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Ch Marniechar Kodak Moment
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SA Adawar Kiss Me (Aust Ch) (Ms T. Asbroek)
NSW Adawar Lady Cadillac (Australian Champion) (Ms N L Morgan)
NSW Adawar Sir Pontiac (Australian Champion) (Ms N Morgan)
QLD Allobek Fun House Dancer (Samantha Oberle)
NSW Bascena Fearless One (Aust champion) (J & R Touzell)
NSW Bascena he’s the cheeky one (Julie and Rikki Touzell)
NSW Bascena Little Miss Fabulous (Julie and Rikki Touzell)
NSW Bascena Shazbot (Aust Ch) (J & R Touzell)
VIC Batpin Antz Pants (BISS, Multi RUBISS Aust. Ch. Neuter Ch.) (Mrs Lisa Prior)
NSW Batpin Precious Gold (Aust Ch) (Barbara Smith)
TAS Boshafte Modern Art (Aust Ch) (Ian & Katherine Davey)
TAS Boshafte Rosfrith TD (Ch) (Kathi & Ian Davey)
NSW Brandyark Bird Is The Word (Ch) (Mrs D & Mr G O'Donnell)
NSW Brandyark FallDogBombs TheMoon (AI) (Ch) (Mrs D & Mr G O'Donnell)
WA Callme A Knock Out (RUBISS AUST CH NEUT CH) (Steve Rhodes)
NSW Callme Cheeky Babe (MinPin Steve)
WA Callme Elle Gant (Multi BISS AUST CH) (Steve Rhodes)
WA Callme First Place (MinPin Steve)
WA Callme I Believe (Aust & Neut Ch) (Steve Rhodes)
WA Callme I Can And I Will (AUST CH) (Steve Rhodes)
WA Callme I Select (Multi BIS RUBIS, BISS Supreme Champion) (MinPin Steve)
WA Callme I Will (Steve Rhodes)
NSW Callme In Full View (AUST CH) (Steve Rhodes)
WA Callme In Ya Face (RUBISS AUST CH) (Steve Rhodes)
WA Callme Jeepers Creepers (Aust Ch) (Steve Rhodes)
WA Callme Jeroni Moe (BISS AUST CH) (Steve Rhodes)
WA Callme Lets Move (Steve Rhodes)
WA Callme Looky Here (RUBIS AUST GRAND CH) (Steve Rhodes)
WA Callme Most Wanted RN (Srhodes)
WA Callme Never Miss A Beat (Ch) (S Rhodes)
WA Callme Nothing Less (Ch  ) (S Rhodes)
WA Callme One Step Ahead (MULTI BISS, BIS, BISTS. Australian Supreme Champion) (Steve Rhodes)
WA Callme ResuREXion (RUBIS Aust Ch) (MinPin Steve)
WA Callme See This (MinPin Steve)
WA Callme Take Control (Aust Ch) (Steve Rhodes)
WA Callme To Die For (AUST CH) (Steve Rhodes)
WA Callme TO HOT (MinPin Steve)
WA Callme Twice As Nice (Steve Rhodes)
WA Callme Val U Bull AD JD SPD SD (MULTI BIS, BISTS RUBISS Aust SUPREME Champion) (Steve Rhodes)
WA Callme Walk My Way (Aust Grand Ch) (Steve Rhodes)
WA Callme Wot A Show Off (AUST CH) (Steve Rhodes)
QLD Cedarhaven Dance Little Sister (Aust Ch.) (Ms Kim Quodling)
QLD Cedarhaven Living Doll (Aust Ch) (Ms Kim Quodling)
VIC Chinkdale Red Ricky (Aust Ch) (E Turnbull, G Cincotta)
NZ Crystal's Meteorology at Tauriel (AM CH) (E Hyde)
VIC Droverstorm A Perfect Storm (Kimberly Berlyn)
VIC Droverstorm Aces Wild (Kimberly Berlyn)
VIC Droverstorm Freedom Fighter (Ch) (Kimberly Berlyn)
VIC Droverstorm FreedomRings (Ch) (Kimberly Berlyn)
VIC Droverstorm Im Wantd In Tucson (Kimberly Berlyn)
VIC Droverstorm Justabitbewitching (Kimberly Berlyn)
VIC Droverstorm Mighty Mouse (Kimberly Berlyn)
VIC Droverstorm One Mor Jagerbomb (Kimberly Berlyn)
SA Droverstorm Queen of Hearts (Australian Champion) (T. Howie)
VIC Droverstorm Six Shooter (Ch) (Mrs D Williams & Mr B Williams)
VIC Droverstorm Storm Warning (Ch) (Kimberly Berlyn)
VIC Droverstorm Ten Dollar Pistol (Ch) (Kimberly Berlyn)
VIC Droverstorm ThirtyEightSpecial (Kimberly M Berlyn)
NSW Eaglevale Freddie Mercury (Australian Champion) (K Williams)
NSW Eaglevale Shes Got The Look (K Williams)
NSW Eaglevale True Colours (Australian Champion) (K Williams)
NT Emani Boy From Oz (Australian Champion) (Mrs M Doyle)
NT Emani Boy From Oz (Australian Champion) (Mrs M Doyle)
NT Emani Bronze Aussie (Mrs M Doyle)
NT Emani HiddenTreasure (CH) (Mrs Margaret Doyle (Emani Kennels))
NT Emani Liza With A Z (Australian Champion) (Mrs M Doyle)
NT Emani Oi Oi Oi (CH) (Mrs M Doyle)
NT Emani Struttin His Stuff (Australian Champion) (Mrs M Doyle (Emani Kennels))
NT Emani Struttin In Style (CH) (Mrs Margaret Doyle)
NT Emani Touch Of Magic (Aust. Champion) (Mrs M Doyle)
NT Emani Treasure To Atee (Australian Champion) (Mrs Margaret Doyle (Emani Kennels))
QLD Faibel Cherry Cola (Kim Jennings)
QLD Faibel Cowgirl In The Sand (Kim Jennings)
QLD Faibel Glory Dayz (Mrs K Jennings)
QLD Faibel Let it B (Samantha Oberle)
QLD Faibel Rodger (Aust Ch) (Samantha Oberle)
QLD Faibel The Kingpin (Kim Jennings)
QLD Faibel The Showman (Aust. CH.) (Mrs K. Jennings)
QLD Haggai Rosa Negra (Mrs K.Jennings)
QLD Haggai Tomatito Rojo (Mrs K. Jennings)
VIC Khanrae Aspen By Design (Aust Ch) (E Turnbull ,G Cincotta)
VIC Khanrae Dance Man (Aust Ch) (ETurnbull, G Cincotta)
VIC Khanrae Dare Devil (MULTI RUBISS Aust CH) (E Turnbull, G Cincotta)
VIC Khanrae Rickys Gift (Aust CH) (E Turnbull, G Cincotta)
VIC Khanrae Texas Supermodel (Ch Neut Ch) (Kimberly Berlyn)
WA Kimico Little Smellmo (AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION) (Steve Rhodes)
VIC Kimro's Soldier Of Fortune (Am Ch Ch) (Kimberly Berlyn)
QLD Lapinscha Dare to Dazzle (Aust Ch) (A Anson)
WA Leoricia Devena (AUST GRAND CHAMPION) (Steve Rhodes)
WA Leoricia In Vouge (AUST CH) (Callme Kennels)
WA Leoricia Judge N Jury (BIS BISS AUST GRAND CHAMPION) (Steve Rhodes)
VIC Leoricia Prime Mover (Multi BISS & RUBISS Aust. Grand Ch.) (Lisa Prior)
VIC Leoricia Quest For Gold (Australian Champion) (Lesley Wilson)
VIC Leoricia Return The Favour (BISS Aust. Ch.) (Lisa Prior)
NZ Leoricia Right Where I Belong JD CGCF (IMP AUST) (NZ CH & NEUT CH) (Aimee Hamlin)
VIC Leoricia Shh It's A Secret (Lesley Wilson)
VIC Leoricia Vixen (Aust. Ch) (Lesley Wilson)
VIC Leoricia Xcalibur (Aust Ch) (Lesley Wilson)
VIC Leoricia Xpression Tells All (Aust Ch.) (Lesley Wilson)
VIC Leoricia You Neversay Never (Aust Ch.) (Lesley Wilson)
NZ Leoricia You Neversay Never (AU & NZ CH) (A Hamlin & A Dobson)
NZ Leoricia Zero Sum Game (NZ CH) (Aimee Hamlin)
QLD Majicjewl Enchanted Knight (Aust Ch) (Kim Quodling)
NSW Marniechar Akarsha (Aust Ch) (K M Potts)
NSW Marniechar All Fired Up (Ms KM Potts)
NSW Marniechar Black Jade (Australian Champion) (Kathy Potts)
NSW Marniechar Black Opulence (Champion) (Kathy Potts)
NSW Marniechar Black Zambucca (Ms K M Potts)
NSW Marniechar Devill Wears Prada (Aust Ch) (K M Potts)
NSW Marniechar Follow My Lead (Ch) (Kathy Potts)
NSW Marniechar J Adore (K M Potts)
NSW Marniechar Kodak Moment (Ch) (Kathy Potts)
NSW Marniechar Marquise (Grand Champion) (Kathy Potts)
NSW Marniechar Marty McFly (BISS Aust Ch) (Karen J Copeland)
QLD Marniechar Metropolis City (Aust. Ch.) (Lauren Bryson and William Moxham)
QLD Marniechar Mitzythemagnificent (Aust. Ch.) (John Mitchell)
NSW Marniechar Picture This (Aust Ch) (KM Potts)
QLD Marniechar Strike A Pose (Aust Ch) (William Moxham and Lauren Bryson)
NSW Marniechar Strike A Pose (K M Potts)
NSW Marniechar Talking Bout Mygirl (K M Potts)
NSW Marniechar U Got The Look (Champion) (K M Potts)
QLD Maxila Geronimo (Mrs K. Jennings)
VIC Milano Th Devil Made Me Do It (RUBISS) (Mrs Lisa Prior)
VIC Minapeke Black Lacey (Aust CH) (E Turnbull, G Cincotta)
VIC Minapeke IMA Single Girl (Aust CH) (The Late Mrs E Turnbull ,Mrs G Cincotta)
VIC Minapeke Is Playing Solitaire (Aust CH) (The Late Mrs E Turnbull ,Mrs G Cincotta)
VIC Minapeke K For KY ( Aust Ch   ) (The Late Mrs E Turnbull ,Mrs G Cincotta)
VIC Minapeke Thats My Boi (Aust CH RUBISS) (E Turnbull G Cincotta)
VIC Minapeke Third Time Lucky (Aust CH) (Gloria Cincotta)
VIC Minarli Burlington Bertie (Penny Meulenkamp & Jamie Pendle)
VIC Minarli Classic Rhythm TD (Australian Champion) (Miss Jane Morrey & Miss Jamie Pendle)
VIC Minarli Fancy Pantz (Australian Champion) (Miss Jamie Pendle)
VIC Minarli Reggae Reggie (Aust Ch) (Jamie Pendle)
VIC Minarli Solo Rhythm (Miss Jamie Pendle)
NT Mindal Hot Damn Here Iam (Australian Champion) (Mrs Margaret Doyle)
NT Mindal Tipi To Atee (Australian Champion) (Mrs Margaret Doyle)
ACT Minelphi Heart of Glass (Australian Champion) (J Archer)
NSW Minelphi I am on Fire (Sup.Ch.) (Errolynne Cross and Phillip Cross)
NSW Minelphi Kelis (Ch) (Kathy Potts)
VIC Minelphi Moodie Blues (Australian Champion) (Lisa Prior)
QLD Minelphi Rockin Soul (AI) (Neut. Ch.) (A Anson)
ACT Minelphi Simply Red (BIS & RUBIS Australian Champion) (J Archer)
QLD Moxysrun Birds of Prey (Aust. Ch.) (Lauren Bryson Moxham, William Moxham and Chloe Bryson Gordon)
QLD Moxysrun Starling City (Aust. Ch) (Lauren Bryson and William Moxham)
NT Mulabula Little Angel (CH) (Mrs M Doyle (Emani Kennels))
QLD Nikijay Bold N Beautiful (Mrs Nikki Evans)
QLD Nikijay The Empire Ruler (Ms. Nikki Evans)
SA Palana Cort Being Sassy (Aust Ch) (Palana Kennels)
SA Palana Cort Corzn Mischief (Palana Kennels)

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