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Aust Ch Dawnus Bear Force One
(S Betts)

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NSW Birdrise Dark Storm (Australian Champion) (Mr M Perry)
SA Birdrise Meadow Brook (Aust Ch) (Mrs Jane McDonald)
SA Cudyncae Dayz O Thunder (Q) (Multi RUBISS Aust Ch) (M McCaffery & G M Davies)
SA Cudyncae Tradin Places (Q) (Aust Ch) (M McCaffery & G M Davies)
NSW Dawnus Always Dare to Dream ET WPD (Aust Ch) (S Betts)
NSW Dawnus Bear Force One (Aust Ch) (S Betts)
NSW Dawnus Thats My Bear (Aust Ch) (S Betts & B Ray)
VIC Fieldspan Ina Class of his Own (Ch) (J Reimer)
NSW Fieldspan Jammie Dodger (Aust Sup Ch) (John & Rachel Robertson)
VIC Fieldspan Pursuit of Happiness (Ch) (J Reimer)
QLD Manunga Black Ice (Aust Ch    ) (Stephanie Sticher)
QLD Manunga Field Ov Dreams (Aust Ch & Eng Sh Ch) (Ray & Janet Norbury)
SA Manunga Meadow Lark (Q) (BIS (Neut) Aust & Neut Ch) (M McCaffery & J, M & L Barone)
QLD Manunga Rags To Riches (Aust Ch) (Stephanie Sticher)
SA Manunga The Black Of Beyond (Aust Ch) (M McCaffery)
VIC Meadowbriar Aussie Sheila JC (Aust Ch) (Mrs C & Mrs J Webster)
NSW Meadowbriar Benwick Blue Sky (American Ch, International Ch & Aust Ch) (John & Rachel Robertson, Anita Eley)
NSW Meadowbriar Chocolate Coated (Aust Ch) (Rebecca Robertson)
NSW Meadowbriar Lady De Bourgh (Aust Ch) (Steve & Beverley Swanston)
VIC Meadowbriar Macbeth Findlaech CA TD (Aust Ch) (Mrs & Mr Webster & Mr & Mrs Robertson)
NSW Meadowbriar Mbrace Th Darkside (J & R Robertson and S & B Swanson)
NSW Meadowbriar Miss Georgiana (Aust Ch) (John & Rachel Robertson)
NSW Meadowbriar Prepare To Die (Aust Ch) (Liam Robertson)
SA Overlook's KD The Way We Were (imp USA) (BIS BISS MBIG American Ch & Aust Gr Ch) (Monica McCaffery & Helen Howard)
QLD Ridgetor Falcon (Ch) (Stephanie Sticher)
VIC Robmond Recolection CA TD (Neut Grand Ch) (Mrs C & Mr J Webster)
NSW Shevington Ovrlks Dora Splora at Dawnus (Aust Ch) (S Betts)
VIC Shevington Ovrlks Marly (Ch) (Janene Poynton)
SA Shevington Ovrlks Red Skye (Mrs J McDonald)
SA Shevington South Trader CCD (Aust Ch) (M McCaffery & G M Davies)
NSW Silverbirch Jamboree Hytea (Aust Ch) (John & Rachel Robertson)
VIC Silverbirch Kosiuszko (Grand Champion) (Dr Gillian Robinson)
QLD Silverbirch To The Max (Aust Ch) (S. Sticher & M. Sticher)
SA Silverbirch Trader (Aust Gr Ch) (M McCaffery & G M Davies)
SA Siverbirch Safari Sage (Aust Ch) (M McCaffery & G M Davies)
NSW Upland's Got The Moves (Am. Ch.) (Mal Perry)
QLD Wintergem Cognac Indulgence (S & M Sticher)
NSW Wintergem Flyin Nuhrizn ET (Aust Gr Ch) (S Betts)
NSW Wintergem Miracle Lass (Aust Ch) (Robyn Fitzgerald)

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