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Ahmadi Interview With a Vampire ( AI )
(Ian Rasmussen)

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QLD Ahmadi Crazy in Luv ( AI ) (Rasmussen/ Brown/ Dunkley/ Bennett)
VIC Ahmadi Hearts A Fire (Aust Ch) (Krystal Lewis)
QLD Ahmadi Hiwayman (BIS Aust Ch) (Rasmussen/Brown/Slade/Dunkley/Bennett)
QLD Ahmadi Interview With a Vampire ( AI ) (Ian Rasmussen)
QLD Ahmadi Luv Bite (Aust Ch) (Vicki Shaw)
QLD Ahmadi My Name Is Jack (Aust Grand Champion) (Ian Rasmussen and Phillip Bennett)
NSW Al Muzdaher Farousi Rabha ET (Imp Bahrain) (Ch) (Anita Langford)
NSW Alshira Auster (Bear Paintain/Anita Langford)
NSW Alshira Bint Rabha ET (Ch) (A Langford)
WA Alshira Epona Amira (Ch) (K Marshall, A Langford)
NSW Alshira Iolanthe (AI) ET (Dual Ch (LC)) (Ms B Mitchell & Ms A Langford)
NSW Alshira la Sylphide (AI) JC (CH) (T Bassett & A Langford)
VIC Baghdad A Star in Stripes (Ch) (B L & P R Vogt & P Bockman-Chato)
QLD Baghdad A Star Is Born (Ch) (Margot Keast & Noosha Skinner)
WA Baghdad Addicted to Love (Neut Ch    ) (MR & Mrs C and N Lawton, Mrs P Bockman)
QLD Baghdad At The Oasis (Ch) (Margot Keast)
WA Baghdad Bint Al Kaliq (Aust Ch) (MR C & Mrs N Lawton)
VIC Baghdad Casual Affair (CH) (Mrs D Ladd & Mrs P Bockman-Chato & Ms M)
NSW Baghdad Divine Diva AtSkyzar E.T J.C (RUBIS Aust CH) (Nicole Snerling)
WA Baghdad Don't Stop Me Now (Ch) (C & N Lawton and Aaron Chato)
NSW Baghdad Quasar ET (Aust Grand CH Neuter CH) (Nicole Snerling)
NSW Baghdad Sunsation (BISS / Aust Grand Ch) (Patricia (Trish) & Gary Russell)
NSW Baghdad The Power O Me ET (RUBISS Gr Ch & Neut Gr Ch) (Nicole Snerling)
VIC Balmain Del Borghino (Imp ITA) (Aust Supreme Ch) (Talkabout Kennels)
NT Catonam Baharat (Ch.) (Marlene Watt, Sandy Irwin, Cathy Smith)
NSW Catonam Born To Be Wild (AI) (Don Day, Cathy Smith, Holly Greenfield)
NSW Catonam Cambay Sitara (Ch.) (Cathy and Tony Smith)
NSW Catonam El Bageir (Ch.) (Cathy and Tony Smith)
NSW Catonam Hot n Spicey (Ch.) (Tony & Cathy Smith)
NSW Catonam Karam Sahhar (Ch.) (Cathy and Tony Smith)
NSW Catonam Paprika (Ch.) (A.w. & C.A. Smith)
NSW Catonam Ryder Strikes Back (D.Day, C. Smith, H. Greenfield)
NSW Catonam Schezuan (Ch.) (Rebecca Rafton and Cathy Smith)
NSW Catonam Spicey Mission (Kaz Cleave & AW & CA Smith)
NSW Catonam Spizez Wild Child (Ch   ) (Cathy & Tony Smith)
NSW Catonam Wadi Freyha (Ch.) (Cathy and Tony Smith)
NSW Catonam Wadi Zahir (Ch.) (Cathy and Tony Smith)
WA Crisnick Aurora Raine (Mr and Mrs C and N Lawton)
WA Crisnick Creme De La Cocoa (Aust Ch) (Mr & Mrs C and N Lawton)
WA Crisnick Fantasia (Christian and Nichola Lawton)
WA Crisnick Harley Quinn (Nichola and Christian Lawton)
WA Crisnick Houdini (Christian and Nichola Lawton)
WA Crisnick Midnight At the Oasis (Mr C and N Lawton)
WA Crisnick Midnight Stryker (Aust Ch) (Nichola)
VIC Crisnick Sourcerers Apprentice (AI) (Talkabout Kennels)
NSW Crisnick Storm Chaser (AI) (C & N Lawton)
VIC Crisnick Surprise Parti (Sup. Ch.) (Mr C Lawton & Mrs N Lawton & Mr A Chato)
WA Crisnick Texas Tornado (Mr and Mrs C and N Lawton)
WA Crisnick The Illusionist (Christian and Nichola Lawton)
WA Crisnick Wizard Of Oz (AI) (C & N Lawton)
VIC Elarabie Oasis Imran (Supreme Ch) (S & A Green)
VIC Elarabie Oasis Odyssey (Aust Ch) (S Green, E Guthrie & A Green)
QLD Etaal Elenion Ancalima (AI) (Rana Spencer & Christine Stevens)
QLD Etaal Lintie Vea Elenis (AI) (A Takei, P Dixon)
NSW Farousi al Battal (Gr Ch) (Anita Langford)
WA Farousi al Haress (Aust Supreme Ch) (Kay Marshall)
WA Farousi Jomana Sahra (Aust Ch) (Kay Marshall)
VIC Grantulla Ishraq (C Parratt)
VIC Grantulla Jarireh (Grantulla)
WA Grantulla Nuriyah JC (Ms A Holmes)
VIC Grantulla Sanaa (Ai) JC (J Brennan & C Parratt)
VIC Grantulla Wirramirra (Ch. sFCH) (Mrs J Ryan)
VIC Highmead Jamil Shamal (Ch) (Mr G & Mrs E Rabin)
QLD Iftikar Aladdinsane JC (Sarah Speed)
NSW Itsozi Jewel In The Crown (Aust Ch) (N Rule-Steele & S Turay & A Delich)
NSW Itsozi Persian Jewel (Aust Ch) (C & G Arkell)
WA Itsozi the Jewel keeper (Ch) (S.Timson)
NSW Itsozi The Jewel Thief (Aust Ch) (C & G Arkell)
NSW Khamseh Inooshah (Gr. Ch.) (Cathy and Tony Smith)
VIC Kiabe Falin (Ch) (Donna Ladd)
VIC Klamurry Aarzu (T Murray & C Watts)
TAS Klamury Aneesa (Murray, Watts, Bingham and Cornish)
VIC Lavuka Driving Ms Idella (CH) (Tom Murray & Cooper Watts)
NSW Lenoapayaz Hadi el Basher ET LCM (Imp Bel) (Dual Ch [LC]) (A Langford)
NSW Lilithperi Hadi el Basher ET JC (Imp Bel) (Ch) (A Langford)
TAS Padtheway Aida (Hilary Spence Norm Strathdee)
NSW Padtheway Its Your Shout (RUBIS/RUBISS Sup Ch) (C & G Arkell)
VIC Padtheway Misdemeanor (RUBISS Aust Ch) (Ozrhode Kennels)
NSW Padtheway Qashdah (E Friedland, H Spence & N Strathdee)
NSW Padtheway Saffron (Ch) (H Spence, N Strathdee & W Downing)
NSW Padtheway Schiram Qafra (Ch.) (Emma Friedland)
VIC Padtheway Schiram Qatar (BIS/RUBIS Aust Grand Ch) (Ozrhode Kennels)
NSW Padtheway Turandot (Ms W Downing,Ms H Spence, Mr N Strathdee)
QLD Pazada A League Of His Own (Aust. Ch) (Chris Petersen & Trish and Gary Russell)
NSW Pazada Astra Viva (BIS / Aust Supreme Ch.) (G & P Russell/R & P Bazzocco)
NSW Pazada Double Identity (Aust. Supreme Ch.) (G & P Russell & Renee Davies)
QLD Pazada Encore (Aust Sup Ch) (G&P Russell & Belinda Almpantis)
SA Pazada Grand Royale (Aust. Supreme Ch.) (B Farrell, A Jones, G & P Russell)
NSW Pazada Luv Luv Me Do (Aust. Grand Ch.) (B Aldrich)
QLD Pazada Quantum Of Solace (Aust Ch) (Tiffany Heares)
QLD Pazada Rebel Rouser (Aust. Supreme Ch) (Rachael & Paul Bazzocco / G & P Russell)
NSW Pazada Reflections (Ch.) (G & P Russell, A Jones, B Farrell)
SA Pazada Sin With A Grin (Ch) (A Jones, B Farrell, G & P Russell)
VIC Pazada Someone To Talkabout (Aust Grand Ch) (Talkabout Kennels)
SA Pazada Star View (Aust. Supreme Ch.) (G & P Russell / A Jones & B Farrell)
NSW Pazada Watabout Last Night (Aust. Supreme Ch) (Gary & Patricia (Trish) Russell)
NSW Qirmizi Global Challenger(Imp Swd) (Grand Ch) (Le & Helen Gibson)
QLD Quanmarra Ekeko (Ch) (Brown, Dunkley, Rasmussen, Bennett)
QLD Quanmarra Kareja (Rasmussen/Brown/Dunkley/Bennett)
QLD Quanmarra Venezia (Aust Ch) (Rasmussen/Brown/Slade/Dunkley/Bennett)
NSW Skyzar Can't Stop The Feeling (Aust Ch) (Nicole Snerling)
NSW Skyzar Catching Fire (Aust Ch) (Nicole Snerling)
NSW Skyzar Girl On Fire (Aust Ch) (Nicole Snerling)
NSW Skyzar Kill Em With Kindness (Miss N A Snerling)
NSW Skyzar Playing With Fire (Nicole Snerling)
NSW Taejaan Jewel O The Nile (BIS/BISS Sup Ch) (C & G Arkell)
NSW Taejaan Persian Secret (Aust Ch) (N.J Rule Steele)
VIC Talkabout No Good Byes (Aust Ch) (Tony Kyman & Allan Wishart)
VIC Talkabout Playing With Numbers (Aust Ch) (Tony Kyman & Allan Wishart)
VIC Talkabout Son of a Gun (Aust Supreme Ch) (Tony Kyman & Allan Wishart)
VIC Talkabout Time After Time (Aust Supreme Ch) (Tony Kyman & Allan Wishart)
WA Talkabout Titanium (Nichola and Christian Lawton)
QLD Tazillah Alexandria (Imp FIN) (Ch) (Rana Spencer)
NSW Timaru Night Hawk (imp USA) (Ch.) (Cathy and Tony Smith)
QLD Willowmist the Hijacker (Grand Ch) (Ian Rasmussen and Robin Slade)
QLD Zipalong Sahiir Magic Fire (Aust Ch, SFCh) (Ms A Hammond-Fenton & D Bowman)

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