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BIS/BISS Supreme Champion Glenfels Finola (AI)
(Sarah Baker)

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NSW Aghaveaghs Aint No Woman [AI] (Mr P Galvin)
NSW Aghaveaghs All Cracked Up [AI] (Mr P Galvin)
NSW Aghaveaghs Almost Like A Dream [AI] (Mr P Galvin)
NSW Aghaveaghs Angels in Hell [AI] (Mr P Galvin)
NSW Aghaveaghs Barefoot (AI) (Mr P Galvin)
NSW Aghaveaghs Run Thru The Jungle [AI] (Ch) (Mr P Galvin)
NSW Aghaveaghs William H Bonney (AI) (Mr P Galvin)
VIC Alymata Ned (AI) (Shane Clapham)
VIC Baskerville Laurence (Jennifer)
NZ Creena Frankie At Fleetwood (J Benjamin)
SA Creena Hopelessly Devoted To U ( AI) (C and J Michelmore)
SA Creena Master Edward Wright (Aust Ch) (Peter & Joan Wright)
SA Creena Master Murphy Wright (AI) (Aust Ch) (Peter & Joan Wright)
SA Creena Miss Adelaide Rose ( AI ) (AUST Ch) (Jodie Michelmore)
SA Creena Miss Hazel Emerald JC (Aust Ch & Neuter Ch) (L Novak)
NZ Culmore Stevie At Fleetwood (Ch) (Jenny Benjamin & DJ & CD Wylie)
WA Cumocroi Archangel Zephyr (AI) (R Lavery)
WA Cumocroi Autumn Of Kenzie (AI) (S & D Runciman)
QLD Dongunya Braddon (AUST.CH.) (J.A. & S.W. Donaldson)
QLD Dongunya Brina (AUST.CH.) (John & Sue Donaldson)
QLD Dongunya Dana (Aust. Ch.) (J & S Donaldson)
QLD Dongunya Eliza (AI) (Aust. CH.) (J & S Donaldson)
QLD Dongunya Hagan Roger (Aust. Ch.) (J. & S. Donaldson & C. Gorman)
SA Dongunya Hogan Wright (Aust Ch) (Peter & Joan Wright)
QLD Dongunya Ionah (Aust. Ch.) (J.A. & S.W. Donaldson)
QLD Dongunya Janeisha (D&E Henzell and J&S Donaldson)
SA Eaglestone Falcon (Imp NZ) (Ch) (JD & S P Lewington)
NSW Finneagle Aoife (Imp UK) (AU CH) (Baker and Gendle)
WA Fleetwood Lia At Cumocroi AI (imp NZ) (Aust. Ch) (S & D Runciman)
NZ Fleetwood Lucca at Culmore (Ch) (DJ & CD Wylie & J Benjamin)
SA Fleetwood Maureen at Creena (AI) (Imp NZ) (Aust Gr Ch) (C & J Michelmore)
NZ Fleetwood Siena (Ch) (Mrs Jenny Benjamin)
WA Ginara Remus O'Rauric (Aust Ch) (Sara Runciman)
SA Glenfels Arya (AI) (J & S Lewington)
SA Glenfels Atlas At Creena (ai) (J &C Michelmore , S Baker)
NSW Glenfels Brienne (AI) (Lorna Stevens and Sarah Baker)
SA Glenfels Finola (AI) (BIS/BISS Supreme Champion) (Sarah Baker)
SA Glenfels Firestorm at Cufiain (Ms M Thomson & Mrs S Baker)
NSW Glenfels Khaleesi (AI) (Aust Ch) (Sarah Baker and Soile Gendle)
SA Glenfels Mirakel Maktiga Frida (AI) (Ch) (Mrs S Baker)
VIC Glenfels Nellie Melba (AI) (Marina Andersen & Sarah Baker)
SA Glenfels The Boy From Oz (AI) (Multi BIS/Multi BISS Supreme Aust Ch) (Sarah Baker)
SA Glenfels Toby Wright (AI) (Aust Ch) (Sarah Baker)
NZ Glenfels Waltzing Matilda (NZ Ch) (Jenny Benjamin)
VIC Greycroft Adelaide (Aust Ch) (Dileann Kennels)
SA Greycroft Annika (Ch) (J D & S P Lewington)
SA Greycroft Celtic Warrior (Ch) (Kelly Hobson/J & S Lewington)
TAS Greycroft In Like Flynn (AI) (MBIS Sup Ch) (Kristy Pearcey)
SA Greycroft Irish Legend of Gabriels (AI) (J D & S P Lewington)
SA Greycroft Irish Storm (Ch) (J D & S P Lewington)
SA Greycroft Memphis (Aust Gr Ch) (Michelle Thomson)
SA Greycroft Niagara (J & S Lewington)
SA Greycroft Reginald (Ch) (Sarah Baker)
SA Greycroft Reginald (Ch) (S & D Baker and J & S Lewington)
SA Greycroft The Guvnor (Ch) (J D & S P Lewington)
SA Greycroft Tullamore Gypsy King (J & S Lewington)
SA Greycroft Tullamore GypsyQueen (J & S Lewington)
WA Greycroft Tullamore Paddy (Aust Ch) (Sara Runciman)
WA Greycroft Winnipeg (Sara Runciman)
SA Greyhavens Holly (Ch) (JD & SP Lewington)
SA Gruagach Jungle Guardian (Imp Sweden) (John and Sue Lewington)
SA Hollymorn Allegretto (J Hooper)
SA Hollymorn Dubh Moon of Athlone (Aust Ch) (Jeannine Hooper)
SA Hollymorn Moon Warrior (J Hooper)
SA Hollymorn Shadow Dancer (J Hooper)
SA Hollymorn Sullivan (A Glynne & J Hooper)
NSW Lovellen Caellum The Brave (Aust Ch) (L.Osborne)
NSW Lovellen Little Ashling (Aust Ch) (L.Osborne)
ACT Lovellen Lord Fergus Drey (Mrs L Osborne & Mrs S Barnard)
NSW Lovellen Lord Grayson Manor (AI) (Aust Ch) (Mrs L Osborne & Miss M Osborne)
NSW MacLaomainn Autumn Rain (BIS Aust Gr Ch) (Rona Moss)
QLD MacLaomainn Baird Of Latino (MULTI BIS BISS Aust Ch) (Andrew Brown)
WA Maclaomainn Be My Bonnie Lass (L Cato and R Moss)
NSW MacLaomainn Blood Of The Brave (AI) (Aust CH) (Donna Townsend)
NSW MacLaomainn Brigitte Je Taime (AI) (Aust Gr Ch) (Mrs R Moss)
NSW MacLaomainn By Bryan's Latino (AI) (Aust Sup Ch) (Mrs S L Munro & Mrs R Moss)
NSW Ollmorcu Last Jig (AI) (Mrs L Osborne)
NSW Ollmorcu Last Stand [AI] (Aust Ch) (Paul Galvin)
NSW Ornumflow Briannah (Aust Ch) (S Munro)
NSW Ornumflow Ellyannah (Mrs S L Munro)
NSW Ornumflow Embrey (Mrs S L Munro)
NSW Ornumflow Erik (Ch) (S L Munro)
NSW Ornumflow Finneenah (Mrs S L Munro)
NSW Ornumflow Hoyt (Aust Ch) (S L Munro)
NSW Ornumflow Klame (AI) (Aust Ch) (S L Munro)
NSW Ornumflow Miss Mia (Aust Ch) (S L Munro)
NSW Ornumflow Quite A Lady (Aust Ch) (S L Munro)
NSW Ornumflow Sabre (Aust Ch) (S L Munro)
NSW Ornumflow Tahnee Lady (Grand Champion) (R Moss)
NSW Ornumflow Xakery (BIS BISS Supreme Champion) (Sylvia Munro Rona Moss)
SA Ramarego Brickeen (JD & SP Lewington)
SA Shannonsrun Maggie May (Ms Jacqui Marlin)
SA Shannonsrun My Mate Culligan (Ch.) (Ms J Marllin)
SA Starkeeper Glenamadda Veronica (Imp Can) (AUST & CAN CH) (John and Sue Lewington)
NSW Tirowen Dark Morrighan (Fiona Richards)
NSW Tirowen Gillie (Ch) (F & A McEvoy & F Richards)
SA Tirowen Grace O'Malley (Dr F J McEvoy & Mrs A T McEvoy)
SA Tirowen Lucy (Aust Ch) (Dr F J McEvoy & Mrs A T McEvoy)
SA Tirowen Octavian (Aust Ch) (Dr F J McEvoy & Mrs A T McEvoy)
NSW Tirowen Ostara (Ch) (Fiona Richards)
SA Tirowen Quinn (Aust Ch.) (J Hooper)
SA Tirowen Saoirse (Aust Ch) (J Hooper)
VIC Tollair Adh Brea (Aust CH) (Dileann Kennels)
NSW Wolf Tone Mark (Imp SWD) (CH) (S&S Gendle and R & M South)
NSW Wulfgar Abelegariad (AI) (S. Gendle)
NSW Wulfgar Aghamore (Multi BIS / Multi BISS Aust Supreme Ch) (Paul Galvin)
NSW Wulfgar Fennoscandia (AI) (CH) (C. Maciver & S Gendle)
SA Wulfgar Fire Cracker (Aust Ch) (Michelle Thomson)
NSW Wulfgar Fountain Head (AI) (CH) (S Gendle)
SA Wulfgar Iron Reborn (Neut Grd Ch) (Peter & Joan Wright)
NSW Wulfgar Its de Lovely (Aust Ch) (S. Gendle)
SA Wulfgar Just My Valentino (AI) (Ch    ) (Ms M Thomson & Mrs S Gendle)
NSW Wulfgar Kaisu (AI) (S. Gendle)
NSW Wulfgar Kaisu (AI) (S. Gendle)
NSW Wulfgar Katja (AI) (S. Gendle & R Verrell)
QLD Wulfgar Kerrigan (a.i.) (Aust. Ch.) (J.& S. Donaldson & S. Gendle)
NSW Wulfgar Nathan (S. Gendle)
NSW Wulfgar O'Callaghan (CH) (Ray and Margaret South)
NSW Wulfgar Paris (Ch) (Mrs S Gendle)
NSW Wulfgar Starman (Gr CH) (S.Gendle)
NSW Wulfgar Tyche (S. Gendle)
NSW Wulfgar Valhalla (Aust Ch) (S. Gendle)
QLD Wulfgar Zahra (AUST. CH.) (J.A. & S. W. Donaldson)
NSW Xalibur's Oak (Imp Bel) (Aust CH) (Rona Moss)

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