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Champion Cedarrose Mr Mojo Rising
(Vicki Page & Sue Wiltshire)

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SA Almazart Dolce Rosso (Almazart Kennels)
TAS Amakhosi Springbok Siege (BIS; RUBIS Aust Ch & Internarional Ch.) (Sharron Taylor)
VIC Amashutu Force B Withyou (AM CH: CAN CH: CH:) (Mrs B McVilly)
WA Amashutu Hear Me Roar (RUBISS Aus Ch JC) (Tanya Nugent)
WA Caprivi Certified Copy (Grand Champion) (S Taylor & C Currie)
NSW Cedarrose Blues Brother (AI) (Ch) (Vicki Page & Dean Dennes)
NSW Churingaloge Memphis (MBISS Aust. Ch) (Kathy & Ally Cosentino)
VIC Dinizulu True Blue (Multi BISS/Aus Ch) (Dinizulu Kennels)
NSW Elangeni BraveheartRules (Exp Sweden) (MBISS MRUBISS RUBIS INTERNATIONAL SWD DAN FIN NORD NORW FRN LITH LATV Ch.) (C Graflund & M Kierkeegard-Lundstrom)
NZ Elangeni Heartbreaker (NZCH) (Debbie Johnston)
NSW Elangeni Lion OutOf Africa (Exp France) (BISS INTERNATIONAL FRN SPN Ch.) (Mr C Jouanchicot)
NSW Elangeni Pink Floyd (Ch.) (D & L Friedland)
VIC Etosha Uatu of the Asgard (Supreme Ch.) (Anna Lane)
NT Glenaholm Midnight Falcon (imp Saf) (CAN CH: AUST CH:) (Mrs B & Miss L Mc Villy)
QLD Homerij Concealed Weapon ET (Ch) (Peter Cattach)
NSW HuntingRidge Africa by Storm (CH/Neuter CH) (Mrs N Dwyer)
VIC Huntingridge All Overthe World (A.I) (Aust. Ch) (Lyn King (Ingwe Kennels))
QLD Jelany Red Nikaya For Chilolo (Imp Russia) (Australian Champion) (Rosemary Green)
VIC Jomeja Soul Of Jomo (Mrs J Southgate)
NZ Jomeja Tuskers In The Dust (BISS NZ CH) (Liz Cubley (Koruridge Kennels))
NSW Juzrival Arkan Up (MBIS MRUBIS SUP GR CH) (A Barter & L Fletcher)
VIC Kinshasa Lonesome Warrior (Ch) (John Cassar)
NZ Koruridge Perfect Day of Sandridge (NZ Ch) (Peter Boyes)
NZ Koruridge Storm of Shango (RBISS CH) (Elizabeth Rowley)
VIC Koruridge Watch Me Shine At Kimbisha (AI) (Imp NZ) (BISS (O) Aust Ch) (Ms S Miles)
SA Kushika African Triumph ET (BISS Aust Ch) (Kushika Kennels)
SA Kushika Hole in One (Aust Dual Ch (TS) TS Grand Ch) (Kushika Kennels)
VIC Kusini The Queens Mr Brown (Suzy Rae Ryan)
ACT Kysaridge Alia Caesar RN AD JD SD (BIS Grand Ch) (Helen Mosslar)
ACT Kysaridge Cevarda Jupiter RN ET (BIS/MRUBIS Sup Ch) (Helen Mosslar)
VIC Leosodawi Mr Big (Leanne Cassar)
SA Macumazahn Paint It Black (Paula Edgar)
NSW Magombe Ziggy Stardust (Ch) (Jan Baker)
NSW Marandela Wot Happens In Vegas (BISS Ch) (Karen Spark)
NSW Marmatia Gunella Gusto (BISS Aust Ch) (Chris and Janice Stone)
VIC Matalko Back In The Game (Kay & Jodie Allan & Mandy Boyle)
SA Mikozi Call To Arms (V Macgill)
SA Mikozi Gracious Villain CGC RN ET FS.S HTM.S (Grand Ch Neuter Ch) (Mikozi / V Macgill)
SA Mikozi High Calibre (Ch) (V Macgill / R & G Handke)
SA Mikozi Son of a Gun (AI) (Ch) (V Macgill)
QLD Ngidlha Shaba Bayete RN JD TDX (DUAL CH (T)) (C&H Northover)
VIC Otesha Ovu Damu (dec.) (Aust Ch) (Michelle Howell)
NZ Panorama On Ice At Kalmara (S J Gilbert)
NZ Panorama Southern Man (S J Gilbert)
NZ PuririKnoll Rebel Yell at Moonridge (MBIS MBISS Ch) (Alli McArthur)
QLD Rex Ventors Rare Edition ET (Imp Swd) (Aust Grand Ch / Neuter Ch) (Lambley, Goulding/Blinco, Lam)
NSW Rhodepark Legend Of The Ogre (ai) (Renee Davies and Joel Vassallo)
QLD Riginal Back In Black (Aust Ch) (M Goulding & D Blinco)
QLD Riginal SV Gunavagoodtime AI (Grand Champion) (Wendy Lam)
QLD Riginal Turn The Page ET (BISS Aust Gr Ch) (Rachel Charters & Dale Blinco)
NZ Roxridge Flaming Spear (S J Gilbert)
NZ Sandridge Perfect Gentleman (NZ Ch) (Peter Boyes)
NSW Sanyati I Am Legend (Aust Ch.) (Kathy & Ally Cosentino)
NZ Sarula Rufaro (Liz Cubley (Koruridge Kennels))
QLD Seablueridge Babylon (Aust Ch) (Terry Mankowski)
QLD Seablueridge High n Dry (AU CH) (Trish Gonzalez Joni Fraser)
SA Shakuru Beat It (AUST CHAMPION) (Rebecca Lamb)
SA Shakuru In Your Dreams (AI) (AUST CHAMPION) (Rebecca Lamb)
SA Shelridge Courage Under Fire (Ch) (Mrs Dawn Redman)
NT Shelridge Weapon Of Choice (Champion) (L and B McVilly)
NSW Skiska The Goblin King (Ch) (Miss Amelia Baker)
NZ Spilaridge Hushovd Thor (NZ CH) (Petra Sims)
NSW Spring Valley’s Free Fall (BISS AM Ch Aust Ch) (Samantha Hodges)
QLD Starridge Kozar Legacy AI ET (Aust Ch) (Peter Cattach)
VIC Ujamaa Max Mara (AI) ET (Australian Champion) (Kay & Jodie Allan & Mandy Boyle)
VIC Ujamaa Symphony Red (RUBISS Aust CH) (Fran Parsons)
WA Umkimzulu DarkWings DarkWords (Aust Grd Ch BIS) (Mrs Julie Carr)
TAS Usakose Dragon Heart (AI) (Ch & Am Ch.) (Mrs S Taylor)
QLD Usakose Master Copy JD CD (BIS Grand CH) (Heather Northover)
QLD Usakose Order of the Dragon (AI) (Ch) (Mrs S Taylor & Mrs L Ashley)
VIC Velthund Sagutu Maximus (CH) (Dr.C Macdougall, J Stone, J Horsfield)

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