Ch Neut Ch Dawnus In A League Bear Own RN SWA ET CAX TD

Kuma is the first (and definitely not the last), Field Spaniel, to join my life!
We started showing when Kuma was 7 months old and from there were introduced to a wide number of dog sports! Kuma is extremely versatile, and has a particular love for Lure Coursing, Dryland Sledding (Bikejoring), Scentwork and Tracking!!
Kuma was the first field spaniel in Australia to gain in Scentwork Advanced (SWA) Title in 2022!!!
In Lure Coursing Kuma was the second dog in WA to gain her Coursing Ability Advanced Title in 2022!!
Looking forward to continuing our sports journey, and will continue to show intermittently to promote this beautiful breed!
Kuma is also a certified therapy dog, a credit to both her breed and her breeder, Steph Betts at Dawnus.

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Pedigree for Ch Neut Ch Dawnus In A League Bear Own RN SWA ET CAX TD
Sire : Ch Fieldspan Ina Class of His Own S: Ch Meadowbriar Benwick Blue Sky S: Sup Ch Fieldspan Jammie Dodger
D: Ch Silverbirch Jamboree Hytea
D: Ch Fieldspan Candid Shot S: Ch Ridgetor Falcon (Imp UK)
D: Ch Fieldspan Huntress
Dam : Ch Dawnus Always Dare to Dream ET WPD S: Ch Manunga Rags to Riches S: Ch Ridgetor Falcon (Imp UK)
D: Ch Manunga Maxines Gift
D: Gr Ch CIB Wintergem Flyin Nuhrizn ET S: Gr Ch Manunga Inn Keeper
D: Ch Manunga Black Image

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