MBIS MRBIS SUPREME CHAMPION Capilet Dnt Feed Afta Midnite (AI)


SUPREME CHAMPION AT 21 MONTHS! Even after having so much time off due to covid he still managed to achieve this title in record time! Titled in December 2021 and Supreme August 2022 - what a dude!

Pancho is our first home bred puppy and we have high hopes for him! he will be shown across Australia, Always thank you to Justine & Geoff at Bustabones Kennels for allowing me to use Cyril for my first litter

Pancho achieves his Championship Title with relative ease at only 12 months - even after 4 months off!


SBT Club of VIC 11th March 2022 - Mrs Celeste Meier

Junior dog (9,0) - 1st and Reserve CC

1st - This dog caught my eye standing out in the challenge line up. Lovely Broad skull, dark eye, nice length of muzzle with nicely placed rosed ears lending to true Stafford expression. A dog of standard size he is adequately bone with a with good forequarter assembly adequately boned with no weakness. Good spring of rib, ample brisket holding a level topline on the move. His rear assembly displayed all the correct angles.

SBT Club of VIC 13th March 2022 - Mrs Jodie Sing

Junior dog (10,1)

1st - Athletic dog void of exaggerations. Well defined, clean chiselled head of correct proportions. Eye shape round, eyes dark, scissor bite, ears rose and small and set higher on the head. Typical expression, wide nostrils, prominent masseter muscles developing. Has a straight front that with maturity will see more depth and ample bone for his frame. He was impressive to view from all angles, coat close, short, and gleaming, he is slightly longer cast but still maintains his top line whilst moving, when he settles, he holds his tail correctly, he moved like he loves being out there which is always nice to watch, has a great rapport with his handler.

WOTD SBT Club 8th May 2022 - Ms Nicole Lane

Junior dog (4) - 1st and Reserve CC

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Pedigree for MBIS MRBIS SUPREME CHAMPION Capilet Dnt Feed Afta Midnite (AI)
Sire : SUP CH. Bustabones Adifrnt Shadeowhite (AI) S: UK CH Tillcarr Renegade Flame S: Int. Pan. Ch. BR Gr. Ch. BR AR UY Ch. Crashkon Boot Strap Bill
D: Tillcarr Firerock
D: CH Bustabones Pleased To Meet Me S: CH Lackyle Ceal Na Diabhal
D: CH Bustabones Goody Twshoes
Dam : CH. Neuter CH. Lilrock Canny Lass S: CH Brohez Archibald Da Rogue ET S: Toploader Black Falcon
D: CH Jeolena Black Dahlia
D: CH Lilrock Devils Angel S: CH Westrova Stoic Makers Mark
D: CH Lilrock Da Devil N Disguise

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