MBIS GRAND Ch Ashbolt High Class (AI) RN TD ET JC

Intelligent * Athletic * Versatile

"A medium to large grey hunting dog, short or long coated with a moderate length of back and light to dark amber eye.
He should present a picture of great driving power, stamina, alertness and balance.
Above all, the dog should indicate ability to work hard in the Field.
The Weimaraner should be neither coarse nor too fine. He should be well muscled without being cumbersome - balance and moderation being the key."
(ANKC Breed Standard Extension)

Just like his Multi Titled parents, 'Marcus' has a wonderful natural Retrieving instinct an excellent nose and a love of water. He has an outgoing, happy personality and is a pleasure to live with.
A quality Weimaraner with lovely breed type, correct height and body proportions resulting in correct movement.

'Marcus' made his Tracking debut in June 2019. He attained 3 PASSES at consecutive Trials to gain his Tracking Dog Title at only 8 months.
The same weekend he was awarded his first All Breeds BEST IN GROUP and attained his Australian Championship shortly after.

* Before turning 12 months of age 'Marcus' has already achieved TWO Titles, a BEST IN GROUP and qualified for Qld. Puppy of the Year in 2019 and 2020 *

With a forced break during 2020 and most of 2021 because of the Caronavirus Pandemic we spent time out at the Farm. 'Marcus' has demonstrated a strong natural instinct to find, point and flush quail.
As a Breeder it's extremely rewarding to produce quality Weimaraners that also possess the natural working abilities that once made them a highly prized hunting dog.

* * * 'Marcus' is a second generation ASHBOLT All Breeds MULTI BEST IN SHOW winner.* * *

He obtained the Junior Courser Title in July 2022 under local and interstate judges with great enthusiasm.

2023 saw 'Marcus' gain several Titles in different disciplines.
* Endurance Title in June 2023
* Rally Title August 2023

He has won several Best in Groups as well as

~ASHBOLT~ strives for the all round Weimaraner that is competitive in the Show Ring and out in the Field.
The next generation of Multi Talented, Multi Titled versatile stars is on the way!

~ Hip Score 1:3
~ Elbows 0:0
~ DNA Tested
~ HUU Clear
~ SD Clear
~ Longhair Gene - Negative
~ Tan Points - Clear
~ Stored

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Pedigree for MBIS GRAND Ch Ashbolt High Class (AI) RN TD ET JC
Sire : SUPREME Ch Ashbolt Ark Royal RN TD ET S: ROM.CH. CY.CH. LUX.CH. AM.CH. DAN.CH. BLG.CH. CAN.CH. CH. Davora Bremar Mark Of Ashlaren (Imp Can) S: AM.CH. Colsidex The Farm Top Of The Mark (USA)
D: AM.CH Davora's Bremar Magic Tricks (USA)
D: Ch Feldjaeger Kameo S: Ch Hollowhills Lord Ascolon (AI)
D: Ch Feldjaeger Corzf Aplorz
Dam : Ch Cruisenif Hot Tricks TD ET CAA S: GRAND Ch Cruisenif Rev It Up S: GRAND Ch Ghostwind Hard Act To Follow
D: Ch Bromhund Disco Baby
D: Ch Ghostwind You Are A Star S: CAN.CH. Ch Rosewin Ghostwindturnuptheheat (Imp Can)
D: Ch Ghostwind Believe It Or Not

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