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Aust Ch Graebrook Why Wonder
(BE and JA O'Shannassy)

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NZ Charlemagne Easy Lover (Carrie Tolley)
NZ Charlemagne Lets Get It On (NZ CH) (C Tolley)
NZ Charlemagne Living Doll (NZ CH) (C tolley)
NZ Charlemagne Louda Than Words (BISS & RBIS CH) (Carrie Tolley)
NZ Charlemagne Rebel Rouser (NZ CH) (C Tolley)
NZ Charlemagne Whisprin Jack (RBIS CH) (Jamie & Carrie Tolley)
SA Clanach Foxtrot at Boarbadger (Aust Supreme Ch) (M & P Merchant & E. Parker & N. Gouzos)
QLD Clayco Bones Sam (CH) (Trish and Kerry Kopp)
ACT Clayco High Mtn Rattlin Bones (CH) (Mr S Mills & Mrs A Knight & Mrs T Dennis)
NSW Clayco Knight Walker (Aust Ch.) (Mrs A Knight & Mr S Mills)
ACT Clayco Make A Scene (Aust Ch) (Meaghan O'Shannassy)
NSW Clayco Shake It Off (Mrs A Knight & Mr S Mills)
VIC Ecirp Heaven Sent (Australian Supreme CH.) (R Price and N Newett)
VIC Ecirp Immortal AI (Champion) (R & KA Price)
VIC Ecirp Magnifique (Champion) (R & KA Price)
VIC Ecirp Morning Star (Australian Champion) (R and KA Price)
VIC Ecirp Paparazzi's Heir (Aust Ch) (Robyn Price Killeen)
NSW Ecirp Reminiscent (CHAMPION) (R and K A Price)
VIC Ecirp Sabre (Grand Champion) (R & K. A Price)
VIC Ecirp Tribute To Grenpark (CHAMPION) (R & K Price)
NSW Elrancho Simply Xquisit (B and Mrs S Fulloon)
QLD Emelpee High Class (Evan and Benita Mangin)
SA Fermoy Nite of the Falcon (Supreme Ch.) (Marie & Phil Merchant & Emma Parker)
NSW Firezan Kachina Doll (Mrs A Bowe)
NSW Firezan Khaleesi (Aust Ch) (Mrs A Bowe)
NSW Firezan Sweeney Todd (Aust Ch) (Mrs A D Bowe)
NSW Firezan Two Stroke (Aust Champion) (Annette Bowe)
WA Firezan Wild Bill (Aust Sup Ch) (Ms J Purss and Mr D Bowe)
QLD Foxanatic Sling Shot Sal (L & S Flood)
NZ Foxdale Hey Mr Dreammaker (Abi Richmond)
VIC Foxdynasty Traveller (Aust Ch) (Ken & Jan Campbell)
VIC Foxier Delores Fantasia (NZ & AUS CH) (P Fulcher)
VIC Foxier Fairy Fae (Ms P Fulcher)
ACT Graebrook Why Wonder (Aust Ch) (BE and JA O'Shannassy)
QLD Isinheart Madame Angelique (Robyn Scott)
QLD Keighly Amelia Joy (Champion) (K & J Hort)
QLD Keighly Barrett (CH) (K & J Hort)
QLD Keighly Braxton (CH) (K & J Hort)
QLD Keighly Imogen (CH) (K & J Hort)
QLD Keighly Jeannie Marie (Champion) (K & J Hort)
QLD Keighly Joseph Alexander (Champion) (K & J Hort)
WA Mirolinda Checkmate (Shirley Friday)
WA Mirolinda Thru Th Lookin Glass (Australian Ch) (Shirley Friday)
QLD Mystreebox Joseph Harlin (Aust Gr Champion) (Robyn Scott - Mystreebox)
NSW Opara Aurora Miss (Paris Maxfield)
VIC Optimo Once Ina Blue Moon (Ch) (K & J Campbell)
VIC Optimo Our Sunrise Memories (Ch) (K. & J. Campbell)
VIC Optimo Out of the Blue, AI (Mr K & Mrs J Campbell)
VIC Optimo Ozzie Adventurer, AI (Aust Ch) (Mr K & Mrs J Campbell)
NSW Pinnacle Diamonds R Furever (Sandy & Amanda Evans)
NSW Pinnacle Eye For The Ladies (imp Nz) (NZ CH AUS CH) (M Bradburn & D Selden & S & A Evans)
NSW Pinnacle He Did It On Porpoise (M Bradburn & D Selden & S Evans & A Evans)
NSW Pinnacle Snow No Mercy (NZ Ch) (A & S Evans)
NSW Pinnacle The Great Spy Chase With Broxden (Imp NZ) (Sandy & Amanda Evans & Phil & Amy Booth)
NSW Pinnacle To Catch A Spy At Broxden (Imp NZ) (S & A Evans and P & A Evans)
QLD Prioswood Come In Spinner (DT Nilsen)
NSW Riverlands Mr Brownstone (AUST GR CH) (Kelly Sokolinski - RIVERLANDS)
NSW Santop Fire N Ice (Scott & Sharon Norman)
NT Santop Firestorm (Mrs M Doyle)
NSW Santop Mystic Rocky (Aust Ch) (Scott & Sharon Norman)
NSW Santop Whos That Girl (CH) (S & S Norman)
NSW Selwor Secret Package (Imp NZ) (Aust Sup Ch) (J & L Rowles)
NSW Selwor Storm Trooper (J Rowles)
NSW Selwor Straight Sets (J Rowles)
NSW Selwor Sweet Victory (Imp NZ) (Aust Sup Ch) (J & L Rowles)
VIC Sundar Star of Sunshine (Ch) (K & J Campobell)
NSW Tamard Colour Me Purple (Tamara Mayo-Ramsay)
VIC Texforrier Great Gatsby (Imp. Fin.) (Aust Ch) (K & J Campbell & M Nyman)
WA Triplefun Memphis Belle (Aust Ch) (J. Purss and D. Bowe)
VIC Triplefun Noble Vision (Australian Supreme Champion) (Mr J & Mrs V Morriss & R Price)
VIC Triplefun Our Destiny (CHAMPION) (J & V Morriss and R Price)
NSW Wagitfox Stormin Norman (Ch) (L Wagstaff & M Nicholas)

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