Nadir Bergerac De Hu

Archie is the magnificent boy we imported from Bergerac de hu kennels in Hungary. He is maximum height and the most glorious rich red in colour. Already proven as a sire Archie is HD and ED free and DNA profiled.

Archie comes from the same breeder as the wonderful Fax (Bergerac Faust) who needs no introduction to breed enthusiasts here and overseas.
A tall boy with an outstanding temperament, work ethic and beautiful breed type.

His pedigree contains some of the worlds best producers, including the same combination as my internationally and nationally successful Avion Litter (Kathy and Amper).

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Pedigree for Nadir Bergerac De Hu
Sire : Mr T de la Belgerie LOSH1128888 C.I.B,CSAU,TAN,DNA,HDA,ED0 S: Cash du Bois du Tot S: Till du Bois du Tot
D: Ulkane du Bois du Tot
D: Jelenadela Belgerie S: Luayjan's Big Sand Kahuna
D: Munchanga's Fiesta
Dam : Keke Bergerac de hu DGY'14,3xBOB,2xCACIB,2xCAC,R.CAC,HPJ,iKarakterTeszt,HDA,ED0,DNA S: Prot Deabeai S: Corsini Valentino
D: Erlander Delphine
D: Barka Bergerac de hu S: Amper Oridix
D: Kathy Comme un Reve Noir

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