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Bentara Imperial Malika
(Una & Karen Bell)

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NSW Ahzu Crown Of Fire (J & M Harrison)
NSW Ahzu Ive Got The Magic In Me WPD (AUST CH) (J & M Harrison)
NSW Ahzu Lets Lose Our Minds WPD (J & M Harrison)
NSW Ahzu Lucy In The Sky JC (AUST CH) (J & M Harrison)
NSW Ahzu Nightmare Befor Christmas WPD (SUP CH) (R Mills Crismale & J & M Harrison)
NSW Ahzu You Better Watch Out WPD (GRAND CH) (J & M Harrison)
VIC Airebis Chase the Moonlite HIC (Multi BIG Aust. Ch/Neut. Ch) (Melanie & Mark Jeffery)
VIC Airebis I Will Always Love You (Multi BISS/BISS2/BIS/Multi BIS2/BIG Supreme Ch.) (Hughes & Devoli)
VIC Airebis Kissed by Moonlite HIC RN (RBISS/Multi BIG Aust. Grand Champion/ Neut. Ch) (Judy, Graham & Kellie Hughes)
VIC Airebis My One True Love (Aust Supreme Ch) (Judy, Graham & Kellie Hughes)
VIC Airebis Once Upon A Time (AI) (BIG Aust Ch) (Judy, Graham & Kellie Hughes)
VIC Airebis Ready To Conquer (Judy, Graham & Kellie Hughes)
VIC Airebis The Journey of Love (BIG2 Aust Ch) (Judy, Graham & Kellie Hughes)
VIC Airebis The Power of Attraction (Multi BIG Aust Ch) (Kellie, Judy & Graham Hughes)
VIC Airebis The Power of Reflection (Multi BIG Aust Ch.) (Judy, Graham & Kellie Hughes)
VIC Airebis The Way You Make Me Smile (BIS2/Multi BIG1 Aust Ch) (Kellie, Judy & Graham Hughes)
VIC Airebis What Dreams R Made Of (Aust Supreme & Neut Ch) (Judy, Graham & Kellie Hughes)
VIC Ajana Isnt It Ironic (C MacLeod)
VIC Alaskamal Jokers To The Right (AI) (Tiffany Evans)
VIC Alaskamal Magic Beyond Words (Alaskamal Kennels)
VIC Alaskamal Order Of Th Phoenix (Alaskamal Kennels)
TAS Aldonza Stare And Whisper (Sup Ch) (C.Houston / M.Johnson)
TAS Aldonza Balance of Power (Margie Johnson and Fay Tucker)
VIC Aldonza Cash Made Easy (Mrs B. Lawton & Mrs. A. Harrison & Ms F Tucker)
TAS Aldonza Fire Cracker (Julie Kennedy/f Tucker/m Johnson)
TAS Aldonza Jadorable By McCoy (AI) (Margie Johnson and Fay Tucker and A Blowfield)
TAS Aldonza Playing In Puddles (Aust Ch) (Margie Johnson & Fay Tucker)
TAS Aldonza Stand Easy (Gd Ch) (F Tucker, M Johnson, C Houston)
NSW Anaky Its All About Me (Aust Ch) (Allen & Kylie Hill)
NSW Anaky Its All About Popular (BISS Aust Ch) (Hill / Woods)
VIC Anaky Singin in the reign (S & A Price & A & K Hill)
NSW Anaky Take A Chance On Me (Aust Ch) (A & K Hill)
QLD Anaky The Chance To Fly (Aust Ch) (J. Shannon/A & K Hill)
NSW Apolar Cruisn N Bruisn (RUBIS. Aust Champion) (Rochelle Cini)
NSW Apolar Flirtn Satn Skirt (RUBIS. Multi BIG / RUBIG Aust Grand Champion) (Julie Wales)
NSW Apolar Girl Hit Ya Hallelujah (BISS Aust Champion) (Julie Wales & Tennille Akkouche)
NSW Apolar Lady Marmalade (Aust Champion) (Rachael Baker)
NSW Apolar Magic Millions (Ch) (Mrs J Wales & Mrs S Neil)
NSW Apolar Rich Temptations (Tennille Akkouche)
NSW Apolar Story Book Casanova (RUBIS. Aust Champion) (Julie Wales & Tennille Akkouche)
NSW Apolar Warrior In White (Sarah jones)
SA ArcticGhost With All My Love (Jeanette and George Bosustow)
VIC Artaiga's Essence When I Fall in Love (IMP ITA) (Multi BIS Supreme Champion) (Kellie, Judy & Graham Hughes (Airebis))
QLD Aspenbeauty Dream of Grace (Aust Champion) (Lynda Campbell & Georgia Campbell-Cardno)
QLD Aspenbeauty Willow Royale (Aust Champion) (Lynda Campbell)
NZ Belaia Love Affair at Bentara Imp Aust (NZ Ch) (Karen Bell)
NZ Bentara Imperial Blaze (NZ Ch) (Karen Bell)
NSW Bentara Imperial Royale at Belaia (AI) (Belaia Kennels)
NSW Bentara Royal Affair at Belaia (Imp NZ) (BIG, RUBIG Aust CH) (Belaia Kennels)
NZ Bentara Royal Decree (Karen Bell)
NZ Bentara Silver Lining (Karen Bell)
NSW Beyond The Far Horizon (Imp NZ) (Aust Ch) (K Anderson)
QLD DeeJae Remember our Heroes (D & J Maguire)
QLD DeeJae Remember Pozieres (D & J Maguire)
VIC Denitsa Contessa (Caroline Roberts)
VIC DrFox sugar cookie PT (S & A Price)
SA Eskydon Ghost Whisperer (Aust Ch) (Janet Dunbar and Tahnee Spear)
SA Eskydon League Of Shadows (Aust Gr Ch) (Tahnee Spear and Janet Dunbar)
VIC Kalaska All Eyez On Me (Aust Champion) (Kim Wardle)
VIC Kalaska All For Me (Aust Ch) (Klaaysen/beard/o'riley)
VIC Kalaska Aussie Idol ROM (MBIS/MBISS/EE/LV/LT/BALT/NOR/FIN/RUS/DK/Nordic/RKF/Eurasia/BY/INT CH/AUST SUP CH) (Y. Helen Chen)
QLD Kalaska Gold N Class Girl (Aus. Grand Champion) (Joan Webb)
QLD Kalaska Hit The Road Jack (Supreme Ch) (David & Jolene Maguire)
QLD Kalaska Lovida Lover Girl (Ch) (David & Jolene Maguire)
WA Kalaska Thank God Its Friday (Supreme Ch) (D Klaaysen J Beard & K O’Riley)
VIC Kalaska White Russian (Aust Ch) (Kim Wardle)
NZ Kalisa Christmas Miracle (E Clausen & J Kernohan)
NZ Kalisa Dream Weaver (CH) (J Simpson)
NZ Kalisa Shining-light Of Sunshine (Ken & Anita Shugg)
NZ Kalisa This Lil Light Of Mine (CH) (E Clausen & J Kernohan)
NSW Kchise Southern Belle (AI) (Aust Ch) (Mrs S Neil)
NZ Kelljass Ghost Whisperer (Sharon Kelly)
NZ Kelljass Spring Showstopper (AI) (Sharon Kelly)
NZ Kelljass Winter Fairy Tale (Ch   ) (Sharon Kelly)
QLD Kietra Fendi by Design (Australian Champion) (Ms Susan McKinnon)
VIC Kimark Imperial Accolade (Kim Wardle)
VIC Kimark Pure Excellence (Aust Champion) (Miss Kim Wardle)
VIC Kimark True Excellence (Aust Supreme Champion) (Kim Wardle)
WA Kimskaya Push My Buttons (Mrs Judy Russell)
VIC Kimskova Arctic Frosty (Alan & Helen Paxton)
SA Kimskova Sparkle and Shimmer (Aust CH) (Janet Dunbar and Tahnee Spear)
WA Lealsam Blame It On The Boogie (IMP NZL) (Ch) (C Wiles)
NZ Lealsam Just Dance (RBISS CH) (Andrew & Denise Reeve)
NZ Lealsam Lead The Way (Ch) (D R Reeve)
NZ Lealsam Puffupmytutu (CH) (A & D Reeve)
WA Lealsam Take On The World (Imp NZ) (Aust CH) (Mrs Judy Russell)
NZ Lealsam The Boss Is Back (D Reeve)
NZ Lealsam You Are My Hero (Ch) (D Reeve)
VIC Lunasea Butter Me Up (AI) (BIS RBISS AUST GRAND CH.) (Ying Chen (Helen))
WA Lunasea Little Gold Digger (AI) (Ying Chen (Helen))
VIC Lunasea Look Out Here I Come (AI) (Aust Ch) (Helen Chen)
VIC Lunasea Love Me Like Money (AI) (Multi BIS/Multi BISS C.I.B. Aust SUP CH. ITL CH. SWISS CH. FIN CH. HR CH.) (Helen Chen)
WA Lunasea Money Makes Me Happy (BISS AUST CH.) (Helen Chen)
WA Lunasea My Captain My Cool (AI) (Aust Ch) (Kylene Micke & Kristie O'Riely)
TAS Lunasea Nothing Better (AI) (Ying Chen (Helen))
VIC Lunasea Nothing Holdin Me Back (AI) (Ying Chen (Helen))
VIC Lunasea Sugar Baby (Ying Chen (Helen))
NSW Lunasea The Best Or Nothing (AI) (Helen Chen)
NSW Mezen Diamond Revival (SUP CH) (H Hill and J & M Harrison)
VIC Mezen Thief Of Hearts (AI) (K Blackley)
QLD Modeysa Gas Monkey (Sarah Green & Nicole Tindale)
TAS Mytaj Ugo To Dixieland (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Carol Houston / M.Johnson)
TAS Mytaj Standing In Dixieland (C Houston, M Johnson)
VIC Ocean Cruiser Yoshi and Us (Imp SVK) (Aust. Ch.) (John and Dawn Wilders)
NZ Oscarbi Astro-naut Boy (OSCARBI KENNELS - Helen Clark/Rob Barzey)
NZ Oscarbi Backin The Future at Kalisa (CH) (Ms Elizabeth Clausen & Mr Jim Kernohan)
NZ Oscarbi Everedi Boy (NZ SUPREME CH & SPECIALIST GRAND CH) (H Clark & R Barzey)
NZ Oscarbi It's Best Served Cold (NZ CH) (Helen Clark & Rob Barzey)
NZ Oscarbi Just Like Ya (RBISS CH) (Helen Clark & Rob Barzey - Oscarbi Kenne)
NZ Oscarbi Lorde In The Ring (ai) (NZ Ch) (Helen Clark & Rob Barzey)
NZ Oscarbi Lorde It Over Kid (BIS CH) (OSCARBI KENNELS - Helen Clark/Rob Barzey)
NZ Oscarbi Rap-it Up-daddy (CH) (Helen Clark & Rob Barzey)
NZ Oscarbi Swish Swish Bish (OSCARBI KENNELS - Helen Clark/Rob Barzey)
NZ Oscarbi Unmistakably Moi (NZ Ch) (Helen Clark & Rob Barzey)
WA Samooka Im A Barbie Girl (Mia Micke)
WA Samooka Maid In The West (K Micke)
WA Samooka Reason To Love (Kylene)
NSW Scarletfall Secrets of Dreams (K Anderson)
VIC Smiling Snowball I'm Your Heartbeat (IMP EST) (BIS/RBISS Aust Grand Champion) (Helen Chen)
VIC Smiling Snowball Luminous Pandora (IMP USA) (Multi BIS/ Multi BISS C.I.B. AUST SUP CH. AM GCH. FIN CH.) (Y. Helen Chen)
VIC Snerzok Enchantress By Desire (Neut. Ch) (Deb Williams)
QLD Snerzok Forged In Steele (Ch) (D & J Maguire and D & J Wilders)
VIC Snerzok Hez Worth Every Zack (Deb Williams)
VIC Snerzok Mishka So Cool (J & D Wilders)
VIC Snerzok Murphys Law (J & D Wilders)
VIC Snerzok River of Arizzona (Deb Williams)
VIC Snerzok Undisclosd Indisgressn (Aust. Ch.) (John & Dawn Wilders)
NSW Snowbrook Imperial Harmony (Aust Ch) (K Anderson)
NSW Snowbrook Katzenjamer Kashmir (Aust Ch) (K Anderson)
SA Snowbrook Katzenjamer Kool As (Aust Ch) (Ernest and Jeanette Bosustow)
QLD Snowbrook Lucky Star of Henry (Multi BIS/RBISS/BIG Aust Supreme Champion) (Lynda Campbell)
VIC Snowbrook Luckystar of Fleur (Snowbrook)
SA Snowbrook Pretty In Pink (Ernest and Jeanette Bosustow)
VIC Snowbrook Regarding Henry (AI) (CH) (Sylvia Sharpe & Catherine Hunter)
WA Snowdara Only You (Aust Ch) (PW & RGA Primrose)
VIC Snowispa Elsim Juliska (Mrs B. Lawton & Mrs. A. Harrison)
SA Snowispa Fire In The Sky (AI) (Aus Ch) (T Haynes & Di Brown)
NSW Snowmyth Lets Start A Riot (Melitta Armstrong)
QLD Snowweb On Parade (Australian Champion) (Mrs Joan Webb)
TAS Sunmist A Witch In Prada (Aust Ch (Bronze) & Neut.Ch.) (Janet Ainscow)
TAS Sunmist Cool Paragon (Aust.Ch.) (Janet Ainscow)
QLD Sunmist Cool Strides (Australian Champion) (Ms Susan McKinnon)
QLD Sunmist Dressed By Mr Gucci (AI) (Aust.Grand Ch.) (G & C Burke)
TAS Sunmist Dressed So Cool (AI) (Aust Grand Ch.& Neuter Ch.) (Janet Ainscow)
NSW Sunmist Just So Cool (Ch) (Mrs S Neil)
NZ Sunshine Dream-Come True at Kalisa (CH) (Ms Elizabeth Clausen & Mr Jim Kernohan)
NZ Sunshine Over Thor (Ken & Anita Shugg)
NZ Sunshine Rem'ber Jalee (CH) (Ken & Anita Shugg)
QLD Tazovsky Leap Of Faith Maxwell (AI) (Ch.) (Sarah Green)
TAS Vashka Fantasma Da Lua (Lorraine Woods)

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