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Yarraview Ruby Red Head
(D McCosker)

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NSW Aaungara Koolaroo (Peter Clarke - Melanie Williams-Clarke)
NSW Adail A Touch Of Rajiee (Mary Karr)
NSW Adail Lady Zara (CH Neut. Ch) (Phillip Nicholson)
NSW Adail Le Creme Choc Delight (Aust Ch) (P & Mrs S Nicholson)
QLD Alaula Fudgeberry Golden Sun (ElTaj (Natashja Burton))
QLD Alaula Venussunrise (ElTaj (Natashja Burton))
NSW Alotafun Bella Donna Babe (J A Lee)
NSW Alotafun Bon Cheri (J A Lee)
NSW Alotafun Caramel Delight (Ch) (Kim Boyland)
NSW Alotafun Charlie Boy (J A Lee)
NSW Alotafun Diamond Jimbo (Ch) (J A Lee)
NSW Alotafun Lady Luck (J A Lee)
NSW Alotafun Lucky Say Oh (Ch) (J A Lee)
NSW Alotafun Rustic Treasure (Ch) (Bonnie Holstein)
NSW Alotafun Sassy Girl (Ch) (Miss K Boyland)
NSW Alotafun Wilful Way (Ch) (J A Lee)
VIC Ardchattan Pai Gow (D HEATH & R Moss)
NSW Atenta Abbey Road (Champion) (Mary Kerr)
NSW Atenta Corona (Peter Clarke - Melanie Williams-Clarke)
NSW Atenta Lady In Red (Jane Davis)
NSW Atenta Lucky For Some (Aust Ch) (G L & J A Spears)
NSW Atenta Primrose (Peter Clarke - Melanie Williams-Clarke)
NSW Atenta Tempt Me Lillee (Jane Davis)
NSW Atenta The Lady is Redi (Champion) (Mary Kerr)
NSW Atenta Tommy Teeko (Ch Neut Ch) (R. Gambino)
NSW Atenta Viking (Aust Ch) (G L & J A Spears)
NSW Aurburnsun Spring In Ya Step (E Morgan)
NSW Aurburnsun What You Need (E Morgan)
QLD Charbon Archie Rose (CE & JF Chambers)
QLD Charbon Chase The Ace (Grand Ch) (C E & J F Chambers)
QLD Charbon Chasing Echoes (CE & JF Chambers)
NSW Charbon Classic Dove (Ch.) (Fran Smith)
QLD Charbon Dove By Design (Ch) (C E & J F Chambers)
QLD Charbon Dream Traveller (Ch) (CE & JF Chambers)
QLD Charbon Everythings Archie (Ch) (CE & JF Chambers)
QLD Charbon Kyson (Ch) (CE & JF Chambers)
QLD Charbon Radiant Light (Ch) (CE & JF Chambers)
QLD Charbon Rockin It Solo (CE & JF Chambers)
QLD Charbon Steel The Show (Ch) (CE & JF Chambers)
QLD Charbon Stryking It Lucky (CE & JF Chambers)
QLD Charbon Styled By Frankie (Aust Ch) (CE & JF Chambers)
VIC Charbon Super Sassy (Ch.) (C & P Weatherley)
QLD Charbon Tiara Of Steel (CE & J F Chambers)
NSW Coolamin Classic Jack (Mrs L S Warne)
NSW Coolamin Littlbit O Choc (Ms V Thompson)
NSW Coolamin Little Dove (Ch) (Fran Smith)
NSW Coolamin Pure Gold (Mrs L Warne)
NSW Coolamin Sunshine Man (Ch) (Fran Smith)
NSW Demala Black Jazz (Danielle McCosker)
NSW Demala Im All Jazzed Up. (Deirdre MACFADYEN)
SA Demala Just Katie (CH) (Maureen Schutt-Gumhaven Kennels)
NSW Demala Let The Show Begin (Deidre Macfadyen)
NSW Demala Lord of the Rings (Aust Neut ch) (Ms H Stokes)
NSW Demala My Fair Mindy (Aust Ch    ) (Deidre MacFadyen)
NSW Demala Rumour Has It (D McCosker)
NSW Demala Stepping in Style (Deidre McFadgen)
NSW Demala Sweet Cherry Cola (D McCosker)
NSW Demala The Chosen One (Aust Ch) (Deidre Macfadyen)
NSW Doubleg Chocolate Surprize (Ch) (Jane Davis)
NSW Doubleg Light Up The Night (Ch) (Jane Davis)
QLD Dzahhli Cool The Engines (M & N Bourke)
QLD Dzahhli Fashion N Fame (Aust Ch) (M & N Bourke)
QLD Dzahhli Love and Addiction (M & N Bourke)
QLD Fernlodge Lonesum Dove (Ch) (C E & J F Chambers)
QLD Fernlodge Super Sarah (Grand Ch) (CE & JF Chambers)
NSW Gumhaven Mozzie (Aust. Ch.) (Geoffrey & Cheryl Coyte)
NSW Gumhaven Cherokee Rose (Aust. Ch.) (Geoffrey & Cheryl Coyte)
NSW Gumhaven Chloe (Aust Ch) (Underwood/Schutt)
QLD Gumhaven Dare To Dream (CH.) (Mrs Michelle Oberle)
SA Gumhaven Diamond Harry (Maureen Schutt)
SA Gumhaven Diamonds and Lace (Aust Ch) (Maureen Schutt)
SA Gumhaven Electric Dream (Ch) (Maureen Schutt-Gumhaven Kennels)
SA Gumhaven Game Of Chance (Ch) (Maureen Schutt)
SA Gumhaven Jax (Grand Ch) (Maureen Schutt-Gumhaven Kennels)
SA Gumhaven Just Cruzin (Ch) (Maureen Schutt)
SA Gumhaven Just Iz (Ch) (Maureen Schutt)
VIC Gumhaven Lucas NE (BISS Aust GRAND Ch) (Jane Harvey)
SA Gumhaven Sand Piper (Grand Ch) (Maureen Schutt-Gumhaven Kennels)
SA Gumhaven Sweet Destiny (Ch) (Maureen Schutt)
SA Gumhaven To Catch A Spy (Lorraine Goulding)
NSW Gumhaven Vanilla Sky (Mary Kerr)
NSW Janentie Icefire Little Maggie (Jane Davis)
NSW Janentie Miss Bonnie (Jane Davis)
NSW Janentie Night Shadow (Aust Ch    ) (Jane Davis)
NSW Janentie Strand Of Dreams (Jane Davis)
NSW Lachlanpark Brown Eyed Girl (Aust. Ch.) (Geoffrey and Cheryl Coyte)
NSW Lachlanpark Man About Town (Aust.Ch.) (Geoff & Cheryl Coyte)
NSW Lachlanpark Man Oh Man (Aust. Ch.) (Geoffrey and Cheryl Coyte)
NSW Lachlanpark This Girls On Fire (Geoffrey & Cheryl Coyte)
VIC Larndora Ohso Suave (CH) (Dale McDonell)
VIC Ldentae Back To Black (Ch.) (Mrs C & Mr. P. Weatherley)
VIC Ldentae Hello Sunshine (Mrs C & Mr P Weatherley)
VIC Ldentae Sunshine Sassy (Mrs C & Mr P Weatherley)
VIC Ldentae Walkin Onsunshine (Ch) (Mrs C & Mr P Weatherley)
NSW Lisakyanne Cindels Charm (Aust Ch) (P Nicholson)
NSW Lisakyanne Penelope Pitstop (Aust Ch) (Phillip & Susan Nicholson)
NSW Lisakyanne Warrior Princess (Aust Ch) (Mr P Nicholson)
NSW Madusty Divine Tentador (Ch) (G L & J A Spears)
NSW Madusty Suhaani (Jayne Adams)
VIC Mealarah Hanna (Ch) (Mr R & Mrs Jane Harvey)
NSW Mygitano Katinka Oriana (Jayne Adams)
NSW Myunique Roc It Like A Redhead (Michelle Oberle)
QLD Myunique Thankyour Lucky Stars (Mrs Michelle Oberle)
NSW Notnyl Marella Jube (Aust Ch) (Lynton Cochrane)
VIC Notnyl Subtle Jubilee (Aust GRAND Ch) (S G Underwood)
QLD Nudimah Captains Call (CE & JF Chambers)
QLD Nudimah Earl Edward (David & Mary Holt)
NSW Nudimah Empire Rose (Geoffrey & Cheryl Coyte)
NSW Nudimah Glitz N Glamour (Aust.Ch.) (Geoff & Cheryl Coyte)
QLD Nudimah Ima Viscount (David & Mary Holt)
QLD Nudimah Mista Frey (BISS Grand Ch) (Matthew & Nicole Bourke)
QLD Nudimah My Girl Lollipop (David & Mary Holt)
NSW Nudimah Mystic Monique (Fran Smith)
VIC Nudimah Mystical Maverick (CH) (Dale McDonell)
QLD Nudimah Susie Sunshine (Ch) (Mr D & Mrs M Holt)
NSW Nudimah The Duke of Jazz (Ch) (Fran Smith)
QLD Nudimah Top Icon (David & Mary Holt)
NSW Nudimah Top Topic (Ch) (Mrs Fran Smith)
QLD Nudimah Victorias in Vogue (Grand Ch) (David & Mary Holt)
QLD Nudimah Viscount in Vogue (Grand Ch) (David & Mary Holt)
QLD Numerrijig Angel I Am (Aust Ch) (Matthew & Nicole Bourke)
NSW Numerrijig Heart Of Gold (Mrs Fran Smith)
QLD Numerrijig National Velvet (CE & JF Chambers)
ACT Nuyaram Bundy (P & M Walmsley)
NSW Nuyaram Canna Lily (Cheryl Thuillier)
NSW Nuyaram Dark Crystal (Ch) (G & J Spears)
ACT Nuyaram Lady (Cheryl Thuillier)
ACT Nuyaram Tuppence (Cheryl Thuillier)
NSW Orgamadra Kyras Hope (D McCosker)
NSW Orgamadra Money Penny (D McCosker)
NSW Orgamadra Secret Agenda (Aust Ch) (G L & J A Spears)
NSW Ornac Let Rumours Fly (AUST CH) (Sally Underwood)
NSW Ornac Oh Wow Subtle In Black (Sally Underwood)
NSW Ornac Rumours About The Man (Aust Ch) (Sally Underwood)
NSW Ornac Subtle Surprise (Sally Underwood)
VIC Rangeaire Dame Nellie Melba (BISS Aust GRAND Ch) (Mr & Mrs R A Harvey)
VIC Rangeaire Grand Finale (Ch) (Mr R & Mrs Jane Harvey)
QLD Renaylbysh Magic Time (Miss K. Jennings)
VIC Romehana Mirabella (Ch.) (Mr R & Mrs J Harvey)
VIC Romehana Rosie (Ch.) (Mr R & Mrs J Harvey)
SA Rubybrae Ollie (Maureen Schutt)
NSW Silvieras Be My Kind (Mrs D McCosker)
NSW Silvieras Silver Bell (Ch) (Mrs J A Lee)
NSW Skalawag Angel In Disguise (Aust Ch) (Wendy&Graeme Moody)
VIC Skalawag Black N White Finery (Mrs D McDonell)
VIC Skalawag Just Peachy (Mrs D McDonell)
VIC Skalawag Oh So Debonair (CH) (Bill Gale)
VIC Skalawag Oh Wow Its Mr Brown (Grand Ch) (Mrs. Dale McDonell)
NSW Skalawag Oh Wow Look At Me (AUST CH) (Sally Underwood)
VIC Skalawag Oh Wow Shes A Redhead (CH) (Dale McDonell)

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