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Australian CH Tdrop Simply Irresistible
(MIchelle O'Donnell)

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QLD Adithe Cha Sorpraysa (Judith McRobie)
QLD Adithe Cilla Black (Aust. Ch) (Judith Mcrobie)
VIC Adithe Devil Bewitched (Diana Cordi)
QLD Adithe M Names Joe Black (Ch) (Judith McRobie)
QLD Adithe Oscar Brun (Ch) (Judith McRobie)
QLD Adithe Yolande Guilfo (Australian Ch.) (Miss J. A. McRobie)
QLD Adithe Youre My World (Aust Ch) (Judith McRobie)
NSW Afterglow Hot Rod (Imp UK) (Lyn McDonald)
VIC Alamoana in Redhot Pursuit (Natascha Buckesfeld)
NSW Alang Ice Majic Princess (Aust Grand Ch) (Geraldine Myers)
NSW Alang Ice Majic Soldier (Aust Grand Champion) (Geraldine Myers)
NSW ALANG Ice Princess (Naomi Conroy/Geraldine Myers)
NSW Alang Ice Princess (Miss N Conroy & Ms G Myers)
NSW Alang Majic Princess (Geraldine Myers)
VIC Ancrownes Bijoux Bear (Sibilla K Laguda)
QLD Argenoir Belle Stellaire (Aust Ch) (Carolyne A Collin)
QLD Argenoir Starborn in Glory (Aust Ch.) (Carolyne A Collin)
WA Argenoir Xpresso Martini (Australian Champion) (Raylene Watson)
SA Avonti Cue The Confetti (Ch) (J Short & A Heyburn)
NSW Balikiss All About Timing (Geraldine O'TOOLE)
NSW Balikiss Best Of The Lott (Geraldine O'Toole)
NSW Balikiss In True Style (Geraldine O'Toole)
NSW Barrphon Arctic Fox (J. Evans)
VIC Beaudanser Chevalier Chipper (Aust Ch) (Julie Stott)
NSW Belleroux Lord Byron (Mrs G O'Toole)
QLD Bellissima Chantillylace (Aust Ch) (Jenny Craig)
NSW Bonoks Etual V Envy Laahtoy (Imp Rus) (Aust Ch) (Lisa Martin)
WA Bordershow Heritage In Silva (Australian Champion) (Raylene Watson)
QLD Bordershow Star Born in Silver (Aust Ch.) (C A Collin)
VIC Broad Bay Kick It Up A Notch (Imp U.S.A) (Aust Ch. Am Ch.) (Ms C. Camac)
QLD Calamura Mista Magician (Mrs. J. Beal)
VIC Cashypark Charlie Chaplin (Mrs R & Mr E Borg)
NSW Charade Journey To Draco (Imp Usa) (Am & Aust Ch) (Maarie Lantouris)
VIC Chezjolie Brace yourself (aust ch) (cathy Camac)
VIC Chezjolie Bring It On (Aust Ch.) (Ms C. Camac)
NSW Chezjolie Cauzin Whoopi (J. Evans)
VIC Chezjolie Hot Cakes (Aust Ch.) (Ms C. Camac)
VIC Chezjolie Kiss N tell (Aust Ch) (C.Camac)
VIC Chezjolie Piping Hot (Aust Ch.) (Ms C. Camac)
VIC Chezjolie Saving Grace (Aust Ch.) (Ms C. Camac)
VIC Chezjolie Take A Trick (Aust Ch.) (Ms C. Camac)
NSW Cocobo Miss Chloe Channel (Cindy Ching)
NSW Courdamour Abbie Rose (Mrs G O'Toole)
NSW Courdamour Absolutely Fabulous (J Evans)
QLD Courdamour beautiful girl (Deborah New)
NSW Courdamour Cool Ivory (Jo Evans)
NSW Courdamour Count on me (J Evans and G. Otoole)
NSW Courdamour Little Shadow (J. Evans)
NSW Courdamour Night Fury (Aust Ch) (Jo Evans)
NSW Courdamour Shes So Fabulous (Geraldine O'Toole)
NSW Cryshell Our Little Princess (Mrs C Rouland)
VIC Cuna Del Renacimiento Freak Out Look At Me (imp Col) (Mrs M Froesch)
NSW David Bowie (Mia Brody)
NSW Dechine Toast Of The Town(JW)IMP UK (UK.CH) (Lyn McDonald)
VIC Dicor Black Magic (Aus Ch) (Diana Cordi)
VIC Dicor Magic Dream (Diana Cordi)
VIC Dicor Voodoo Magic (Diana Cordi)
VIC Dorgento Silver Rockwell (Michelle)
VIC Dorian Grays Uproar (Imp Germany) (Aust Ch) (Marlau Kennel)
NSW Elluje Fast and Furious (AI) (Aust Ch) (Julie & Erin Henville & Fay Thomasen)
NSW Elluje High Octane (AI) (Aust Ch) (Julie & Erin Henville & Fay Thomasen)
NSW Elluje How You Doin (Julie & Erin Henville)
NSW Elluje Like It Like That (J & E Henville)
NSW Elluje Lust for Life (J & E Henville)
NSW Elluje New Sensation (J & E Henville)
NSW Elluje Pearls For Girls (Aust Ch) (J & E Henville, P Brown)
NSW Elluje Rip and Tear (Julie and Erin Henville and Marilyn Hepburn)
NSW Elluje Viva Las Vegas (Australian Ch) (Julie Henville)
NSW Erintoi Walk This Way (Aust Ch) (J & E Henville & F Thomasen)
QLD Euncaniche Quicksilver (Leisa & Peter)
QLD Evoque Hypnotic Trance (Rhonda Brumby)
VIC Evoque Magick In The Air (Diana Cordi)
NSW Firefly Back in Black (Aust Ch) (Janet Fleming)
NSW Firefly Deja Vu (Aust Ch) (Janet Fleming)
NSW Firefly Mi Rad Ferrari (Paul & Jessica Taylor)
WA Firezeye Tequila Sunrise (Aust N. Grand Ch.) (Mrs V Parke)
WA Firezeye Wateva Floatz Ya Boat (Aust Ch) (Mrs V. Parke)
VIC Fleurlee Lady Cecilia (CH) (Mrs Beverley Gleeson & Mrs J Seiter)
VIC Fleurlee Lady Lavinia (Mrs Beverley Gleeson)
VIC Fleurlee Lady Lavinia (Mrs Beverley Gleeson)
VIC Fleurlee Lady Lavinia (Mrs Beverley Gleeson)
VIC Fleurlee Lady Lucinda (Ch) (Jo Seiter & Beverley Gleeson)
VIC Fleurlee Lord Lochinvar (CH) (Beverley Gleeson)
NZ Gai Gamin Victorious At Lombaadi (Jullia Earnshaw)
NZ Gai Gamin What About Us (Ch) (E Rowe & A Udy)
VIC Garwey Along Came Jones (Aust Grand Ch) (Garwey Kennels)
VIC Garwey Bugsy Malone (Aust Ch) (Garwey Kennels)
VIC Garwey Dipped In Chocolate (Aust Ch) (Garwey Kennels)
VIC Garwey Heaven Sent (Aust Ch) (Garwey Kennels)
VIC Garwey I Am Spartacus (Australian Champion) (Garwey Kennels)
VIC Garwey Lookn Onthe Bright Side (Aust Ch.) (Garwey Kennels)
VIC Garwey Mana From Heaven (MULTI BIS SUPREME CHAMPION) (Garwey Kennels)
NSW Garwey Mister Sandman (Aust Ch) (Garwey Kennels)
VIC Garwey Punky Brewster (Aust Ch) (Garwey Knls)
VIC Garwey Scallywag (MULTI BIS SUPREME CHAMPION) (Garwey Kennels)
VIC Garwey Scaramouche (Aust Ch) (Garwey Kennels)
VIC Garwey Scarlett O'hara (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Garwey Kennels)
VIC Garwey Social Butterfly (Aust Gr Ch) (Garwey Kennels)
VIC Garwey Society Social (AUST. CH.) (Garwey Kennels)
VIC Garwey Tin Soldier (AUSTRALIAN SUPREME CHAMPION) (Garwey Kennels)
VIC Garwey Tommy Tucker (AUST. SUPREME CHAMPION) (Garwey Kennels)
QLD Gingerbreed Dancing Elf (Aust.Ch.) (Natalia Mozhyn)
WA Gingerbreed Dawning Dancer (Elena De Bijl and Natalia Mozhyn)
QLD Gingerbreed Go Space (Natalia Mozhyn)
VIC GlenaraPark Snow King (Melissa Froesch)
NSW Gwynson Razzle Dazzle (Aust. Ch) (J.Evans)
QLD Hanibal Top Narcis (Aust Ch) (R Seare)
WA Hoku High Voltage (Aust Grand Ch) (Karlyermai Kennels)
VIC Hythere Silva Shardae (Marlau kennel)
NZ It's An Echo from Lombaardi (Neut Ch) (Mrs Pamela Saville)
NSW Jazal My White Angel (Lisa Martin)
NSW Jazal Soldier Boy (Aust Ch) (Bj Biggs)
QLD Jazal White Magic (Debra Randall)
VIC Jemama Ralph Taylor (JaneEllen Mountford)
VIC Jemama Ralph Taylor (JaneEllen Mountford)
VIC Jenuin Full Of Joy (CH) (Mrs Jennifer Sculac & Mrs May Wong)
WA Jenuin Lily Black (Aust Ch) (Linda Nicholls)
NSW Jeunesse One Forthe Money (Pat Kentwell)
NSW Jeunesse playing with fire (Australian) (Michelle w)
VIC Jojoe Time And Secrets (CH) (Jo Seiter)
NSW Koehl's Red Baron Down Under (Imp USA) (Am & Aust Ch) (Marie Lantouris)
NZ Kurhaus Ignite My Fire (Imp-Aust) (NZ CHAMPION) (Virginia Barlow)
SA Kylace Captain Fantastic (Ch) (J Short, A Downes, K Gallimore)
SA Kylace Glitz n Glamour at Avonti (Ch) (Jaimee Short and Angela Downes)
ACT Kylace little Town flirt (Ms K J Gallimore)
ACT Kylace never been kissed (Ms K J Gallimore)
NSW Laahtoy Lady Guinevere (Aust Ch) (Lisa Martin)
NSW Laahtoy Little Warrior (Lisa Martin)
NSW Laahtoy Moon Shadow (Aust Ch) (Lisa Martin)
NSW Laahtoy My Tribute (Aust Ch) (Lisa Martin)
NSW Laahtoy Obsession (Lisa Martin/Greg Brown)
NSW Laahtoy Phoenix Rising (Multi BIS Supreme CH) (Lisa Martin)
NSW Laahtoy Silver Crowne (Aust Ch) (Lea Stone)
NSW Laahtoy Silver Queen (Aust Ch) (Lisa Martin)
NSW Laahtoy Silverfire N Mirror (Lisa Martin)
NSW Laahtoy Son Of Spartacus (Lisa Martin)
NSW Laahtoy Sparks R Flying (Aust Ch) (Lisa Martin)
NSW Laahtoy Spartacus (Aust Supreme Ch) (Lisa Martin)
NSW Laahtoy The Lone Centurion (Lisa Martin)
NSW Laahtoy Whitewalker (Lisa Martin)
VIC Lalatoys Axel Foley (Chrissy Bennett)
VIC Lalatoys Teddy Love (Chrissy Bennett)
QLD Laposh Silhouette in Ice (Aust Ch.) (Carolyne A Collin)
NSW Lefay Gotta Be Choca Latte (Aust Ch) (Fay Thomasen)
NSW Lefay Gotta Chase A Legend (Aust Ch) (Fay Thomasen)
NSW Lefay Lovem N Leavem (Aust Ch) (Fay Thomasen)
NSW Lefay On The Catwalk (Aust Ch) (Fay Thomasen)
NZ Lefay Prima La Devine (NZ Ch) (Fay Thomasen)
NSW Lefay Talk Of The Town (Fay Thomasen)
NSW Lefay Terror Rules (Int, Fin, S, Est, Bel, Ltu, Azores W-07 & Aust Ch) (Saara Kumpulainen)

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