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Australian Champion Bernedale The Color Purple
(Bernedale Kennels)

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WA Accropolis Bringin Sexy Back (Georgia Smith)
WA Allsaint Iwriggle Bring It On (AI) (Australian Grand Champion, BIS, RUBIS, Multi BIG, RUBIG, CIS, CIG, Group 2 and 4) (Mrs K & Mr M Slender)
SA Beamzstar Beau Zam (AUSTRALIAN SUPREME CHAMPION, Multi BIS,Multi BIS 2nd,Multi BIG,Multi BIG 2nd,CIS) (Michael and Julie Ross)
SA Beamzstar Saintly (Michael and Julie Ross)
SA Beamzstar So You Think (M & J Ross)
SA Beamzstar Think Big (Multi CIG) (Mr M Ross & Mrs J Ross)
VIC Beazstar Jedi Master (Leslie Mathieson)
QLD Bernalps Bound For Glory (Mrs Mechelle McFadzen)
VIC Bernedale Call Me Beau (Imp NZ) (Multi BIS BISS Australian GRAND Champion) (Bernedale Kennels)
VIC Bernedale Call Me Turbo (BISS RIS Australian Champion) (Bernedale Kennels)
QLD Bernedale Flying Fanatic (Australian Champion) (Bernedale Kennels)
QLD Bernedale He's a Ghostbuster (Bernedale Kennels)
QLD Bernedale Hot Dam Here I Am (ai) (Australian Champion) (Bernedale Kennels)
QLD Bernedale Hot Dam Heres Ya Man (ai) (Australian Champion) (Bernedale Kennels)
QLD Bernedale King Of Hearts (Multi BIS/BISS Australian Supreme Champion) (Bernedale Kennels)
VIC Bernedale Rollin Stoan (Australian Champion) (Bernedale Kennels)
VIC Bernedale Stoan Critter (Australian Champion) (Bernedale Kennels)
WA Bernegardens A Secret Love (Imp NWY) (AU & NWY CH & HGRY GR CH) (K & D Frizzell of DeSaix Kennels)
NSW Berntiff Real Good Man (Australian champion) (Judith Brunton & Neil Ford)
NSW Berntiff What Was I Thinking (Eryca And Daniel Adams)
TAS Boroniahil Alpha Centauri (Aust Ch) (John, Judy & Susan Teniswood)
TAS Boroniahil Medici (Aust Ch) (John, Judy & Susan Teniswood)
VIC Cache Retreat Born In The USA (Imp USA) (Australian Champion) (Bernedale Kennels)
VIC Cache Retreat Hope Surpassed (Imp USA) (Australian & American Ch) (Bernedale Kennels)
WA Carter Fancy Soul V Daniels Diamonds (Imp Lat) (DeSaix Kennels and Danijel Jankovic)
NSW Casperscove Elliott (Jamie & Tracy Clapham)
QLD Casperscove Mixtemotions (MULTI BIS/MUlTI BISS/MULTI RUBIS Australian Supreme Champion) (Jamie & Tracy Clapham/Brian & Sand Paull)
NSW Casperscove Sigmund (Jamie & Tracy Clapham)
NSW Casperscove Smoothoprata (Australian Champion) (Jamie & Tracy Clapham)
NSW Casperscove Woodstock (AI) (Australian Champion) (Jamie & Tracy Clapham)
VIC Chandlimore Louis Le Grande (Imp UK) (Aust CH) (Leslie Mathieson)
TAS Chenalette Golden Rule (imp NZ) (Aust & NZ Ch) (John, Judy & Susan Teniswood)
WA Chrystalpark Beautiful Girl (DeSaix Kennels)
VIC Coonara Bokitto Star (Multi BIG, RUBIG Multi CIG CIS Aust Ch) (Paul & Kris Willingham)
VIC Coonara Heart of Vegas (Paul & Kris Willingham)
VIC Coonara Lets Go To Vegas (Paul & Kris Willingham)
VIC Coonara Never Walk Alone (Aust Ch) (Paul & Kris Willingham)
SA Courmayeur's Zlatan ( IMP. SWD) (GRAND CH Multi BIG, CIG, CIS) (Julie & Michael Ross)
VIC Cullinan Van't Hof Ter Quinni (Imp Blg) (BISS Australian Champion) (Bernedale kennels)
WA DeSaix Electrifyin' Mojo (Australian Champion) (Kevin & Donna Frizzell of DeSaix Kennels)
WA DeSaix Behemoth (Australian Champion) (DeSaix Kennels)
WA DeSaix Echoes of Ace (Australian Champion) (Kevin & Donna Frizzell of DeSaix Kennels)
WA DeSaix Kodak Moment (Australian GRAND Champion) (Kevin & Donna Frizzell of DeSaix Kennels)
VIC DeSaix Luxury Item (Australian Champion) (Ms Denny Hill)
WA DeSaix Mr Saturday Nite (Australian Champion) (DeSaix Kennels)
TAS Desaix On The Money (IID SRB) (Ms Julie-anne Jenkins)
TAS DeSaix. Punk In Drublic (Ms Julie-anne Jenkins)
WA DeSaix: Oh Do Behave (IID) (Kevin & Donna Frizzell of DeSaix Kennels)
QLD Draycan Boom Boom Boom (Stacy Guilfoyle)
QLD Draycan Indulge In Cooper - Retired (Best In SHOW ,MBIG, MRUBIG, AUST GR CH) (Stacy Guilfoyle)
QLD Draycan Pure Smooth Force (Aust. Champion Multi Best in Speciality SHOW, Multi CISS Multi CIG) (Draycan Kennels)
QLD Draycan Snowbound Mtn Chad (AUST CH RuBISS Multi CISS Multi CIG) (Stacy Guilfoyle)
QLD Draycan Stage Frite (Draycan Kennels)
QLD Draycan The Force Unleashed (Aust & Neut Ch) (Stacy Guilfoyle)
QLD Draycan The Legend Of Zander (Ms Stacy Guilfoyle)
NSW Draycan The Legend Of Zanthia (Draycan Kennels & Part Mr B Stockwell)
WA Gousto Mollos Soul (Imp Serbia) (DeSaix Kennels)
NSW Heiliger Goliath (Aust Ch) (Elisabeth Remme)
NSW Heiliger Nandi (Elisabeth Remme)
NSW Heiliger Titus (Aust.Ch.) (Diana Nutall)
NSW Heiliger Yagael (Ch) (Elisabeth Remme)
NSW Koolandra Round Here Buzz (Australian Champion) (Ms Ally Turnbull)
WA Koolandra Van Gogh (AI) (Trish Prall)
QLD Lasquites Xcalibur at Lympne (imp can) (A Johnson/ S Hannan)
NZ Lusanne Battrys not included (Ch) (G Neal & S Jobey)
NSW Lusanne Count Dooku ( Imp Nz) (Aus Grand Ch) (Ms Judith Brunton)
NZ Lusanne Just Deal with it (Sup Ch & Gr Spl Ch) (G Neal & S Jobey)
NZ Lusanne Not a Tonka Toy (Ch) (G Neal & S Jobey)
NZ Lusanne You've Got Male (Ch) (G Neal, S Jobey,L & L Richards)
SA Lympne Algernon (Amanda Chapman)
NSW Lympne Cappy George (Aust.Ch) (Mrs E Remme)
QLD Lympne Kediri Lord Ralph (Aust CH) (Allan Johnson)
NSW Methusela Black Pearl (Aust Ch    ) (M Butcher)
NSW Methusela Influence with Honor (Ch) (M Fisher)
QLD Methusela Pure Indulgence (Ms S Guilfoyle)
QLD Methusela Tucked Away (Aust. Champion) (Stacy Guilfoyle)
QLD Moresnow Egyptian God (Georgia Johnson)
WA Multi CIG Accropolis The Real Slim Shady (Georgia Smith)
WA New Edition VH Borgerbos (Imp NDL) (Australian champion) (Kevin & Donna Frizzell of DeSaix Kennels)
WA New Sage Bring It On At Sylvenus (Imp USA) (Multi CIG, CIS, RUBIG, Australian Champion) (Sylvenus Kennels & Karen Slender)
WA Nyranda Ice Breaker (AUST CH.) (Trish Prall)
WA Nyranda Midnite Serenade (AUST CH.) (Trish Prall)
WA Nyranda Rebel With A Cause (AUST/NZ.CH.) (Trish Prall)
WA Nyranda Sculptured In Ice (Trish Prall)
WA Nyranda Talkin Upa Storm (AUST CH.) (Mrs T A Prall)
WA Nyranda Trident CCD. (AUST CH.) (Trish Prall)
NSW Othesaints Obiwan (Aust CH) (Kelly O'Connor)
NSW Piporia Tim Tam (Ausr.Ch) (Elisabeth Remme')
NSW Rumnraisem Milo (Ch) (Mr.J.Carr &Mrs.E.Remme)
TAS Southerton Double Victory (Aust Ch) (Julie-anne Jenkins)
TAS Southerton Happy Feet (Aust Ch) (Julie-Anne Jenkins)
TAS Southerton Mr Bentley (Julie-Anne Jenkins)
TAS Southerton Rich N Famous (Aust Ch) (Julie-Anne Jenkins)
TAS Southerton Rock The Boat (Grand champion) (Mrs Julie-anne Jenkins)
TAS Southerton smooth operator(AI) (AUST CH) (Ms Julie-Anne Jenkins)
TAS Southerton The Grinch (AI) (Ms Julie-anne Jenkins)
VIC St Zamba's Twilight Tyson (Imp Norway) (Paul & Kris Willingham)
VIC St Zamba's Vision of Vegas (Imp Norway) (RU BISS Multi BIG RUBIG CIG CIS Aust Ch) (Paul & Kris Willingham)
QLD Stiniyasu Fast Lane (AUST CH  ) (Stacy Guilfoyle)
VIC Stoan's Valiant Bart of Mica HOF POE (Imp USA) (BISS RIS Australian & USA Champion) (Bernedale Kennels)
VIC Tai Yuan Blast From T' Past (Imp NZ) (Supreme Champion) (Leslie Mathieson)
VIC Tai Yuan King Clovis (Imp NZ) (Aust CH) (Denny HILL)
VIC Tai Yuan Talking Point (Imp Nz) (Aust CH) (Paul & Kris Willingham)
TAS Toffe Loffe's Raised For Love (IMP NWY) (Australian Grand Champion) (Julie -Anne Jenkins)
TAS Versoix Barely Envious (AI) (Aust Ch) (John, Judy & Susan Teniswood)
NSW Wohlschaffer Geronimo (Aus Ch) (Elisabeth Remme)
VIC Wohlschaffer Heart Song (Jaideep Singh mundi)
NSW Zeal Leon (Ch. CD) (Elisabet Remme)

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