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Ch Korskote Majestical Kruger
(Ben Weidenbach)

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NSW Aspendel's Bewitched O Korskote (Aust & Am Ch) (Mandy Atkinson)
VIC Bashthru Macie Grey (Aust Ch) (Tony Alvarez)
NSW Claddagh's Dual Citizen At Hirsch JH NA1 (IMP USA) (MBIS MBISS AM GRAND CH/ AUST CH) (Catherine Ryan)
SA Dawsons Biff Bangabird (Dual CH (F)) (Ostoja Kennels)
SA Dawsons Diamond Lil (Aust Ch) (Ostoja Kennels)
NZ Dawsons Kween (NZ Ch) (Kobnko)
VIC Demagicpoint Kya Reign (CH) (David De Maria)
VIC Demagicpoint Midnight Reign (David De Maria)
QLD Dentrese Behind the Scenes At Kobnko (CH) (Dennis and Theresa Peacock. NZ)
QLD Dentrese Lotte Get Your Gun (Imp NZ) (Aust Champion) (Leanne Hall)
VIC Domeir Van Bastyen CD ET (DUAL CH (T)) (Mr P & Mrs S Meekings)
NZ Edingers Hearts Queen Freyja (Helen Lansdell)
NZ Edingers Matarua Duckster (Ch) (mrs H Lansdell)
NZ Edingers Odin King of Hearts (Helen Lansdell)
NZ Edingers Tyger Iam A Tyger (nz ch) (Helen Lansdell)
QLD Eiger V Erthal, VJP,HZP,VGP (Vom Auenwald & P Bond Australian Frozen)
SA Fallowpoint Billecart Salmon (Ben Weidenbach)
SA Fallowpoint Grand Cru (Ostoja Kennels)
SA Fallowpoint Henri Laurent (Aust Ch) (Ostoja Kennels)
SA Fallowpoint Weather The Storm (Ben Weidenbach)
NSW Germanus Gadhawirra Kalari (Imp UK) (Miss A L Atkinson)
NSW Germanus Game's On (Imp UK) (Ch) (Miss Amanda Atkinson & Mrs Susan Annis)
NSW Germanus Go Get Your Gun For Hotwyr (UK) NAVHDA NA Prize 3 (Aust Ch, Neuter Ch & NZ Ch) (Fiona Ellis & Rae Bank)
NZ Germanus Got Booty for Hotwyr (Imp UK) (NZ Ch) (Rae Bank & Fiona Ellis)
NSW Hirsch Fast Cars And Freedom (ai) (C Ryan)
NSW Hotwyr Baby It's You (Imp NZ) (Australian & NZ Ch) (Ms Rae Bank/ Ms Fiona Ellis)
NSW Hotwyr Back in Bizniz RN (Pam Lyons)
NZ Hotwyr Be Afraid B Very Afraid (Ch) (T & Janine Liava'a)
NSW Hotwyr Big Bang Theory (AI) (Aust Grand Ch) (Fiona Ellis/Rae Bank)
NSW Hotwyr Bizniz Class (Aust Grand Ch) (Fiona Ellis/Rae Bank)
NZ Hotwyr Charmed And Dangerous - Sled Dog Champion (Ch) (Ms Rae Bank)
NZ Hotwyr Crime and Punishment (Ch) (Miss Amelia Nolan Wickstead)
NSW Hotwyr Game Ov Thrones (AI) (Australian Champion) (Fiona Ellis/Rae Bank/Riaan Bank)
NSW Hotwyr Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (AI) (Aust Grand Ch) (Fiona Ellis/Rae Bank)
NSW Hotwyr I'm Fab Boo Lush (Aust Ch) (Fiona Ellis/Rae Bank)
NZ Hotwyr I'm Your Huckleberry (Mrs G Torrington)
NZ Hotwyr Ice Ice Baby (Imp Aust) (Aust Grand Ch/NZ Ch) (Fiona Ellis / Rae Bank)
NZ Hotwyr Law And Order (Ms Rae Bank)
NZ Hotwyr Lock Stock and Barrel (Ch) (Wade Robertson)
WA Hotwyr Me Me Im Furst RN (Ch) (A Scrimgeour, R Bank & F Ellis)
NSW Hotwyr No Bizniz Like Show Bizniz (Australian Grand Champion) (Fiona Ellis)
NSW Hotwyr Oh No You Better Dont (Fiona Ellis/Rae Bank)
NSW Hotwyr Once You Go Black (AI) (Aust Ch) (Ms Rae Bank/Ms Fiona Ellis)
NZ Hotwyr Prime Suspect (Ch) (Ms Helen Chiell)
NZ Hotwyr She's Charmed (Mr Roger Gould)
NSW Hotwyr Sympathy for the Devil (Fiona and Rae)
NZ Hotwyr Sympathy For The Devil (imp Aust) (Aust Ch/NZ Ch) (Rae Bank and Fiona Ellis)
NZ Hotwyr The Charmed One - Sled Dog Excellent (Ch) (Sherrie Feickert)
NSW Hotwyr The Secret Agent (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (Rae Bank/Fiona Ellis)
NZ Hotwyr To Kill A Mockingbird (AI) (NZ Ch) (Ms Rae Bank and Ms Fiona Ellis)
NZ Hotwyr Whitelighter (Ch) (Mike Neale)
VIC Huntswell Summer Reign (David De Maria)
VIC Huntwyre Courteney Selous (Aust Ch) (Tony Alvarez)
VIC Huntwyre Domino Harvey (Aust.Ch.) (Tony Alvarez)
VIC Huntwyre Forest Jewel (Aust Ch) (Gary & Liz Lovell)
VIC Huntwyre Freycinet (Aust.Ch.) (Tony Alvarez)
VIC Huntwyre Jackaroo (Aust Ch.) (N Hodges)
VIC Huntwyre Love Me Like You Do (Tony Alvarez)
NSW Huntwyre Treasure Hunter (Miss A L Atkinson)
VIC Huntwyre Tribulation CDX RN. QND ORA ET (TS. CH GRAND CH DUAL CH (T) NEUT CH) (Mr P & Mrs S Meekings)
NZ Jagerrob Tarn of the Styx - Sled Dog Excellent (Ch) (Ms Rae Bank)
QLD Katholts G Dutch (Hans Keuper & P Bond Frozen Australia)
NZ Kimmax Bolt (Imp UK) (Ms Rae Bank)
NZ Kimmax Kontessa (imp UK) Sled Dog Champion (NZ Ch) (Ms Rae Bank)
NZ Kobnko Against The Wind (Field Trial Ch    ) (Kathy Anderson & David Richardson)
QLD Kobnko Allie Whistle Y R (Aust Champion) (Leanne Hall)
QLD Kobnko Ambrose V Eiger (Ch) (David Demaria)
QLD Kobnko Arna V Eiger (Ch) (Trisha Bond)
QLD Kobnko Arrival Of Drosselmeyer (Kobnko)
QLD Kobnko Dot Kom (Ch) (Trish Bond-Beckett)
QLD Kobnko Eiggy V Eiger (AI) (Aust Champion) (Leanne Hall)
QLD Kobnko Fox River (CH) (P Bond-Beckett & Kevin Horne)
QLD Kobnko Kat Burglar (NZ DUAL CH(Field)) (David Richardson-Kathy Anderson, NZ)
NZ Kobnko Kat Burglar (NZ DUAL CH(Field)) (David Richardson & Kathy Anderson)
QLD Kobnko Kat Man Doo (CH) (Trish Bond-Beckett)
QLD Kobnko Kwak The Duxnuts (CH) (Jackie Webb)
QLD Kobnko Kweenslan Krusada (AI) (MBIS,AUSTRALIAN GRAND CHAMPION) (T.Bond-Beckett & D&N Lashford)
QLD Kobnko Once Ina Lifetime (Aust & NZ CH) (Christine Faithfull)
QLD Kobnko Secret Assignment (imp NZ) (CH) (Kobnko,Chris Hearn & Greg Anderson)
QLD Kobnko Swan Lake (Imp NZ) (CH) (T Bond-Beckett)
QLD Kobnko The Mannlicher (Champion) (Ian Bradshaw)
WA Kobnko V Vecto (Ch) (Steph Meikle)
QLD Kobnko Waltz Of The Flowers (CH) (Patricia Bond-Beckett)
QLD Kobnko Y R To Footsteps, G&G B (Winster 08 & RBISS-Dutch Champion & Dutch Youth CH) (Ankie Somers,Kobnko)
NSW Kobnko Y R For U (MULTI BIS AUST GRAND CH) (Silvagun Pointers)
VIC Korskote American Idol CCD ET (Aust Ch) (Gary & Liz Lovell)
VIC Korskote American Pie (BIS Aust GRAND Ch) (Jenny & David Cattell - Kobidan Kennels)
VIC Korskote Circuit Breaker (Aust Ch) (Kerri Johnson)
NSW Korskote Comeback (A Atkinson & M & R Geary)
VIC Korskote Double O Nothin (Aust Ch) (Tony Alvarez)
NSW Korskote Forbidden Treasure (Mr A R Hansford & Miss A L Atkinson)
VIC Korskote Foreign Exchange (IID UK) (Aust Grand Ch) (Gary & Liz Lovell)
NSW Korskote International Acclaim (IID UK/Deu) (Miss A L Atkinson)
SA Korskote International Scandal (IID UK) (Ch) (Ben Weidenbach)
SA Korskote Majestical Kruger (Ch) (Ben Weidenbach)
NSW Korskote Some Like It Hot (Aust Grand Champion & New Zealand Ch) (Fiona Ellis)
NSW Korskote Stop N' Stare (GRAND CH) (Miss Catherine Ryan)
VIC Korskote Take Only Me ET (DUAL CH (T)) (Mr P & Mrs S Meekings)
NSW Korskote The Fifth Element (Miss A L Atkinson & Mrs S H Wright)
TAS Korskote Winter Is Coming (Ch) (Steve Watson & Sue Wright)
NSW Korskote Witch and Famous (Australian & New Zealand Champion) (Ms Rae Bank)
VIC Korskote Xplosiv Encore ET (Dual Ch (T)) (Bartess kennels)
NSW Korskote Xplosiv Klass (BISS Grand Ch) (Mandy Atkinson)
NZ Korskote Xpress Klass (Imp Aust) Sled Dog Champion (BiSS MBiG NZ Ch) (Ms Rae Bank)
VIC Lovewyre Braveheart (Aust Ch) (Paul West)
VIC Lovewyre Bubble Pop Electric (Gary & Liz Lovell)
VIC Lovewyre Diamond Jack (Gary & Liz Lovell)
VIC Lovewyre Don't Need Diamonds (Ch) (Gary & Liz Lovell)
VIC Lovewyre Electric Lullaby (Aust Ch) (G & E Lovell)
VIC Lovewyre Hearts Desire (Aust Ch) (Gary & Liz Lovell)
ACT Lovewyre High Voltage (Kerry Evans)
VIC Lovewyre Rumour Has It CCD ET TSD (DUAL CH (T)Dual Gr Ch (TS)) (Mr & Mrs P & S MEEKINGS)
NSW Moruada Buck Bokkie (Mrs S H Wright)
NSW Moruada Buck Rodgers (S H Wright)
NSW Moruada Down To The Wire (Aust Ch) (Moruada Kennels)
NSW Moruada Madame Mimi (Australian Champion) (Moruada Kennels)
NSW Mountain View National Affair With RLB (imp USA) AKC JH (AUSTRALIAN GRAND CH & AMERICAN CHAMPION) (Kylie Wright)
SA Normbar Austin (imp UK) (Aust Ch) (Ostoja Kennels)
NSW Ostoja All Rapt Up (RUBIS GRAND CH) (Catherine Ryan)
SA Ostoja Black Caviar (Aust Ch) (G C & R A Oakes)
SA Ostoja Brash N Sassy (Aust CH) (Ostoja Kennels)
SA Ostoja Burlesque (GC&RA Oakes)
SA Ostoja Dirty Dancing (Aust Ch) (Ostoja Kennels)
SA Ostoja Dream Lover (Ch) (Ostoja Kennels)
SA Ostoja Dream Time (Ch) (Ostoja Kennels)
SA Ostoja Eleanor Rigby (Aust Ch) (Rosie Oakes)
SA Ostoja Heart Beat (Aust Ch) (Ostoja Knls)
SA Ostoja High N Mighty (Aust Ch) (Ostoja Kennels)
SA Ostoja Honky Tonk Woman (Aust Ch) (Gc RA Oakes)
SA Ostoja Joyride (Geoff and Rosie Oakes)
SA Ostoja Key Largo (Aust CH) (Mrs RA Oakes/ Mr B & Mrs H Clarke)
SA Ostoja Little Valentine (AI) (Aust Ch) (Ostoja Kennels)
SA Ostoja Me Myself and I (Ostoja Kennels)
SA Ostoja Prime Suspect (Aust Ch) (Ostoja kennels)
SA Ostoja Royal Connection (Aust Ch) (Ostoja Kennels)
WA Ostoja Stand and Deliver (Ch) (Ostoja Kennels)
SA Ostoja Strike a Pose (Ch) (Ostoja Kennels)
SA Ostoja Strut Y Stuff (Aust CH) (Rosie Oakes - Ostoja Kennels)
QLD Ripsnorters You Had To Be There(Imp USA) (CH) (Trish Bond-Beckett)
NSW RLB'S Napoleons Legend SH (imp USA) (AMERICAN CH & MULTI BIS SUPREME CH) (Sue & Kylie Wright)
NSW Skadalas Alara (Imp Swd) (BISS Aust Ch) (Miss A Atkinson)
QLD Valko V Ostetal - Germany (Hans Keuper & P Bond Frozen Australia)
QLD WeidenHugel Kyoko V Victor. MASTER HUNTER - NAVHDA Imp USA (MBIG/AM/Aust Champion) (P. Bond-Beckett)
QLD Whistlewire Fire And Lace (Aust Champion) (Leanne Hall)
QLD Whistlewire Gypsy Fire (Aust Champion) (Leanne Hall)
QLD Whistlewire Hot Stuff (Aust Champion) (Leanne Hall)
NZ Whistlewire Matilda A Waltzing (NZ Ch) (Helen Lansdell)
QLD Whistlewire Riesling Star (Aust Champion) (Leanne Hall)
QLD Whistlewire Snowy River Rider (Aust Champion) (Leanne Hall)
QLD Whistlewire Tully On Point (AI) (Aust Champion) (Leanne Hall)

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