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Ch Ingwe Mountain High (A.I.)
(Lyn King)

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SA Almazart Caught NThe Crossfire FS.S (Ch) (V Macgill / Almazart)
NSW Ballahond Moola Bayou CD RA ET (Sup Ch. Neut Gr Ch) (Sandra Bell)
NSW Ballahond Oceans Bilu ET (Aust Gr Ch) (Sandra Bell)
NSW Ballahond Tarn Bilu RN ET (Aust Gr Ch) (Sandra Bell)
NSW Ballahond White Satin Bay CCD RA ET (Aust Gr Ch) (Sandra Bell)
NSW Cedarrose Promises Of Injabulo AI JC ET (Aust Ch) (Denise Sutcliffe & Vicki Page)
NSW Chilolo CBA Ruby Image (AI) ET. (Ch RUBISS) (Karen Spark)
QLD Chilolo CHN Cool Samara JC (Ch) (Julie David)
QLD Chilolo EK Sasha ET LCM (FCH) (Julie David)
NSW Chilolo MCR Tao On Fire (AI) TD ET. (BISS,MRUBIS Sup Ch) (Karen Spark)
QLD Chilolo WBI Bikwa ET (Ch Neut. Ch) (Julie David)
QLD Homerij Concealed Weapon ET (Ch) (Peter Cattach)
QLD Homerij Queen of Hearts ET (Ch) (Peter Cattach)
VIC Kimbisha Making Magic ET (BIS/Multi RUBISS Australian Gr Ch) (Ms Sally Miles)
ACT Kysaridge Alia Caesar RN AD JD SD (BIS Grand Ch) (Helen Mosslar)
ACT Kysaridge Alia Claudia AD ET (Aust Ch) (Helen Mosslar)
ACT Kysaridge Cevarda Jupiter RN ET (BIS/MRUBIS Sup Ch) (Helen Mosslar)
ACT Kysaridge Gold Aurelia ET (Ch) (Helen Mosslar)
ACT Kysaridge Kalis Meisje ET (Aust Ch) (Helen Mosslar)
ACT Kysaridge Loya's Mufasa ET (Grand Ch) (Helen Mosslar)
NT Kysaridge Loya's Simba CDX AD (Aust Ch) (Rodney Peirce)
ACT Kysaridge Talia Varda ET (Aust Ch / N Ch) (Helen Mosslar)
SA Macumazahn Class Action CD ET (Paula Edgar)
SA Macumazahn Donatello ET (MBISS/BIS/RUBISS AUST CH.) (T & J Mersch)
SA Macumazahn Kubeof Ice ET (MBISS/RUBISS AUST. CH.) (Paula Edgar)
SA Macumazahn Town Talisman ET (BISS AUST. CH.) (M & M Horsman)
SA Macumazahn Tragicaly Hip ET (MBISS/RUBISS AUST. CH.) (Paula Edgar)
NSW Marandela The Phantom Chance TD (CH) (Karen Spark)
SA Mikozi Deja Vu (AI) ET TD (Ch) (Vanessa Macgill)
SA Mikozi Gracious Villain CGC RN ET FS.S HTM.S (Grand Ch Neuter Ch) (Mikozi / V Macgill)
SA Mikozi High Plains Drifter RN ET DWDF.S (Ch) (Vanessa Macgill)
SA Mikozi Mischief Maker TD (Aust Ch) (R & G Handke)
SA Mikozi Rumour Has It TDX (R & G Handke / V Macgill)
QLD Ngidlha Shaba Bayete RN JD TDX (DUAL CH (T)) (C&H Northover)
ACT Ravvar Danae Alia AD ET JD NJC (Aust Ch) (Helen Mosslar)
QLD Riginal Turn The Page ET (BISS Aust Gr Ch) (Rachel Charters & Dale Blinco)
WA Tannu Katy Peril JC (Tanya Nugent)
QLD Usakose Game On TD (C & H Northover and S Taylor)

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