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Aust CH Balgravia Rudolf
(Kristi Faulkner)

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NZ Asterias Northern Stargazer TKN (Imp USA) (AM CH) (N Morgan & K Sloane)
SA Auslec Xs Fennec Bt (Aust Ch) (Lynda Webb)
VIC Ausled Bowie NT JD (Aust CH) (Ausled Kennels)
VIC Ausled Downtown Quinn LS (Aust CH) (Ausled Kennels)
QLD Ausled Evie LS (Denise Stanaway)
SA Ausled Kaa Chil NT (Lynda Webb)
QLD Ausled Magpie (Denise Stanaway)
VIC Ausled Rutan (Aust Ch) (Sharon Donaldson)
NSW Ausled Santa's Dancer ST (Cathy Nugent & Sharon Donaldson)
VIC Ausled Solar Mars LS (INT CH Aust CH) (Sharon Donaldson)
QLD Ausled XS Addax BT (Aust Ch.) (Tracie Thompson)
VIC Ausled XS Addax BT (Aust CH) (Ausled Kennels)
QLD Auzzie Crew Cobba (Denise Stanaway)
QLD Balgravia Champagne Flute (Aust Ch) (Kristi Faulkner)
QLD Balgravia Mitsy Wolfe (Aust CH) (Kristi Faulkner)
QLD Balgravia Rudolf (Aust CH) (Kristi Faulkner)
NSW Barahwolfe Allied Forces LS (IMP NZ) (Ausled Kennels)
VIC BarahWolfe Blackberry Jazz (Aust CH) (Ausled Kennels)
NZ Barahwolfe Coffee Creme (Lin Taylor)
NZ Barahwolfe Mercury Rising (Peta Dowle)
VIC Barahwolfe Snow Princess At Ubiqque (Aust Champ) (Mrs Jen Eaton)
QLD Barahwolfe Snowdrift Wombat at Icanhaz (Imp NZ) (Ch) (Andie Crouch)
NZ Barahwolfe Sundown Warbirds (Peta Dowle)
VIC Bergray Autumn Skye at Ubiqque (IMP USA) (Ch) (Mrs J Eaton)
VIC Candace Valkrista Voyager IMP (Ausled Kennels)
NSW Danga's X-Force-D (DK JV-14 SV JV-14 SV-15 DKV-15 DKUCH SEUCH Dansk Rasvinnare 2015 BIS på SKV's) (Ausled & Akka Kennels)
QLD Dlarah Bitter Sweet Symphany (Grand Ch) (Sharon Morris)
QLD Dlarah Brown Sugar (Ch) (Naomi Morris)
QLD Dlarah Cheers Drink To That (Grand Champion) (Mrs N Morris & Miss S Morris)
QLD Dlarah Little Red Corvette (Supreme CH) (Amanda Smith)
NSW Dlarah Mustang Sally (Gr Ch) (Cathy Nugent)
NZ Dlarah Ruby Tuesday - Imported Australia (NZ CH) (Lynne Henry)
QLD Dlarah Witchcraft (Grand Ch) (Sharon Morris/Leonie Darling)
NZ Hockgardens Teddy - Imported Sweden (NZ CH) (Lynne Henry)
NZ Hogalids Dexter - Imported Sweden (NZCH) (Lynne Henry)
QLD Icanhaz A Celestial Comet (Aust Ch) (Heather Scofield)
QLD Icanhaz Dark Matter (A Proudfoot)
WA Icanhaz Eclipse for Skyfyre (A Proudfoot)
VIC Icanhaz The Apparent Magnitude (Aust Champ) (Mrs J Eaton)
VIC Icanhaz The Aurora Australis (C Burke & A Proudfoot)
SA Lokynnda Games People Play (Ch) (K Adams)
VIC Maroki Forrest Quist Ausled (imp NZ) (Ausled Kennels)
QLD Maroki Highfield Arche (Imp NZ) JC (Aust Ch) (A E Proudfoot)
QLD Miyggdrasil Celestial Eclipse (Aust Ch) (Heather Scofield)
QLD Miyggdrasil Celestial Thunder (Aust. Ch) (S E Hatfield)
QLD Morkerbook Cruisn In My Chevy (Supreme Ch) (S Morris)
QLD Morkerbook Cruisn Together (Ch) (Miss S Morris)
QLD Morkerbook Cruisn Withmy Honey (Grand Ch) (Miss S & Mrs N Morris)
NZ Osuno Battle Born (NZ CH) (Andy Lawrie)
NZ Osuno Big Bad Wolfe (New Zealand Champion) (Trish Harris)
QLD Osuno Burning Boundaries (Imp NZL) (Aust Ch) (Heather Scofield)
NZ Osuno Double Dare (A Lawrie)
QLD Osuno Feature Fokus IMP NZ (Aus Ch) (A. J. & S. J. Smith)
VIC Osuno Great Gatsby At Ubiqque (imp Nzl) (Ch) (Mrs Jen Eaton)
QLD Osuno Grey Gossip at Baxsiter (Imp NZ) (A Crouch)
QLD Osuno Grey Grenade (Andy Lawrie)
VIC Osuno Outback Alice At Ubiqque (IMP NZL) (Aust Champ) (Mrs Jen Eaton)
VIC Osuno Red Rebel At Ubiqque (imp Nzl) (Ch) (Mrs J Eaton)
NZ Osuno Secret Smile (A Lawrie)
QLD Osuno Spellbound Saros (IMP NZ) (A E Proudfoot)
VIC Osuno Strike A Pose At Ubiqque (IMP NZL) (Aust Champ) (Mrs Jen Eaton)
QLD Osuno The Odyssey (IMP NZ) (A Proudfoot)
VIC Osuno Thunder Downunder (IMP NZL) (Mrs Jen Eaton)
QLD Osuno Winter Magic at Baxsiter (Imp NZ) (A Crouch)
NZ Rahkantra All Shook Up With Vanaheim (NZ Ch) (Candyce Orchard)
NZ Rahkantra Artic Star with Vanaheim (N Morgan)
NZ Rahkantra Do You Wanna Dance with Vanaheim (N Morgan)
NZ Rahkantra Flossie Bear with Vanaheim (NZ Ch) (Candyce Orchard)
NZ Rahkantra Limited Edition with Vanaheim (NZ Ch) (Candyce Orchard)
NZ Rahkantra Snow Sparkle with Vanaheim (NZ Ch) (Candyce Orchard)
QLD Snodogz B-fifty-Two Bomber (J&K Faulkner)
QLD Snodogz Maggie May (Aust CH) (Kristi Faulkner)
QLD Snodogz Mosey (Aust CH) (Kristi Faulkner)
QLD Snodogz Tiger Wolfe (Aust CH) (Kristi Faulkner)
QLD Starvon Dark Knight With Valltineya (Lynn Pallatina,)
QLD Stefindy Lilaussiemates Saski (Denise Stanaway)
NZ Svedala Linus Lingon - Imported Sweden (Swedish & New Zealand Champion) (A Lawrie)
NZ Tamriel She'll Be Gold (Peta Dowle and Connor Harris)
NZ Torvall Witchey Women (N Morgan)
QLD Trendam BeautySkool Dropout (CH) (A. J. & S. J. Smith)
QLD Trendam Like Toy Soldiers (Supreme Aust CH) (Mrs A J Smith & Miss S J Smith)
QLD Trendam Magic Man (Supreme Ch   ) (Ms A J Smith)
NSW Trendam So Bad (Australian Champion) (Cathy Nugent & Amanda Smith)
QLD Trendam U Need To Calm Down (Ch) (Mrs A J & Miss S J Smith)
VIC Ubiqque Cracklin Rosie (ai) (Ch) (Mrs J Eaton)
QLD Ubiqque Dont Change My Luck (Aust Ch) (Alexandra Proudfoot)
VIC Ubiqque Silver Springs (Champion) (Mrs Debra Thorne)
VIC Ubiqque Stop Your Fussin (Mrs J Eaton)
NZ Vallarity Aira Force (NZ Ch) (Lynne Henry)
NZ Vallarity Elfin Oak (NZ Ch) (Lynne Henry)
NZ Vallarity Foxtrot Bravo (NZCH) (Lynne Henry)
NZ Vallarity Foxy-Fey (NZCH) (Lynne Henry)
NZ Vallarity Hip Hop Hillbilly (NZ Ch) (Lynne Henry)
NZ Vallarity Hopscotch (NZ Ch) (Lynne Henry)
NZ Vallarity Penny Arcade (Lynne Henry)
NZ Vallarity Rockabilly Rebel (NZ Ch) (Lynne Henry)
NZ Vallarity Ticket To Ride (NZ CH) (Lynne Henry)
NZ Vanaheim Sweet Black Magick with Rahkantra (Champion) (Natalie Morgan)

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