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Aust. Champion Crowlee Just Imagine
(S & R Crowley)

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NSW Alibi's Home Run Hero (Imp USA) (AM GR CH & AUST CH) (J Williams)
QLD Bamgyps Aylen (Sharon L Bamford)
NSW Caledoniaau Susquehanna (GRAND Ch) (J Williams)
QLD Cheasabay Missy Schlanger CDX, ORA, IRD (Aust. CH) (Mrs SL Bamford)
QLD Chessiehaven Comanche Chief (Ms Margaret Wedgwood)
QLD Chessiehaven Haven Suga (Australian Champion) (John Stafford)
QLD Chessiehaven Jaz (Aust Ch    ) (Margaret Wedgwood)
VIC Crowlee Just Imagine (Aust. Champion) (S & R Crowley)
QLD Crowlee No Regrets (Aust Ch) (Margaret Wedgwood)
VIC Crowlee Once upon a time (Australian Champion) (A & D Crowley)
VIC Crowlee Why Whisper (Australian Champion) (A & D Crowley)
NSW Kabova Dances With Wolves (Ch) (J Williams)
NSW Kabova The Wolf Amoung Us (BIS Ch) (J Williams)
NSW Kabova Water Man (AI) (Aust Ch) (Mr R Holtkamp)
QLD Sharbae Rose of Tenarda (Imp UK) (Margaret Wedgwood)
VIC Stormbay Anchor Me (NZ & Aust. Ch.) (A & D Crowley)
NZ Stormbay Anchor Me (Ch) (Teresa Borrell)
NZ Stormbay Boatswains Buoy QC (Ch) (Teresa Borrell)
NZ Stormbay Brigadoon Breeze (Teresa Borrell)
VIC Stormbay Brigadoon Breeze (Imp NZ) (A & D Crowley)
NZ Stormbay Cyclone Chaser (Teresa Borrell)
NZ Stormbay Depth Charge (Teresa Borrell)
NZ Stormbay Fair Winds (Ch) (Teresa Borrell)
NZ Stormbay Forty Fathoms Deep (Ch) (Teresa Borrell)
NZ Stormbay Full Fathom Five QC (Ch) (Teresa Borrell)
NZ Stormbay Gravity Grounded (Ch) (Teresa Borrell)
NZ Stormbay Keel Rider QC (Ch) (Teresa Borrell)
NZ Stormbay Low Latitudes (Teresa Borrell)
NZ Stormbay Pacific Pilot (Ch) (Teresa Borrell)
QLD Stormbay Pacific Privateer (Imp NZ) (Aust. Grand Champion) (Margaret Wedgwood)
NZ Stormbay Sail On (Ch) (Teresa Borrell)
NZ Stormbay Wind Whistler (Ch) (Teresa Borrell)
NZ Stormbay Xebec Express (Ch) (Teresa Borrell)
NZ Stormbay Xtreme Marine (Ch) (Teresa Borrell)
QLD Tenarda Firecracker (DUAL CHAMPION (R)) (Trevor Lodder)
QLD Tenarda Hawk Eye RRD (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Trevor Lodder)
QLD Tenarda Keeping the Faith (Australian Champion) (Margaret Wedgwood)
QLD Tenarda Make Way for Winnie CCD CD (Aust Ch) (Margaret Wedgwood)
QLD Tenarda My Dad's a Grande CCD CD (Aust Ch) (Margaret Wedgwood)
QLD Tenarda Navajo Princess (Australian Champion) (Margaret Wedgwood)
QLD Webfoot Apache Lad (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Trevor Lodder)
QLD Webfoot Bear River (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Trevor Lodder)
QLD Webfoot Beaver (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Trevor Lodder)
QLD Webfoot Catori Brave (Australian Champion) (Amy Page)
QLD Webfoot Chinook Chief (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Trevor Lodder)
QLD Webfoot Echo Valley (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Trevor Lodder)
QLD Webfoot Eye of the Eagle (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Trevor Lodder)
QLD Webfoot Front Runner (Amy Page)
QLD Webfoot Gypsy Rebel (Trevor Lodder)
QLD Webfoot Indian Star (Mr T. Lodder)
QLD Webfoot Kitty Hawk (Trevor Lodder)

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