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Ch. Berneridge Dont Stop Believin
(Wendy Valencic)

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WA Abbiberne Mountain Mist (AUST CH) (Marion Green)
SA Adesa's Stepping Up The Beat (Imp USA) (American Grand Ch. Am Ch. Aust Ch.) (Ben & Holly Taylor)
SA Algrand Berni Red Star Magic Glade (Imp Russia via USA) (Ben & Holly Taylor)
WA Alpenhund Zero to Hero (R & K Berwick / R Catt)
NSW Atthecove I Believe N Miracles (Aust Ch) (Robyn Keen)
NSW Atthecove Just Like A Woman (AI) (Aust Ch) (Robyn Keen)
NSW Atthecove Kindred Spirit (R Milne & R Keen)
NSW Atthecove Lady In Red (Robyn Keen)
WA Atthecove Limited Edition (R & K Berwick)
QLD Azzabern Cuddle Pie (Ch) (M & B Eslick)
QLD Azzabern Dam Good Choice (Sup Ch) (Mr M & Mrs B Eslick)
NSW Azzabern Dirty Harry (M & B Eslick)
NSW Azzabern Jewel Of My Eye CCD. RN. TK.N HTM.S FS.S (Ch) (Jessica Leckie & Michael Eslick)
QLD Azzabern Little Angel (Ch) (M & B Eslick)
QLD Azzabern Mocking Bird (Ch) (Mr M & Mrs B Eslick)
NSW Azzabern Naughtty But Nice (CH) (Ms J Williams & Mr M Eslick)
QLD Azzabern Sun Chaser (Mr M & Mrs B Eslick)
QLD Azzabern Wants To Play (Mr M & Mrs B Eslick)
QLD Azzabern Zulu Princess (Mr M & Mrs B Eslick)
NZ Belnois Patriots Pride (Imp Can) (NZ & CAN CH) (Linda & Chris Jury)
VIC Bernation Golden State (Aust Ch) (A. Hodder & A. Walshe & F. Broome)
VIC Berner-Emmas Jailhouse Rock Imp Den (Sharon Lang / Jodie Meyer)
VIC Berneridge Dont Stop Believin (Ch.) (Wendy Valencic)
VIC Berneridge First Class (Mrs W Valencic)
VIC Berneridge Justbeautiful (Ch) (Wendy Valencic)
VIC Berneridge Shes Got Class (Mrs W Valencic)
NSW Berntiers Mission Complete (imp SWD) (RUBIS Aust Ch) (Nicole Lennon)
NSW Branbern Abbeys Echo (Multi BIS/BISS Grand Champion) (Lyn Brand)
NSW Branbern Black Ice (RUBISS Aust Ch) (Lyn Brand)
NSW Branbern Bold N Beautiful (Ch) (Lyn Brand)
NSW Branbern Bulleseye (Australian Champion) (Lyn Brand/ Michele Kearney)
NSW Branbern Composed by Chopin (Ch) (L D Brand)
NSW Branbern Cry Me A River (L D Brand)
SA Branbern Darbie Doll (BIS Aust Ch) (Mrs L Brand)
NSW Branbern Dark By Design (Ch) (M Fisher & V Hodgson)
NSW Branbern Dark Dreamer (Ch) (L Brand)
NSW Branbern Dark Jule (Ch) (L D Brand)
NSW Branbern Dark N Sassy (Aust Ch) (Lyn Brand)
NSW Branbern Dark Theodore (Ch) (L Brand)
NSW Branbern Dark Windsor (Multi BISS/RUBISS/MRUBIS Supreme Ch) (L Brand, M Fisher & V Hodgson)
NSW Branbern Diva Doll (Ch) (Lyn Brand)
ACT Branbern Duke Windsor (L Brand)
NSW Branbern Geronimo (Ch) (M Fisher & V Hodgson)
NSW Branbern Leonardo (Ch) (Robyn Milne)
NSW Branbern Livin The Dream (Ch Neut Ch) (M Fisher & V Hodgson)
NSW Branbern Prima Gina (Ch) (L.D. Brand)
NSW Branbern Proud Mary (L D Brand)
NSW Branbern Royal Nigel (Multi BIS/RuBIS, RUBISS, Aust Ch) (Lyn Brand)
NSW Branbern Royal Salute (IID) (Multi BISS Aust Ch) (Lyn Brand)
SA Branbern Saturns Moon (Aust Ch) (Ben Taylor, Lyn Band & Ruth Taylor)
NSW Branbern Secret Treasure (Aust Ch Neuter Ch) (Robyn Milne)
NSW Branbern Sophia Loren (L D Brand)
NSW Branbern Special Knight (BISS/BIS/RuBIS UK Aust Ch) (Lyn Brand)
NSW Branbern Sugar Ray (RUBISS) (Lyn Brand)
NSW Branbern Tic Toc Soldier (L D Brand)
TAS Callahan vom Ritter Burkart (imp Gmy) (Multi BIS Aust Supreme Ch) (S&C Eastley)
NSW Canovali Hard River (Imp POL) (L D Brand)
TAS Cloudforest Ariadnes Thread (Ch) (S&C Eastley)
TAS Cloudforest Cedric Diggory (S & C Eastley)
TAS Cloudforest Citriodora (Aust Ch) (S&C Eastley)
VIC Cloudforest Ghost Ryder (Aust Ch) (S Murray & S&C Eastley)
VIC Cloudforest Jaeger CD RAE PT FS.A (RO Ch HTM Ch) (S Murray)
TAS Cloudforest Jingle Jangle (Aust Ch) (S&C Eastley)
TAS Cloudforest Kallistemon (MBIS/BISS Aust Supreme Ch) (S&C Eastley)
TAS Cloudforest Kenjiro (Aust Ch) (S&C Eastley)
TAS Cloudforest Langnau (Ch) (S&C Eastley)
TAS Cloudforest Limelight (Aust Ch) (S&C Eastley)
TAS Cloudforest Shamrock (Ch) (S&C Eastley)
TAS Cloudforest Time Traveller (Aust Sup Ch) (S&C Eastley)
TAS Cloudforest Xcalibar (AI) (Aust Ch) (S&C Eastley)
TAS Cloudforest Yonder and Beyond (Ch) (S&C Eastley)
NZ Corbern Geordie Lass (Imp Aus) (NZ CH) (Dr J Bryce)
VIC Dalaleds Assai (imp Swe) (Aust Ch) (Coco Christie)
VIC Darkcrush Crimson Thread (Sheridan Holmes)
VIC Darkcrush Even Flow (Aust Ch Neut Ch) (Sheridan Holmes)
VIC Darkcrush Hot Like Wasabi (Sheridan Holmes)
VIC Darkcrush Imperator Furiosa (Sheridan Holmes)
VIC Darkcrush Max Rockatansky (Sheridan Holmes)
QLD Deja Vu Von Romanshof (IMP POL) (Aust Grand Ch & NZ Ch) (Andrea Wilkinson)
QLD Dyourbahler Klab Ivanushka for Karleken (IMP Rus Via USA ) (Annette Harder)
NSW Ebnet's Mojo (Multi BIS Australian American Canadian Ch) (Nicole Lennon)
VIC First Crush From Balihara Ranch (Imp Nor) (Sheridan Holmes)
VIC Givenchy Von Romanshof (Imp POL) (Sm. Ch. Bul. JR. Ch. Aze. Jr Ch. MD. Jr Ch. Bul. Jr GrCh. Phil Ch.) (Wendy Valencic)
QLD Guccio Gucci Von Romanshof (IMP POL) (Aust Ch) (Andrea Wilkinson)
QLD Howzebern Absolutely Fabulous (Aust Ch) (Andrea Wilkinson)
QLD Howzebern Ritzy Guccios Girl (Andrea Wilkinson)
QLD Imagin Tequila Sunrise (Aust Ch) (Andrea Willkinson & Robyn Gadsdon)
SA Jim Jum z Deikowej Doliny (Imp POL) (MBISS; BIS; MRUBISS; MRUBIS; Romania Grand Ch; Russian, Polish & Aust Supreme Ch) (Ben & Holly Taylor)
QLD Jonali Vom Durrbachler Wald (IMP NLD) (Ch) (Mr M & Mrs B Eslick)
NSW Julius Van't Stokerybos (Imp BEL) (L D Brand)
QLD Karleken Burning Desire (Australian Champion) (Annette Harder)
QLD Karleken Heartbreaker (Annette Harder)
NSW Karleken Poppa Dont Preach (Australian Champion) (Annette Harder)
QLD Karleken The Heat Is On (Mrs Kim D Haddon)
NSW Karleken Turning Up the Heat (Australian Champion) (M McElligott & Annette Harder)
VIC Kraigoaks Heart Of Gold (Grand Ch Neuter Ch) (Ms Monique Dunne & Ms Susan Dunne)
NSW Kyseair Bring It On (Aust Ch) (Lyndel & Jimmy Porter)
VIC Lilacbreeze Ardesh (Australian Champion) (Sharon Lang)
VIC Lilacbreeze Billy Bath Gate (Aust Champ) (Sharon Lang)
VIC Lilacbreeze Elke (Aust Ch) (Coco Christie)
TAS Lilacbreeze Euphrates (Ch) (S&C Eastley)
NZ Makker Hudson (imp Aust) (RUBIS NZ CH) (Dr J Bryce & Mrs M Davies)
SA Malicloy Against All Odds (Aust Ch) (Ben & Holly Taylor)
SA Malicloy Blue Steel (RUBISS Aust Ch) (Ben & Holly Taylor)
SA Malicloy Edelweiss (A.I.) (Aust Ch) (Ben & Holly Taylor)
NZ Malicloy Hit The Ground Runnin (MBISS BIS RUBISS RUBIS Aust Supreme Ch. NZ Ch.) (Scott Sandford & Shaun Ireland)
SA Malicloy Just A Gigolo (Ben & Holly Taylor)
SA Malicloy Just More Hot Gossip (Ben & Holly Taylor)
SA Malicloy Long Hot Summer (Ben & Holly Taylor)
SA Malicloy Midnight Special (Ben & Holly Taylor)
SA Malicloy Now You See Me (USA) (American Ch.) (Ben & Holly Taylor; Joanne Gerow)
SA Malicloy Taylor Made (Megan de Leeuw)
NZ Merrivale Beedazzled By Me (J Bryce & A Jenkins-Hoult)
NSW Millwire Clockwork Soldier (Imp UK) (Multi BIS / Aust Ch) (Mrs Lyn Brand)
VIC Montreaux Charlie Brown (MULTI BIS MULTI RUBIS Aust Supreme Ch.) (Monique Dunne & Kerrin Balchin)
VIC Montreaux Dear Abby (CH) (Suzanne Wallis)
VIC Montreaux Winterlude (Aust Ch) (Ms S. Holmes & Mrs K. Balchin)
NSW Murrumbern Bold Zeus (M Fisher and V Hodgson)
NSW Murrumbern Bright Star (M Fisher & V Hodgson)
NSW Murrumbern Can’t Stop Won’t Stop (M Fisher and V Hodgson)
QLD Nitroberners Happy Days At Zeigen (imp Can) (CANADIAN CH) (Kim Haddon)
QLD OakieBern Anima Ribelle (AI) (Ann-Maree Rogers)
SA OakieBern Cuvee de Vevey (AI) (Ch) (Ann-Maree Rogers and Lindsay Thomson)
QLD Ozimagin Brewd Against Da Odds (Aust Ch) (Mrs C McQueen & Ms R Gadsdon)
NSW PandaMa Secrecee (Robyn Milne)
NSW Pandama Secret Liaison (Robyn Keen)
SA Po Prostu Courvoiser z Deikowej Doliny (Imp Poland) (Ltu Uch. Moldavian Grand Ch. RKF Ch. Rus Ch.) (Ben & Holly Taylor)
QLD Polishdream A Splash of Verve (Andrea Wilkinson)
QLD Polishdream Black Label (Andrea Wilkinson)
QLD Polishdream Black Magic Baby (Aust Ch) (Andrea Wilkinson)
QLD Polishdream Blarney Stone (Andrea Wilkinson)
QLD Polishdream Devil Wears Prada (Aust Ch) (Andrea Wilkinson)
QLD Polishdream Devine Diavel (Andrea Wilkinson)
QLD Polishdream Earth Quake (Aust Ch) (Andrea Wilkinson)
QLD Polishdream Leprechauns Gold (Aust Ch) (Andrea Wilkinson)
QLD Polishdream Manu Bay (Adrian Wilkinson)
QLD Polishdream Mari's Angel (Andrea Wilkinson)
QLD Polishdream Mi Amore (Andrea Wilkinson)
QLD Polishdream My Girl (Andrea Wilkinson)
QLD Polishdream Night Train (Andrea Wilkinson)
QLD Polishdream Peanut Butter (Andrea Wilkinson)
QLD Polishdream Purple Rain (Ch Neut Aust Ch) (Andrea Wilkinson)
QLD Polishdream Valentino Rossi (Andrea Wilkinson)
SA Rangkira Storm Talon SWN (Aust Ch) (Donna Golding)
QLD Rhythm 'N Blues Del Molinasco (Imp ITA) (Grand Champion) (A Rogers)
NSW Saracen Hard River (Imp POL) (Ch) (Mrs L Brand)
NSW Saterhundens London Paddington (Swe) (MBISS RuBIS Ch) (Lyn Brand)
NZ Schallenberg I Am Giant (NZ GRAND CHAMPION BISS & MBIS) (Linda Jury & Julie Walden)
NZ Schallenberg Ive Got U Babe (CH) (Linda Jury)
NZ Schallenberg Just Wild About (BISS CH) (Linda Jury)

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