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Nabihah A Realm Reborn
(Mrs K Lewis (Nabihah))

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SA Aarak Place Your Bets (Mr P Thompson)
TAS Acaiza Apache Brave (Champion) (Jean Hargraves.)
TAS Acaiza Distinctly Dashing (BISS RUIS SUPREME CHAMPION) (J. Hargraves)
TAS Acaiza Draw Andshow (Ch) (Noelene Watson)
TAS Acaiza Dreamcatcher (Jean Hargraves)
TAS Acaiza Footprints In The Sand (Aust Ch) (Mrs J Hargraves)
TAS Acaiza Moons n Stars (BIS,RUIS Aust Grand Ch) (Paul & Jean Hargraves)
VIC Acaiza Painted Veil (Bill Coggins)
TAS Acaiza Pardon Me Boys (P & J Hargraves)
TAS Acaiza Pieces Of Eight (P&J Hargraves)
TAS Acaiza Positively Posh (Australian Champion) (Jean Hargraves)
TAS Acaiza Wantonly Wicked (Ch.) (J. Hargraves.)
TAS Adstaff New Sensation (BIG Aust Ch) (Michelle Booth)
TAS Adstaff Red Ruby Rose (MRUBIG Aust Ch) (William Booth)
QLD Alarves Bring Your Huney Home (Ch.) (Mrs N A O'Neill)
QLD Alarves Jump Right In RN (Marion Bealing)
QLD Alarves Royal Encounter (Jenni McKernan)
QLD Alarves Wham Bam Thank U Maam (Jenni McKernan)
QLD Allgard A Taste Of Honey (Ch) (Mr I & Mrs J Richardson)
QLD Allgard Helter Skelter (Mr I & Mrs J Richardson)
QLD Allgard Hot To Trot (Ch) (Mr I & Mrs J Richardson)
QLD Allgard Im On Fire (Mr I & Mrs J Richardson)
WA Allgard Just An Angel JC (Australian Champion) (Mrs S Hantzis)
QLD Allgard Run To Paradise (Mr I & Mrs J Richardson)
SA Allstars Keep On Guessing (Mr Aaron Stanfield)
SA Allstars Quite A Lady RN SWN TSD (TCh) (Mrs A C Bettesworth)
SA Allswell Just A Dream (BISS/BIS Aust Grand Ch) (Denise Tuck)
QLD Alltalk A New Moon Rises (Ch) (Julie Jenkins)
VIC Alltalk Baroque (Susanne Delaney)
VIC Alltalk CC Night Fever (Susanne Delaney)
VIC Alltalk Irish Luck From Bangor (Mrs S Delaney)
VIC Alltalk Luck Of The Irish (Australian Champion) (Mrs S Delaney)
QLD Alltalk Strike Me Lucky (Mr A Cooney and Miss A Cooney)
VIC Alltalk Wild Irish Heart (Australian Champion) (Mrs S Delaney)
VIC Alltalk Wish Me Luck (Mrs S Delaney)
WA Aninbrae Divine Calamity (Mrs A Ferguson)
WA Aninbrae Jokers Spring Romance (Mrs Anna E Ferguson)
WA Aninbrae Picasso’s Lucky Puzzle (Mrs Anna E Ferguson)
WA Aninbrae Struts Like a Boss (Aus Ch) (Anna Ferguson)
WA Arbee Barossa (Mr R & Mr AR Beattie)
NZ Arcon Blue Suit N Tie (NZ CH) (Coral, Gavin and Anita Henderson)
NZ Arcon Champagne Supernova (Anita Henderson and Carol Kerr)
QLD Arcon Imagine At Shawthing Imp NZ (Aust Ch) (Vicki Shaw)
NZ Arcon La Gioconda (Anita and Coral Henderson)
NZ Arcon La Vie En Rose (Coral and Anita Henderson)
WA Arcon Love Game at Harroway (Imp NZL) (Aust Ch) (Pamela Campbell & Steven Warry)
NZ Arcon Paparazzi at Carridene(AI) (Caroline Matheson)
NZ Arcon Swings Both Ways at Arjuna (NZ Ch) (Libby Clarke)
NZ Arcon Trick Or Treat (Anita Henderson)
WA Argorazi Designed By An Angel (Stavroula Hantzis & E & TM Smith)
QLD Argorazi Hot Wire My Heart (Mr I & Mrs J Richardson)
NSW Argowan Aelin Of Galathynius (BIS BISS RUBISS Ch) (Kristin Carroll)
NSW Argowan Angel IsTh Centrefold (Ch) (A & M Bugges)
NSW Argowan Charmeine (Ch) (A & M Bugges)
NSW Argowan Empire Of Storms (A & M Bugges)
NSW Argowan Keladry Of Mindelan (A & M Bugges)
NSW Argowan Queen Of Shadows (A & M Bugges)
NSW Argowan Wyte Nyte (Ch) (A & M Bugges)
NSW Argowan You Had Me At Hello (Ch) (A & M Bugges)
VIC Ariahgrove Crazy For You (Rhonda Dearnaley)
WA Arjai Almost Criminal (Aust Supreme Ch) (Jo Kramer)
VIC Arjai Fields O' Passion (Grand Ch) (Jo Kramer)
WA Arjai Heart Of Glass (Jo Kramer)
WA Arjai Like A Criminal (Supreme Champion) (Jo Kramer)
QLD Arjai Queen of Hearts (Michelle Youngberg)
NZ Arjuna Freddi Lishus (Libby Clarke)
NZ Arjuna Get Jiggi Withit (NZ Ch) (Libby Clarke)
NZ Arjuna Justa Jigolo (NZ Ch) (Libby clarke)
NZ Arjuna Kapt'n Jack (NZ Ch) (Libby Clarke)
NZ Arjuna Nelli Ph'ant (Libby Clarke)
NZ Arjuna Only Inya Dreams (Libby Clarke)
NZ Arjuna Perfect Imperfection (NZ Ch) (Libby Clarke)
NZ Arjuna Perfect Imperfection (NZ Ch) (Libby Clarke)
SA Ashsinhalt Akuma O Atsukau (Georgina Roberts)
SA Ashsinhalt Keikaku ET. JC. (Georgina Roberts)
SA Ashsinhalt Kekkijutsu JC. (Georgina Roberts)
QLD Aslan Clad in Black (Aust Ch) (Lana McCrindle)
QLD Aslan Just Do It (Australian Chamion) (Annetta Bainbridge)
QLD Aslan No Undies Sundees (CH) (Lana McCrindle)
QLD Aslan She Knows How To Use Em (Sup CH) (Lana McCrindle)
QLD Aslan Smart Arts (AI) (McCrindle & Ferguson)
QLD Aslan Swede Child O Mine (AI) (Aust & Neut Ch) (Lana McCrindle)
QLD Aslan Swede Patience Rewarded (AI) (CH) (Lana McCrindle)
QLD Aslan Sweet Swede Love (AI) (CH) (Lana McCrindle)
QLD Aslan That's Amore (Aust Supreme Ch) (Lana McCrindle)
VIC Auriway Touch O Flare (Ch) (K. Box/Nr & N Fraser)
NSW Beauroi Blame It Onth Reign (Aust Supreme Champion) (T & J McNeill)
VIC Beauroi Diamond Masquerade (Champion) (J Kerlsake)
NSW Beauroi Pax A Punch (NZ & Australian Champion) (T & J McNeill, H Faifua & T Fox)
NSW Beauroi Proud As Punch (exp USA) (American Champion) (P Booth (USA))
VIC Beauroi Reigning Diamonds (Tony Kyman & Allan Wishart)
NSW Beauroi Summer Reign (BISS/MULTI RUBISS Supreme Champion) (T & J McNeill)
NSW Beauroi This Diamond Sparkles (Champion) (T & J McNeill)
NSW Beauroi Ur Love Is A Symphony (J Moorby)
NSW Beauroi Worth A Pretty Penny (Sup Ch) (J Moorby)
NZ Beesholme Kiss N Run (NZ. GR. CH.) (Hank Faifua & Tony Fox)
NZ Beesholme Kiss This (Jackie Howell)
NZ Beesholme Kissabelle at Shenace (Ch) (Jackie Howell and Lynda Watson)
NZ Beesholme Platinum Reign At Roxhunters (NZ CHAMPION) (L Horrocks & J Howell)
NZ Beesholme Royal Blue (Jackie Howell)
NZ Beesholme Tyger Cub At Roxhunters (Louise Horrocks)
NSW Beesholme Tyger Tyger (IMP NZ) (MULTI BIS NZ GRAND CH/AUST SUPREME CH.) (Coral Henderson & Molly Rule-Steele)
QLD Bellarell Black Magic Woman (Ch.) (Narelle O'Neill)
QLD Bellarell My Lord Muldoon (dec.) (Aust. Ch.) (Mrs N. O'Neill)
NZ Benbridge Amazing Grace (NZ. CH) (Fiona Morrow)
NSW Benbridge Angel of Faith at Buffalo (imp NZ) (SUPREME CH) (Buffalo Kennels-Mike & Sandra Patterso)
NZ Benbridge Burning Hearts (Hank Faifua & Tony Fox)
NZ Benbridge Have I Told U Lately (NZ. SPR. CH.) (Hank Faifua & Tony Fox)
NZ Benbridge Here Comes The Sun (AI) (NZ Ch) (Hank Faifua & Tony Fox)
NZ Benbridge I Will Survive (NZ. SPR. CH.) (Tony Fox & Hank Faifua)
NZ Benbridge Lipstk On Yr Collar (NZ. CH.) (Hank Faifua & Tony Fox)
NZ Benbrige This Charming Man (Hank Faifua & Tony Fox)
VIC Berinswift Ivory Pearl (Ch) (Bill Coggins)
VIC Berinswift KK Illusion (Ch) (W Coggins)
VIC Berinswift KK Kittyhawk Jack (AI) (Bill Coggins)
VIC Berinswift KK Limited Edition (AI) (Bill Coggins)
VIC Berinswift KK Limited Edition (AI) (Bill Coggins)
VIC Berinswift KK Rare Pearl (Berinswift Kennels)
VIC Berinswift KK What A Kraka (W Coggins)
SA Birrarun Ruby Tuesday (Aust. Champion) (Whirlaway Kennels)
SA Birrarun Tumblin Dice (Aust Ch) (Whirlaway Kennels)
NT Blankenburg Leaning Forward (Geraldine Noonan)
NT Blankenburg My Kinda Girl (Aust Ch Neut Ch) (Clare Flattum)
NZ Bonnymead Autumn Storm (NZ. CH.) (Hank Faifua & Tony Fox)
QLD Bonnymead Frozen In Time (AI) (A Ch) (Vicki Shaw and Noreen Harris)
VIC Bonnymead Ianthe (Ch) (Lisa Barrenger)
NSW Bonnymead Iolanda (Ch) (Lisa Barrenger)
NZ Bonnymead Peaches NCream (Imp-Aust) (Benbridge (Hank Faifua and Tony Fox))
VIC Bronacre Pandora (Mrs Norma Meaney)
NSW Buffalo First Class (Ch) (Mike & Sandra Patterson, Buffalo Kennels)
NSW Buffalo First Edition (CH) (Mike & Sandra Patterson, Buffalo Kennels)
NSW Buffalo First Officer (Ch) (Michelle James Gallo)
NSW Buffalo Travelling Too (Aust Ch) (Mike & Sandra Patterson)
NSW Bundoon Dragon Rider (Kaz Cleave)
NSW Bundoon Jamaica Girl JC (Ch) (Kaz Cleave)
NSW Bundoon Live To Ride (Mrs K A Cleave)
NSW Bundoon Simply Wonderful (Ch) (Mrs K A Cleave)
NSW Bundoon Skyfall (K. A. Cleave)
NSW Bundoon Summer Romance (Mrs K A Cleave)
WA Byerley Bling (Aust Ch) (Pamela Campbell & Steven Warry)
VIC Byerley Guess (Aust. Ch) (Lyn King (Ingwe Kennels))
VIC Byerley Piaget (Aust. Ch) (Lyn King (Ingwe Kennels))
NSW Calahorra Caviar On Ice (Ch) (Ms W Slatyer & Ms K Carroll)
NSW Calahorra Covent Garden (Ch) (Calahorra Knls)
NSW Calahorra Fidelio (Ch) (SA and W Slatyer)
NSW Calahorra Fidelio (Aust.Ch.) (Ssasp Park Whippets)
NSW Calahorra Laura Ashley (Ssasp Park Whippets)
QLD Calahorra Mango Yoghurt CCD RE (Shari Gallagher)
NSW Calahorra Miss Serenade (Aust Champion) (SA and WN Slatyer)
QLD Calahorra Nellgwynne (Dec.) (RuBIS, Multi BiG, CH.) (Ann Faulkner & Narelle O'Neill)

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