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Aust Grand Champion Skyehaven Just A Dash
(Tina Corbell)

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NSW Almanza Double Action Dark Kiss (IMP SWD) (BIS/BISS/RUBIS/Aust. Ch:) (Peter King)
NSW Almanza High Heels On The Road (IMP SWE) (Aust Ch) (Gillian Holmes)
SA Almanza Jamaican Rum (imp swd) (Aust Ch) (Tina Corbell & E K Gurner)
SA Beauty Nights Diamond Dog (Imp Swd) (Aust Ch) (Tina Corbell & Kirstin Gurner)
VIC Black Mica's Totally Truant (Imp SWD) NRD (Ch) (Helen & Peter Eley)
NSW Blackregal Fastnet Rock (BISS Aust. Ch:) (Peter King)
NSW Blackregal Litle Miss Sunshine BISS. (CH) (Joy L Gregg)
NSW Blackregal Midnight Sun (Jlgregg)
NSW Blackregal Wind Beneth MyWings (J.l.gregg)
NSW Blackregal Wizard Of Oz (Ch) (Joy Gregg)
NSW Blackregal Wizard On Fire A.D.M. A.D.O. G.D.X. J.D.M. J.D.O. S.P.D. S.D.X. (Ms N Ware)
NSW Blacqlabel Firstedition (Australian Champion) (Ms G L Holmes)
NSW Blacqlabel Firstime Offender (Australian Champion) (Ms G L Holmes)
NSW Blacqlabel Sviar Im Blacq (Ms G L Holmes)
VIC Boltilitorp Rhythm and Blues (Imp Swd) NRD (CH) (Helen & Peter Eley)
VIC Boltiltorps Take it or Leave It (Imp Swd) (Helen & Peter Eley)
SA Bushman Better Be Boss (RUBISS Gr Ch) (Tina Corbell)
TAS Bushman Dream Come True (Aust Ch) (C Clarke, P Kennon and J Kennon-Wray)
SA Bushman Fire In The Sky (Aust Ch) (T Corbell,EK Gurner,J Kennon-Wray&J Wray)
NZ Bushman Hit or Miss (Imp Aust) (MRBIS NZ Ch, Aust Grand Ch) (V & A Pratt)
NZ Bushman No Trouble Flying (Imp Aust) (BISS Aust Grand Ch, NZ Ch) (V&A Pratt)
SA Bushman Power To Shine (Aust Grand Ch) (E K Gurner & T Corbell)
NZ Bushman Southern Coovara (Imp Aus) (NZ Ch) (V & A Pratt)
SA Bushman Tempted To Tease (Ch) (Tina Corbell)
TAS Bushman The Deputy (Grd Ch) (C Clarke, P Kennon and J Kennon-Wray)
NZ Bushman Trouble Is (Imp Aus) (NZ Ch) (V & A Pratt)
SA Casuarina Black Pearl (Imp UK) NRD (Aust Ch) (Ross & Jean Bryant)
TAS Explicit The Fame Game (Imp Swe) (Ch) (Christine Clarke)
SA Fetchitup Man Of The Hour (Aust Grand Champion) (Tina Corbell)
TAS Firebush Dizzy Miz Lizzy (Ch) (Mrs C Clarke)
TAS Firebush Let It Be (Ch) (Mrs C Clarke)
TAS Firebush The Wicked Truth (AI) (Mrs C Clarke)
SA Flatterhaft Choklad Pralin (imp swd) (Aust Ch) (Tina Corbell)
NSW Flatterhaft Greysouthen Mind Games (IMP SWD) (Aust. Grand Ch:) (Peter King)
SA Flatterhaft Steal Or Borrow (Imp Swd) (BIS RUBIS Aust Grand Ch) (Tina Corbell)
WA Hawksdale Blacq Pearl (Miss KA & Mrs JM Govan)
NSW Hawksdale Classic Blacq (Australian Champion) (Gillian Holmes)
TAS Hawksdale Heart of Fire (Mrs Christine Clarke)
NSW Hawksdale Lasting Impression (RUBIS Australian Grand Champion) (Gillian Holmes)
QLD Hawksdale My Secret Surprise (Aust Ch) (Ms D & Miss J Creagh)
WA Hawksdale Positive Thinking (Miss Ka & Mrs Jm Govan)
NSW Hawksdale Positive Whisper (Grand Champion) (Gillian Holmes)
VIC Injitali In The Black CD (Aust Champion) (R Williams)
VIC Injitali Intrigue CCD RN (Grand Ch Dual Ch (T)) (R Williams)
VIC Injitali Intriguing Puzzle RN (Ch) (Julee Hosking)
VIC Injitali Intriguing Secret TSDX (TS Ch Grand Ch Dual Ch (T)) (R Williams)
VIC Injitali Intriguing Tale (Dual Grand Ch (TS) Dual Ch (T)) (R Williams)
VIC Injitali Sir Bouncealot (Dual Grand Ch (TS) Dual Ch (T)) (R Williams)
VIC Injitali Treasure Seeker (Aust Ch) (R Williams)
VIC Kellick All I Ever Need Is You (Grand Ch.) (D & S Wilkie)
VIC Kellick Carn Of Cailiche CCD (Aust Champion) (R Williams)
VIC Kellick Chiron (Aust Champion) (R Williams)
VIC Kellick Kitty Hawk (Aust Champion) (R Williams)
TAS Kellick Limited Edition at Firebush (AI) (Christine Clarke)
TAS Kellick Midnight Ticket ToRide (Ch) (Christine Clarke)
WA Kellick Song Sung Blue RN (RUBIS Aust Grand Champion) (Christine Murray)
SA Kellick Take a Break (Aust Ch) (J. & R. Bryant)
VIC Kellick Take me to the Top (Peter & Helen Eley)
VIC Kellick Whoa Black Betty (Helen And Peter Eley)
NZ Kiwiline Deja Vu (NZ Ch) (V & A Pratt)
NZ Kiwiline Spirit Of Bushman (NZ Ch) (V & A Pratt)
NZ Kiwiline Trouble Bubble (NZ Ch) (V & A Pratt)
NSW Lindenjude Pipers Scout (Aust Ch) (Emily Anderson & Peter King)
WA Moonstruck Walnut (imp Swe) (BIS AUST CH) (Miss Ka & Mrs Jm Govan)
SA O'Flanagan Fermosa Oolong (imp swd) (Kirstin Gurner & Tina Corbell)
SA O'Flanagan Go For Broke (imp swd) (Aust Ch) (Kirstin Gurner & Tina Corbell)
NSW One Shining True Hero RN NRD ORA (IMP SWE) (CH) (Kirsty Blair)
NSW Phoenix Firebird Of Black Brianta (imp Cze) (Joy Gregg)
SA Poweron Gunnabe Trouble (Aust Ch) (Kirstin Gurner)
SA Poweron Here Comes Trouble (Aust Ch) (Kirstin Gurner)
SA Poweron Never Been Better (Kirstin Gurner)
SA Poweron Never Look Back (Kirstin Gurner)
SA Poweron Outrajus Fortune (Aust Ch) (Kirstin Gurner)
SA Poweron Tails Of Wonder (Aust Ch) (Kirstin Gurner)
SA Sherepoint Precious Jade (AI) (Aust Ch) (Jean & Ross Bryant)
SA Sherepoint Banks N Braes (AI) (BISS Aust Ch) (Jean & Ross Bryant)
SA Sherepoint Cracked Pepper (Aust Ch) (Roos & Jean Bryant)
WA Sherepoint Green Ivy (BIS Aust Ch) (C Murray)
SA Sherepoint Kentucky Bluegrass (Grand Champion) (Jean & Ross Bryant)
VIC Sherepoint Lone Ranger NRD (Aust Ch) (R & J. Bryant)
TAS Sherepoint Lunar Eclipse at Firebush (AI) (Christine Clarke)
SA Sherepoint MacKenzie (Aust Ch) (Jean & Ross Bryant)
SA Sherepoint Moonraker (Jean & Ross Bryant)
VIC Sherepoint Obsidian (Aust Ch) (D & S Wilkie)
WA Sherepoint Once In A Blue Moon (AI) (Aust Ch) (Marilyn Dawson)
SA Sherepoint Peppermint Crisp (Australian Champion) (Ross & Jean Bryant)
SA Sherepoint Summer Holiday (Aust Ch) (Ross & Jean Bryant)
QLD Sherepoint Sweet Pepper AI (Aust Ch & NZ Ch) (WA & KDL Vowell)
SA Sherepoint Total Blakout (Aust Ch) (Ross & Jean Bryant)
SA Skye Power Black Brianta (imp cz) (Aust Ch) (Tina Corbell & Kirstin Gurner)
SA Skyehaven All About Me (Aust Ch) (Tina Corbell)
ACT Skyehaven All Guns Blazing (Aust Grand Ch) (Meaghan O'Shannassy)
SA Skyehaven Better Believe It (Aust Ch) (Tina Corbell)
SA Skyehaven Dare Devil Miss (Aust Champion) (Tina Corbell)
NZ Skyehaven Dare To Be Magic (Imp Aust) (Ch) (Anita Pearless)
SA Skyehaven First Class Ticket (Tina Corbell)
SA Skyehaven Flying Drunk (Aust Ch) (E K Gurner & T Corbell)
SA Skyehaven Fortune Shines (Aust Grand Ch) (E K Gurner & T Corbell)
SA Skyehaven Handful Of Tickets (Tina Corbell)
SA Skyehaven Just A Dash (Aust Grand Champion) (Tina Corbell)
SA Skyehaven Just A Star (Aust Ch) (Tina Corbell)
SA Skyehaven Let It Rip (Aust Ch) (Tina Corbell)
SA Skyehaven Man On Fire (Aust Ch) (Tina Corbell)
SA Skyehaven Mightnpower (BISS Grand Ch) (Tina Corbell)
ACT Skyehaven Never Tell Tales (Aust Ch) (Melinda Sawer & Tina Corbell)
ACT Skyehaven Ticket To Ride (Aust Ch) (Meaghan O'Shannassy)
SA Skyehaven Up The Ante (Australian Champion) (Tina Corbell)
VIC Torlum Dalziel (CH) (Helen Eley)

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