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Aust Champion Firezan Two Stroke
(Annette Bowe)

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QLD Beaukita Mister Gretsky (Aust Grand Ch) (Jane Cantlon)
NSW Blackfox Dante (BIS BISS SUPREME CH) (M.L.Piket)
QLD Blackfox Nadal (Australian Champion) (M.L.Piket/B.Mangin)
QLD Blackfox Nadal (BIS & BISS SUPREME CH) (Benita Mangin & Monica Piket)
QLD Blackhills Rock N Roll at Riverlands (BIS/RUBIS NZ CH.) (Kerry & Trish Kopp)
NSW Blackhills Rock N Roll At Riverlands (IMP NZ) (BIS/RUBIS NZ CH) (Kelly Hooper - RIVERLANDS)
QLD Blackhills Rock N Roll at Riverlands (IMP NZ) (BIS/RUBIS NZ CH) (Trish & Kerry Kopp)
QLD Bravehunt Rodeo Clown (Aust Ch) (Stephen and Carolyn O'Connor)
NZ Charlemagne Don't Stop Me Know (C Tolley & J Corin)
NZ Charlemagne Easy Lover (Carrie Tolley)
NZ Charlemagne Lets Get It On (NZ CH) (C Tolley)
NZ Charlemagne Louda Than Words (BISS & RBIS CH) (Carrie Tolley)
NZ Charlemagne Man About Town (CH) (Jamie & Carrie Tolley)
NZ Charlemagne Whisprin Jack (RBIS CH) (Jamie & Carrie Tolley)
SA Clanach Foxtrot at Boarbadger (Aust Supreme Ch) (M & P Merchant & E. Parker & N. Gouzos)
QLD Clayco Bones Sam (CH) (Trish and Kerry Kopp)
ACT Clayco High Mtn Rattlin Bones (CH) (Mr S Mills & Mrs A Knight & Mrs T Dennis)
NSW Clayco Knight Walker (Aust Ch.) (Mrs A Knight & Mr S Mills)
NSW Clayco Walk On By (Aust Ch) (Mrs S McMahon&Mrs A Knight& Mr S Mills)
NSW Dnalwon Express Delivery (Gr Ch) (Scott & Sharon Norman)
VIC Ecirp Ambassador (Champion) (R & K. A Price)
VIC Ecirp Awesome (Champion) (R & KA Price)
VIC Ecirp Ego (Aust and Indian Grand Champion) (R and KA Price)
NSW Ecirp Elated (BIS, BISS Aust Ch) (Kevin and Annie Howard)
VIC Ecirp Guardsman (BISS Aust Ch) (R & K. A Price)
VIC Ecirp Immortal AI (Champion) (R & KA Price)
VIC Ecirp Integrity (Champion) (R & K. A Price)
VIC Ecirp Keepers ImageAI (SUPREME Champion) (R and KA Price)
VIC Ecirp Paparazzi's Heir (Aust Ch) (Robyn Price Killeen)
VIC Ecirp Reknown (Champion) (R & K. A Price)
VIC Ecirp Reward (BIS, Multi BISS Aust Ch) (R & K. A Price)
NSW Ecirp Royal Guard (Champion) (S K Ball & M J Driscoll)
VIC Ecirp Royalist (SUPREME Champion) (R & K. A Price)
VIC Ecirp Sabre (Grand Champion) (R & K. A Price)
VIC Ecirp Salute To Kevin (Australian Supreme Ch) (R Price)
VIC Ecirp Todman (BIS, BISS Aust GR CH) (R & K. A Price)
VIC Ecirp Tribute To Grenpark (CHAMPION) (R & K Price)
NSW Elrancho Its All About Style (CH AUS) (B and Mrs S Fulloon)
QLD Emelpee Let's Twist Again (CH) (Mangin /Piket)
QLD Emelpee Pop Rock (AUST CH) (Jane Cantlon)
QLD Emelpee Vincente (CH) (B Mangin & M Piket)
SA Fermoy Nite of the Falcon (Supreme Ch.) (Marie & Phil Merchant & Emma Parker)
QLD Firezan Here Comes The Sun (Aust Ch) (Bev Duncan)
VIC Firezan Iron Throne (Aust Ch.BISS) (Mr Peter Harper)
NSW Firezan Kachina Doll (Mrs A Bowe)
NSW Firezan Kryptonite (Mrs A D Bowe)
NSW Firezan Norwegian Wood (BISS Ch.) (Annette Bowe)
QLD Firezan Snow N Steel (Aust Supreme Ch) (Ms B Duncan)
NSW Firezan Sweeney Todd (Aust Ch) (Mrs A D Bowe)
NSW Firezan Two Stroke (Aust Champion) (Annette Bowe)
WA Firezan Wild Bill (Aust Sup Ch) (Ms J Purss and Mr D Bowe)
QLD Foxanatic No Regards (L & S Flood)
QLD Foxcrag The Wizard (Aust Ch) (PG & SH Hewinson)
NZ Foxdale Hey Mr Dreammaker (Abi Richmond)
NZ Foxdale Im Gunna Get Ya (Carrie Tolley)
QLD Foxdynasty Touchngo (CH) (Kerry and Trish kopp)
VIC Foxdynasty Traveller (Aust Ch) (Ken & Jan Campbell)
ACT Graebrook Why Wonder (Ch) (Mills / O'Shannassy / Quinlan)
ACT Graebrook Why Wonder (Aust Ch) (BE and JA O'Shannassy)
VIC Grenpark Keepers (Multi BIS, Multi BISS Aust Ch) (R & K. A Price)
NSW Hampton Ct Broxden Pinnacle You Cheddar Believe It (Imp NZ) (Am Ch & NZ Sup Ch) (J&L Rowles/G Whitfield/S Evans)
NSW High Mountain Everso In Command (Imp.USA) (American Grand Champion, New Zealand Champion & Australian Champion) (Ms.M.L.Piket)
NSW Idylewins Cody (M/BIG Aust Champion) (Paris Maxfield)
QLD Instyle's Last Hero Standing (Imp Can) (American, Canadian, Australia & New Zealand Ch / Junior Earthdog) (Mrs J Bolduc, J Cantlon & C Tolley)
QLD Isinheart Neveah Jamie (Trish & Kerry Kopp)
QLD Keighly Barrett (CH) (K & J Hort)
QLD Keighly Braxton (CH) (K & J Hort)
QLD Keighly Joseph Alexander (Champion) (K & J Hort)
NSW Laurelton Touch of Destiny (Imp NZ) (NZ & Aust Ch) (S Evans / J & L Rowles)
WA Mirolinda Checkmate (Shirley Friday)
QLD Mystreebox Carlos De Belmonte (Aust Ch) (Lester & Supranee Flood)
QLD Mystreebox Joseph Harlin (Aust Gr Champion) (Robyn Scott - Mystreebox)
NSW Opara Out Spoken (Paris maxfield)
VIC Optimo Ona Jetstream (AI) (Aust Ch) (P. & M. Browne)
VIC Optimo Our Sunrise Memories (Ch) (K. & J. Campbell)
VIC Optimo Ozzie Adventurer, AI (Aust Ch) (Mr K & Mrs J Campbell)
NSW Pinnacle Eye Dare Ya (Imp NZ) (NZ Sup Ch & Aust Sup Ch) (S Evans & J&L Rowles)
NSW Pinnacle Eye For The Ladies (imp Nz) (NZ CH AUS CH) (M Bradburn & D Selden & S & A Evans)
NSW Pinnacle He Did It On Porpoise (M Bradburn & D Selden & S Evans & A Evans)
VIC Pinnacle Kiwi Made (Imp NZ) (NZ & Aust Supreme Ch) (K & J Campbell, S Evans)
NSW Pinnacle Snow Way Jose At Selwor (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (J & L Rowles)
NSW Pinnacle The Great Spy Chase With Broxden (Imp NZ) (Sandy & Amanda Evans & Phil & Amy Booth)
NSW Pinnacle To Catch A Spy At Broxden (Imp NZ) (S & A Evans and P & A Evans)
NSW Pinnnacle Black Arrow (imp NZ) (NZ CH/AUST CH) (Mr and Mrs B Fulloon)
QLD Priorswood Tungawonga (Aust Gr Ch) (Adams/Nilsen)
QLD Prioswood Come In Spinner (DT Nilsen)
NSW Riverlands Mr Brownstone (AUST GR CH) (Kelly Sokolinski - RIVERLANDS)
QLD Riverlands Papas Apprentice (Lester & Supranee Flood)
QLD Rufjet Soldier Boy (Aust Ch) (Stephen and Carolyn O'Connor)
NSW Santop Bright Spark (Ch) (Scott & Sharon Norman)
NSW Santop Chain Reaction (Scott & Sharon Norman)
NT Santop Firestorm (Mrs M Doyle)
NT Santop Livin In Stereo (CH) (Mrs M Doyle)
NSW Santop Mystic Rocky (Aust Ch) (Scott & Sharon Norman)
NSW Santop Whispering Jack (Scott & Sharon Norman)
NSW Selwor Secret Package (Imp NZ) (Aust Sup Ch) (J & L Rowles)
NSW Selwor Select Master (Aust Grand Ch) (John Rowles)
NSW Selwor Solitary Man (Aust Gr & NZ Ch) (John Rowles)
NSW Selwor Storm Trooper (J Rowles)
NSW Tamard One For Th Road (Aust Champion) (J/V Morriss)
NSW Tamatea Face the Music Imp NZ. (Aust Champion) (J & V Morriss)
NZ Tamatea Tailormade (NZ Grand Ch) (P & K Plimmer)
NZ Tamsam All Eyze On Me (NZ Ch) (S Seddon & P Plimmer)
NZ Tamsam An Addictive Habit (NZ Ch) (S Seddon & P Plimmer)
NZ Tamsam Jamie's Choice (NZ Ch & Aust Grand Ch) (S Seddon & P Plimmer)
NZ Tamsam Limited Edition (NZ Ch) (P Plimmer & S Seddon)
NZ Tamsam Special Agent (Ch) (Jamie & Carrie tolley)
NZ Tamsam Trooping The Colour (NZ Ch) (S Seddon & P Plimmer)
NZ Tamsam Trot Out My Tuxedo (NZ Ch) (P Plimmer & S Seddon)
VIC Texforrier Great Gatsby (Imp. Fin.) (Aust Ch) (K & J Campbell & M Nyman)
NSW Trimor Three Doors Down To Arden (IMP USA) (BIS American Champion, UKC Champion. Australian Champion) (M.L.Piket)
QLD Triplefun Axel (C E & J F Chambers)
NSW Triplefun Bold Peter (Aust Champion) (J & V Morriss)
NSW Triplefun Dunnromin (BIS, BISS, Aust Grand Champion) (J & V Morriss)
NSW Triplefun Gold Illusion (Australian Champion) (J & V Morriss)
NSW Triplefun Golden Slipper (Aust Champion) (J & V Morriss)
QLD Triplefun Jigga Boo (Bob McKee)
VIC Triplefun Noble Vision (Australian Supreme Champion) (Mr J & Mrs V Morriss & R Price)
NSW Wagitfox Stormin Norman (Ch) (L Wagstaff & M Nicholas)
QLD Waitapu Y Medicine Man (CH) (Jane Cantlon)
QLD Waitapu Battery Fully Charged (Jane Cantlon)
QLD Waitapu Game Set Match (AUST CH) (Jane Cantlon)
QLD Waitapu Instyle's Y Not (Aust Ch) (Jane Cantlon)
QLD Waitapu Willy Wonker (L & S Flood)
QLD Waitapu Wind Breaker (AUST SUPREME CHAMPION BIS RUBIS) (Jane Cantlon)
QLD Waitapu Wyld Thing (Ch) (Jane Cantlon)
NSW Wedigit Black Tie Affair Imp USA (Aust Gr/Nz/Am Ch) (J & L Rowles/M. Machado/T. Haine)
NSW Wedigit Lights Camera Action (IMP USA) (AM GR CH) (Kelly Hooper - RIVERLANDS)
NSW Woodshack Jeffrey James (BISS, BIS, Aust.Sup. Ch.) (Annette Bowe)
NSW Wyninebah Checkmate (Multi BISS/BIS Aust Supreme Ch) (D.P. & Mrs A.D.Bowe)

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