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Wattavue Bling It On
(Rhonda Harnell & Les Fabian)

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QLD Adeltoy Grandeur Red Truffle (Marilyn Umney)
NZ Amadeus Of Musicaldaz (Ms Patricia)
WA Angiellen Red Tassie Devil (Gil Scaddan)
QLD Angiellen Spirit of Eternity (Jennifer Whiting)
NSW Arasenna Paige B Thou MyVision (Aust. Champion) (Mrs D A Krueger)
VIC Arrowflight Puccini (Imp.UK) (Aust Ch) (J.Sculac)
NSW Autumn Kiki Of Whitout (Imp NZ) (Ch) (Susie Kearnes)
VIC Azflex Sign Of The Times (Aust Supreme Ch) (Mr K, Mrs J, Miss P Hopkins &Mr M Clarke)
QLD Bienaime Cest La Vie (Aust & Neut Ch) (S & L Darling)
QLD Bienaime Debanjo Boy (Aust Ch) (S & L Darling)
NSW Bienaime Freyja (Aust Ch,Neuter Champion) (S & L Darling)
QLD Bienaime Galadriel (Aust Ch) (S & L Darling)
QLD Bienaime Glorfindel CCD,RA (Aust Ch) (S & L Darling)
QLD Bienaime Kaptain Jak Sparrow (Ch) (S & L Darling)
QLD Bienaime Lil Divine Diva TKs (Aust Ch) (P Morgan)
NSW Bienaime Lil Lady (Aust Ch) (Darelle Krueger)
QLD Bienaime Lil Silver Arrow RN (Ch) (S & L Darling)
QLD Bienaime Lil Snowball (Aust Ch) (S & L Darling)
QLD Bienaime Ohmy Duchess (Aust Ch) (S & L Darling)
QLD Bienaime Silver Utopia RN (S & L Darling)
QLD Bienaime Viva Las Vegas (Aust Ch, Neuter Grand Champion) (S & L Darling)
NSW Bobkins Style Is My Game CDX RN (Aust Ch) (Mrs A P Copeland)
NZ Bryhur Firenze (New Zealand Champion) (Sandra Hutton)
NZ Bryhur Ma Fleur de Feu (Ch) (Bryony Hurden)
NZ Bryhur She's Hot Stuff (B J Hurden)
QLD Byanda Black Diamond (Grand Ch) (S. Coombes)
NSW Byanda Lady Brown (Aust Ch) (Mr Joel Wakefield)
NZ Chamarre's Oh So Charming (Mrs Pamela Saville)
NZ Chamarre's Special Edition (Mrs Pamela Saville)
NZ China Girl At Chamarre (Mrs Pamela Saville)
QLD Clojo Pink Elephants on Parade (L Fabian & R Harnell)
NSW Coifico Costa Nostra (Aust Ch) (D Johnston & J Edwards)
NSW Coifico Costume Drama (Aust Ch) (Dayna & Mark Johnston & John Edwards)
NSW Coifico Drama Queen (Aust Supreme Champion) (Dayna & Mark Johnston & John Edwards)
NSW Coifico Tantrum N Tiaras (John Edwards & Dayna Johnston)
NSW Coifico Wateverlolawants (Aust Ch) (Dayna & Mark Johnston & John Edwards)
VIC Cresendo's Man In Town (IMP DMK) (INT CH:) (Margret Barton)
NSW Crosswynds Full Throttle (Supreme Ch) (Margaret Goodfellow & Tracy Hood)
WA Danrith Focal Point (Ch) (Mrs AEM Howell)
QLD Danrith Hot To Trot (Aust Ch) (Dawn Bennett)
QLD Danrith New Beginning (Ch) (James Bennett)
NSW Danrith Rum Chaser (Ch) (James Bennett)
QLD Danrith Say My Name (Aust ch) (Mr James Bennett)
NSW Danrith Your Attention Please (Mr James Bennett & Ma)
NSW Darellsig A Sense Of Wonder (Aust. Champion) (Mrs D. A. Krueger)
NSW Darellsig BeautfulVision (Aust. Ch) (Mrs D. A. Krueger)
NSW Darellsig Beautiful Obsession (Mrs D A Krueger)
NSW Darellsig By His Grace (Mrs D A Krueger)
NSW Darellsig Full Force Gale (Aust. Champion) (Mrs D A Krueger)
NSW Darellsig Here Comes Th Knight (Aust. Champion) (Mrs D. A. Krueger)
NSW Darellsig I Put A Spell On You (Aust. Champion) (Mrs D. A. Krueger)
NSW Darellsig In The Midnight (Supreme Champion) (Mrs D A Krueger)
NSW Darellsig Mighty Like A Rose (Aust. Champion) (Darelle Krueger)
NSW Darellsig My Centrepiece (Aust. Champion) (Mrs D A Krueger)
VIC Darellsig Perfect Moments (Aust. Champion) (Melissa Froesch and Darelle Krueger)
NSW Darellsig Precious Time (Aust. Champion) (Mrs D A Krueger)
NSW Darellsig The Chosen One (Mrs D Krueger)
NSW Darellsig You Got The Power (Aust CH) (J Wakefield)
NSW Elluje Out of Control (Ch) (Julie Henville)
NSW Elluje Out of the Box (Aust Ch) (Julie Henville)
NZ Fancy Pants For Whitout (BIS BISS NZ Ch) (Mrs E L Rowe & Mrs W E Jellyman)
NZ Fancy That At Whitout (NZ Ch) (Mrs Erica Rowe & Mrs W E Jellyman)
NZ Fantasy In Silver At Whitout (New Zealand Champion) (Sandra Hutton)
QLD Funtosy a plan in action (Brown, Raby and Hansen)
QLD Funtosy Wambam Hot I am (Aust Ch) (Brown, Coates, Hansen & Raby)
QLD Glengavin Rage O Fortune (Aust Ch) (Diane Craig)
VIC Henleyridge Aprimon Prinz (Liz Rogers)
QLD Hillani Dancing with Shadows (Australian Champion) (Hillani Kennels)
WA Hillani Hip Hip Hooray (Ch) (Mr M & Mrs J Sach)
QLD Hillani Stirling Silva JD AD SD (Grand Champion) (Les Fabian & Rhonda Harnell)
NZ Hillani Translantic Silvastar[imp Aust] (New Zealand Champion) (Wendy E Jellyman)
NZ Horizon's Chamarre Kiwi Charm (USA) (AM CH & NZ CH) (Mrs Pam Saville)
NZ Horizons Avant - Garde at LLawen (Imp.USA ) (American Champion and New Zealand Champion) (Sandra Hutton)
NZ Inchcolm A Single Malt (Barbara Crocker)
NZ Inchcolm Flying Solo (Barbara Crocker)
NZ Inchcolm Game Set N Match (NZ Ch) (Lucy Lynch & Barbara Crocker)
NZ Inchcolm La Bamba (Ch) (Barbara Crocker)
NZ Inchcolm La Vida Loca (Barbara Crocker)
NZ Inchcolm Legally Blonde (Barbara Crocker)
NZ Inchcolm Raise Your Glass (Ch) (Barbara Crocker)
NZ Inchcolm Ready To Rock 'N Roll (Ch) (Barbara Crocker)
WA Jaset Regan Reigns at Pudelian (Imp USA) (Aust Ch, Am Ch) (Mrs AEM Howell)
NSW Jeabo I Got The Music In Me (Aust. Ch.) (Ms J Thompson)
NSW Jeabo La De Dah Black No Sugar (Aust. Ch.) (Ms J Thompson)
NSW Jeabo Leather N Lace (Ms J Thompson)
QLD Jeabo Sparks will fly (Louise Bird)
NSW Jeabo Ta Da All About Archie (Aust. Ch.) (Ms Jeanette Thompson)
NSW Jenuin Black Fantasia (Aust. Champion) (Mrs D A Krueger)
VIC Jenuin Constantine CCD TDX (Aust Ch) (J. Sculac)
TAS Jenuin Designed T Shine (Ch) (A & M Bellingham & J Sculac)
TAS Jenuin Designed T Shine (Aust Ch) (Jennifer Sculac and Maxine Bellingham)
WA Jenuin Extreme Design (Ch) (Jennifer Sculac)
VIC Jenuin Major Constellation (Aust Ch) (Mrs J Sculac)
TAS Jenuin Mark of Tradition (Aust Ch) (C.Kiernan and Jennifer Sculac)
VIC Jenuin Maybe AnAngel (Aust Ch) (J.Sculac)
NSW Jenuin Midnight Inblack (Aust. Champion) (Mrs J Sculac & Mrs D Krueger)
NSW Jenuin Queen Ofthrones RN (Aust Ch) (Mrs A P Copeland)
VIC Jenuin Skyfall (CH) (Mrs J Sculac & M Wong)
VIC Jenuin Southern Midnight Son (CH) (Mrs J Sculac & M Wong)
WA Jenuin Sunset AfterMidnight (Miss J Black & Mrs J Sculac)
NSW Jenuin Ticket To Ride (Aust. Champion) (Mrs D Krueger & Mrs J Sculac)
WA Jenuin Trademark (Aust Ch) (J Sculac, J Ainsworth P Isopenko)
VIC Joystar Henley Ace Red Baron (Liz Rogers)
QLD Joystar Kodi Jherico Lad (Jennifer Whiting)
WA Kaasha Major Revelation (Mr M & Mrs J Sach)
NZ Kateisha Focal Point (NZ CH) (Y Smith & J F Stanton)
NZ Kateisha Giorgia On My Mind At Westpriors (Aust & NZ CH) (J F Stanton & Y Smith)
VIC Kateisha Glamour Girl At Westpriors (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (Mrs J and Miss C Missen)
NZ Kateisha Matchpoint (NZ CH) (JF Stanton & Y Smith)
NSW Kateisha On The Same Paige (IMP NZ) (Aust Ch) (K,J & P Hopkins)
NZ Kateisha P'Jama Power (Aust & NZ CH) (JF Stanton & Y Smith)
NZ Kateisha The Guy N'PJamas (NZ CH) (J Stanton, Y Smith)
VIC Kertellas Jenuin Edition(Imp UK) (Ch) (Jennifer Sculac)
VIC Kertellas Jenuin Trademark (Imp UK) (Aust Ch) (Jennifer Sculac)
QLD Lilella Oh My Rn (Ch) (Mrs. M. Waldon)
QLD Loana Darknstormy (Aust Ch) (S. Coombes)
QLD Loana Scandalous Capone (Aus Champion) (Michelle Russo)
NSW Maronoir All About Me (Mr J Wakefield)
QLD Martrejame Milo (Christopher Rimmington)
QLD Matrejame De Princess Ella (Christopher Rimmington)
VIC Michandy Striking Midnight (Imp UK) (Aust Ch) (Mrs Jennifer Sculac)
NZ Moon Shadow over Whitout (Mrs Pamela Saville)
QLD Morpaudl Danzin Mirage (P Morgan)
QLD Morpaudl Dezigned N Zilva (Aust Ch.) (P Morgan)
QLD Morpaudl Miz Tik Dancer (P Morgan)
QLD Myflair Best of Both Worlds (Ch) (Margret Barton)
QLD Myflair Black Maija (Aust Ch) (Merryl Yet Foy)
NSW Myflair Causing a Storm (Ms M Barber)
QLD Myflair Dangerous Leasion (Aust Ch) (Miss Diane Craig)
QLD Myflair Just About Me (Aust Ch) (BG & PM Barton)
QLD Myflair Just You and Me (SUP Ch) (P & B Barton)
NZ Myflair JustMy Style ( Imp. Aus. ) (New Zealand Champion) (Sandra Hutton)
NSW Myflair Limited Edition (Ch) (Mr B G & Mrs P M Barton)
QLD Myflair Voo Doo Devil In Black (Aust Ch) (B G & P M Barton)
QLD Myflair VooDoo Devil in Black (Aust Ch) (Miss D M Craig)
QLD Myflair White Limited Edition RA CCD (Ch) (Mrs M V Waldon)
QLD Myflair White Moonshine Lady (Aust Ch) (S. Coombes)
QLD Negresca Banjo Babe (S & L Darling)
VIC Nipigon Dirty Tango (IMP USA) (American Grand Ch) (Sebtus Kennels)
NSW Pudelicious Apri Coral (Ch) (S. Kearnes)
NSW Pudelicious Destin En Rouge (Aust. Ch.) (Susie Kearnes)
NSW Pudelicious Mocha Sensation (Aust Ch.) (Susie Kearnes)
NSW Pudelicious New Kid In Town (Susie Kearnes)
QLD Real Treasure Starring Moravia (Imp CZE) (Aust Ch) (B G & P M Barton)
NSW Rokshani Love In Motion (Aust Ch) (Mrs A Copeland)
NSW Rokshani Oops I Did It Again (Aust Ch) (Anne Copeland)
QLD Rozevue Moonshine Enchantress (Aust CH) (S. Coombes)
SA Rozevue The Dark Lady (Quiniva Kennels)
QLD Rozevue Wild Flower (Aust CH) (S. Coombes)
NZ Sexi N Silva From Whitout (Mrs Pam Saville)

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