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Pandama Secret Liaison
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NZ Schallenberg One Lucky Lady (NZ CH) (Linda Jury)
NZ Schallenberg Pride and Joy (NZ CH) (Linda Jury)
NZ Schallenberg Quiet Riot (NZ CH) (Linda & Chris Jury)
NZ Schallenberg Quintessence (NZ CH) (Linda and Chris Jury)
NZ Schallenberg Sweetest Thing (CH) (Linda & Chris Jury)
NZ Schallenberg Taylor Made (Linda Jury)
NZ Schallenberg Thunder Bolt (Linda Jury)
WA Sennen Absolutely Fabulous (Aust Ch) (DJ & Mrs GF May & R Jackson)
WA Sennen Classic Rythym (DJ & Mrs GF May)
WA Sennen Kodak Moment (Aust Ch) (DJ & Mrs GF May)
NZ Sennen Maden Heaven (Imp Aust) (BIS NZ CH) (Linda Jury)
WA Sennen Oops I Did It Again (D & G May, R Jackson and R & K Berwick)
WA Sennen Oops I Did It Again (DJ & Mrs GF May & R Jackson)
WA Sennen Organised Crime (DJ & Mrs GF May & R Jackson)
WA Sennen Peak Performance (DJ & Mrs GF May & R Jackson)
NZ Sennen Picture Perfect (Imp Aust) (Linda & Chris Jury)
WA Sennen She Chloe (AUS CH) (J . S. and P Carver)
WA Sennen Xtravagant Beauty (Aust Ch) (DJ & Mrs GF May & R Jackson)
WA Sennen Yankee Doodle (AI) (Mr D & Mrs G May & Mrs R Jackson)
WA Sennen You And What Army (AI) (Mr D & Mrs G May & Mrs R Jackson)
SA Skylyn's Sinfully Dark Imp USA (Aust Ch) (Lindsay Thomson)
WA Terra De Bern Around The World RN (IMP RUS) (M Hondema)
QLD Trivale Amour Phoebe (Aust Ch) (M K Smith & G J Keown)
QLD Trivale Shining Stella (Aust Ch) (G Keown and M Smith)
QLD Trivale Shiningphoenix (Aust Ch) (M Smith and G Keown)
NZ Tsarin van Blassis (Nathalie Sperling)
SA Vegamo's Lady Of The Midnight Sun (Imp NOR) (BISS Aust Ch) (Ben & Holly Taylor)
NSW Velvet Soul Del Molinasco (Imp Ita) (Aus Ch.) (Robyn Keen)
SA Vevey Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing (Aust Ch) (Lindsay Thomson)
NZ Vevey Beowulf v Blassis (imp Aust) (MRUBIS NZ CH) (Nathalie Sperling)
SA Vevey Black Betty (Aust Ch) (Lindsay Thomson)
SA Vevey Boom Boom Pow (Aust Ch) (Mrs L Thomson)
SA Vevey Definately Maybe (AI) (Aust Ch) (Lindsay Thomson)
QLD Vevey Fight Fire with Fire (Aust Ch) (A Rogers & LThomson)
SA Vevey Helter Skelter (L Thomson)
SA Vevey High Voltage (Aust Ch) (L Thomson and T Martin)
SA Vevey Hook Me Up R.N (Aust Ch) (L Thomson)
SA Vevey In Like Sin (L Thomson)
TAS Vevey Million Dollar Baby (Mrs L Thompson & Mrs KM Leslie)
SA Vevey Rock You Like A Hurricane (AI) (L Thomson)
SA Vevey Universal Soldier (L Thomson)
SA Vevey Use Your Illusion (Lindsay Thomson and Emily Arena)
NZ Vindissa Night Man o' War (imp Aust) (AUST & NZ CH) (N Sperling)
SA Vindissa Passion Pop (RUBISS Aust Ch) (Ben & Holly Taylor)
NSW Von Der Bernessehof Amadeus (Aust Ch) (Michael Eslick)
NSW Von der Bernessehof Amigo (Imp CZE) (Grand Ch. Neut Ch.) (Robyn Keen)
SA Werlwind's Celtic Thunder Down Under (Imp USA) (Multi BISS Aust Ch.) (Ben & Holly Taylor)
QLD Xclusively Mine Del Molinasco (Imp ITA) (Ann Maree Rogers)
NSW Xuberant Soul Del Molinasco (imp Ita) (Robyn Keen)
NSW Zanzebern Absolute Wipeout (Aust Ch) (Lyndel & James Porter)
NSW Zanzebern Defender (Multi BIS and BISS Australian, American, Canadian, Swedish and Netherlands Ch) (Nicole Lennon)
NSW Zanzebern Femkyra (Aust Ch) (Lyndel & James Porter)
NSW Zanzebern Higher Ground (Beverley Eslick)
SA Zanzebern Martina H (Aust Ch) (Lindsay Thomson)
NSW Zanzebern Pass The Prize (RUBISS/RUBIS Aust Gr Ch) (M Eslick)
WA Zanzebern Ula Fan Tutte CCD RA (Aust Ch) (M Hondema)
NSW Zanzebern Ulteriormotive (RUBIS Supreme Ch) (M & B Eslick)
NSW Zanzebern Unsung Hero (BIS Aust Sup Ch) (M Eslick & N Lennon)
NSW Zanzebern Winter Wonderland (Australian & Neuter Champion) (Robyn Keen)
QLD Zeigen Asonja CD (Ch) (Kim Haddon)
QLD Zeigen Glory To The Highest (Mrs Kim D HADDON)
QLD Zeigen National Treasure (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Kim Haddon)
QLD Zeigen Obamas Best (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Kim Haddon)
SA Zeigen Queen Of Th Night CD (Aust Ch) (Lindsay Thomson)
QLD Zeigen Quest For The Best (Kim Haddon)
QLD Zeigen Xtra Essence (Ch) (Kim Haddon)
WA Zollikon Busy Being Fabulous (Aust Ch) (M Hondema)
NZ Zollikon Foreign Exchange (imp Aust) (AUST & RUBISS NZ CH) (Nathalie Sperling (NZ))
WA Zollikon Foreign Liaison (Aust Ch) (M Hondema)
QLD Zollikon I Gotta Feeling (Aust Ch) (A Rogers & E Sankey)
NZ Zoom for Infinity iz Klana Legato (imp Rus) (MRUBIS, RUBISS NZ CH) (Nathalie Sperling)
NZ Zumi Ra Z Deikowej Doliny (imp pol) (A Firsk)
SA Zunari Dare You To Run To Vevey (L Thomson)
WA Zunari Dnt Believe MeJustWatch (M Hondema)
WA Zunari Do U Want A Piece Of Me (M Hondema)
WA Zunari Fan Di Fendi RN (Aust Ch) (M Hondema)

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