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Ghostwind I’m A Celebrity (AI)
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SA Aceweis Fallen Angel (Australian Champion) (Aceweis Kennels)
SA Aceweis Fashion Portrait (Aust Ch) (Aceweis Kennels)
SA Aceweis Ice Krystal (BISS Australian Champion) (Aceweis Kennels)
SA Aceweis Lazer Beam (MBIS MBISS Australian Grand Champion) (Aceweis Kennels)
SA Aceweis Pagan Magick (Aust Ch) (Aceweis Kennels)
SA Aceweis Secret Fixation (Australian Champion) (Aceweis Kennels)
SA Aceweis Sensation Fixation (Australian Champion) (Aceweis Kennels)
SA Aceweis Soul Sensation (MBIS Australian Supreme CH) (Aceweis Kennels)
QLD Aramii Aint Seen Nothin Yet (AI) (Aust. Ch) (Lynelle Smith)
QLD Aramii BackOff Boys I Got This (AI) (BIS. Aust Ch) (Lynelle Smith)
TAS Argental Electronic (Aust. Ch) (Josh Turner)
NSW Argental Ghost Rock Vintage (Aust CH) (Caron Hill)
NSW Arnhill Buckleys And None (J Turner)
TAS Arnhill Hammer And Tongs (Ch.) (Josh Turner)
VIC Arnhill Hit the Road Jack at Ghostwind (Ghostwind Kennels)
TAS Arnhill Stand Aside (Mr J Turner)
TAS Arnhill Standing Room Only (AI) (MBIS/MBISS AUST SUPREME Ch.) (Josh Turner)
QLD Ashbolt Ark Royal RN TD ET (Multi BIS/BISS SUPREME Champion) (Amanda Williamson)
VIC Ashbolt High Class (AI) RN TD ET JC (MBIS GRAND Ch) (Amanda Williamson)
NSW Ashlaren Archibalds Illusion (Aust Ch) (Lainie Knox)
QLD Ashlaren Bring Out The Bundy (Supreme Ch) (Mrs A Page)
NSW Ashlaren By Popular Demand (Supreme Champion) (Lainie Knox)
QLD Ashlaren Champagnes The Answer (AI) (Mrs A Page)
QLD Ashlaren Contact My Agent (Lainie Knox)
NSW Ashlaren Diamonds Are For Eva (Aust Supreme Champion) (Lainie Knox)
NSW Ashlaren Drinks R On Us Gus (Ch) (Mrs E.M. Knox)
WA Ashlaren Good Time Charlie (Australian Champion) (Ms D S Theobald)
VIC Ashlaren Guess My Name (AI) CCD NRA (T Ch) (Seecar Kennels)
NSW Ashlaren Jacarandah (CH) (Debra Howell)
NSW Ashlaren Just Call Me Zac (Aust Ch) (Lainie Knox)
QLD Ashlaren Just One More Round (Mrs A Page)
NSW Ashlaren Lulu Loves To Limbo (Multi RUBISS Aust Ch) (David Hall/ Michael O'Dwyer)
QLD Ashlaren Make Mine Champagne (Supreme Ch) (Mrs E M Knox & Mrs A Page)
QLD Ashlaren Mark of Distinction (Australian Champion) (E M Knox & A Page)
QLD Ashlaren Million Dollar Gem (GRAND Ch) (Amy Page & Lainie Knox)
QLD Ashlaren Million Dollar Gem (Grand Ch) (Lainie Knox and Amy Page)
QLD Ashlaren Rock A Guy Baby (Grand Ch) (Bev Quinlan)
NSW Ashlaren We Will Rock You (Supreme Champion) (Lainie Knox & Sue Norbury)
NSW Ashlaren Whoops A Daisy (AI) (Aust Champion) (Lainie Knox)
NSW Besko Colls Many Spirits (AI) (Aust GRAND Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
VIC Besko Lady About Town (AI) (BISS/RuBIS Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
QLD Borikenn All The Way May (Troy & Susan Stephenson)
QLD Borikenn Girls Got Rhythm (Mr T & Mrs S Stephenson)
NSW Breica's Greydove Walk This Way (Imp Canada) (MBIS MBISS Canadian & Aust Supreme CH) (Val Peters & Narelle Goold)
NZ Breica's Run To You At Silvastorm (IMP CANADA) (AM/CAN & NZ CH.) (Andrea McInroe)
NSW Breogan Dash O Sass (Ch) (Debra Howell)
NSW Breogan Sweet n Sassy (Ch) (Debra Howell)
VIC Bromhund A Super Model (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Knls)
VIC Bromhund Absolutely Fabulous RN (Aust Ch) (Anni Sauli)
VIC Bromhund Achorman (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
VIC Bromhund AClassy Lass AI (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
VIC Bromhund Action Man (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Knls)
QLD Bromhund All Class (AI) (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Weimaraners)
QLD Bromhund Asha (Aust Ch) (Vanessa Jamieson)
VIC Bromhund Back N Time(AI) (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
VIC Bromhund Back to Basics (AI) (BISS Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
VIC Bromhund Beez Knees (AI) (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
NSW Bromhund Bella (Aust Ch) (Craig & Angela Tulk)
VIC Bromhund Bells N Whistles (RUBISS Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
QLD Bromhund Briony (Ann Masjakin & John Robinson)
VIC Bromhund Bulletproof ET (Supreme Champion) (Joel Wallis)
NSW Bromhund Can Do (Weisact Kennels)
VIC Bromhund Centre Piece (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
VIC Bromhund Centrefold (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
NSW Bromhund Classickallee "V" (Aust Ch) (Craig & Angela Tulk, Weisact Weimaraners)
NSW Bromhund Cornelia (Greywei Kennels)
QLD Bromhund Crescendo CDX ADM JDX ET (Ch) (Matt & Sherri Lilley)
VIC Bromhund Dee Vyne (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
QLD Bromhund Designer Gene (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
QLD Bromhund Dynamite Dahli (Aust Ch) (Zuzana Meskova)
WA Bromhund Easy On The Eye RN TD (Aust Ch) (Anne-Marie Ward)
VIC Bromhund Egotistical CCD.CD.RM (Neut.CH.TRI CH.(T)(RO)) (Mr I C & Mrs G L Todd)
NSW Bromhund Elegant Lady (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels & Weisact Kennels)
VIC Bromhund Exclusive Image (AI) (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
VIC Bromhund Exotic Tails TD (Aust Ch) (Micheal Yeo)
VIC Bromhund Extra Ego (Australian Champion) (Jeff & Sue Boland)
QLD Bromhund Fade to Gray (Aust Ch) (Troy & Susan Stephenson)
VIC Bromhund First Class (AI) (Multi BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
VIC Bromhund Free Fall (RuBISS Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
QLD Bromhund Free N Ezy (Aust. Sup. Ch) (Lynelle Smith)
VIC Bromhund Game On (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
VIC Bromhund Get N Line (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
VIC Bromhund Ghee Whizz (RUBISS Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
VIC Bromhund Gimmee Goose Bumps (Aust Ch) (Bromhund & Dion Olszewski)
WA Bromhund Grand Legend (Aust Ch) (M Priest)
NSW Bromhund Greta Garbo NRD (Aust Ch) (Jackie Price & Sarah Watson)
QLD Bromhund Heineken (Ann Masjakin & John Robinson)
NSW Bromhund Hello Holly at Ybemine (Aust Ch) (Bev & Mick Channell)
VIC Bromhund Hells Bells (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
VIC Bromhund Henrietta (Elke Holmberg)
VIC Bromhund Heros Blade (Bromhund & Helen and Russell Wakefeild)
VIC Bromhund Hidden Agenda (Aust Ch) (Bromhund & S Miller)
VIC Bromhund Hide N Seek (Exp Poland) (Bromhund Kennels)
VIC Bromhund High Fidelity (MBISS Aust Grand Ch) (Suzanne Thomson)
VIC Bromhund Idyllic Izzy (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
VIC Bromhund In The Know (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
VIC Bromhund In Tune (Aust Ch) (Anni Saul)
VIC Bromhund Ivy League (Bromhund Kennels)
NZ Bromhund Jack N The Box (NZ/Aust Ch) (Sue Allison)
VIC Bromhund Join The Dots (Aust Ch) (Bromhund & Sharon Sabbatini)
VIC Bromhund Just All Attitude (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
VIC Bromhund Just It (Aust Ch) (Gaye Todd & Bromhund Kennels)
QLD Bromhund Just N Time (Bromhund Kennels)
NSW Bromhund Jypsy Secrets at Weisact (Craig J & Angela L Tulk)
VIC Bromhund Kopy That (Bromhund Kennels)
VIC Bromhund Let Me Loose (EXP UK) (Bromhund Kennels)
VIC Bromhund Lets Play Games QND (Seecar Kennels)
QLD Bromhund Lilly Marlane (Aust Ch) (JE, RA & SM Mayhew)
VIC Bromhund Limitless (Australian Champion) (Mr J V & Mrs S J Boland)
VIC Bromhund Luscious Luster (BISS Aust Grand Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
VIC Bromhund Luxe Look (AI) (Bromhund Kennels)
VIC Bromhund Madison Avenue (AI) (MBISS Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
VIC Bromhund Makin A Scandal (Export Croatia) (Aust Ch) (Marija Plenkovic)
VIC Bromhund Makin Magic (Australian Champion) (MrJ V & Mrs S J Boland)
QLD Bromhund Mystery Girl (Aust Grand) (Lynelle Smith)
VIC Bromhund Pinch A Piece (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
VIC Bromhund Play N For Keeps (Bromhund Kennels)
QLD Bromhund Prime Time (Aust Ch) (JE, RA & SM Mayhew)
VIC Bromhund Punchline (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
VIC Bromhund Quick Time (Aust Ch) (Luke Mulder & Bromhund Kennels)
ACT Bromhund R U Looking At Me (AI) (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels & Greywei Kennels)
VIC Bromhund Rise N Fall (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
NSW Bromhund Secret Scandal (Aust Ch) (Eva Tulk)
VIC Bromhund Secret Weapon (RuBISS Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
VIC Bromhund Sensation at Greynie ( Exp CZ) (Multi International Ch) (Jana Pichova & Barbora Zdrahalova)
VIC Bromhund Steal The Show (AI) (Bromhund Kennels)
QLD Bromhund Temptress (Aust Ch) (Greg Russell)
VIC Bromhund Total Eclipse (RUBISS Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
QLD Bromhund U Can Buy Me Diamonds (Ch) (Lynelle Smith)
QLD Bromhund Unanimous (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
VIC Bromhund Under Wraps (BISS Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
NT Bromhund Underneath The Radar (NEUT. CH. SUP. CH.) (Rebecca Williams)
QLD Bromhund Well Defined (Aust Ch) (Debra Howell)
VIC Bromhund Werwa (Exp Poland) (International Ch) (Dorota Mikus-Koralewska)
VIC Bromhund What a Buzz (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
QLD Bromhund Within Reason (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
VIC Bromhund Xclusive Vintage (AI) (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels & Sharon Sabbatini)
VIC Bromhund Xstatic (Bromhund Kennels)
VIC Bromhund Xtremely Luscious (AI) (BISS NZ/Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
VIC Bromhund Youre So Vain (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels)
QLD Bromhund Zea Breeze (Aust Ch) (Troy & Susan Stephenson)
TAS Bromhund Zodiac Sign (Aust Ch) (Elke Prehn)
VIC Bromhund Zone In (RUBISS Aust Ch) (Bromhund / Greg Wood & Jo Randell)
VIC Bromhund Zorros Mark (AI) (Aust Ch) (Bromhund Kennels & Wakefeild Family)
NSW Camelot's Just Bewitching (Imp USA) (MBIG Am / Aust / Neuter CH) (Val Peters & Narelle Goold)
NZ Carnmellis Diamond Raider At Whimsical (BISS NZCH) (Julie Jorey)
NZ Carnmellis Diamonds N Pearls (LHC) (NZ Ch) (Pip Simmons)
NZ Carnmellis Don't Pass Me By (Pip Simmons)
NZ Carnmellis Errol Flynn (LHC) ADX JD (NZ Ch) (Sandra Mekkelholt)
NZ Carnmellis Hot Dikkety Dog at Gunalt (NZ Ch/Eng Sh Ch) (Richard Stafford/Gunalt Weimaraners)

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