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Ch Oldiron Blanchet
(Anne & Ron Sorraghan)

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SA Airebury EagleHawk (Mr O Wieczorek & Ms V Lee)
VIC Annieaire Backin The Game (Ch) (Mr M Hill & Ms K McFarlane)
QLD Bajan Catherine Of Aragon ( Ai) (Champion) (Robert N Grannum)
VIC Belairedales Captain America (AI) (Diana Kasal)
SA Belairedales Chardonnay (Ch) (Oliver Wieczorek and Veronica Lee)
SA Belairedales Sacre Coeur (Oliver & Veronica / Sarah & Peter)
SA Belairedales Spy Who Loved Me (AI) (CH) (Oliver Wieczorek and Veronica Lee)
NSW Belltirna Believeitornot (Supreme Champion and Neuter Champion) (Susan Jolly & Wayne Lewis)
VIC Belltirna High Society (Champion) (Ken Campbell)
QLD Bristolian Prestigious Archie (Aust Ch) (S Thomson & J Thomson)
QLD Burfield Anti Matter (Adam Hodgens)
QLD Burfield Big Bang (Aust Ch) (A Dopking)
NSW Bushveldt Hot Lips Houlihan (Aust Ch) (Sue Jolly & Wayne Lewis)
VIC Chloeaires Bohemian Red (Diana Kasal)
VIC Chloeaires Cesky Apple (Diana Kasal)
VIC Chloeaires Isabella (Diana Kasal)
VIC Clydebrook Annie Laurie (AI) (Robert Brooks)
VIC Clydebrook City Lights (Ch   ) (Bob and Nessie Brooks)
SA Clydebrook Cranberry (Mr O Wieczorek & Ms V Lee)
VIC Clydebrook Gaelic Star (Ch) (Robert Brooks)
NSW Clydebrook Highland Fling (Ch) (Sheridan Leftwich)
VIC Clydebrook Mistletoe Magic (Ch) (Bob and Nessie Brooks)
VIC Clydebrook New Tricks (Ch) (Robert Brooks)
VIC Clydebrook Spiced Rum (Sup Ch    ) (Bob and Nessie Brooks)
VIC Clydebrook The Jacobyte (Ch) (Robert Brooks)
QLD Driesdale A Touch Of Paradise (Aust Ch) (A Dopking)
NZ Driesdale Always On My Mind (Aust) (NZ CH) (Janice Parr and David Price)
QLD Driesdale Jackson Mississippi (Aust CH) (Adam Hodgens)
NSW Driesdale Lucy With Diamonds (Mrs M A Fittler)
NSW Driesdale Richmond Virginia (Aust Champion) (Mrs M A Fittler)
NZ Driesdale Talk of the Town (IMP AUS) (Trish Waipouri)
VIC Est Etium Ore Uno (IMP UKR) (UA & MD Australian Supreme Champion) (Anne & Ron Sorraghan)
VIC Feuerdorn Boot Camp (Ch) (Mr M Hill & Ms K McFarlane)
NSW Hansellman Black Attack (John Heron)
NSW Hansellmann Apollo Second (John Heron)
VIC Ingalou A Wild Star (Ch) (Maree & Geoff Carroll)
VIC Ingalou Are You Game (Australian Champion) (Maree & Geoff Carroll)
VIC Ingalou Champagne Diamond (Australian Champion) (Maree & Geoff Carroll)
VIC Ingalou Hello Im On Show (Aust Ch) (Maree & Geoff Carroll)
VIC Ingalou I Heard A Rumour (Aust. Ch.) (Maree and Geoff Carroll)
VIC Ingalou Just Diamonds (Australian Champion) (Maree & Geoff Carroll)
VIC Ingalou Krown of Diamonds (Australian Champion) (Maree & Geoff Carroll)
VIC Ingalou Out and About (Aust Ch) (Maree & Geoff Carroll)
VIC Ingalou Press Release (Ch) (Maree & Geoff Carroll)
QLD Lovedale All Pure Aire (Championship) (Julianne Thomson)
VIC Lovedale Attracting Attention (Mr M Hill & Ms K McFarlane)
NZ Lovedale Take Over Bid IID USA (Aust) (NZ CH) (J Parr, D Price, John Heron, Jean Heron)
QLD Lovedale Talk of the Town (IID USA) (Ch) (Julianne Thomson, Stuart Thomson, Jean Heron)
QLD Lovedale Ticks All The Boxes (IID USA) (Ch) (Julianne Thomson)
QLD Lovedale Trump Card (IID USA) (Ch) (John Heron)
VIC Old Iron Just Awesome (Grand Ch) (Anne & Ron Sorraghan)
VIC Old Iron Margaret River (Australian & American Ch) (Wooldridge, Stevens, Stander & Zaphiris)
VIC Oldiron Blanchet (Ch) (Anne & Ron Sorraghan)
VIC Oldiron Boomerang (Champion) (Anne & Ron Sorraghan)
NZ OldIron Drive Time (Imp Aust) AI (NZ CH) (Janice Parr and David Price)
VIC Oldiron Easy Peasy (Aust Supreme and International Champion) (Anne & Ron Sorraghan)
VIC Oldiron Foreign Xchange (American & Aust Supreme Ch) (Anne & Ron Sorraghan)
VIC Oldiron Icing on the Cake (Anne & Ron Sorraghan)
VIC Oldiron One in a Million (Ch & English Ch) (Anne & Ron Sorraghan)
VIC Oldiron Who's 0n First (Aust Supreme & International Ch) (Anne & Ron sorraghan)
NSW Stirling Legend Of The Isles (IMP USA) (Ms S A Jolly)
NSW Stirling Wild Side Eclipse (IMP USA) (Am Grand Ch & Aust Supreme Ch) (Susan Jolly)
VIC Terrorific The King's Legend (USA Ch) (D & D Barclay)
VIC Tjuringa Apollo (Diana Kasal)
VIC Tjuringa Carmen Jones (Ch) (K & J Campbell)
VIC Tjuringa Firecracker (Australian Champion) (Keith and Trish Lovell)
VIC Tjuringa Kentucky Woman (Ch) (Ken Campbell)
NSW Tjuringa Navajo Warrior - Hip & Elbow Score 0/0 (Aust Ch) (John Heron)
VIC Tjuringa Quite A Star (AI) (Aust. Ch) (Sue Wilson)
SA Tjuringa Quite So (AI) (V) (Ch) (R&W Baker/K&T Lovell)
VIC Tjuringa Quite The Madam (AI) (Australian Champion) (Catherine Gale)
VIC Trumps Road Tripper (Aust Ch) (Sue Wilson)
VIC Trumps Roadshow (Sue Wilson)
VIC Yeloman Fergus Of Carrick (SUP.CH) (Suzanne Tennant)
VIC Yeloman Jazz Funk (CH) (Suzanne Tennant)
SA Yeloman Just William (Aust Supreme Ch) (Suzanne Tennant & Megan McWaters)
VIC Yeloman Kangaroo Straight (Suzanne Tennant)
VIC Yeloman Orla Quirk (CH) (Suzanne Tennant)
VIC York Park Zorba Zopoulos (Aust CH) (David & Dianne Barclay)
VIC Yorkpark Trillion Aire Ted (David & Dianne Barclay)
VIC Yorkpark Tzarah (Aust & USA Ch) (David & Dianne Barclay)

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