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Multi RUBISS Aust Ch Cudyncae Dayz O Thunder (Q)
(M McCaffery & G M Davies)

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VIC Birdrise Aelin Fireheart (Aust Ch) (Mrs C Webster)
SA Birdrise Meadow Brook (Aust Ch) (Mrs Jane McDonald)
QLD Birdrise Thyme Is Right (J McDonald and R Arnott)
SA Cudyncae Dayz O Thunder (Q) (Multi RUBISS Aust Ch) (M McCaffery & G M Davies)
SA Cudyncae Tradin Places (Q) (Aust Ch) (M McCaffery & G M Davies)
NSW Dawnus Always Dare to Dream ET WPD (Aust Ch) (S Betts)
NSW Dawnus Bear Force One WPD (Aust Ch) (S Betts)
NSW Dawnus Cheese All Black (Aust Ch) (S Betts)
VIC Dawnus Cheese N Crackers (Mrs J Reimer & Miss S Betts)
NSW Dawnus Thats My Bear (Aust Ch) (S Betts & B Ray)
VIC Dellkarn To The Moon and Back CCD RA (Dual Ch. (T)) (Julie Morrison)
VIC Fieldspan Ina Class of his Own (Ch) (J Reimer)
NSW Fieldspan Jammie Dodger (Aust Sup Ch) (John & Rachel Robertson)
VIC Fieldspan Pursuit of Happiness (Ch. C.I.B.) (J Reimer)
VIC Killara New Day at Fayemor (imp USA) RATN TD (Ch) (Julie Morrison)
QLD Manunga Black Ice (Aust Ch    ) (Stephanie Sticher)
QLD Manunga Field Ov Dreams (Aust Ch & Eng Sh Ch) (Ray & Janet Norbury)
SA Manunga Meadow Lark (Q) (BIS (Neut) Aust & Neut Ch) (M McCaffery & J, M & L Barone)
QLD Manunga Rags To Riches (Aust Ch) (Stephanie Sticher)
SA Manunga The Black Of Beyond (Aust Ch) (M McCaffery)
VIC Meadowbriar Aussie Sheila CA (Aust Ch) (Mrs C & Mrs J Webster)
NSW Meadowbriar Benwick Blue Sky (American Ch, International Ch & Aust Ch) (John & Rachel Robertson, Anita Eley)
NSW Meadowbriar Chocolate Coated (Aust Ch) (Rebecca Robertson)
NSW Meadowbriar Lady De Bourgh (Aust Ch) (Steve & Beverley Swanston)
VIC Meadowbriar Macbeth Findlaech TDX CAA (Aust Ch) (Mrs & Mr Webster & Mr & Mrs Robertson)
NSW Meadowbriar Mbrace Th Darkside (J & R Robertson and S & B Swanson)
NSW Meadowbriar Miss Georgiana (Aust Ch) (John & Rachel Robertson)
NSW Meadowbriar Prepare To Die (Aust Ch) (Liam Robertson)
QLD Ridgetor Falcon (Ch) (Stephanie Sticher)
VIC Robmond Recolection CA TD (Neut Grand Ch) (Mrs C & Mr J Webster)
NSW Shevington Ovrlks Dora Splora at Dawnus (Aust Ch) (S Betts)
VIC Shevington Ovrlks Marly (Ch) (Janene Poynton)
SA Shevington South Trader CCD (Aust Ch) (M McCaffery & G M Davies)
NSW Silverbirch Jamboree Hytea (Aust Ch) (John & Rachel Robertson)
VIC Silverbirch Kosiuszko (Grand Champion) (Dr Gillian Robinson)
QLD Silverbirch To The Max (Aust Ch) (S. Sticher & M. Sticher)
SA Silverbirch Trader (Aust Gr Ch) (M McCaffery & G M Davies)
SA Siverbirch Safari Sage (Aust Ch) (M McCaffery & G M Davies)
NSW Wintergem Flyin Nuhrizn ET (Aust Gr Ch CIB) (S Betts)
NSW Wintergem Miracle Lass (Aust Ch) (Robyn Fitzgerald)

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