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Judge Name : Mrs Rosemary Weaver (New Zealand)

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My experience in the dog world started over forty years ago with Cavalier King Charles spaniels and then Large Munsterlanders which I had the honor to judge this breed at Crufts in 2005. I first awarded challengers in the late 1980's in the UK and during that time we also owned a GSP! GWP and an Irish Water spaniel.
When we came down to NZ we brought down with us a chocolate Labrador and the last of our Munsterlanders but we did not show either of them.
When I got back into the dog showing world we had a Goldie and another Irish water Spaniel. We then got into Clumber spaniels which we had for nearly ten years we now have Border Terriers and Norwich Terriers including one we have imported from the famous Ragus kennels in the UK.
During my judging career down under I have judged both the Clumber speciality and the Papillon speciality in Australia and the GSP Speciality in New Zealand as well as gundog and toy groups in both countries.
I now have groups one, two ,three and four at championship level as well as junior showmanship and look forward to many more years of judging in both of Australia and New Zealand.

Judging Appointments (Australia and NZ Only)

Appointments are based on shows entered in our system since 2012. Please inform us of any errors.

24-Apr-21 Hamilton Kennel Association (NZ) Group 1, 7
11-Apr-21 Hawkes Bay Kennel Association (NZ) Group 1
10-Apr-21 Ruahine Kennel Association (NZ) Group 7
20-Mar-21 Wairoa Kennel Association (Show 1) (NZ) Group 3
20-Mar-21 Wairoa Kennel Association (Show 2) (NZ) Group 4
7-Mar-21 Hamilton Kennel Association (Show 2) (NZ) Group 1, 2
6-Mar-21 Hamilton Kennel Association (Show 1) (NZ) Group 7
23-Jan-21 Nelson District Kennel Association (AM Show) (NZ) Group 1, 4
23-Jan-21 Nelson District Kennel Association (PM Show) (NZ) Group 2 & General Specials
22-Jan-21 Tasman Districts Gundog Society (NZ) Group 3 & General Specials
1-Nov-20 Taupo Kennel Association (Show 2) (NZ) Group 4 & General Specials
7-Dec-19 Hawkes Bay Terrier Club (NZ) Group 2 & General Specials
30-Nov-19 All Breeds Dog Club of SA Inc (AM SHOW) (SA) Group 1
30-Nov-19 All Breeds Dog Club of SA Inc (PM SHOW) (SA) Group 4
29-Nov-19 All Breeds Dog Club of SA Inc (SA) Group 2
11-Aug-19 Canterbury Kennel Association (NZ) Group 1
10-Aug-19 Canterbury Kennel Association (NZ) Group 4
27-Apr-19 Manawatu Kennel Association (SHOW 1) (NZ) Group 1, 4
28-Apr-18 Manawatu Kennel Association (NZ) Group 3
27-Jan-18 Gold Coast Canine Club (QLD) Group 3
26-Jan-18 Gold Coast Canine Club (QLD) Group 1
9-Sep-17 NZKC Benefit Show (PM SHOW) (NZ) Group 2
11-Jun-17 Auckland Exhibition Centre (SHOW 2) (NZ) Group 2
7-May-17 Ellsmere A & P Society (SHOW 2) (NZ) Group 1
6-May-17 Ellsmere A & P Society (SHOW 1) (NZ) Group 2, 3
8-Oct-16 Auckland & Regions German Shorthaired Pointer Club (SHOW 1) (NZ) General Specials
11-Sep-16 Eukanuba Wellington Event Centre (NZ) Group 1, 3
15-May-16 Papillon Club of Victoria Inc (VIC) General Specials
14-May-16 Ladies Kennel Association Inc (VIC) Group 3
1-Jun-15 The Samoyed Club (NZ) General Specials
2-Jan-15 North Canterbury Kennel Association (NZ) Group 1
1-Nov-14 Central Toy Dog Association (NZ) Group 1 & General Specials
25-Oct-14 Horowhenua Kennel Association (NZ) Group 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & General Specials
22-Jun-14 Deniliquin & District Kennel Club (NSW) Group 3
21-Jun-14 Deniliquin & District Kennel Club (NSW) Group 1
28-Jul-13 All Breed Dog Club of WA Inc (WA) Group 3
14-Jul-13 Clumber Spaniel League Victoria (David Irving Show) (VIC) General Specials
19-Jan-13 Manawatu Kennel Association (PM Show) (NZ) Group 3
3-Nov-12 Waikato & District Spaniel Club (NZ) General Specials
5-Aug-12 Canterbury Kennel Association Benefit Show 1 (NZ) Group 3