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Aust Ch Brinkley White Knight Of Perfu (Imp UK)
(Mrs and Mrs C Moore & Mr J Moore)

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TAS Aambelon The Bartman (Multi BIS & BISS Grand Ch) (Aambelon Kennels)
QLD Aambelon The Cartman (Ch) (Jan Talbot & Maree Aitchison)
QLD Adoroes As You Wish (Aust & NZ Ch) (Tracey & Wayne Weight)
QLD Adoroes Cant Stop Rave N (Aust Ch) (Tracey & Wayne Weight)
QLD Adoroes Created A Vision (Tracey and Wayne Weight)
QLD Adoroes K Dan Sun Chaser (AI) (Aust Ch) (Tracey & Wayne Weight)
QLD Adoroes K Dan Sun Chaser (AI) (Aust Ch) (Tracey & Wayne Weight)
QLD Adoroes Majestic Knight (Tracey & Wayne Weight)
NZ Air Zeppeline Bertoldo (IMP-ITA) (Elaine Feng)
TAS Bagatelle Race To The Moon (imp Can) (Aust Supreme Ch & Canadian & American Ch) (Maree & Daniel Aitchison)
VIC Barkshire’s Captain America (IMP USA) (Aust Sup & American CH) (Mr & Mrs C Moore & Mr J Moore)
QLD Bluefall No Ordinary Girl (Aust Ch) (Nicole Jardine)
NSW Bluenova Lady Olivia (Aust Grand Champion) (Mrs P Harman)
WA Bobkins Dream A Little Dream (AI) (Aust Ch) (Cherie van der Merwe)
VIC Brinkley Song 'N' Dance Man at Perfu (IMP UK) (Multi BIS/BISS Aust Supreme Ch) (Sue and Chris Moore)
VIC Brinkley White Knight Of Perfu (Imp UK) (Aust Ch) (Mrs and Mrs C Moore & Mr J Moore)
NSW Deignerz Monkey Business (Mrs F M Fearon-Zammit & Dr R Zammit)
NSW Dezignerz American Patriot (Australian Champion) (F Fearon-Zammit, R Zammit, J & K McLean)
TAS Ellesmyre Ruffn Tumble (Multi BISS Ch) (Maree Aitchison (nee Donaghy) S Donaghy)
SA Grastone Mrs Charlington (Aust Grand Ch) (Ian and Wendy Hage)
QLD Hairbear Hot Off The Press (Paula Lange)
QLD Hairbear Hot Property (Ch) (Maria Zekic)
QLD Hairbear One Cool Dude (Ch) (Maria Zekic)
QLD Haribear Hot N Spicy (Maria Zekic)
NSW Hartwyn Cosmic Charm (Aust CH) (Mrs Pauline Harman)
NSW Hartwyn Pageants Diva On Ice (AI) (Aust Ch) (P Evans & P Hartwell)
NSW Hartwyn Pageants Hero On Ice (AI) R.N. (Ch.) (Pauline Hartwell)
SA Hartwyn Pageants Prince On Ice (AI) (Neuter Ch) (Ian & Wendy Hage)
SA Hartwyn Pageants Royal Encore (AI) (Aust CH) (W Hage & P A Hartwell)
NSW Hartwyn Reckless Rumour UDX HC (Grand Ch, & Obedience CH.) (Pauline Hartwell)
SA Hartwyn Regal Rhetoric (BIS / RUBIS Multi Group Winner Aust Sup Ch) (Ryan Hage)
NSW Hartwyn Royal Kiss U.D. (Ch.) (Pauline Hartwell)
NSW Hartwyn Royal Pageant C.D.X. (CH.) (Pauline Hartwell)
NSW Hartwyn Royal Treason CDX (Aust Grand Ch) (Mr Phill Evans)
NSW Hartwyn Royal Zenith CDX (Supreme Ch) (Phill & Sue Evans)
NSW Hartwyn Royal Zulu U.D. R.E. H.I.C. (Dual Ch.(O)) (Pauline Hartwell)
TAS Hunson Catch a Rising Star (CH) (Hunson Kennels)
TAS Hunson Kissth Girls N Makumcry (AI) (Hunson Kennels)
NZ Jourdainz Coco Chanel (NZ CH) (Elaine Feng)
TAS Movama Manhatton (Ch) (Hunson kennels)
TAS Ottaba Ewecant Catchme (Multi BIS Australian Grand Ch) (Maree Aitchison & Ann Cassidy)
QLD Ottaba Ewemai Think Imadreama (Aust Ch) (Mrs A Cassidy)
QLD Ottaba Ewer One Of A Kind (Aust ch) (Mrs Ann Cassidy)
QLD Ottaba Eye Bin Watching Ewe (Aust Ch) (Rob & Karen Nelligan)
QLD Ottaba Eye Got Ewe Babe (Ch) (Rob & Karen Nelligan)
QLD Ottaba No Sneak Peek fur ewe (Aust Ch) (B & J Ashen)
QLD Ottaba Onli Ewe (Aust Ch) (Mrs A Cassidy)
QLD Ottaba Peeka Bewe (Aust. Sup. Ch./Multi BISS) (Robert Schnaars)
TAS Packardia Goes Ambelon (Multi BIS Australian Supreme Ch) (Aambelon Kennels)
QLD Packardia Talkn About Stylz At Tailgait (Aust champ) (Judy Pearce)
VIC Perfu American Beauty Queen (Aust Ch) (Mr C & Mrs S Moore & Mr J Moore)
SA Perfu Bridal Waltz (Ch) (A & C Finlay & Mrs S Moore)
VIC Perfu Dancing Queen (Aust Supreme Ch) (Mr & Mrs C Moore)
VIC Perfu Dancn With Starsnstripes (Aust Gr Ch) (Mr C & Mrs S Moore & Mr J Moore)
VIC Perfu Here Comes The Fuzz (CH) (Mrs S Moore & Mrs J & Ms V Soderstrom)
QLD Perfu Inca Traveller (Aust Ch) (Tracey & Wayne Weight & Mrs Sue Moore)
VIC Perfu Jack The Lad (Ms S Templeton & Mrs S Moore)
WA Perfu Lady Bobkin (Ch) (Cherie van der Merwe & Sue Moore)
QLD Perfu Our Queens Knight (Aust Ch) (Tracey & Wayne Weight/Sue Moore)
VIC Perfu Perfectly Precious (Mr & Mrs C Moore & Mr J Moore)
TAS Perfu Phenix Rising (Aust Ch) (Mr & Mrs C Moore & Mr J Moore)
QLD Perfu Sun Dancer (Aust Gr Ch) (Tracey & Wayne Weight)
VIC Perfu The Boy From Oz at Brinkley (Aust Ch) (Mrs Pamela Tomes UK)
VIC Perfu Truly Scrumptious (Aust Ch) (Mr & Mrs C Moore & Mr J Moore)
VIC Perfu Winter Soldier (Aust Gr Ch) (Mr C & Mrs S Moore & Mr J Moore)
NZ Rally Road Jp Kind A Dancer Lambluv (imp-japan) (L Feng)
QLD Rollingview Brave Victory (imp Can) (SupCh/CanCh/Multi BIS/BISS) (Ann Cassidy)
NZ Romulusnz Giorgio Armani (CH) (Elaine Feng)
NZ Shaggybark American Lover of Aryakas at Snodragon (imp USA) (ITA CH & NZ SPR CH) (R & C Ellis, N Kanales & M Autolitano)
NSW Tall Cotton Miss America Dressed By Dezignerz (Imp) (Australian & American Champion) (F Fearon - Zammit / Dr R Zammit / J & K)
NSW Tana's Chunky Monkey At Dezignerz (Imp) (Australian & American Champion) (F Fearon-Zammit/Dr R Zammit/B Vesel-Dodd)
NSW Tibetoes Dressed for Success (Aust Ch) (P M Ellis)
TAS To-Jo's Cr-Ewe-Z'n For A Br-Ewe-Z'n (imp USA) (Multi BIS Australian Grand Ch & American Ch) (Aambelon Kennels/J Kelley)
TAS To-Jo's If I Could Beam Back Time (imp USA) (Multi BIS Supreme Ch) (Maree Aitchison & Joy Kelley)
TAS To-Jo's Misty Mtn Sun Catcher (imp USA) (Multi BIS & BISS Grand Ch & Am Ch) (Aambelon Kennels & J Kelley)
QLD Tootone Anything But Ordinary (Nicole Jardine)
QLD Tootone Out Of The Ordinary (RW & KL Nelligan)
QLD Tootone Special Brew HT (Ch) (Nicole Jardine)
QLD Waloes Breakfast At Tiffanys (Aust Ch) (RW & KL Nelligan)
QLD Waloes Heaven Scent (Rob & Karen Nelligan)
QLD Waloes Theodore Rooseveldt (AI) (RW & KL Nelligan)
QLD Waloes Victorias Secret (Ch) (RW & KL Nelligan)
QLD Waloes Walkonda Wyldside (Neut Ch, Ch) (Rob & Karen Nelligan)
SA Whitefall Champagne Waltz (AI) (Ch) (C & A Finlay)
SA Whitefall Gentlemen Never Tell (AI) (Ch) (A & C Finlay)
NSW Wigelbears Sweet Escape (Aust Ch) (Ms P M Ellis)
TAS Wigelbears Sweet Painted Lady (AI) (Ch) (Hunson kennels)
WA Wolliwoof Justu Wait (BISS Ch) (Maree Aitchison(nee Donaghy) S Donaghy)
NSW Woolebull Royal Reminiscence (Ch) (P L & D S Hincks)
NSW Woolebull Skys The Limit (CH) (PL & DS Hincks)
NSW Woolebull Talkative Toby (P L & D S Hincks)
NSW Woolebull Up Country Girl (P & S Evans/P Harwell)
QLD Woolebull Visably Adorable (AI) (Aust Ch) (Mr W & Mrs T Weight)
TAS Woolliwoof Miesha (Multi BISS Champion) (Aambelon Kennels)
QLD Wynsilot n Larame Come Together(imp USA) (Sup Ch/Am Ch/Multi BISS/BIS) (Mrs A Cassidy)
QLD Wynsilot Never Say Never Again(imp USA) (Aust Ch) (Mrs A Cassidy)

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