
NSW Matlint My Rainbow Connection (AUST.CH.) (Louise Thomas van der Weide)
NSW Matlint My Sweet Dreams (AUST.CH.) (Mrs Louise Thomas van der Weide)
NSW Matlint She Stole My Heart (RU.BIS.AUST.CH.) (Mrs Louise Thomas van der Weide)
NSW Matlint United For Matt (Louise Thomas-van der Weide)
QLD Mazarelli Lady of the Breeze RN (CH) (Lakeisha Wall)
QLD Mazarelli Loved By a Cowboy (Aus Champion) (Ms M L Clarke)
NSW Mc Leod's Kryptonite (Imp CHE- Switzerland) Gen Clear CEA, DM Clear, Grey Collie Clear, MDR1 Clear (Australian Champion) (Fancote/Hales/Wildman)
VIC Milas Bosa Nova (Imp USA) (MBIS / MBISS Aust SUPREME Ch) (R, G & M Doe)
ACT Mirriyuula Black Guiness (P Vivian & G Fitzallen)
ACT Mirriyuula Blu Diamond (Aust Ch) (Graham Fitzallen & Patricia Vivian)
NSW Mirriyuula Boogie Woogie Blu (BISS/RUBIS Australian Grand Champion) (T & A Jenkins)
NSW Mirriyuula Illusion By Design (AI) (Australian Champion) (T & A Jenkins)
QLD Mohanaca Rock This Town (Multiple BISS Australian Champion) (Nerina Rizzo)
NSW Nobleshand Splash of Class (Carol Cross)
NSW Overland Touch Down (IMP USA) (Aust Ch) (V & D Morris)
VIC Robgai Bad Bad Leroy Brown (Aust. Ch) (R & G Doe)
VIC Robgai Dearly Beloved (Aust Ch) (R & G Doe)
VIC Robgai I Did A Bad Bad Thing (R & G Doe)
VIC Robgai Jamaican Sunset (Aust Ch) (R & G Doe)
VIC Robgai Ticks All The Boxes (Aust Ch) (R & G Doe)
QLD Sandicourt Don't U Lover her Madly (Australian Champion) (Nerina Rizzo)
NSW Schiehallion A Dream Within (Mrs T S Ryles)
NSW Schiehallion Beauty Within (Mel)
NSW Schiehallion Moon Mist (Aust Ch) (M/S Tracy Ryles)
NSW Schiehallion Stylish Girl (Mrs T S Ryles)
VIC Scottlyme Prelude To A Kiss (imp Belgium) (BISS Australian Champion) (Mrs C & Miss K Baker)
NSW Shanelg Finders Keepers (Aust Ch) (A & L Cochrane / W Shipman)
NSW Steadwyn Fire Caster (Imp Sweden) (Aust Ch) (Kathy Drew)
VIC Steadwyn None More Majestic (Imp Swe) (Australian Champion) (SG & IA Wallace)
VIC Strathaven Beauty Of The Dance (Australian Champion) (SG & IA Wallace)
NZ Strathaven Maker of Dreams (Imp Aus) (NZ Ch) (Kathryn Debenham)
NSW Strathaven Royal Command (Ms. Susan Ryan)
VIC Strathaven Supreme Beauty (Mrs S & Mr I Wallace & Mrs L Humphries)
VIC Strathaven The Beauty Of Ebony (AI) (Sandra Wallace)
NSW Swinbrad Game Breaker (Aust Ch) (V & D Morris)

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